Am I Lucky or What?


Chapter Six: A Wild Plot Bunny Appeared


It was a normal morning for the Weasleys. Well, a normal morning of August 31st.

Life at the Headquarters had reached stability for the past few days. But you can't say that it had become peaceful. You can still see the chaos associated with magic. A screaming portrait, a deranged elf muttering to himself, the twins popping out of nowhere, the explosions in their room, Ron's constant snoring, all of it had become normal for Harry Potter

With the Trial now over, he quickly adapted to life in the Headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix.

The fact that Lord Voldemort is out there didn't bother Harry for the time being. We all know the reason why that is. Hermione always become horny at random times and it is Harry's 'duty' to satisfy her libido.

Because of this, all of the stress he accumulated this summer worrying about Voldemort had vanished.

He didn't even bat an eyelash when he learned that he didn't become a Prefect.

Tonks hadn't come home ever since her rushed disappearance. Harry was obviously worried for her well-being. He had asked Moody for her condition but his only answer is that she is on Auror business and that was the best answer he could get from the paranoid Auror.

Harry didn't know how, but both he and Hermione know that she's safe.

Maybe it was because of the bond Hermione was talking about.

But back to the story.

It was a normal morning for the Weasleys. Well, a normal morning of August 31st.

Today, Harry Potter and his friends will go back to Hogwarts. And you can see the younger Weasleys namely Ginny, Ron, Fred and George running like chicken with their heads cut off.

Harry wondered why the Weasleys was always in chaos during this time of the year. They always feel rushed.

Is it some sort of tradition?

Because of this they arrived late at the train, added to the fact that Moody decided to become his paranoid self. Their journey becomes slower than usual.

And that's where the problem starts; because they were somewhat late, they couldn't find an empty compartment. Well, he couldn't find a compartment to sit in. The twins had gone off on their own, Ron and Hermione went to meet the Head Boy and Head Girl and to patrol the corridors, and Ginny went to find her friends. Leaving him all alone, by himself.

Thankfully, he bumped Neville on the way and together and they went to found a compartment.

Fortunately, they found an empty compartment.

But the compartment is not that quite empty. A strange girl was already sitting inside. She had straggly, waist-length, dirty blonde hair, very pale eyebrows and protuberant eyes that gave her a permanently surprised look. The girl gave off an aura of distinct dottiness. Perhaps it was the fact that she had stuck her wand behind her left ear for safekeeping, or that she had chosen to wear a necklace of Butterbeer corks, or that she was reading a magazine upside-down.

She was kind enough to let them share the compartment.

After a change of pleasantries, he learned her name, Luna Lovegood. With that short conversation, he justifies his first impression of her that she was odd.

Harry and Neville chat about their summer and it didn't take long for Neville to reveal the present he got on his birthday.

"Mimbulus mimbletonia," he said proudly.

Harry stared at the thing. It was pulsating slightly, giving it the rather sinister look of some diseased internal organ.

"It's really, really rare," said Neville, beaming.

Harry knew that Neville's favorite subject was Herbology but for the life of him he could not see what he would want with this stunted little plant.

"Does it - er - do anything?" he asked.

"Loads of stuff!" said Neville proudly. "It's got an amazing defensive mechanism. Here, hold Trevor for me…"

He dumped the toad into Harry's lap and took a quill from his schoolbag. Luna Lovegood's popping eyes appeared over the top of her upside-down magazine again, to watch what Neville was doing. Neville held the Mimbulus mimbletonia and gave the plant a sharp prod with the tip of his quill.

Liquid squirted from every boil on the plant; thick, stinking, dark green jets of it. They hit the ceiling, the windows, and spattered Luna Lovegood's magazine but Harry, whose hands had been busy preventing Trevor's escape, received a faceful. It smelled like rancid manure.

Neville, whose face and torso were also drenched, shook his head to get the worst out of his eyes.

"S - sorry," he gasped. "I haven't tried that before… didn't realize it would be quite so… don't worry, though, Stinksap's not poisonous," he added nervously, as Harry spat a mouthful on to the floor.

At that precise moment the door of their compartment slid open.

"Oh… hello, Harry," said a nervous voice. "Um… bad time?"

Harry wiped the lenses of his glasses with his Trevor-free hand. A very pretty girl with long, shiny black hair was standing in the doorway smiling at him: Cho Chang, the Seeker on the Ravenclaw Quidditch team.

