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The rest of the summer was the best that Harriel has had in eleven years. It was great to have people like Marvolo and Severus who he knows he can trust completely. They had moved in the next day and lived in the manor with an excited Harry for the rest of the summer break. Of course the Malfoy family flood in almost every morning and staying for most of the day. During those times Draco and Harry found that they had quite a lot of similar traits, including their hatred of liars, thieves, manipulators, and a certain meddlesome headmaster who has all three of these traits in massive amounts. Neither Harry nor Draco could wait to get to Hogwarts, yet both for different reasons. Harry felt a pull whenever he thought of Hogwarts, he felt something that told him something was going to happen to him their. He couldn't wait to find out what was causing this feeling. Draco on the other hand has heard many stories about Hogwarts when he was growing up.

It helped that Harry and Draco would get to stay together throughout their time at the school. When Harry asked what would happen if he got into a different house Draco snorted and retorted in a voice riddled in disbelief "Harry, you're half snake. You literally belong in the house of snakes." Harry couldn't help but smile and nod at his stubborn friend.

While Severus spent a vast amount of his time in the potions lab, he and Harriel created a rather strong bond that the Naga also shared with Marvolo. Harry felt extremely comfortable with both of them. They were all extremely glad that Severus and Marvolo would be teaching, even if he was going under a 'Quirrell' glamor.

The overall best part of the summer were the results of the rituals. Harriel did the ritual with Severus first because he didn't have any soul containers that they needed to collect. After the ritual was complete Severus learned more about the changes that he had gone through. He no longer had any scars nor did he have the large thrice broken nose that have ruined his looks since he was a child. His ears elongated into the elegant points that on the outside at all. Severus now shared Harriel's immortality and they each gained a family which they have both craved for a very long time.

One other bit of news caused Severus to faint into a very startled Marvolo's arms. Harriel told Severus that he was a submissive, and now had the abilities to carry young and that he would go through his first heat, which for wizards who were 'adopted' by a Naga was an average of fifty years after the ritual. It was a long time for humans and even wizards, but to a species that was practically immortal it feels like no time at all. When Severus finally woke he admitted that the news was a rather nice surprise as he was interested in another male and that he had always wished to have a large family.

For Marvolo the ritual took a lot more time to prepare as they had to collect all of Marvolo's soul shards. The first two were simple, the diary which he entrusted to Lucius and Helga Hufflepuff's Cup which Narcissa was able to get because of Bellatrix Lestrange being her sister. The next was the Gaunt ring that was hidden in the Gaunts shack by the ocean, they were able to stop and get it before they apparated to where Marvolo tracked Nagini, who was happy to see her master whole and sane again. Even when the got back to the manor she was still hissing happily, especially when she found out she had another speaker to converse with.

The last two were the hardest to find and collect. They made their way to the cave where Salazar Slytherin's Locket was hidden only to realize that the locket that was there was a fake that was placed there by R.A.B. It was only when they showed the note to Narcissa that they found out the initials were actually Regulus A. Black who was Narcissa's cousin. It didn't take long for them to go to Gringotts and get the secret keeper for number 12 grimmauld place changed to Narcissa so they could go in and collect the locket.

Then there was only one left for them to collect was Rowena Ravenclaw's Diadem, which was located in a room at Hogwarts called the come-and-go room or the Room of Requirement. In truth it wasn't that hard to get in, after all the castle would never sell an heir of the founders. So Marvolo was able to sneak in with a multitude of silencing and invisibility spells and sneak to the room and grab the diadem from the room of requirement.

There was one week left when they finally got to complete the ritual. When it was over they found that Marvolo had many of the same changes that Severus had gotten after his adoption, with one difference. He was a dominant. With Severus and Marvolo having Naga blood running through their veins they both felt the pull of the mating bond. It took them less than five hours to give in and consummate their bond. Let's just say that it was a very good thing that Severus would not go into heat for a few decades.

