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Also the Basilisk will have the ability to shift into a Naga and a Human form.

A letter. One single letter written in green ink addressed to him. Had been the start he had been waiting for. Harry Potter was an extremely smart boy, but hid his knowledge from everyone, including his 'loving family'. His 'family', including his aunt, uncle, and cousin were not nice people to live with, especially if you had any type of magic in your blood. They believed that Harry was a freak and a no good demon spawn. They starved him and beat him until he was bleeding, but he always managed to heal the damage by the next morning. This only caused his uncle to rage and beat the young boy again. This repeated in a vicious cycle until that letter came.

When he was five his aunt dragged the boy out of his room, the spider infested cupboard under the stairs. She forced Harry onto a chair that was placed in front of the stove and told him to cook a full english breakfast. His small form no matter how smart he was was not meant to be doing any kind of cooking. The only thing that the boy managed to make was burnt toast, bacon, sausages, and eggs. Earning him another beating.

Over the years Harry's cooking ability increased, until his food was flawless. When his aunt saw that he was beginning to enjoy cooking, she gave him all of the other chores as well. She had been trying to make life as difficult for her sister's freak of a son as she could. The list that she gave him when he was seven included making the food, mowing the yard, picking the weeds, painting the shed and the fence, trimming the hedges, and pruning the roses. Then he had to move inside and clean each of the Dursley's rooms including their son Dudley's disaster of a room. Oh, how he hated that fat, spoiled whale of a boy.

Harry was not considered normal by the Dursley's and that suited him just fine. Harry always knew that he was not a normal. In fact, the whole time he lived with the Dursley's he kept a secret. One that would changed everything that a certain old goat was planning.

He was not human. Not in any way whatsoever, was he even close to being a human. In fact he was a

Naga, a royal pureblood Naga to be exact.

The reason that Harry knew about his creature status was thanks to having Eidetic Memory. Meaning that he was able to remember everything he had ever seen, heard, and learned after the point of his birth, including who his birth parents really were.

Harry was born eighty-one years ago to a Royal Naga couple, yet all but the Headmaster of Hogwarts Albus Dumbledore believed he was an eleven years old child born to Lily and James Potter. Albus Dumbledore was the wizard who killed Harry's real parents, deaged his body into that of a newborn baby and tried to erase all of his memories. He gave Harry to one of his lightest families and proclaimed him the savior of the wizarding world. The-Boy-Who-lived.

After being stuck with the Potter's for a little over a year and a half, Voldemort came. James tried to stop the Dark Lord as Lily ran up the stairs and tried to contact Dumbledore. Unknown to her, the headmaster heard her pleas. Yet all he did was lean back in his comfy chair smirking as he watched his plan unfold perfectly. His smirk evolved into a pleased smiled as he watched James die.

Lily truly believed that Dumbledore would come and save her. So instead of trying to run she turned and smirked at the Dark Lord when stepped into the nursery. She gloated that he was going to die when Dumbledore would come to save her. Dumbledore never came and she died in quick flash of green light.

Voldemort casually flung the killing curse at Harry but it bounced back at the Dark Lord when it touched the child's skin. Harry managed to hiss out an apology in the language of the snakes. Voldemorts eyes widened as emotions and memories flashed through his mind and he smiled even while his body crumbled into a fine dust and his robes fell to the floor in a heap.

A few moments later a half-giant thumped his way into the house with tears rolling down his cheeks when he saw Lily's body. He grabbed Harry out of the crib and carried him out to a motorcycle. Harry pretended to fall asleep as they flew to the Dursley's. The half-giant handed his small form to Dumbledore who set him on the doorstep with a small letter. An hour or so after they left a screech was heard from the woman who opened the door.

Now Harry was standing in the Dursley's kitchen making an extra large and greasy breakfast for Dudley's Birthday. Said boy stormed into the kitchen and over to the table where his parents were sitting waiting for the birthday boy to come. Harry heard the fat boy complaining about only getting thirty-six presents, one less than he got last year. Harry rolled his eyes as he set the food on the table. His uncle saw him roll his eyes and ordered him to get the mail in before starting on the outside work.