"Oh… hi," said Harry blankly.

"Um…" said Cho. "Well… just thought I'd say hello… bye then."

Rather pink in the face, she closed the door and departed. Harry was confused. He thought that he would be more affected that Cho Chang sees him like this. But he didn't feel a thing. He wondered if he was over on his crush on her.

"Let me," Luna said dreamily. She took her wand behind her ear and twirled it in her wand before casting a charm. "Scourgify!"

The Stinksap vanished.

"Sorry," said Neville again, in a small voice.

They sat in awkward silence before Neville decided to break it.

"I think my Mimbulus mimbletonia, needs direct sunlight and some fresh air, so I guess I go now," Neville said before leaving. Maybe he still felt guilty about what just happened.

"He must feel bad about himself," Luna said after Neville closed the door. She closed her magazine and set it aside before looking intently at Harry.

"It's not his fault," Harry tried to defend his friend.

"Maybe," Luna answered, her gaze still fixed on Harry.

"Uhmmm," Harry started, "Will you stop looking at me like that."

"Like what?"

"Like that."

It is not Harry's intention to slight Luna the slightest, no pun intended, but from the way she looked at him, gives him the creeps. It's a look of a predator ready to devour its prey. A sudden sense of Déjà vu engulfed him.

"Whatever do you mean," Luna answered rather dreamily.

Harry decided to ignore Luna after that. He searched his trunk for something to read, something to distract himself. He acquired his potion essay, an assignment for the summer, and read it.

He didn't even manage to finish reading the first paragraph before Luna spoke. Harry would have ignored her if not for the content of her words.

"So, how many girls will you take in your Harem?" Luna asked out of nowhere.

"Huh," Harry blurted out.

"Maybe you should get your ear checked. I asked how many girls will you take in your Harem?" Luna repeated her question.

Harry was slightly confused at Luna's behavior. 'Is she insane? Or is she living in her own fantasy?' Harry thought to himself. 'Or is she just acting?'

It never even crossed his mind that Luna was talking about his relationship with his Pokegirls. Of course why would he. Only three people know his relationship with Tonks and Hermione. And they were the three people involved.

"I have no idea what you're talking about," Harry decided to answer nicely and to ask for more information so he can play along.

But Luna chose to misinterpret his words.

"Oh you still have no idea how to build your harem. If you want I can give some suggestions," Luna said proudly.

"Oh! Please do tell!" Harry said, playing along. He was bored out of his mind and maybe he can play along to pass time. It is better than Luna staring at him in silence. It's really creepy

"Well, first you can seduce them into joining your harem."

"I think that won't work," Harry said doubtfully. He had only minimal interactions with girls. Though, it did change these past few weeks. He learned new things about girls, adult things.

Though, even with that he can say that there's no way that he can seduce someone. Especially right now that everyone consider him to be deranged. No thanks to the Daily Prophet.

"Oh that's a no go, huh," Luna said dejectedly. But then she brightens up, "Then how about going the easy way. You can toss your Pokeballs to the girls you like, aware or unaware. You can easily add them to your harem."

"Huh! What?!" Harry blurted out.

Either Luna didn't hear Harry, which is impossible, or she decided to ignore his words as she continues.

"But then, you don't have to worry about me. You can capture me if you like. I will gladly become your Pokegirl," Luna said beaming.

Harry was stunned into silence. Once again he was forced into panic state. His mind went into an overdrive. He tried to come up with an answer on how come Luna knows about Pokegirls and Pokeballs.

The theory's he come up range from that it was only Luna's delusion that coincidently matched his current situation to that Luna actually come from the dimension where the Pokeballs come from and she was here to retrieve it.

Harry even went as far to think that he was dreaming.

Siiitsssssssssssstttttttttttt thud

Harry was extremely lucky that a rescue come in the form of Hermione Granger.

The door slid open to reveal Harry's best friend slash lover.

"Oh hello, Hermione Granger!" Luna greeted Hermione.

"Oh hello to you, too," Hermione said with a hint of confusion in her voice, "Do I know you?"

"Nope," Luna answered "I'm Luna, Luna Lovegood."

"Hello Luna, Nice to meet you. As you already know, I'm Hermione," Hermione returned.

