It was a typical Monday morning in mid-September in 1879.

It was 5:30 in the morning when Caroline called up the ladder to her girls.

"Laura! Mary! Time to wake up for school! Breakfast will be ready in about five minutes!"

Mary was instantly awake because she was ready to get back to school. She was especially looking forward to today's history lesson. Mary wanted to know everything she could about history since it was so interesting. Laura just moaned and shifted in her sleep. She didn't understand why Mary liked school so much, especially history.

"Come on Laura. We don't want to be late to school today."

"Well I have to get up now that I'm awake."

Five minutes later, they both climbed down the ladder for breakfast.

"Mary, will you set the table for breakfast?"

"Yes Ma."

"Laura, go get some water from the well."

"Yes Ma."

After breakfast, Laura and Mary did their chores and then finished getting ready for school. They typically start to walk to school at 6:30 because they had to walk to school and they want to have some time to play in the schoolyard before school starts.

"Bye Ma! Bye Pa! They shout as they begin to run because they were running a little late. School started at 7:30, and it usually takes 45 minutes for them to walk from their farm to school. However, it was already 7:05, leaving them only 25 minutes to get there on time. They knew that if they were late, they would be punished, usually by having the hand smacked with a ruler and having to stand in the corner for 30 minutes, but sometimes, being late could lead to a spanking with a belt at school plus having to stand in the corner all day with no recess and having to eat lunch inside for a week, but that was a rare occurrence, but they have seen it happen before.

They ran as fast as they could, and made it with seconds to spare. However, Nellie and Willie were no where to be seen.

"Mary, where could they be?"

"I don't know Laura, but we best get inside before we are counted as being late, you remember what would happen, don't you?"

"Yes, let's go."