Harry left the dining room and grabbed the mail that was sitting by the front door. He sifted through the letters and saw that there was one addressed to him. He didn't blink as he quickly shoved it into the pocket of his baggy pants that were being held up by a bit of rope. He stepped back into the dining area handing the stack of letters to the fat man.

"Boy, you will be staying here while we are going to the Zoo for Dudley's birthday. You will get this list done before we get back or there will be a punishment tonight." Harry nodded before heading outside and getting started on the weed pulling. As soon as he got to a section that was out of the Dursley's view he pulled out the letter, ripping the envelope open before scanning the papers inside.


Headmaster: Albus Dumbledore

(Order of Merlin, First Class, Grand Sorc., Chf. Warlock,

Supreme Mugwump, International Confed. of Wizards)

Dear Mr. Potter,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment.

Term begins on 1 September. We await your owl by no later than 31 July.

Yours sincerely,

Minerva McGonagall

Deputy Headmistress...

Harry pulled a pencil that he kept with the list of chores to mark off the ones that he had finished, and wrote an acceptance letter addressing it to Minerva McGonagall. He asked for a professor to come and take him to get his supplies for the term. When he was done he tossed the paper as high in the air as he could and smiled when a small brown owl snached it out of the air with a triumphant hoot. Harry sighed and got back to yanking out the stubborn weeds.

As soon as he heard the Dursley's leave in their car he used his magic to make sure that they were gone. He stood up and banished all of the weeds that he had pulled out before using his magic to take care of the rest of the outside chores. When that was done, he stepped inside and directed his magic to complete the rest of the chores that were set for him.

When everything was done, Harry climbed up the stairs and made his way to the bathroom for a nice hot shower. After he finished he put his now clean clothes back on and made his way back down stairs. He was about to grab some food from the fridge when he heard a knock at the front door. The boy opened the door and saw a man dressed in a set of long black robes. The man had long, almost greasy hair and pale skin. He had black eyes, a large hooked nose, and a seemingly permanent scowl etched into his face.

"Are you done Mr. Potter?" The man drawled in a bored voice. Harry sighed, of course they would send a teacher that hated him before they had even officially met.

"Please come in sir. Would you like some tea and biscuits?" Harry asked politely as he motioned the scowling man into the dining room and over to the table.

"Tea." The man stated. Harry moved into the kitchen and grabbed the tea kettle and filled it with water and the proper amount of tea leaves, before sending his magic into the pot speeding up the process. He filled two tea cups, adding a little of his magic into one of the cups so the man would not be able to lie to him before placing both on a tray along with sugar, cream, and a small plate of freshly baked ginger biscuits. He moved into the other room and lowered the tray onto the table, motioning for the man to sit and grab the magic infused tea cup in front of him. Harry waited till the man had taken a sip before starting.

"Sir, why do you hate me when we have never formally met?" Harry asked as he grabbed his own tea adding a small spoonful of sugar and a splash of cream before looking at the man who almost choked at the unexpected question.

"You are just like your father James Potter. You are a spoiled brat whom expects to always get what they want." The man looked baffled that the words had just flown from his mouth. The boy sighed.

"What is your name?" Harry asked.

"Severus Tobias Snape, Potions Master, and Potions Professor at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry." The man now known as Professor Snape, or Severus as Harry decided to call him.

"Severus, I will need a magical oath that you will not relay the information that I am going to tell you." Harry decided to tell the man all that had happened to him, but only if there was the added protection of the oath. The man didn't say anything until his curiosity became too much and he reluctantly swore the oath to never relay the information Harry would tell him unless he had permission from Harry.

"Severus, I'm sorry to say that I am not the son of Lily and James potter, I was taken from my real family when I turned seventy. I was deaged after my family was killed and was given to the Potters by a certain manipulating headmaster." Harry seeing that the potions professor wanted to cut in, sealed the man's mouth with his magic before continuing. "After the Potter's were killed I was taken by that idiotic half-giant and brought here where Dumbledore left me on the doorstep of Lily's sister and her obese husband with only a small letter saying that the Potter's were dead and that it was there job to take care of me in any way they see fit. They forced me to do all of their cooking and chores. I live in the cupboard under the stairs. They beat me and tried to starve me. It was my magic that allowed me to eat only once a week with no lasting damage. Severus, can we please move on and let the past be the past?" Harry released the silencing spell he had on Potions professor.