"Nice timing Hermione. Actually I was trying to convince Harry to let me become his Pokegirl. Will you help me convince him?" Luna asked Hermione her eyes slightly tearing trying to look cute.

There was a slight pause as Hermione tried to process Luna's words.

"Can you repeat that Luna?" Hermione asked as she closed the door and discreetly cast a locking and silencing charm at the door.

The tone of her voice doesn't even raise or lowered a bit. Harry shivered on how calm his friend appears to be.

Hermione sat beside Harry and held his hand so that they can talk telepathically.

"Muu," Luna pouted. "It's the second time that Luna had to repeat herself. Are you two making fun of me?"

"Of course not, Luna. I only thought to have heard wrongly so I want to clarify things," Hermione answered Luna while giving Harry a telepathic message. 'What is this all about?'

'I don't know,' Harry's answered.

'Don't know? You don't know? Then how come this girl knows about our secret. She can't just conjure it in her mind, can she? I'm sure you have something to do with this,' Hermione's voice reached his head. Harry shivered; base on her tone she was angry.

"If you say so," Luna said happily. "Then I'll repeat. I was here in the middle of convincing Harry to capture me with his Pokeball so I can become his Pokegirl. Will you help me Hermione?"

'See, she even knows about Pokeballs. How can you explain this? And here you said you don't want to add another girl in our group. You're really adamant about that even with my persuasion,' Hermione said in their head.

Hermione and Harry along with Tonks breached this particular topic of expanding their group. For some reasons Harry didn't know, Hermione and Tonks naturally agree to it but he refused. Even with persuasions from both ladies, he still rejected the idea. Even though, it is most men's dream to be surrounded by multitude of lovers. He was content with Hermione and Tonks.

And if not for the accident with Tonks, Harry's only lover for his life will be with Hermione. At that thought, he hit himself in the face. 'What done is done, I must cherish Tonks as much as I cherish Hermione.' It was his thought at that time as he reprimanded himself.

'Arrghh, I really don't know! She just started spouting that out of nowhere,' Harry said in a frustrated voice. Hearing Harry's frustrated voice in her head; Hermione become close in believing Harry's innocence.

"Oh, are you communicating telepathically right now," Luna said looking at the two, "So cool."

'HARRY JAMES POTTER,' Hermione yelled in Harry's head, loud enough to cause him a headache. 'I can forgive you for telling her about Pokegirl stuff, but for you tell about our mental link. ARRRGGGHH… I don't know what to think right now.'

Harry can tell from her tone that she is obviously angry and hurt. He didn't even have the heart to tell her that he didn't know anything.

The reason for her grief is that she considered their mental link as something of an intimate connection only both of them have, only her and Harry. Although, sooner or later, Tonks might also develop the same mental link, Hermione still want to cherish what only both of them shared, for now. She reasoned that she was being silly, but in her mind, the mental link is something she can monopolize from Harry.

"Don't blame Harry. He really is innocent," Luna said; her naive smile still in place.

At first, Luna's words further solidified in Hermione's mind that Harry did tell Luna but there is one unexplained point…

"Did… did you just hear our conversation just now?" Hermione asked, shocked.

"Yep," Luna yeped while nodding her head.

"But… but how?" The shocked expression still remained but with a hint of inquiry.

"I'm Luna Lovegood, that's why," Luna said in a tone that says her explanation is enough.

"Huh," Hermione and Harry both huh'ed.

"Umu… That explanation was enough for the readers. They will attribute it to the fact I'm Luna where strange is the norm, umu," Luna muttered to herself so that the duo wouldn't hear. She turned to them and said, "What I meant to say is that it is because of my Pokegirl form—."

"HARRY JAMES POTTER!" Hermione shouted interrupting Luna. It was thanks to the fact that when Hermione closed the door she also cast a silencing charm which prevented her voice from reaching other compartments. The reason for her yelling is that in her mind she hadn't expected Harry to have turned Luna into a Pokegirl already. He didn't even consult her.

"As I said, it is not Harry's fault," Luna finally snapped, maybe it was because of being interrupted. "Please listen to my explanation first."

"Hmph," Hermione harumped as she crossed her arms below her chest to listen to Luna.

"As I said it is because of my Pokegirl form that I know things, things that will let me progress the story further."