For Harriel their bonding was rather bittersweet. Don't get him wrong, he was happy that they had each other, but it made Harry painfully aware of his incomplete bond with his mate. Harry was glad that Hogwarts was starting soon as he would rather not hear his housemates going at it for any longer than he needed to.

The summer was not perfect and there were many misunderstandings that occurred. The worst one happened the day after he moved into the manor.

Harry woke with the sun streaming on his face. He blinked groggily, looking around the room, trying to remember where he was and how he got there. His memories from the night before suddenly came back to him. Harry couldn't help the happy smile that overtook his beautiful face.

He finally had a family again. Harry missed having a family that he could talk to about everything. The naga sound of voices. Harry yawned before opening his eyes, trying to focus on the people who were talking. He saw Severus and Marvolo standing at his door staring wide eyed at his new room.

He knew that the size and shape of the room was rather odd, but they did not have the instinctual need to have a comfortable nest like Harry did.

"Why is this room so big?" Draco asked his voice projecting the confusion and wonder when he and his parents stepped into the room. Draco looked at the room in amazement. For Harry seeing the emotions from Draco was odd. While he was stuck with the Potter's for over a year he always heard that the Malfoy family was emotionless and cruel, yet the people in the room were all nice and loving when it came to people they care about. Harry was included into that list of people after he entrusted them with his full story.

"Draco, how wide do you think my nest is?" Harry asked the young blond.

"Nest?" Narcissa questioned him.

"As you know Nagas are instinctual creatures, it's one of the reasons I trusted you when I first met you. My instincts told me that you were good people and that you would make good companions or even family. Anyway, I got off topic. Nagas always feel the need to have their mate and a nest where they can be safe. It is also needed for certain other times" Harry could feel his pale cheeks burn in embarrassment. "Do you understand, Narcissa?"

She nodded and motioned lightly with her hand for him to continue which he did. "Well, Draco, how large do you think the nest is across?"

Draco thought about is before saying in a questioning voice "fifty feet?" Harry smiled at his friend and nodded.

"You're right. This nest is exactly fifty feet. Now, How long do you think I am?" Harry allowed his body to stretch fully out. showing his glistening emerald scales and silver stripes. Harry saw a bit of amazement in their eyes as they saw each of the shiny green scales reflect the light from his windows.

"I would guess around forty feet." Draco answered.

"Close, I am forty-one feet long, it's large for being a Submissive Naga. Yet, if I were compared to a fully matured Dominant I would look rather small. Some Dominant Nagas can get up to sixty-five feet in length. And some Nagas have mates of other species of snakes that are longer than seventy feet. For beings that are that large they need nests that can fit them. The room is also necessary during mating." His red cheeks darkened further, gathering laughs from the others.

"If it wasn't for your age I would think you were still a blushing virgin." Harry immediately lost all of his enjoyment due to the one slip of the tongue.

"What do you mean?" Harry asked in a tight voice.

"Well you are 81 years old, it is rather unlikely that you stayed a virgin for that long." Marvolo stated not really thinking about what he was saying. He felt his expression darken into one of rage as he reared up as he bared his fangs and hissed not saying any real words just giving them a warning.

"Get out of my room now! Narcissa, Lucius, and Draco may stay, but you two will leave this room right now!" They were taken-aback that Harry would yell. "You insult me and my mate by saying that. Leave!" The men darted out of the room and shut the door behind them.

Harry was a virgin and he would proudly stay that way until he had his Dominant.

It had taken many hours for the Malfoys to calm Harry and to get him to venture out of the room to talk to the two 'Idiotic Arses' as Draco so eloquently called them, earning a smack on the back of his head courtesy of his mother. After they got past the first bump the rest of the summer was rather smooth.

That brings us back to the start of the school year.

It was rather lonely to be in an empty Manor as both Severus and Marvolo, who was going as Quirrell, had to go to Hogwarts to set up what they needed for the school year. Harry ate his breakfast alone at the table before he retreated back to his room and reluctantly shifted back into his human form. As Harry hasn't shifted into his human form all summer since his trip to Diagon Alley, he still wore the clothes that he had put on at Madam Malkin's when he met the Malfoys.