The man stayed silent until he asked the one question that had been slithering through his head after the first sentence of the explanation. "Who were your parents?"

"Harry smiled as he answered "My parents were Josmela and Termielas Nagaking. My real name is Harriel Nagaking, but even then I went by Harry." Severus nodded before standing up. "One other thing Severus. They were both royal Nagas, which makes me a pureblood Naga as well. It also means that I am immortal and immune to the killing curse, but there are still a few ways to kill us. We had hoped that the knowledge had been lost. Sadly that MAN was able to find out how."

"I will think about what you have told me, but for now we need to go to Diagon Alley and get your supplies." Harry nodded, following the man into the backyard and allowed him to apparate them to the Leaky Cauldron, a wizarding inn that had a bar and restaurant.

They walked towards that entrance to Diagon Alley, when Harry saw a man sitting at the bar. The most noticeable and odd thing about this man was the large, dark purple turban wrapped around his head. He was staring straight at Harry with a curious glint in his brown, almost red eyes. Harry walked over to the man, with Severus trailing after him.

"Speaker?" Harry whispered, so no others could hear him except Severus and the man in front of him.

The man smirked, "Yes, I'm surprised you recognized me Harry Potter. I believe that you have some explaining to do." Harry smiled as Severus paled, his face losing all color left in his already white face.

"When we are done getting the supplies I need for Hogwarts. We can meet you back here and go to a quieter place. Would that be alright?" The Dark Lord nodded in agreement before turning back to the fire whiskey sitting on the bar in front of him. Harry and Severus took that as their cue to leave.

When they opened the barrier they were met with a world of bright chaos. The alley was filled with color, people, animals and everything else that could possibly be imagined. There were people yelling about the products they were trying to sell, people milling around, and other students getting their supplies. Children were standing at windows asking their parents for pets, candy, toys, brooms, and some of the younger ones were asking for wands, their parents always refusing.

Harry allowed the professor to drag him into the mass of people that seemed to instinctually part for the stern professor. It was rather funny to see the scared faces of the teens and young adults that had most likely had him as a professor when they went to school. When they finally made it to the bank they were both grateful to be out of the crowd. They walked over to a goblin that was sitting at the furthest desks.

The goblin sneered at them. "What do you need?" Harry was used to how creatures tend to be rude to humans because of the humans looking down at them. Harry politely asked "We need to speak to the Manager please."

"The director is busy, leave." The goblin sneered before restarting on the paperwork that littered his desk. Harry smiled as his fangs and ears elongated and his snake eyes glowed as he hissed out a sentence.

"The director can make time for me." The goblin raised his hand in a flash, believing that he would simply banish them from the bank, but the motion froze half-way, upon seeing the facial changes. The goblin recognized him for what he was an shakily got down from platform behind the desk before opening the large door before motioning them through.

"My apologies Sir. I will take you directly to the Director." Severus and Harry followed the goblin down a few hallways until they arrived at an intricately carved door. He knocked on the heavy wood of the door and opened it when a voice inside told them to enter. The goblin motioned them in and shut the door after they were on the other side of the threshold. The shaken goblin clocked out of his shift and left to try and calm down. It was known to all that Nagas are one of the strongest magical creatures in the world and to insult one is to normally bring death upon the one who did it.

Harry and Severus sat down in the empty chairs sitting in front of the desk. "My name is Harriel Nagaking. Son of Josmela and Termielas Nagaking. I am also known as Harry James Potter, but I am not the son of Lily and James Potter."

Harry then repeated the full story that he had told Severus to the Director of Gringotts. The goblin looked angry at the treatment the Royal Naga went through and swore that he would make life as difficult as he could for both the Dursley's and Dumbledore. The goblin stood up and left for a moment before returning with a few large folders that had different names printed neatly on the side. They read Nagaking, Potter, Weasley, Granger, and Dumbledore.

