Spider-Man: The Webs of Monster High

Hey there true believers, Marvel at the wonder and amazement of the story that is about to be told. Within the confines of a secret S.H.I.E.L.D base, a mysterious figure lurks. But what is this creature you might ask, well it's one of the worse and most powerful villains the world had ever known. The terrifying and mysterious Green Goblin!

(At a hidden base an explosion occurred, as the smoke settled the culprit is revealed to be the Green Goblin whose appearance is similar to that of the Ultimate Universe as he saw a mysterious black box)

Green Goblin: So that is where they're keeping it.

(The Goblin generated a plasma ball projectile and hit the box opening it, the goblin walked towards it and knew that it was a kind of ancient necklace called the Talisman of Monstrum)

Green Goblin: The Talisman of Monstrum, said to have once been worn by the fathers of monsters himself….

(What the goblin didn't know was that someone else was watching him from afar)

Green Goblin: With this I shall be idolized as a god!

Voice: Yeah, well it's going to be a short reign if you ask me.

(The goblin looked behind him and saw in surprise as no other than the Amazing, Spectacular and Ultimate Spider-Man)

Green Goblin (surprise): So you decided to follow me here haven't you Spider-Man?

Spider-Man: Well it's almost prom night and I thought I don't know like kicking it off by bringing some wackos back to prison or something.

Green Goblin: Well you're finding it harder than you think.

(Than the goblin threw a plasma ball at Spidey but he dodged it effortlessly)

Spider-Man: You need to work on your aim.

(Quickly Spider-Man shot a web and swung kick his enemy, quickly separating the villain from the talisman. The goblin looked at it and then went for it only for Spider-Man to grab at it with his webbing)

Spider-Man: Ah, ah, ah souvenirs are available at the gift shop.

(The talisman landed onto a pole as Spider-Man and Green Goblin raced for it though Spider-Man did showing by shooting two webbings and swung himself like a sling shot at it)

Spider-Man: Sometimes webs are the only way to travel.

(The two went for it not knowing that it was starting to glow as they both touched it an aura covered them when suddenly it went black and then things went back to normal with the exception of the fact that Spider-Man and the Goblin were missing from the action when S.H.I.E.L.D agents walked in and notice the mess as I's director Nick Fury walked in to excess the situation)

Nick Fury (to himself): The kid's aunt isn't going to like this.

(Nick looked around and saw that the talisman was missing)

Nick Fury: The Talisman of Monstrum, at least he's not in a parallel dimension though if the legends were true than Peter Parker is in for the culture shock of his life.

(Moments later, Spider-Man regain consciousness)

Spider-Man (dizzy): Dud I feel like that an Elephant slept on me.

(Quickly Spider-Man noticed that he didn't seem to be in New York anymore and saw at the beautiful scenery)

Spider-Man: I know I'm definitely not in New York anymore, where am I kanas?

(So Spider-Man began swinging around the area when he noticed a sign)

Spider-Man (reading): New Salem, Massachusetts.

(This surprised Spider-Man quite a bit because of how far it's going to be to get home)

Spider-Man: Yep, Aunt May is going to shock where I'm at. Also I'm going to need a lot more web fluid in order to even swing home.

(Spider-Man went back to swinging unaware that he is about to come face to face with a special kind of place as he landed on top of a building he saw what looked like a high school)

Spider-Man: Oh this place too has the joys of life like back home, yet maybe they might have a phone I could use so t's sort of a win, win.

(Quickly Spider-Man finds a place to change and quickly unmasked and walk out as Peter Parker in order to see if he could use the phone to call his Aunt May back in Queens, as he walked towards the entrance he wasn't aware of the sign for Monster High as the prologue stops for now)

To be continued…