Harry grabbed his packed trunk before he shrunk it to the size of a matchbox and slipped the chain over his head. He made his way down the steps, almost stumbling, clearly not being used to having human legs again. He then apparated to the platform where the red Hogwarts Express was waiting. He wasn't overly impressed by the train, but that could have been because Harry was upset that he would have to stay in his tiny eleven year old form and deal with all of the attention that came with being the-boy-who-lived. Sweet Merlin the next few months were going to be torture.

It was a good thing that he was a Naga and had excellent healing capabilities, that way Harriel was able to break the curse Dumbledore had tried to place on Harry's forehead. Harry knew that it was supposed to put a permanent scar on his forehead that would allow Dumbledore to command him. He was also able to make the scar do certain things, such as burn, bleed, and transfer thoughts and pictures directly into the victims mind. As he was a Naga his magic simply broke through the spell the moment it was placed on him and placed a strong glamor of sorts in its place that made it look like the curse was still there.

Now that his human body was older Harry had full control over the glamor and could change it to suit what he wants, in this case he made it vanish so no one would even think about connecting him to 'Harry Potter'.

He looked over the mass of parents and their kids, easily spotting the white blond hair of the Malfoy family. They nodded in masked happiness at seeing him. Narcissa smiled at him. Harry was glad to see them as well. Harry was also glad that Draco decided to follow his lead and wear his shrunken trunk around his neck. Harry focused on Narcissa as she was talking.

"Will you come over during the Yule break. We will be hosting a Yule ball this year and hope you will be able to make it." Harry grinned and replied.

"That sounds like a wonderful idea. Perhaps we can also spend a few days at my manor. I don't want to have to hide the whole break." Harry asked them. Draco instantly nodded, while his parents simply rolled their eyes at their son's antics before nodding their consent.

"We will make sure to send letters and treats for the both of you, I will miss you both." Narcissa said quietly as to not let anyone know that Malfoys actually have human emotions.

"I will miss you too, Mother. Father. I will send a letter later telling you that I got into Slytherin." Draco told them confident that he will get into the house of snakes like his father and the rest of his ancestors had.

"Goodbye, Lucius. Narcissa. Don't worry, I will make sure Draco sends as many letters as he can while we are there." Harry promised them with only a slight joking tint to his tone.

Draco grabbed Harry's arm and proceeded to drag him onto the train and down the line of compartments. They found an empty one at the back of the train and sat opposite each other.

"I can't wait to get there. Aren't you excited too, Harry." Harry was glad that Draco wasn't going to pretend to be some stuck up brat while he was with him. He knew that Draco could be a little bastard when it came to people he didn't like. It didn't help that his father taught him to hide his emotions behind an emotionless mask.

"Yeah, I can't wait either." Harry replied with a small smile. They talked about many things and looked out the window into the crowd as the train left the station. They did not shout out the windows or wave like some of the other students in the train were. After all why, on earth would they decide to act like hooligans.

About half way to Hogwarts a red haired boy with freckles slammed open the compartment door.

"Is Harry Potter in here?" The red haired boy looked at the two in the compartment. He looked at the blond for a moment before his sights landed on a black haired green eyed boy that he recognized from the pictures given to him by the headmaster.

"Why do you want to know?" The Draco sneered at the idiotic boy who barged in during their conversation. He was ignored by the red haired boy.

"Nice to see you mate." The boy told Harry as he flopped on the seat next to him."My name is Ron Weasley. Is it true? Do you have the… you know, the scar" The Naga became rather pissed the moment the boy had dared to say the word "Mate" in any context related him. After he hear his name he was furious, his eyes burned in fire. Only Draco noticed and he looks just as upset as Harry. Draco knew that Harry was possessive of even the thought of his mate. For one to signify in anyway that they were going to try and take him from his mate. They are going to die or at least be in pain for an extremely long amount of time. So he stepped in and tried to stop Harry from killing someone before they even got to the castle.

