Rock My World

Chapter 1: Mutual Agreements

Hey its Alex of course that's not my real name because I don't trust the internet on the off chance that there could be stalkers. Anyways this is NOT my first fanfiction but please be gentle with judging me. I'm not the best writer in the world but I don't half ass anything so this story will be about me pouring my heart and soul into every word and I can only hope that you'll will like it.

This story will be about Arthur Kirkland moving into an international boarding school in NYC undercover since he's kind of famous in the United Kingdom. And when I say famous I mean a famous rock star. But for hopes of having a normal life he dyes his hair blond and ditches the nose rings and trades them for sweater vests and khakis. Immediately he becomes popular in school and everyone loves him despite not knowing his true identity but one day in the locker room something catches his eye…or someone.


"I look to the sky but there's no body watching. Left here behind I'm alone and forgotten, so now, there world belongs to me, the world belongs to me," Arthur closed his eyes as the words left his lips. He gripped the microphone tight and allowed the melody flow into the air. He rocked his hips to the tune and danced along with his words, "So many roads that I've taken, when nobody thought I could make it and even though I had to go it alone I still survived when you live in darkness there's always confusion, sometimes your mine will provide illusion and your whole life can change in the blink of an eye, yeah."

The crowd came alive. "I look to the sky but there's nobody watching, left here behind I'm alone and forgotten, so now the world belongs to me, to live and to die by the word that is spoken the legends a lie and the silence is broken so now, the world belongs to me, the world belongs to me." Cheers from the crowd sounded through the air loud and clear as they worshiped his words and movements. He opened his eyes and scanned them over the crowd. All eyes were on him and that's how he liked it. Adrenaline pumped through his veins as he swayed his hips in a way he knew that would drive the girls and possibly some over the boy's crazy with desire. He could always see it in their eyes when they looked at him. That heated look that said they would like nothing more than to worship his body in bed over and over again. He smirked and the crowd grew wild as the camera focused on his devilish smile and displayed it on a large screen above the stage. "I opened a box full of secrets, where the strongest of locks couldn't keep them and even though I was the last to know they were living inside when you see through the darkness and find the solution how quickly your eyes will remove the illusion and your life is gonna change in the blink of an eye, yeah."

His voice climaxed as the song progressed forward having an almost hypnotic effect on the crowd. He continued singing until the sound of instruments died and it was time make his grand exit off stage. He waved to the crowd one last time, sending an air kiss to the camera while he was at it, before he sashayed off of the stage. He gave the microphone to a backstage crewman, his bandmates were still unhooking their instruments on stage he took this opportunity to be alone while he could, and made his way over to a heavy black door labeled 'back stage'. He didn't hesitate to swing it open step out into a hallway. He ignored the screaming fans on the opposite side of the hallway that were being held back by a couple of beefy backstage security blokes and opened the first door to the right. Once he stepped inside his cocky confident façade disappeared and all that remained was an exhausted rock star with a sore throat. He plopped down face first on the black leather cough and snuggled into it. Oh what I wouldn't give for a cup of tea.

He stayed that way for a few minutes not caring if anybody walked in on his disheveled appearance. They can all go to hell for all he cared because dammit he's tired mentally and physically and they can all go screw themselves if they don't like what they see. He turned his head to the side so he could allow himself a way to breathe and frowned when he caught his reflection in the mirror. His green dyed hair fell against his head in messy tresses and despite the purple contacts his eyes looked bloodshot. Probably from lack of sleep.

He sat up and walked over to the mirror. He gently took out the contacts and was welcomed by the sight of his naturally green eyes. The scowl still remained on his face. He walked over to the vanity table which stood on the other side of the room and sat down on the small round wooden stool. The vanity table kind of looked plain as did the stool but he loved every grain of wood because it was a reminder of his old life. His old life. When everything was more or less simple. When he didn't have to worry what the tabloids said about his performance, when he didn't have to worry about looking perfect before going out in public, and when he didn't have to worry going outside without getting hit by a mob within five seconds. God I miss the old days. What I wouldn't give to go back to high school. I could if I wanted to but…how can I? It wouldn't be the same.

