Somewhere, late at night in, deep in the twisted and dark alleyways and dead-ends that filled New York City, a young woman walked alone.

She had fiery red hair that was sticking to her neck and shoulders with sweat even though the spring night was quite cool. Her freckles were just barely concealed by the monstrous amount of make-up that caked her face giving her a slightly crazed look. Her tight, green dress, if you could even call it a dress, hardly covered her petit body.

She swayed as she walked, as if she had had a touch too much liquor that night, and a small, drunkish giggle escaped her painted lips as she swayed. Like a child who had been spinning in circles and couldn't stand on her own two feet anymore.

Close by, underneath a large, rusted, overflowing dumpster, something moved and appeared from the darkest part of the shadows.

At first the girl didn't notice, but it moved again and this time, a long, low growl scraped up its throat as it caught sight of its prey.

The girl stopped, turning a full circle, her heavy eyes glazing over everything, but not seeing anything before quickening her pace to get back to her apartment, or even to a taxi. Even though she was hammered beyond belief, she could still tell that maybe she wasn't in the safest place at the right time.

The thing crept from its hiding place. It was smart and it was not about to let its prey dance away. Also, a good dog never disobeys his direct orders.

It claws scraped against the ground and it snarled. A hunk of drool fell from its huge, pulled back lips and this time, the girl couldn't help but notice his huge, burning red eyes as she opened up her mouth to scream.