One day at gakus house goham was wather aot akkackonte ton and was all like 'Wha"t if thuis was read that woald be so kool

SO HE WANGT TO KAMEHAMUHE HOSUE And SAID "can i have the drugan bulls' and he said "Yus" because he was a good person

so goham said Urteryly Drugsan Gum 4th, But noting happerned so he wenrt to kama and said y u trick me he said said

Then kame said "haha' I tracked you into blelibeing me you little boyh then goham was sad so he went hoom so the next day

KAME was said so he went two GAKUS HOSE and say srry to goham and goham was happy agin the went outrsudie and said enter

drogan came forthe and he did and was like BOO and goham was spooked and then IT WAS LIKE SPOOY SCRRY SKELTONS MAY LEVE

A SCRY. Then slelton man showed up with his slelton eyes and took goham on an adventure where he meat pajama sam

and he say "THERE NO NED TO HIED WHEN IT DURK OUTSOUT" then goham wasnt spooked any more then he summed the drogan again

but it was ass katup and he SAID REISAD MY HANS THE POWER THATS INSIDE. But then goham when ssj and was like no then

ass ketup walked away then he heard someonething in the bush behind the like in that one tree and was like hey u pikachu

leave know or I will destruoy u and he did. So now he could make his wish and did butt levi wasa like no go home BUT THWEN

arran Yager JUST SHOWS UP and says I love you but then armon was a guy and he was like nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

and levi was sad and flew into the moonset. Then goahm shaw the bigasstitanthatheforgotthenameof Titan and was like

kamehamehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Then he saved the day BUT WAIT how will goham make it home

NEXT TIME ON DRAGON BA... Then goham was like nope and his neck streched to the skybox and he was home. His dad gaku

wAS worryseed for him and then picclo was like IMA SPICEL BEAN LAZAR CANNON and killed gaku, BUT WAIT goham already

used the drogan balls NOW HE MUST GO TO NAMEK IT SHAW KRILLIN. Find out wat happens on gohams next jortney 4 only 10

easy paments of 14.99 plus shiping and handling.