After a good, long bath, Laura was nice and clean. All the dirt from falling those few times was gone as well as what accumulated while she was being held captive since they did not let her bathe for a month.

Once she was dried off, he said: "Stay here with this towel around you. I'm just going to see if your dress is ready."

"Yes sir."

"Good girl."

He walks down to the laundry and says: "Honey, is Laura's dress done?"

"Almost. The stain came completely out. I just put it in the dryer five minutes ago. I will let it dry most of the way, then sew it, which will take a few minutes, and then dry it the rest of the way so that it will be nice and hot for Laura."

"Thank you honey. I'll go tell her."

"You're welcome dear. Tell me, how is she doing?"

"She's doing better. She still needs to see the doctor, but she will be OK."


"Yes it is. All the dirt came off. It appears it came off her cuts, scrapes, and bites too, but we'll have the doctor clean them and get her cuts bandaged up, and get x-rays of her ankles to see what is wrong with them, plus everything else they do for a regular check up."

"OK. Her clothes have been in the dryer for eight minutes now. Let's see how they are coming along. Still wet, but the hair ribbons should be done in about twelve minutes and her dress is still really wet, but getting hot, so I'd say twelve minutes and I will sew it, then let it dry for another twenty minutes. If you can get her dried off and her teeth brushed, I can get her dress sewn and then brush her hair while the dress and hair ribbons are still drying."

"Then I can get her dress on and then you can braid her hair like it was before, the two braids that hang down in front of her shoulders."

"OK dear. That sounds like a plan."

"And while you are braiding her hair, I'll get the girls ready to go to the doctor, but first I'll run out and buy another booster seat. She looks to fragile. It will help protect her in case we get into a wreck. In fact, I think that weight wise, she should be in one specifically for a toddler, so I actually don't have to buy one because I just remembered that we saved one from our girls in the attic."

"Do you think Laura lost that much weight?"

"Yes I do. She feels to be about the same weight that our girls were when we adopted them a few months ago. They gained enough weight to graduate from the toddler seats to booster seats since June. The same should be true for Laura. And in the case that Laura weighs enough for a booster seat, I'll buy one for her, but I won't allow her to not sit in one on the way to the doctor's. I don't think anything will happen, but better to be safe than sorry."

"This is true. Go ahead and get that done. It sounds like a good plan to me. Eight minutes and I will sew her dress."


He goes into the attic and gets the toddler seat that his daughter Laura used to ride in. Then he carries it outside and moves Charlie's booster seat to the back seat next to Mary's, and replaces it with his daughter Laura's old toddler seat so that Laura Ingalls can sit in it. This takes ten minutes to do. Then he heads back to the bathroom to help Laura brush her teeth.

Chapter 32

"OK Laura. I'm back."

"Did the stains come out?"

"Yes they did. They came out perfectly."

"I'm glad."

"Me too sweetie. My wife is sewing it now and will put it back in the dryer for twenty more minutes once she's done sewing it in about five minutes. She is going to brush your hair and then braid it for you while I get our girls ready. Then we will go to the doctor and then get you girls something to eat. But first, you have to brush your teeth. Don't worry, I will help you."

"What do you mean? We haven't really done that at home."

"You also don't have running water, which you kind of need for this."

"Oh. What do we do?"

"Well, first we take the toothbrush, which is this right here."


"Then we take the toothpaste, which is a pasty substance that you squeeze out of this tube onto the toothbrush like this."

"OK. That makes sense."

"Then you add a little water to it from the faucet."


"But don't put too much or you will wash the toothpaste off the brush."

"Yes sir."

"Now you brush your teeth. Brush all of them. Smile so you can get all the areas, and you gums. This is to clean them so that they can be healthy."


"Brush for about two minutes. Here you are. I'm here if you need help. Check in the mirror."

"Yes sir."

"Good girl Laura."

Laura brushes for about two minutes and checks in the mirror.

"They look better" she says.

"They do. Brush twice a day. Once when you wake up, and again before you go to sleep and they will keep getting better. Now spit it in the sink and fill this cup with water."


Laura does what she is told. Then he says: Swish this water around in your mouth and spit again."

Again, Laura does as she is told and swishes the water around and then spits it in the sink.

"Good girl Laura. You're done. Now let's go get you into a fresh diaper."


Two minutes later, he says: "Good girl. Now I'll take you to my wife and she will get you dressed and hair braided."

"Yes sir."

"Here she is honey."

"Thank you dear. A few minutes to go."


A few minutes later, his wife gets Laura's dress out of the dryer and helps her put it on. Then she brushes Laura's hair and then braids it and puts Laura's hair ribbons in. She does this while her husband goes and gets the other girls ready.