"Then show us your Pokegirl form for us to believe you," Hermione said as she looked a Luna searching for a collar or a bracelet that is suppressing her Pokegirl form. Hermione, in her mind, had reached a conclusion that Luna had somehow gotten her hands on a Pokeball coupled with the collar. She thought that Luna's Pokegirl form has some psychic ability, that's why she can read onto her and Harry's mental conversation.

A blush formed on Hermione cheeks as she noticed that she now considered Harry to be innocent.

"That won't do. I'm not a Pokegirl yet," Luna shook her head, knowing the conclusion Hermione reached for herself.

"But you just said that you are a Pokegirl," Harry said, finally joining the conversation. He felt that the hostility from Hermione had vanished so he can now safely join them.

"Nn, nn," Luna shook her head. "I didn't say I'm a Pokegirl, I only said my Pokegirl form."

"How's that any different?" Harry asked.

"It means that somehow her Pokegirl form from the future is sending this knowledge," Hermione is the one who answered his questions. "Though, her Pokegirl form must be a powerful one since it violates many laws of magic."

"Not likely," Luna denied it as she laugh lightly. It was like an inside joke, that she, herself only knows.

"I wonder what will happen if we decided not to turn you into a Pokegirl," Hermione stated. She was still sour from the fact that she seemed to be played as the fool.

Harry looked at Hermione as she had grown another head. Hermione is always persuading him to take in more lovers.

"You wouldn't do that," Luna answered confidently.

"And why's that," Hermione said matching her confidence.

Luna's answer came in an unexpected way.

'Because I will be able to do what you can't do,' Luna's voice came to her head. Hermione slightly wondered if Luna's lying about not being a Pokegirl. Since telepathy is not possible with magic, sure you can read someone's mind but it's not telepathy. Though for some reason, Hermione believed that Luna is not yet a Pokegirl.

'And what's that,' Hermione challenged her.

As for Harry, he was looking at the two, bothered by the silence. He didn't want to break it because he thinks that he will receive both of their ire. You can't tell what's going to happen next if a woman is involved.

'I can expand our collective or to be more precise Harry's Harem,' Luna answered back.

Hermione made note of the used word 'our' and not 'yours' as if Luna already belong with them.

'I can also do that,' Hermione stated, not to be beaten out.

'No, you don't. As long as you didn't get permission from our beloved master, you wouldn't absolutely do it. And as far as things are going, you won't be able to convince him. So it is for me, Luna Lovegood, to expand Harry's harem' Luna said confidently, full of pride.

Silence permeated as both women stare at each other eyes, not offering any movement. Harry Potter who was watching the two can only shiver at the scene.

"Harry," Hermione said suddenly.

"Yes, Ma'am," Harry said unconsciously.

Luna's smile returned as if saying that she knew what would happen next.

"Give me a Pokeball," Hermione ordered.

"Yes," Harry answered while thinking what was happening. But he decided to follow through since he didn't want to receive Hermione's ire.

He removed the necklace in his neck. It is a rope necklace with a miniature trunk at its bottom. Just picture a tooth necklace with the tooth replaced by a miniature trunk.

In truth, the miniature trunk is a shrinkable trunk that contained all the Pokeballs, collars and notes. It is Tonks idea to use a shrinkable trunk which can be carried around easily. It really saved Harry and Hermione the trouble of worrying for the Pokeballs existence.

Fortunately, it didn't have to return to its original size to get what's inside so the problem of lack of space due to the small compartment of the train didn't exist.

Harry poured magic in the trunk until it became the size of a handbag.

He immediately opened its lid, getting a Pokeball before handing it to his best friend turned lover.

Harry looked at his friend, wondering what had transpired between the two while they're staring at each other's eyes. It was as if they were communicating telepathically. As if they're measuring each other's breaths, a tiny gesture of their body, an arched of an eyebrow and noticing most tiny details to communicate with each other.

It seemed they finally come to agreement. And Luna will become a Pokegirl.

He didn't know how they managed to convey their feelings but Harry still shivered, women sure are scary.

"Are you ready?" Hermione asked Luna which she received a nod as an answer. Now that she noticed it, Luna's smiling face is cute.

Without anymore prodding, Hermione toss the Pokeball at Luna. The Pokeball split open, emitting which completely swallowed the younger girl before vanishing.

