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"We're going to be together forever, right Yash?" The 8-year-old, raven haired girl asked as her silver-haired inu-hanyo friend pushed her on the swing.

"I guess, Kaggy," the nine-year-old named Inuyasha responded. Kagome giggled as she looked up at him.

"Promise?" She asked, taking one hand off the chain and holding her pinky up towards him.

"Promise. Together forever." The boy agreed as he wrapped his clawed pinky around hers. They looked into each other's eyes and smiled.

***16 years later***

"Do you Inuyasha Takahashi, take Kagome Higurashi as your lawfully wedded wife?" The priest asked as he looked at the young man with rare silver hair and dog ears.

"I-" Inuyasha started to answer, but then he paused.


"Inuyasha, you better tell her about us, or I will," Kikyo commented as she looked at Inuyasha, who was getting dressed.

"I will, just give me some time," Inuyasha said as he continued to button up his shirt. She stared at him as he got dressed, whereas she laid in their messy bed, not minding her nudity being covered by a silk sheet. He approached her once he was fully dressed. He sits on the side of the bed and stares at her with regret, but love in his eyes.

"Do it soon. Do it for us, for our... baby." She said as she placed his hand on her sheet covered stomach. She grins as she watches the shock look register on her lover's face.

****End of Flashback****

"Inuyasha," Kagome whispered as she lightly tapped her fiancé's arm causing him to snap out of his daydream. Inuyasha shakes his head before turning to look at the priest, then at the woman whom he was supposed to marry.

After a moment of staring at her concerned face, he sighs before saying the words that would ruin their future. "I can't."

"W-what?" She asks as she tilts her head, the small smile on her face quickly turns into a frown as she sees the seriousness on his face. Her brown eyes cloud with hurt and confusion as she tries process what her longtime friend just said.

"I can't marry you," he repeated, causing the congregation to gasp. Kagome glanced over at her bridesmaids, who were staring at Inuyasha in shock and anger Kagome shakes her head before turning quickly to face her fiancé.

Tears swelled up in her eyes, "You're joking right? Tell me you're joking, Inuyasha." Her voice was pleading, and her heart broke at his next words.

"I'm not."

"Then...Why? Why can't you marry me? Whatever it is I'm doing wrong, just tell me, I can fix it," She said desperately as uncontrolled tears rolled down her face. Her makeup was probably smeared, but at the moment, she didn't care.

"Kagome, you didn't do anything wrong, you're a great friend and a beautiful woman, but- " He tried to wipe away her tears, but she flinched away from his hand as if it would burn her.

"But what?" She exclaimed, her voice shaking. In the background, there were uneasily murmurs from the audience. She quickly wipes the snot from her nose as she stares at him. "What is it?

"I'm in love with someone else."

At his words, the murmurs stopped entirely.

"What?" Kagome questions as she stared at him with a dejected face. She knew and heard perfectly what he had said, but she refused to believe it. Knowing that, Inuyasha sighed and repeated himself; he needed her to understand and accept the fact that there was someone else.

"I'm in love with someone else."

"It's Kikyo, isn't it?" She asked quietly as she tightened her hold on her bouquet. His silence was enough for an answer.

"It is her, isn't it? Tell me it's her. Tell me!" By now, Kagome's voice had raised an octave, making it easy for the audience to hear. The priest looked at her with sympathy.

"Fine! It is her, okay?!" Inuyasha yelled as he looked at the tear-stained face of his best friend. "Are you happy now? It's Kikyo! The woman I've been with, the woman I had an affair with is Kikyo."

"So, all the nights you came home late, all those days you said you were busy, the dates you cancelled, were they all because of her?" As more and more things became clear, she knew that the answer was a certain yes, but she couldn't stop the tears that continued to stream down her cheeks like an endless waterfall.

"Kagome-" He started, knowing where it was going. He stopped when he saw her shake her head, knowing that it was too late to turn back.

"No, tell me the truth."

"Yes." He murmured with a defeated sigh, but still loud enough for everyone else to hear, because the whole church was silent. The guests, family, and friends all gasped in shock.

"I'm going to kill that bastard," the maid of honor, Sango whispered to one of the bridesmaids, Rin.

"All this time, you made me look like a fool. You told me that I was delusional," Kagome states with a humorless laugh. She narrows her eyes as she stares into his sad golden ones. "You treated me like the bad guy to hide your cheating ways. Didn't you? DIDN'T YOU?!"

"Yes." He answered and looked at her with remorseful eyes. He did nothing when she threw her bouquet at him and slapped him hard across the face. To say that he deserved it was putting it mildly.

"You are a fucking low life bastard! I hate you! You ruined our future! You threw everything away. Our love, our trust, our relationship is gone, it's over. You don't care about me. You never did. You're a liar, deceiver, and a self-absorbed asshole. I never want to see your fucking face again!" Kagome yelled at him before turning and running out of the church, passed the stunned onlookers.

"Kagome!" He shouted, about to run after her, but a hand stopped him. He turned around to see his older brother, Sesshomaru, looking at him with disappointment and anger in his eyes.