"Who are the other two? Weasley and Granger?" Harry asked the Director.

"First off I need to starts by explaining that Albus Dumbledore declared that he was Harry Potter's magical guardian. As a magical guardian he is able to take money out of your accounts. On the Potter record it shows that the Granger's were given five-hundred galleons a month since the Potters died. The Weasley's were given one thousand galleons every month for the same amount of time. Albus Dumbledore took out twenty-thousand galleons every month. If you want we can return all of your money, taking it back out of their accounts. And of course charging interest." Harry thought about it and nodded.

"They may not have been my parents but it is technically my money that they were stealing. So yes, I want all of what they took back. I don't care how you go about getting it back."

"Consider it done." The goblin smiled an evil looking grin and grabbed the last folder, labeled NagaKing. "You have many properties you can choose from. I don't like the idea of any creature, let alone a royal Naga, living with magic hating muggles." Harry and Severus both nodded in agreement. The director handed them a list of all of the properties that Harry owned at the moment. I turns out that he has nine he could choose from. After looking at each of them he decided on a manor that belonged to his real parents that was hidden by a high level Naga ward that was a thousand times stronger than the Fidelius ward Dumbledore used for the Potter's. The manor that had three floors and was secluded enough that he would be able to stay in his Naga form without others seeing.

"I would like to use this Manor." Harry stated pointing to the one he wanted.

The goblin nodded and pulled out a portkey. "This portkey will take you to the foyer of the manor. The password is Dumblearse " Harry laughed at the password and Severus's lips twitched up into an amused half-smile. "Here are you lordship rings, both Nagaking and Potter, and a muggle credit card, to pay for anything you need in the wizarding world just set the carn on the box, you will know which when you purchase something. It will glow when the transaction has been verified and transferred. Have a good day and I will send you updates on my little project" Harry smiled knowing that the director of Gringotts was going to do his best to make life hell for Dumbledore.

Severus and Harry left the bank and headed to the closest store that Harry needed supplies from. It turned out to be the apothecary. As they walked in the smell of herbs and other potion ingredients stung his nose, but Harry noticed that Severus was breathing deeper enjoying the familiar smell of the potion ingredients. "What do you suggest that I get, Severus? I don't know much about potions, probably only the basics so far." Severus looked shocked that Harry actually wanted his opinion. He took a moment before answering.

"Get the advanced work set and the set of extra pewter, silver, and gold Cauldrons. Along with an extra box of stirring rods. We will get you a trunk in a little while, for you to hold all of the supplies. You should get five extra boxes of vials. For the potions ingredients I will get you two of the mastery ingredient boxes, as only certified Potion Master's can buy them." Harry nodded with a small smile and grabbed what the Potions Professor suggested. It was nice for him to see that Severus enjoyed giving his opinions on a potions related topic.

Harry set everything except Mastery Ingredient Boxes on the counter. The man standing behind it gawked at the amount of expensive potions supplies the kid had decided to get. Harry could tell that the man was doubtful that he would be able to pay that much money, so he flashed his lordship rings. The man saw and immediately began adding up the price when he was done he gave the price to Harry who set his Gringotts card onto the black box that was sitting on the wooden counter. Harry grabbed his things and waited for Severus who paid for the two Ingredient sets. By the time they left the store the sales clerk felt faint and decided to close the shop early. Unknowingly stopping the Weasleys from getting the potions equipment they needed for Hogwarts.

There next stop for Severus and Harry was the Trunkshop. When they entered the store they immediately made their way to the back of the store where the better, pricier trunks were kept. They decided on a seven compartment trunk; with permanent featherlight and bottomless charms already woven throughout the trunk. There was a button near the handle that he could press that would shrink the trunk to the size of a matchbox. It also had a password lock that kept it from being opened by anyone other than himself. Harry also grabbed a bag to use for going class to class at Hogwarts. They paid at the desk and loaded all of his potions equipment into the specialized potions compartments that had shelves that would hold an unlimited amount of jars and cauldrons. He shrunk the trunk and used his magic to conjure a thin chain necklace that he could hang his trunk from so he wouldn't have to work about lugging it around constantly. He slung the other bag over his shoulder and pulled the chain over his head, it was the perfect length so the trunk hung a few inches under the collar of his shirt.

