Spider-Man: The Webs of Monster High

(It is a typical Saturday morning at New Salem as Peter went to the fridge as he sees Tiger Lilly enjoying a snack)

Peter Parker: Good morning girl what are you doing this time?

(Suddenly though he noticed that she was gnawing on a kind of poultry dish and quickly webbed it out of her mouth disappointing Tiger Lilly)

Peter Parker: Tiger Lilly it took me all night making this Turducken, back in New York Aunt May made this for us as a traditional Parker dinner on Saturday night and I wanted to make this special for me and Frankie on our date tonight.

(Peter placed the Turducken in the crockpot ready to be roasted)

Peter Parker: Now after I place the Turducken in the oven to cook I'll get the cinnamon rolls prepped up and then I'll be…

(Suddenly Peter's phone rings as he went to grab and answer it)

Peter Parker: Parker's residents who is this?

Aunt May (voice): Why Peter I was hoping to hear from you I mean after learning that you might be at New Salem for a while I was worried about you.

Peter Parker (surprised): Aunt May, oh my I've almost forgotten to…

Aunt May (voice): It's quite alright sweetie, I just thought I call you to let you know that I'll be visiting to check up and such okay?

Peter Parker: Oh I see, well feel free then.

Aunt May (voice excited): Wonderful then I'll see you tonight love you.

(The call ended with Peter's face in total shock over what she said as he began to worry)

Peter Parker (worried): Tonight…it can't be….

(Before he could finish Peter fainted as Tiger Lilly noticed in confusion, seconds later Peter talked out his situation with Clawdeen and Cleo whom were surprised about Aunt May's visit)

Clawdeen (surprised): What, you Aunt coming here tonight?!

Cleo: Well I for one hope for you the best I mean after all certain relatives can be quite an embarrassment.

(Clawdeen nudge Cleo over the comment)

Clawdeen: Cleo, haven't you been listening to Peter earlier is Aunt was more than just an Aunt she was like a surrogate mother for him when his parents, parents couldn't be there for him so she is quite important to him.

Cleo: Oh my I've forgotten about all of that.

Peter Parker: Well I won't blame Cleo for that for right I got one big situation, even though she now knows that I'm Spider-Man she doesn't quite know about well you guys.

Clawdeen: What you mean you never told her about Monster High?

Peter Parker: I couldn't find it in my heart to tell her, you see Aunt May isn't used to my wild life yet and meeting real monsters might be too much for her.

Cleo: Oh to the Sirus, what would happen if she met Frankie Stein?

Peter Parker: I know, huh it seems I'm goanna have to propone the date until…

(Suddenly though his spider sense went off indicating danger)

Peter Parker: LOOK OUT!

(He got the two out of the way when out of nowhere plasma balls exploded, as the dusk settled the attacker revealed himself to be the Green Goblin)

Green Goblin: Well, well Mister Parker you hardly call, you hardly write.

Peter Parker (thoughts): Just great, the goblin and I already have my hands full… though it means I'm goanna be late I have to get into costume.

(Peter made a quick change while the goblin is wreaking havoc, now later at Peter's home Frankie came in ready for her date with Peter though something seemed out of place)

Frankie (curious): Hmm…I wonder where Peter is, guess he busy helping others as Spider-Man.

(Frankie sniffed something in the oven)

Frankie: What that's wonderful aroma?

(Frankie went to check out the oven and pulled out the fully prepared Turducken and Cinnamon rolls when the doorbell rang, Frankie went to check and as she opened the door there was a surprise for waiting at the door is Peter's Aunt "May Parker". Now it seems that both were surprised to see one another)

Aunt May: Well hello there dear, is Peter Parker resident?

Frankie: Well not yet but uh can I wish to know who you are?

Aunt May: Well to put to a fact is I am his Aunt May.

(Frankie became quite surprise because she is meeting the Aunt of her boyfriend for the very first time and who knows what will happen next)

To be continued…