Alrighty then. After being inspired by the final episodes of "Felicity", I've decided to write a fan fic on how I think season 2 should have gone… Before you freak out and get all confused, it starts off right after the season 2 final and then goes back… if you saw Felicity you'll get what I'm on about! I've done this pretty much from Lorelai's point of view, so a number of scenes which didn't involve her won't happen in this fic…

Disclaimer: I don't own Gilmore Girls. I wish I did… if I did I wouldn't have put this fic on, I would have printed it out all pretty, given it to Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, Scott Patterson etc and gotten them to act it out in front of the pretty cameras and put it on the TV…

Also, a fair bit of the first part of this fic will actually be from the show – I've stolen a few lines here and there, so sorry about that… if it's against some kinda law, I'm really sorry, but there isn't any way around it…


CHAPTER ONE: Love, Troubadours but no daisies…

Lorelai Gilmore sat in her bed trying to read that stupid Colette biography for what seemed the hundredth time, but she just couldn't concentrate. It was Saturday night and she was home alone… again. Rory had been in Washington for two weeks, Sookie was still on her honeymoon and Lorelai and Luke still hadn't made up. She had decided that the last two weeks of her life had, for lack of a better word, sucked. As she snuggled down into the covers of her nice, clean bed, she tried to remember when everything had started to go so wrong. She started thinking about what she would change if she could do it all over again. She tried to think of one particular moment where, given the opportunity, she would do something differently.

Sighing, Lorelai placed her book on the bedside table and was about to turn off the light when she suddenly decided on the moment. The time that she would like to do over. She smiled weakly to herself as she turned off the light, rolled over and closed her eyes.


Lorelai was woken suddenly by a loud, annoyingly repetitive banging noise coming from outside.

"Dear God Almighty Mr Mirkle!" she said to herself, before crinkling her eyebrows and shaking her head slightly. "Woah, déjà vu…"

Making her way downstairs, Lorelai was about to go outside and investigate when she noticed Rory's bedroom door open a crack. She frowned for the second time that morning as she pushed open Rory's door, muttering to herself something about being sure she'd closed the door last night.

"Oh my God!" Lorelai yelped as she put a hand to her chest, reassuring herself that her heart was still there and not in her throat as she'd thought.

Rory rolled over in her bed and, squinting in the early morning sunlight, let out a "what?" before burying her head under the pillows.

"What do you mean, what? What are you doing here? You're meant to be in Washington! Did you get kicked out or something? Why didn't you wake me when you got in?" Lorelai suddenly stopped herself when she realised that even for her, this many questions was far too many for first thing in the morning.

"Mom, what are you talking about? Did you have another weird dream? Do you need to consult nice Mr Freud again?" Rory mocked her mother.

"Huh? What do you mean what am I talking about. You. Washington. Me. Alone. Big house. No Rory…" Lorelai stopped her jibbering rant when her concentration was suddenly broken as she heard the annoying banging noise again. "And what the hell is that noise?"

"Why not go investigate, Rainman?"

Lorelai glared at Rory as she left the room. "And I'm gonna deal with you and the whole Washington thing later, missy!"

When Lorelai walked out onto her front porch and saw Luke hammering her porch rail she was taken aback. Luke was at her house. Helping her. Being nice. And she still had that stupid déjà vu thing going on…

"What are you doing here?"

"Good morning to you too" Luke replied curtly as always.

"You know what I mean. What happened to Mr 'I don't ever want to be nice to Lorelai again'?"

"I never thought I'd hear myself say this, but you need some coffee. It's obviously far too early in the morning for you. And to answer your first question, I'm fixing your porch rail" Luke replied, shaking the rail to show Lorelai that he did actually have a reason for being at her house at six thirty in the morning.