He's famous and has been for a total of two years and already he's tired of it. It was fun at first. All the fame and fortune he could want. Girls practically throwing themselves at him like he's some sort of sex god and more money than the queen herself! It was like a dream come true. But it all grew old and now all that was left was a bitter taste in his mouth and a painful longing for the life he used to have. He grabbed a wet nap and wiped away all of the makeup caked on his face. Once he was finished his looked at his reflection again and smiled bitterly. He still looked seductive but that must be the way he's always looked. Despite the pattern of freckles on the bridge of his nose and the small pink cut on the nape of his chin from accidently cutting himself during a shave his skin looked flawless. Having a good dermatologist pays off. His eyebrows of course were huge as always and those were his one feature his refused to change. In fact they're probably his best feature! Or so he believes…

The door of his private room busted open and his silence was shattered by the sound of an irritating frog.

"Moi I will not zettle for 'ess call me back when you 'ave a more suitable offer!" Francis, Arthur's manager, ended the call with a huff and stuffed his phone into his pocket. "Can you believe the Americans 'ese day's!?" Francis asked his face contorted in disbelief as he hovered over Arthur.

"Go away git," Arthur sneered raising an impressive eyebrow at Francis, "you're breath smells of frog and I can smell it all of the way over here."

Francis took a step back aghast as if insulted by Arthur's comment, "Arzur you 'are so rude. If only we could put that dirty mouth of yours to better use."

Francis glided his hand over Arthurs shoulder but before it could reach his neck Arthur grabbed it and dug his fingernails into his flesh. "Want to keep that hand frog?"

Francis took back his hand and pouted but he was far used to this to be insulted. Arthur turned away and looked back into his reflection. His frowned deepened as he stared. Francis noticed the British man's silence which was unusual because usually Arthur would go into a rant and insult Francis with all he's got but instead he's just sitting there just gazing at his reflection with a forlorn expression. Francis raised an eyebrow dropped his seductive demeanor, "Arzure are you okay?"

Arthur nodded, "Just bloody fantastic." His voice was laced with spite and did not at all convince Francis.

"What is wrong Mon Cher?" Francis asked crossing his arms.

"I don't want to talk about it especially with you frog," Arthur growled standing up and walking over to the miniature refrigerator. He opened it and pulled out a bottle of beer before gracefully sitting down on the couch and crossing his legs as if a proper gentlemen instead of a punk rock star.

Francis rolled his eyes and took a seat at the vanity table facing Arthur. "Arzure I 'ave known you for two years now and it's my job to keep you happy so tell me what is wrong so I can help. That's what friends are for. Even if you are a bitter prude with larger than life eyebrows."

Arthur rolled his eyes, "Only you sleaze like you can call me a prude with the way you spend every night shagging everything with a pulse."

"Don't change the subject eyebrows."

"My eyebrows are not big you git!" Arthur threw the bottle at Francis who dodged it with indifference. The bottle smashed against the wall with a long crash just as Arthur's band mates walked in.

The drummer, Gilbert, has silver gray hair, sharp teasing amber eyes, and pasty pale skin. He has an ego the size of the Pacific Ocean but even Arthur has to admit he's a bloody fantastic drummer. The electric guitar player is Antonio who has curly brown hair, dark playful green eyes, and tan skin. Antonio is an easy going Spaniard with a laid back attitude with a love for tomatoes. The pianist is Kiku who has short black hair and cold brown eyes. He's from Japan and joined the band about a year ago. He's very quiet and hates to be touched. Gilbert learned that a long time ago with a black eye as a reminder. The base performer is Ludwig who's also Gilbert's brother. Nobody gets how they're related. While Gilbert is loud and crass Ludwig is quiet and stern. Ludwig has slicked back blond hair and cold icy blue eyes. He's very OCD about cleanliness and shouts in frustrated German every single time he walks into Gilbert's room. Actually he's the only one brave enough to go into his room.

"We had a great night, didn't we Tonio?" Gilbert said loudly hands behind his neck as he casually strolled in with his cocky smile.

Antonio nodded with a laid back smile, "Sí crowd loves us as usual." Was it just him or did Antonio look kind of miserable?