"Let her go, Inuyasha." His best man, Miroku, said in a calm yet sad tone. "She doesn't need to be around right now, especially after everything you did."

"Fucking asshole," Sango cursed as she ran after her friend. Rin exchanged nods with her husband Sesshomaru before running after Sango.

"Watch your back Inuyasha," The last bridesmaid, Ayame, warned and rushed out as well. Inuyasha looked at his mother and father for help. Izayoi shook her head as she got up and walked over to comfort Kagome's mother. His father stared at his son in frustration and anger before getting up and walking out the church to try and stop the press from prying into the story.

Inuyasha hung his head in shame and defeat.

"What have I done?" He mumbled as a tear ran down his cheek.



At Kagome and Inuyasha's Apartment

"I hate him! I fucking hate him! I HATE HIM!" Kagome screamed as she threw a framed picture of her and Inuyasha across the room, watching with brief satisfaction when the frame broke and shattered.

"Kagome, stop!" Sango tried desperately to stop her friend as she wrapped her arms around her.

"I'm worthless. I'm so stupid. I want to fucking die!" Kagome cried as she pushed Sango away and fell to her knees. "I don't want to feel this pain anymore!"

"Hey, don't say that!" Rin said as she wrapped her arms around Kagome. This time, she didn't resist as all three of her friends embraced her.

"No one loves me! I'm pathetic and weak!" She cried into Sango's shoulder, her body shaking with every sobs.

"That's not true, Kagome. Shhh, just let it all out, it's okay," Ayame soothed as she rubbed her friend's back while murmuring curses about Inuyasha under her breath.

"It is not okay! My fiancé just told me that he loved another woman, how can I be okay?" It took about thirty minutes for Kagome's cries and screams to reduce to silent hiccups and whimpers.

"I knew he was cheating on me," She mumbled when she calmed down. "I should have left when I had the chance. Maybe if I did, I wouldn't be in all this pain right now. All this hurt."

"It's not your fault, Kagome." Rin assured as she stood up. "I'm going to draw you a bath, okay?"

"I just want to get away from it all," Kagome said as she wiped the tears away from her face. "I don't want to be here."

"Come on, Kagome." Sango said as she helped her stand up and walked her to the bathroom, Ayame in tow. They helped her remove the ruffled wedding dress with all its buttons and released her hair from the complicated twists and knots.

"Can you get my phone?" Kagome asks, breaking the silence. Her friends looked at each other confusedly before Sango shrugged and went to get Kagome's phone from the living room.

After she gave Kagome the phone, Ayame told her that they would be on the other side of the door if she needed anything. Kagome nodded in response. Rin grabbed the wedding dress before they walked out the bathroom.

After taking off her undergarments, she settled herself into the warm water. She dialed the number to the airport to cancel her honeymoon vacation. However, a thought bopped into her head.

"Hello, this is Azule from SouthFair Airlines. How may I help you, today?" The woman on the other line asked.

"Hi, my name is Kagome Higurashi. Earlier this year, my fiancé and I scheduled a flight to the Bahamas, however, there has been a change of plans," Kagome said. "I was hoping that I can change the destination of our flight tonight," She said as she sank lower into the tub.

"We certainly can, Ms. Higurashi. And may I ask where you would like to change the flight's destination to?"



Later That Night

"Are you sure that you don't want or need anything?" Sango asked as she tucked Kagome into the king size bed, made for two.

"I just want to be alone," Kagome mumbled as she laid her head on the pillow. The girls nodded before giving Kagome a brief hug.

When the girls left and the door was closed, Kagome got out of bed, walked to the closet, and pulled out a large suitcase.

"I'm going to start a new life," She said to herself as she set the suitcase on the bed and opened it. She walked to her dresser, pulled out a hand full of her clothes, and placed them inside the suitcase.

"No more heartbreak, stress, or bad memories. I'm just going to worry about myself and myself alone," she mused with a smile on her face. Little did she know that that last statement wouldn't be entirely true.



At Three o' Clock in the Morning

"Girls! Girls! Wake up! Sango, Ayame!" Rin yelled as she turned on the light in the guest room, holding a piece of paper in her hands.

"What?" Sango asked sleepily, her voice drowsy.

"Kagome's not here," Rin exclaimed, causing Ayame and Sango to sit up in the bed they were sharing.

"Look," She said as she handed the note to Sango as she got into the bed. Ayame peeked over Sango's shoulder and read it as well. They cried a little as they read and understood what it meant.

I'm sorry that you girls have to find out that I left like this, but I knew if you found out about my plan, you would have stopped me. I need to be alone. I just need some time to think. Do not try to call me. I threw my phone away, but I still know your numbers, so I'll call you guys when I'm ready. Tell my mom and brother that I'm okay and will call them when the time is right. Take care of Buyo for me. You can tell Inuyasha that he can have the apartment, because I don't want it anymore. I don't want anything from him.

Thank you, girls, for all your support and for having my back all these years. I love you guys a lot. Do not think this is the last time we will see each other, because it's not. I'll see you soon. Bye.

~Love, Kagome




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