The wand store turned out to be one of the most interesting stops they made. Olivander found a Holly and Phoenix feather wand that fit his magic. Only to have a partially completed wand dart off the shelf and into Harry's other hand. The wood in his hand was yew that had a long crack along it's side. He didn't know what he was supposed to put there until, suddenly he did. He let his hair lengthen until it was the same length as the stick of yew. He gripped a few strands and pulled them out and set them on the crack of the wand. As soon as his hair touched the wood it was sucked in and the crack on the wand sealed itself. Harry paid for both of his wands and walked out of the store leaving a speechless Olivander behind.

The last stop they had for the day was Madam Malkin's robe shop so Harry could get a new wardrobe. They split up as soon as they got to the doors. Severus said that he had something he wanted to pick up and that he would meet Harry back at Madam Malkin's as soon as he was finished. When Harry stepped into the shop he saw another person getting fitted for Hogwarts uniform. The boy had platinum blond hair and looked to be eleven just like the body Harry was currently stuck in. When the blond turned around to see who was entering, he sneered. Instantly looking at the rags Harry was forced to wear by the dursley's.

"Are you that poor that you need to wear rags?" The snobby tone made no difference in Harry's happy mood.

"Actually, I am the Lord of two houses, but I was forced to live with magic hating muggles who refused to give me proper clothes." Harry told the blond. "By the way, my name is Harriel, a pleasure to meet you." The blond had stopped sneering and was now looking quizzically at Harry.

"My name is Draco Malfoy. Pleasure to meet you as well." They shook hands and the blond nodded to the woman who had just finished the final touches on his school robes.

"Madam, would you please help Harriel. He is in need of a new wardrobe." He turned towards Harry and asked if he was going to Hogwarts, seeing his nod the blond turned back to the woman and continued. "He needs ten pairs of pants, twenty shirts all colors focused mainly on greens, blues, purples, and neutrals. He needs formal robes five summer and five winter. Five cloaks; three black, one emerald, and one…"

The blond boy raddled of a long list to the woman who dutifully wrote down in a notebook that had been in her pocket. "... needs one set of pants and a shirt done now the rest can be sent by owl." Harry caught the last sentence. The woman got to work and soon Harry was dressed in a new set of new clothes while his others were being burned by the woman who seemed offended simply by their presence in her shop. He was told to pay up front as was standard for this large of an order. He didn't even blink at the amount of money this shopping trip was costing him.

As Harry and Draco were about to leave the store the doors opened and a blond couple walked in. The arristocratic man had long hair the same shade as Draco did. The woman was also blond, but it was not as pure of a color as the man. They both wore clothes that were fit for royalty and neither showed even a hint of emotions. "Mother. Father." Draco greeted the couple. "This is Harriel. He is the Lord of two houses, but lived with muggles who hated magic." Harry could see the couple's eyes soften, but the mask stayed firmly in place. They hated the thought of a magical child living with magic haters, they knew what that meant and they felt bad for the boy.

"My name is Narcissa and this is my husband Lucius. Who are you with Harriel?" The woman asked him.

"Severus Snape brought me here today to get the supplies I needed for Hogwarts." All of their eyes widened when they heard the familiar name.

"Severus? As in Severus Snape?" Draco asked and at Harry's nod his face momentarily lit up, showing that he had not mastered the art of masking h. "He's my godfather and one of father's best friends." Harry was rather shocked about that piece of information.

"Really?" Harry couldn't help but ask.

"That is correct Harry." The low drawling voice sounded from by the door where Severus was standing. "Hello Lucius. Narcissa. Draco. Now Harry, you need a way to contact people from your manor so I took the liberty of getting you an owl." He handed Harry a cage with a beautiful snowy owl. Harry debated on a name for the owl, before settling on the perfect one.

"Hedwig. Her name is Hedwig." Harry nodded to himself.

"I'm sorry to cut this talk short but we have a meeting to get to. He definitely isn't one you want to get mad. Now we must get going." Severus told the Malfoys.