Kiku silently agreed taking a seat as far away from Arthur as possible on the couch. Ludwig frowned as he saw the shards of glass behind Francis, "Arthur you better clean that up."

Arthur rolled his eyes but didn't respond. Gilbert laughed, "what are you bitching about now?"

Arthur didn't have a beer bottle so he settled for his steel toed boot. "Ow! Uptight British bastard." Gilbert grumbled as he rubbed his head.

"Teach you fuck with me," Arthur muttered before sitting back down.

"West do you hear that?!" Gilbert whined.

"I did and you deserved it," Ludwig replied pulling out a flask and taking a swig out of it.

"What!?" Gilbert waved his arms wildly, "Are fucking kidding me! You choose the stick up his ass British douche bag over your awesome bruder?"

Ludwig nodded, "you deserved it."

Arthur smirked in satisfaction while Gilbert opened and closed his mouth in disbelief. After a couple of minutes he just threw his hands up in exasperation before shouting, "Fine! See if I ever clean my room again!"

Ludwig rolled his eyes. Antonio grabbed a beer out of the fridge and popped the cap open with his teeth. A talent everyone in the band, besides Kiku and Ludwig, wish they had. But before he took a swig of his beer he said, "Do you ever get that feeling?"

Gilbert stopped his pouting long enough to stare at Tonio. Antonio now had the whole room's attention and seemed unbothered by it. He sighed, "I mean don't you ever, I don't know, want to be normal?"

Arthur's eyes widened his mind reeling back to the same thoughts he had earlier before Francis interrupted. He was thinking about how much he wished he could be a normal person again and what he would give to go back. He must've not have been the only one thinking it. Arthur spoke up before anyone else could, "I have."

All eyes turned to Arthur, "I'm tired of being famous and I know that may sound ridiculous to some of you but…it's just become too much and I'm sick of it."

Antonio grinned probably happy that he's not alone and that he won't be ridiculed for feeling the same way. "Sí amigo that is exactly what I'm saying."

"I feel the same way," Kiku said surprising everyone the room. The man rarely speaks! It's a miracle to get a single word out of him let alone a sentence!

Gilbert scoffed, "you three sound like bunch of girls!" He crossed his arms and smiled proudly, "the awesome me is never sick and tired of the attention he's getting! Hell in fact it's the highlight of my day! And all three of you need to suck it up and quit whining like a bunch of pussies."

Arthur raised a thick eyebrow, "So you admit that you like the, drugs, alcohol, nonstop paparazzi, constant criticism, and never being able to go out in public without being chased down like a rabid dog by fans?"

Gilbert blinked and hesitated as if mulling it over in his head. He chuckled halfheartedly, "Heh when you say it like that it kind of makes sense. I only liked one out of the things that you said and that's it. I guess it would be kind of nice to take a break."

Antonio's smile grew brighter while he listened to Gilbert. Once he was done everyone turned to Ludwig who just shrugged and responded with, "what he said."

Now all that's left is Francis. Francis had been sitting there the entire time just listening with his lips pursed into a thin line. Now everyone was staring at him waiting for his response. He blinked before crossing his arms and saying, "what do you want me to do about it!?"

"Can we do that? Take a break?" Arthur asked curiously subconsciously leaning forward so he could hear better.

Francis shrugged, "I don't know! It could possibly damage your career if you do so. Maybe permanently!"

"No actually it might make us even more famous," Kiku added in surprising everyone again.

Ludwig blinked taken aback by Kiku's input, "Go on." He encouraged.

Kiku blushed once he noticed that everyone had their eyes on him. He cleared his throat and averted his eyes, "Well if news breaks out that we've disappeared or taken a break people would want us more than ever because it would be a mystery. A mystery of our location and whether or not if we are okay and it would drive the fans crazy."

Everyone stared at Kiku shocked and astounded because this is the most he man has ever said before. Francis didn't seem to notice. A smile grew on his face as realization dawned on him. "That's brilliant Kiku!"

Kiku blushed again from the praise and muttered an, "Arigato."