"Please leave, Weasel. You are not wanted here." Draco sneered at Ron.

Of course the red-haired idiot ignored him and kept his focus on Harry. Who was getting close to mauling the boy, but knew that he could not kill him where there were people watching. Harry could sense that the boy had listening charms tethered to himself. Thus Harry refused to even look up at the boy and grabbed a book out of the pile he had been discussing with Draco before the boy had barged in and attempted to read a potions text that Severus had written, while the Weasley chattered on in his loud annoying voice. Draco who saw that Harry was trying to ignore the boy grabbed a book out of the pile next to Harry and followed his lead, not actually reading any of the words in front of him.

A few minutes later girl with bushy brown hair opened their compartment door. Harry could see her eyes light up in recognition of both Weasley and Harry.

"Have you seen a toad, a boy named Neville lost his." Harry knew she was lying, he could smell the stench of toad all over her hands and saw the slight lump of her robe that twitched and gave a small croak that only a being with enhanced hearing would be able to catch. He glanced over at Draco who didn't even look up from the book he was pretending to read.

"We have not seen a toad, please leave. We were reading before you barged in here." Draco stated in an annoyed voice. The girls eyes narrowed in horribly disguised anger.

"Oh, what were you reading? I have read a lot of wizarding textbooks, perhaps I could help you. By the way my name is Hermione Granger. What are your names?" The girl asked, not really caring about the blond and knowing who the other two were already.

"My name is Draco Malfoy, the black haired one is Harry, and the red-haired annoyance is Ron Weasley. Now would you please leave and take the Weasley with you." Again Draco was ignored by the newest intruder, yet the Weasley snorted when he heard Draco said his last name.

"You find my name funny, do you?" Draco asked angrily.

"Yes I do." Weasley replied.

"At least I'm not stuck wearing hand-me-downs like a poor street rat." Draco retorted. Harry on the other hand was in a similar situation.

He was almost shaking in rage, knowing that it was these two who have both insulted him and his mate. The boy had called him something that only his dominant could and the girl had insulted his intelligence.

"Enough!" Harry yelled startling the three other people in the compartment."Come Draco we will simply find another compartment to stay in." Draco nodded and walked out the door that Harry was holding open for him. Harry stepped out and shut the door sealing it with a three layered locking charm. They heard the Weasley and Granger banging at the door and the muffled yelling. Harry smirked as he heard what they were saying, he waved his hand and wandlessly cast a charm that was used to broadcast things on the wizarding radio. It cause all of the people on the train to hear exactly what was being said.

"-t were you thinking Ronald Weasley. You messed up the whole plan." Grangers voice echoed in all of the compartments except the one they were in. Students and adults that were on the train listened, they were used to random occurrences os paid it no mind that a voice was being projected for them to hear.

"Shut up, Granger. It wasn't my fault." Ron yelled at the girl who yelled right back at him.

"The plan was for you and your family to show Harry Potter how to get onto the platform. Later you were to go to his compartment and make him believe that you would be his friend. Later I was supposed to come in and ask if you had seen Neville's toad. You know the one that I stole while he was in the bathroom."

"I know! It wasn't my fault." Weasley interrupted Granger's rant.

"If we don't become his friend soon then the plan is ruined and he will be pissed and stop give us the money he has given us since the brat was born." She stopped as if thinking, then decided to bring up another point.

"Also how would we get him to marry Ginny if he is not connected to the Weasleys' through you. Remember, he needs to get Ginny pregnant, then we will kill him so we can get his inheritance. It will also be harder to keep it from the twins, Charlie, and Bill. They wouldn't allow what we are doing, they don't know what is going on and that is the way it needs to stay. Mom and Dad have worked way too long and for them to know n-"

His voice cut off as Granger finally got the door unlocked. By that time Draco and Harry were on the other side of the train trying to find a few of Draco's other friends. Both of them were shocked and horrified at what they were saying. They were planning to marry him to Weasley's younger sister then kill him after she got pregnant?