"Actually, Severus. I think they should come. I don't know why but I have a feeling it would be the best thing right now." Severus looked doubtful and the Malfoys looked curious.

"If you think that is best, then alright. Lucius would you like to come with us?" Lucius nodded as did his wife. They left the shop and made their way back to the Leaky Cauldron. Once they entered Harry stepped ahead of the group and walked to Voldemort who was at one of the back tables holding a nameless book. The Malfoys moved to follow, but were blocked by Severus.

"Harry, are you done with your tasks?" Harry nodded and the Dark Lord stood up leaving his empty glass on the table.

"I have a portkey that will take us to one of my manors. We also have three other guests that I believe should come. Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy and their son Draco." The man's eyes narrowed before nodding his consent. They walked over to Severus and the Malfoy group and Harry reached into his pocket and pulled out a short length of rope. They all gripped a part of the rope as Harry yelled the Password.

"DUMBLEARSE" Then they were spinning only to stop on the dusty floor of the foyer in Harry's Manor.

"Don't the goblins have such a wonderful sense of humor." The group looked around, disgusted by the mass of dust and cobwebs that had built up over the years.

"No. No. No. This just does not work." Harry mumbled to himself as he walked towards the nearest wall. He focused his magic on the task that needed to be done before setting his hand palm down on the wall through the inch deep layer of dust. A wave of pure magic rushed from where his hand was. Vanishing all of the grime and dust, making his entry way, making the stone glisten cleanly in the light. The dust and webs were gone leaving a beautiful marble foyer with a large silver chandelier hanging from the ceiling. Two stairways curved up to the second and third floors.

He pulled his hand away from the wall when he felt that all parts of his manor was clean. Another good reason for cleaning it the way he did was that now he has the complete layout of the manor, including all secret rooms and passages.

He glanced back at the group behind him. Each and every one of them looked shocked, except Voldemort, who had an approving glint in his red-brown eyes.

"I know the perfect room we can go to. I'm sorry about not having refreshments, I will need to stock up on the necessities in the next few days." The group followed him up the stairs and down a large hallway towards the back of the house. In the back there was a large sitting area with cream and silver walls with emerald accents and black furniture. The back wall was completely made of glass. Making it the perfect place where people could sit and enjoy the view of the garden and feel the heat of the sun on their skin and scales.

Harry chose an area that had three couches and a couple large circular pillows lying on the floor. These pillows were specifically made for Nagas to relax and curl up, soaking up the blissful warmth of the sun. Oh, he couldn't wait to enjoy them! Each of the pillows were ranged in sizes from five to twenty feet. Harry also knew for a fact that there was a storage area nearby that held pillows that were bigger, these were meant for the larger Nagas and Naga mates that were above average size. The Malfoys looked a bit put out that there were pillows all over the floor, but wisely kept their thoughts to themselves

Harry motioned for the magical humans to sit. Voldemort chose the left couch, the Malfoys took the middle and Severus sat calmly on the right. Harry stood in the middle for a moment before he summoning a small wooden chest from one of the storage areas in the basement, setting it next to the familiar large pillow he chose to lounge on. He then sat on the edge before he began talking.

"Well where should I start? You all know me as Harry James Potter, but that is not by real name nor am I the son of Lily and James Potter. I was born eighty-one years ago. On my seventieth birthday my parents were killed. Murdered. The one who killed them was Albus Dumbledore and his order of the phoenix."

Draco was confused, and it was easy to tell "Why would he have done that and how did you become Harry Potter?" Harry sighed before continuing.

"I will explain during the story. His reason was that my parents were not human. He wanted to make my into a weapon that only he could control. He killed my family and deaged me into a newborn before trying and failing to remove my memories. What he didn't know what that I have an eidetic memory and that memory spells do not work on my kind."

It was Lucius who asked what he knew his wife and son were wondering as well. "Who were your parents and what are you?"