"That would drive ze fans crazy and encourage them to buy more of your albums! Why didn't we think of this earlier? And then when ze fans are done mourning we will make a great comeback that will knock zem of zer feet!" He opened his cell phone and began texting. "They will never zee it coming!"

"But where will we go where nobody knows who we are?" Gilbert asked leaning against the wall casually.

Francis thought for a moment before replying, "America. Your fame hasn't reached South America, North America, or Canada."

"So basically the entire Western Hemisphere?" Arthur asked with a blank expression. I guess it's a good thing otherwise we wouldn't have a getaway.

"Are you telling me that no one knows who we are over there!?" Gilbert demanded outraged.

Francis shook his head, "Non some will recognize you but most of them won't which is why it's perfect!"

Antonio immediately brightened up, "Can we go to California? I hear it's nothing but sand and sun over there."

"And earthquakes and endless paparazzi who might recognize you and spread the word of your arrival which will defeat the purpose of going there in the first place." Ludwig stated bluntly.

Antonio deflated, "Oh."

"How about New York?"

"Or Florida?"

Suggestions and ideas were thrown in and everyone busted into conversation. New York? Nope can't go there for the same reason as why we can't go to California minus the earthquake add the angry New Yorker's. Florida? Can't go there because people might recognize them as well there. Where can they go where nobody will recognize them?

"Oh can we go back to school? That would be fun!" Antonio was now bouncing up and down like an excited puppy dog.

"Fuck no! Who wants to go to school? That's just unawesome and I'm awesome and unawesome and awesome don't blend!" Gilbert shouted taking a sip of beer that seemed to materialize out of nowhere.

"There's no need to be so loud Gil," Ludwig rubbed his temples counting to ten under his breath.

"I would actually fancy going back to school," Arthur added above the chatter in the room.

"I wouldn't mind it," Kiku cocked his head to the side in thought.

"Oh not you too! Come on!" Gilbert whined slumping his shoulders in defeat.

"I've got it!" Francis jumped to his feet and if this were a cartoon he would have a light bulb hovering over his head. "My sister just moved to a prep school in America! It's kind of private and a little out of the way but it would be no problem to enroll all of us!"

"You're coming to?" Arthur asked wrinkling his nose as if the thought disgusted him.

"Of course! I can't let you 'ave all ze fun," Francis smirked mischievously but everyone ignored it knowing it was no use slapping the lecherous thoughts out of his head. "Beside I am your manager and it would be irresponsible to leave you on your own."

Arthur rolled his eyes for what seemed like the fifteenth time in the past hour, "We are not irresponsible hormonal teens we can take care of ourselves git."

"Yes but you will be amongst irresponsible 'ormonal teenagers and it would be irresponsible to leave you on your own with them because they can easily influence all of you to do something idiotic," Francis preached like he was a parent teaching a child a lesson.

Everyone simultaneously rolled their eyes. Well not everyone. Gilbert and Antonio just busted out laughing. Oh yes together Antonio, Gilbert and Francis are the Bad Touch Trio. Bloody annoyance the lot of them especially put together.

"Dios mio need I remind you of Las Vegas?" Antonio asked clapping a hand down on Francis's shoulder.

"Or Mexico?"

"Or Canada?"

"What did you do in Canada?" Ludwig asked not really showing genuine interest.

Francis waved his hands nervously, "I zought we made a pact never to talk about that again."

Gilbert and Antonio exchanged knowing looks before chuckling deviously. "or what abo-"

"Okay, okay!" Francis shouted covering both of their mouths with both of his hands, "I want to go because I want to feel young and stupid again! Don't judge me!"

"That's how we all want to feel so how can we judge you?" Antonio said after removing Francis's hand.

Francis let out a breath of relief and grinned. "So we're all in agreement? We go to Boston Massachusetts and go to Hetalia High."

Everyone nodded in agreement except for Gilbert, "Hey do I not get a vote here!?"




So Chapter 1 is done! Also that song was, 'The World Belongs To Me,' by My Darkest Days. It's a great song listen to it if you get the chance. But I don't own the song rules say I don't even though I wish I did. Anyway please review! Let me know if I did a good job with the first chapter or not! Peace!X-D