"Harry…" Draco's hesitant voice came from Harry's left, breaking him out of his thoughts. "What will we do now?"

"We need to stay away from them and Dumbledore. At least until news spreads and they are arrested for planning to kill a lord and stealing from a noble house. We need to write to your father, and soon." Harry told Draco, who nodded in agreement. They glanced in the window of another compartment and saw a black-skinned boy and a girl who could be described as looked rather pug-ish with a squished in nose. Opposite them sat two large boys who were talking with their heads together.

Draco pushed the door open and the room expanded to fit two more people. The people in the compartment looked up and the girl jumped up and smiled when she saw Draco.

"Draco, where have you been? None of us have seen you since the middle of summer." She hurriedly asked as she attempted to hug Draco who instinctively dodged the annoying girl.

"I spent most of my time with Harry, Uncle Severus, and my parents." Draco motioned to Harry "This is Harry Potter." As his friends froze he whispered to Harry "May I tell them?"

"Sure but only the basics and I will put up a secrecy spell, so no one else will hear or enter." Draco nodded and Harry put up said charm and motioned for the blond to continue.

"Harry these are my other friends Blaise Zabini, Pansy Parkinson, Vincent Crabbe, and Gregory Goyle." Draco introduced each of them.

"Nice to meet you all, Draco has told me a lot about each of you." Harry said with a mischievous glint in his eyes that spoke of the kind of information that he had heard. Draco and Harry sat in the new seats that were available.

Blaise was the first to speak up "What was that before, those two voices?" Harry sighed before explaining.

"I will start at the beginning. I am not truly Harry Potter, nor was I born to Lily and James Potter. I was born eighty-one years ago, and when I turned seventy my family was killed by Albus Dumbledore. He then proceeded to revert me into a newborn and give me to the Potters." The others looked rather astonished. "In truth I am a pureblood, but I am not a wizard. I am a royal Naga and my real name is Harriel Nagaking. Most of all I am not Dumbledores little "Golden Boy". In fact I'm one of the darkest creatures in existence. As for the two Idiot you heard before they are two of his lackeys that he has been paying using my money to befriend me . Their names are Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley."

The looked baffled at what I had told them "That reminds me I need to write a letter to your father, Draco." Harry took the chain with his trunk off and enlarged it enough to stick his hand in and grab a automatic refill quill and a piece of parchment. He enlarged it further and let Hedwig come out of his trunk where he had put her so she wouldn't be shaken around. Draco took Hedwig from him and pet her as she cooed at him. Harry quickly wrote the letter. Harry was glad that he remembered all of the names of the Weasley family, as It would be harder had he not.

Dear Lucius,

It has come to my attention that Dumbledore's plot is more complicated than we believed and I require your assistance. I found out that Hermione Granger and the Weasleys, excluding Fred, George, Charlie, and William. They do not know about the plot that the others are in.

I had already known that Granger and Weasley were being paid with my money, but another issue has come up. They were planning to get me to fall in love with their youngest, Ginevra Weasley. They planned to make sure she was pregnant and then kill me so they could get my inheritance.

H. Nagaking

Hedwig landed on Harry's knee and allowed him to tie the letter to her leg. "Can you take this letter to Lucius for me please?" Hedwig nipped Harry's finger in affection and waited patiently as Vincent opened the window before bolting out the window and into the open air.

"What did you write about Harry?" Pansy asked.

"I asked him to contact the aurors and have Granger and the Weasleys who are in on the plan to be arrested and tried. I do not have enough proof for them to arrest Dumbledore, but at least I can get rid of some of his lackeys." Harry explained before smirking. "Now what stories can you tell me about little Draco here, I'm sure you have plenty."

"No, no, no. You may not!" Draco cried as the rest of the compartment laughed. It only took a moment before Baise started the first of many tales.