"My real name is Harriel Nagaking and my parents were Josmela and Termielas Nagaking. They were both Pureblood Royal Nagas, which also makes me a Pureblood Royal Naga as well. It also means that I am immortal and immune to the killing curse. That is why this room has these giant pillows and why the floors have a permanent warming charm placed on them. This manor was built by my ancestors who were also Nagas."

"Can you show us what you look like?" Draco asked, excited that he would be able to see Naga in person. His excitement caused Harry to smile.

"I was planning on it, I just wanted to tell you before I shift. I should also warn you that in my Naga form I am still in my eighty-one year old from." Harry allowed his body to shift and grow,His canines elongated into long sharp fangs and his nails into rounded edges that could become as sharp as Harriel wanted them to get. His messy hair grew until a curtain of smooth black hair flowed past the Nagas waist. His eyes brightened until they were literally a glowing green split in half by a almond shaped pupil. The black against iridescent green gave his eyes a beautiful yet eerie quality. Along with his skin becoming a pale cream color instead of the light tan his human form had, his ears elongated into points. The tips just peeking through his hair. His chest, stomach, and arms were strong and lean, he was lithe and quick. In other words he was in perfect shape for a submissive Naga, which was amazing for one who had to live with abusive humans since he was taken.

The real changes though started at his waist, he no longer had legs, instead he had a long tail.

His tail was emerald green with two thick silver lines on each side that ran from his waist to the end of his tail. Naga scales were sought out by many for being extremely durable, flame resistant, and magic proof. From Harry's head to the end of his tail he was a total of forty-one feet in length. He was large for a submissive Naga and that meant that mate would be bigger than the average Naga Dominant.

The people around him looked amazed, it could have helped that they were are Slytherins when they went to Hogwarts.

Voldemort looked rather intrigued, before hissing in the language of snakes. ~That explains why you could speak this language, and why you instinctively called me speaker.~

~Yes, it is a rather nice title don't you think, speaker.~ Harry replied. Watching with amusement as every other face in the room became chalky and pale at the sound of the hissing, that only one human they have ever known has ever had the ability to do.

"My lord!" Lucius gasped. "You are back! Finally" The amount of emotion in his voice was simply unheard of for a Malfoy. Voldemort smiled at his loyal servant.

Harry watched the group talk for a while before he moved further onto the pillow and using the end of his tail to grab the chest he had summoned before. He pushed his magic into the lock and sighed in relief as the lid opened. He reached his hand in a gently pulled out the garb that was made specifically for his family. He slid on the Black armbands and cuffs and latched the large necklace to his neck.

Harry latched the silver cloth around his waist so that it would cover where his privates were when he was in his human form. He grabbed the multitude of earrings that were in the box and quickly, showing the amount of practice he had with them, put each and every one of them in their places. He grabbed a few more rings for his fingers and a stud for his nose. At the bottom of the chest there were three large silver rings. He slid them up the end of his tail. The first one ten inches above the tail, another five inches further and the final seven inches further than the second.

He tapped a finger to each of the rings injecting a bit of his magic in each causing them to literally melt into the scales leaving three silver rings of scales at the bottom of his tail. Once he was done he relaxed into the plush cushion, only then noticing the others in the room staring at him.

"What?" Harry blushed as he asked the question.

"What are those? You seem to be very familiar with them." Narcissa asked.

"Well I could feel when I cleaned the manson before that these were in a storage area. These are traditional Nagas coverings, we have no real need for other clothes. They also shows status, and as my family name states; my family was the royal line and my clothing shows that. I don't plan to leave my Naga form until the school year starts, because when I get to Hogwarts I will not be able to be in this form at all." Harry told them. He saw the contemplative look on Voldemorts face, but decided against asking.

"Anyway." Harry continued, "It is getting closer to dinner and all of you will need food soon. I guess I should get back to the story. I was given to the Potter's and the night they were killed, by the way sorry for reflecting the curse back at you." Harry sent an apologetic look at the dark lord who nodded before continuing. "I was left on the doorstep of Lily's sister and her husband by Dumbledore…" Harry continued on the story telling them about his time with the Dursleys. Every one of the listeners felt rage at how Harry was treated and at the end of the story Draco came up to him, sat down next to him on the floor pillow, and hugged him.