Hermione went to pick up the Pokeball to release Luna but the Pokeball split open on its own, emitting light again.

Luna appeared as the light vanished. It took a few seconds for the duo to register the changes in Luna's physic.

Her face is adorable and very expressive. However there are strange markings around her faces, which make it seem like she's wearing a mask. Her feet have some rabbit-like appearance along with her arms, but the latter is more human. She has a light down of fur on her skin, which is thicker around her rabbit-like hands and feet, small whiskers on her faces, as well as long rabbit ears instead of normal ears. Her legs become longer and are more muscular and well defined, signifying her tremendous leg strength. She even has a tail and in one look you can tell it's fluffy.

She had become some sort of bunny girl.

To top it all, she even has a bunny girl costume (the one-piece bikini like thing and of course it's black), which makes the duo very confused since the clothes wasn't supposed to change with the transformation.

Hermione took a PokeDex out of nowhere and scanned Luna Lovegood.

"Error: no match found… PokeDex assigning a name for the unidentified Pokegirl… Scanning… Please wait…

PLOT BUNNY, the Muse Pokégirl name assigned…

PLOT BUNNY, the Muse Pokégirl

Type: Near Human
Element: Maigc
Frequency: Unique (First one found)
Diet: Not found, needs more research
Role: Not found, needs more research
Libido: Not found, needs more research
Strong Vs: Fire, Psychic, Ghost, Dark
Weak Vs: Water, Flying, Ground, Electric
Attacks: Not found, needs more research
Enhancements: Not found, needs more research

Basic summary: Not found, needs more research"

Strangely enough, Luna is a new type of Pokegirl not recorded in the PokeDex.

'No wonder Luna and her power is so strange, really a Plot Bunny,' Hermione thought, chuckling inwardly.

"I trust that you knew what being a Pokegirl entails," Hermione said to the new Pokegirl.

"Of course," Luna said. For the first time, a lewd look crossed Luna's face.

"Then do you want to start taming now?" Hermione said, matching the younger girl's look.

Harry, who finally regained his senses after Hermione toss the Pokeball, was watching the two and had a premonition on where this conversation was going.

"Do I have any say in this?" Harry said, protesting his protest. But sadly, he was ignored.

"Yes, sister," Luna answered with a nod. Her answer was not for Harry but for the other girl. Oddly enough, Hermione didn't feel strange being called as a sister. In fact it felt natural.

"Then—," Hermione had a strange smile on her face. She stood up and leaned toward Luna as if to kiss.

Based from things were going, with Luna's strangeness and Hermione's seductiveness, Harry had expected them to kiss but he was wrong.

Luna raised her hand blocking Hermione's lips, "Sorry sister, but I want all my first to come from our master."

Hermione, instead of being offended, smiled before pouting. "Damn, looks like I'll be left out for now. But I'm sure you'll let me some other time, right?"

"Of course, Sis."

"I'll count on that," Hermione said to Luna before turning to look at Harry. "And Harry, dear. What are you idling for? Can't you see there's a girl waiting to be pleased?"

"Bloody hell! Hermione! Seriously, what are you saying?! I barely know her. And what are you doing turning her into a Pokegirl just like that? Didn't we agree that those Pokeballs wouldn't see the face of the earth again?" Harry started to rant to Hermione before turning to Luna to rant to her.. "And you, you shouldn't just give yourself to someone too easily, especially to a stranger. You shouldn't change yourself into a Pokegirl."

"Don't worry Master, you're not a stranger to me. I know you inside out," Luna giggled, "Well I'm going to know you inside out."

"What's done is done and you should just go with the flow. Can't you see that she's already a Pokegirl? Or you wanted her to become Feral. Umu, I pity her," Hermione said the last part gaining a pitying look. You can tell she's acting.

Harry winced. He didn't want her to become feral. The threat implanted into him by Hermione really scares him,

"But, it really have to be me, I'm sure there a man she likes-."

"Don't worry master. I love you from the bottom of my heart. Even before I become a Pokegirl."

"If you're making yourself that hard. I guess I have no choice," Hermione said as she readies her wand.

"I like how you think sister."

Before Harry knew it, he was hit by a paralyzing curse and the control in his body vanished.

Luna gained a predatory look on her face before pouncing on her master engulfing him in a kiss.

To be continued in next chapter Horny Hermione