"When Draco was nine…" Harry found himself relaxing and letting the conversation go where it would.

"...he was glowing a neon pink for weeks after the accident." The compartment snickered before a voice was projected into the room.

"We will be arriving at Hogwarts in twenty minutes, please be sure to have on your school uniform and all possessions gathered together and left on the shelves, they will be sent directly to your dorms.

Pansy and Harry gathered their clothes and were about to head to the bathrooms to change, when Blaize asked Harry a question.

"Why don't you just change in here with us? I mean it's not something any of us haven't already seen."

"Blaise, I am a Submissive Naga, the only one I will ever allow to fully see my is my mate, before any of you ask, yes I am an eighty-one year old Virgin and i'm damn proud of it." Harry told them matter-of-factly, and left to go to the bathroom leaving the others to change in the compartment.

They were done and chatting with Pansy by the time he got back to the compartment. He sat down and listened, not adding anything to the conversation.

Suddenly he felt his soul pulse causing him to let out a loud gasp and clutching a hand to his chest in shock at the sudden feeling. Harriel let tears of pure happiness drip down his cheeks as he realized what it meant. While he was rejoicing, the others were panicking, not knowing what caused him to gasp, slap a hand to his chest, and start crying.

"Harry. Harriel, what's wrong?" Harriel finally looked at Draco with the widest, happiest smile gracing his face as tear continued to fall.

"Nothing is wrong, it's perfect. So perfect." Harriel whispered in a quiet voice filled to the brim with pure, unadulterated joy. "My mate, I feel him. I finally know where he is." Harry hugged himself, imagining that it was his mate. He couldn't wait.

"That's amazing!" Draco smiled and hugged him in a brotherly fashion. "Congratulations Harry!"

"Your were right Draco, I can't wait until we get to Hogwarts" Harry whispered into the blonde's ear. While the others were offering their confused congratulations as well, not truly understanding what happened.

After the train got to the station, Harry and Draco waited until most of the students were off before leaving the compartment and walking off of the train and over to the pier where all of the others first years were gathered.

Harry, Draco and Blaise got into one boat and Pansy, Vincent, and Gregory got into another. On another boat was Granger and Weasley, no one else wanted to go near them after what they heard them say on the train. The morons were confused as to why no one would look at them without glaring at them with pure loathing evident in their eyes. Oddly enough it was Neville Longbottom who was glaring the hardest.

When the first years saw the castle they let out an almost simultaneous gasp. Most were impressed by the size of the structure, but Harry was mesmerized by the layers, lines, and waves of magic he could see. Hogwarts was covered by layer over layer of protective, healing, and loving magic that hugged each and every one of its students like a mother would its child. Harry did notice that the layers were thinner over Weasley and Granger. He didn't bother thinking about it after another wave of magic washed over Harry calming him just like his mother used to.

When they got to the doors of the school they were met with a stern looking woman who told them to wait in two lines in front of the great hall until the doors opened letting them in. Harry couldn't stop smiling. His mate was there, waiting for Harry to come to him. He could feel his presence as if he were touching him. He almost didn't notice the doors open until Draco pushed him forward lightly to get him moving.

Harry noticed Severus and Marvolo, who was wearing a glamore to look like Quirrel, after the ritual was finally completed tom looked like he did when he was twenty, as does Severus who was also wearing a strong parstle-glamore that Marvolo had woven for him to cover the changes. Severus merely nodded a slight stiff nod in greeting. Harry gave a small smile to Severus and Marvolo before he looked at the hat sitting on the stool and zoning out the odd song that hat sang and waited for the woman to say each of their names so they can be sorted into each of the four houses.

As expected Vincent, Gregory, Draco, and Pansy made it to Slytherin. Neville went to Hufflepuff and glared at Granger who was sitting at the Gryffindor table. When she was sorted there the only people who clapped was Dumbledore and the old woman who Harry believed was the head of Gryffindor house.

"Potter, Harry." The old woman called his name and he stepped up to the stool and sat on its smooth surface not caring about the mass of people giving him awed looks as the hat was placed on his head.