Harry glanced at Voldemort and hissed ~I know how you were trying to gain immortality; you went about it the wrong way. I know a ritual that can make a human immortal, If you would let me I can help you.~

Voldemort's jaw tensed not liking that the naga knew his secret, but he managed to ask ~What is the ritual?~

~It would make you my blood brother. In this ritual we share our blood and in that way you would gain the immortality that we Naga have and I will gain a brother. The only problem is that for the ritual to work you need your full soul. Once we have each of the pieces we can complete the ritual. We can talk more about this later, alright?"

~Yes~ Voldemort hissed his reply.

Harry switched his attention to the Malfoy family "I think it is time that all of you get some food. We can meet back here tomorrow If you want."

Lucius nodded and stood, helping his wife stand and looking at his son who was still sitting by Harry. Draco reluctantly moved and they all left together after Harry changed the wards to allow all of them to come and go freely from his manor.

Harry turned to Severus and Voldemort, in somewhat of a shy way before asking what he wanted "Do you…Would you like to stay here with me over the rest of summer?" Harry asked quietly. Both men in front of him said nothing until the Dark lord answered Harry's question.

"That would be wonderful, Harriel. Thank you. By the way if we are to become family I guess you should call me Marvolo. It was a part of the name I was born with. Severus I think that you should call me that also." Marvolo told them with a hesitant tone. ~Harriel can you also do the ritual for him?~

~May I ask why, Marvolo~ Harry asked.

~When I was still in Hogwarts I took a potion that would show me my soul mate. When I looked in I saw Severus. At that time he hadn't yet been born then so I did not know who it was. A week after I saw who it was Albus Dumbledore called me into his Transfiguration office and locked the memories in the back of my mind. After the killing curse rebounded back into me it also broke the block that was on my mind. Harry, I can't lose my mate.~ Harry understood that feeling very well and he hasn't even met his mate yet.

~Then Yes, Marvolo. I will do the same ritual to Severus as well. I haven't met my mate yet, but even now I can't imagine losing him. I would never allow you to feel that pain, not when I have a way to stop it.~

Marvolo seemed to sag in relief knowing that he would not lose Severus before they ever got the chance. ~Thank you, Harriel.~ Harry smiled, before turning to a concerned Severus.

"Would you like to stay here with us. I can even give you one of the Potion Labs." Harry suggested.

Harry could tell that adding the part about a potions lab was what made the man give in. "Fine." Harry smiled at the one word answer.

"Alright them both of you can pack tonight and meet me here in the morning to get settled in. Do you think you could also bring some food before you come in the morning? I want to be able to cook for the both of you." He saw both of them frown and knew what they were thinking. "Oh don't give me those looks. I always enjoyed cooking even before the Dursley's. I want to be able to cook for the both of you, and you two will get me the food so I can." They nodded before saying goodnight before they apparated to their separate homes. Leaving Harry to slither around his new home. Slowly he made his way to the master bedroom and got a rather large surprise when he got there. The room was gigantic. The walls were cream with dark blue accents and the ceiling was permanently charmed to look like the night sky.

There was no bed in the room in but an area of the floor was sunk down about five or so feet, making it feel like a nest and and was filled with soft clean pillows and blankets. The lowered section was a circle had a diameter of probably fifty feet. Some of the dominant Nagas grew to almost fifty feet in length and need the room to be able to stretch out.

Harry blushed lightly when he noticed the everlasting cleaning spell that was cast on the lowered area. It was a spell that Harry remembered from before his parents were killed. It made it so that when the Naga left the area it would automatically be cleaned and freshened.

Harriel was a virgin and wanted to remain as pure as he could for his mate.

He slithered down the angled section into the nest and curled around a large pile of pillows relishing in the heating spells that were permanently placed in the nest. Harry enjoyed the feeling of sleeping in his Naga form. After all he hadn't been able to do in over a decade. Still in the comfort of the soft warm nest he was lonely, he wished Marvolo and Severus had stayed in the manor so he could at least feel a living presence near him. Most of all he wanted his mate.

Harry slowly fell asleep and dreamt of his mate, only seeing black scales and yellow eyes.