Lorelai suddenly found herself staring at a scrape on one of the palings of her porch. The déjà vu wasn't going away…

"What did you do to my rail? It was fine yesterday. You only fixed it a few months ago!" Lorelai was suddenly aware that she was on the verge of yelling at Luke and mentally slapped herself for doing so. This conversation was the longest they'd had in months and she wasn't going to screw it up. "Sorry, Luke. You're probably right about the coffee thing. You want to come in and have some tea or something?"

"Nah, I've gotta do this and then go home and open the diner. But thanks." Luke smiled a genuine smile and Lorelai felt her heart warm slightly. She'd missed him so much and not even begun to realise it.

"I should be getting inside." Lorelai stopped herself just as she was about to try and open the front door. "It's really good to see you, Luke." She smiled one of her trademark smiles at him before reaching for the door handle, ready to make a stunning exit, only to find the door locked. "Ah! RORY!" Lorelai yelled as she began banging on the front door.

Babette, having been woken by all the commotion, came out her front door and called to Lorelai. "Lorelai, sugar, you're waking up the entire neighborhood. Please!"

Not for the first time that morning, Lorelai shook her head and had the strangest feeling that she'd been in this situation before. She was still shaking her head when Rory opened the front door and grumbled "First you accuse me of being here when I should be in… Washington?" Rory raised her eyebrows "and now you get me outta bed. I am officially annoyed."

Lorelai was about to say something about blaming Luke, but she stopped herself, turned around and realised Luke was nowhere to be seen. Lorelai found herself staring at the same scrape in the paling once again as she muttered to herself "I'm not crazy…"

"I know" said Rory reassuringly as she lead her mother inside the house and closed the front door.


Lorelai had eventually made her way to work, still very confused. She had thoroughly confused Rory with her psychobabble and was still having a very strange Groundhog-Day-esque morning.

As she approached the front desk of the Inn, carrying a very large stack of folders, the phone began to ring. Lorelai continued to separate the files, waiting for Michel to answer the telephone. When he didn't appear to be even considering approaching the phone, Lorelai sighed and said "Michel, get that please."

Looking very demure, Michel replied "I cannot."

"Why not? And don't give me any of that ennui crap. You've tried that before and this time, it ain't gonna work!" Lorelai smiled to herself, pleased at how professional and boss-like she sounded.

"I have not tried anything before. Do not go spreading accusations like that. False accusations can ruin a gentleman's reputation," Michel said, straightening his jacket. "And if you must know, yes, today I am suffering from ennui."

"Eh, are you sure you don't just want some coffee?" Lorelai suggested as she made her way into the kitchen with Michel following close behind. She was about to make a joke about a cow when she stopped herself and for what seemed the fiftieth time that day, shook her head. When Lorelai noticed Sookie looking sluggish and somewhat depressed, Lorelai stopped and giggled.

"What is this? Are you guys trying to make me think I'm Bill Murray?"

Sookie and Michel both looked at Lorelai strangely. Sookie looked concerned, while Michel looked amused. He was about to make an insulting remark when Lorelai's cell phone rang.

"I'll deal with you two when I'm finished," she said as she pressed the 'talk' button on her phone. "Hello?"

Lorelai nearly fell over when she heard the voice on the other end of the line reply "Is this a bad time?"

Why on earth would Max be calling her? She had broken up with him nearly a year ago. Things had ended badly. Very badly. But considering how strange her day had been thus far, she shouldn't have been surprised to have heard Al Gore on the end of the phone, let alone Max.

"Um, hi. No, not a bad time… what's up? How've you been?" Lorelai stopped herself before she rambled on so much that she began to discuss the weather.

"Ah, I'm good. I just wanted to say hi and thanks for last night."

Lorelai had to sit down as she tried to take in Max's last sentence. She started to think about all that had happened since she'd woken up – Rory was home, Luke was being nice, the whole ennui incident and now Max. She inhaled sharply as she said to Max "I am Bill Murray!"

Max chuckled a bit as he replied "What?"

But she didn't hear him. She had already hung up the phone, grabbed her purse and run out the front door of the Inn, leaving Michel, Sookie and Max very confused.



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