"Harry Potter, or should I call you Harriel Nagaking?" a voice that Harry could tell was the hat sounded in his mind.

"I would prefer Harriel please." Harry responded in his head.

"I see, there is no guessing where you belong is there?


"Well then one last word of advice. Ask Marvolo about the chamber.Slytherin!" The last word being yelled out loud for all to hear.

"What do you mea-" Harry attempted to ask the hat before it was ripped off his head and he was forced to walk to the Slytherin table and sit next to Draco.

"Weasley, Ronald." The boy walked up to the hat, not noticing the glares that he was getting. It took a moment before the hat sorted him into Gryffindor. No one clapped, not even the twins who were glaring was stronger than any of the other students, which was surprising because Draco was giving him the best death glare that his father had taught him.

The last student to get sorted was Blaise, who of course was sorted into Slytherin, and sat next to Harriel as the headmaster signaled for the feast to start and the tables were filled with foods of all kinds. Harry grabbed some of the meat, a roll, and as much different fruits as he could fit on his plate.

Harry ate at a slow pace, not really tasting the food. No, he was savoring the feel of having his mate so close. The pull to go to his mate was almost too strong for Harry to stand, and it was hard to just sit at a table and eat, knowing that his dominant was finally close enough to actually feel. The feeling that single thought induced was amazing, he couldn't wait until he was wrapped in his mate's strong arms and tail.

Before Harry knew it he was broken from his dazed thoughts by Draco. It was then that Harry realized that all the plates were gone and Dumbledore was standing talking about something to do with the forbidden corridor. Harry didn't bother to start listening until he heard something about retiring to their dorms. Harry stood along with the rest of the students and followed the Slytherin prefect to the dungeons, where their dorms were located.

"The Slytherin common rooms and dorms are in the lowest section of the dungeons, but don't worry about getting lost. If you lose your way you, and only you, will be able to see a trail of green arrows pointing you in the direction of the dorms." The Prefect informed the first years who were trailing after him like they were lost puppies following their master. Harry gave up on listening as he felt his mate getting closer and closer.

Until the prefect stopped the group at a patch of wall where Harry could see a large number of concealment and protection wards.

"Pureblood Protection" The prefect said as he stood in front of the wall, which slid apart when it was activated by the password. "First years please stay in the common rooms, Professor Snape, the Head of Slytherin would like to inform you about a few things before you retire to bed. Any questions?" He asked, Harry immediately spoke up.

"Are their any floors under this one?"

"No, this is the bottom floor of the school, there are none under this one." Harry nearly fell to his knees.

"How, he's under me. Where is he? Where is he?" Harry mumbled under his breath, not caring that a few people around him could hear what he was saying. Harry was pulled by Draco and Blaise to one of the plush leather couches and was forced to sit. Harry sat blankly not caring that the others were sending him concerned glances. He just concentrated on the feel of his mate, certain that he was being pulled downwards towards his mate.

Harry didn't even notice Severus enter the common area until he was standing right in front of him. "What's wrong Harry?" Harry tried to get his mouth to form the words he wanted, but found that he was not able to get the words out of his mouth. Thankfully Draco answered for him.

"On the train Harry said he felt his mate, and when we made it to the dungeon he was mumbling about how his mate was under him. He freaked out when he heard that this was the lowest floor that Hogwarts has." Draco explained and Severus sighed not sure what to tell Harry.

"Draco. Blaise. Can you help him up to the dorms and get him to bed." They nodded. "Harry, tomorrow I want you to meet with me and Marvolo. We will help you locate your mate. Sleep well Harry I will see you in the morning." Harry nodded and let Draco and Blaise walk him to the dorms and lay him on the bed closest to the door. They covered him with the silver comforter and wished him a goodnight before pulling his curtains to keep the others from bothering him.

Harry fell asleep almost instantly concentrating to the warm glow in his chest that was his connection to his mate.

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