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Summary: Miyoko may be a genius, but she has no clue when it comes to boys. Frankly, as the captain of the Seigaku's girl's tennis team, she doesn't have time for them. However, Ryuzaki Sumire, aware of Miyoko's long term crush on Tezuka has given herself the task to get this unlikely pair together. And boy will she need some help. TezukaxOC Rated T for language

"Hey, um, Ryuzaki-sensei?"

"Yes, Miyoko-chan?"

"Why did you kidnap me and why are we heading towards the train station?"

Hamada Miyoko was not amused. When Ryuzaki Sumire, coach for both the girl's and boy's tennis team, knocked on Miyoko's door this morning claiming there was someone she needed to see, Miyoko knew that she was up to something stupid. However, throughout her two years in Seishun Academy, or Seigaku for short, Miyoko had learned not to question Ryuzaki-sensei's crazy antics and just go with it.

So here she was being dragged to the train station at this ungodly hour.

"Silly, I didn't kidnap you! Stop being so dramatic. We have to pick up my granddaughter before we head to Kakinokizaka Tennis Garden," Ryuzaki-sensei answered.

"Of course Ryuzaki-sensei would kidnap me just to take me to a stupid tennis tournament. Should have seen this coming."

"What's so special about this guy anyways? He can't be that great," Miyoko mumbled.

"It's a secret!" Ryuzaki-sensei said putting her hand on Miyoko's head and ruffling her short black hair around. Miyoko pouted and roughly shoved Ryuzaki-sensei's hand away.

"Damn it Ryuzaki-sensei, I told you to stop doing that! It makes me feel small," Miyoko muttered. Ryuzaki-sensei let out a heartfelt laugh.

"Well, you are pretty small," Ryuzaki-sensei teased trying to muffle her laughter with her hand when she realized that Miyoko was letting off a dark, intimidating aura.

Seriously, 150 cm isn't THAT short!

"You're lucky that your old, Baa-san, or I would've punched you into next week," Miyoko said, lifting an 'intimidating' fist in Ryuzaki-sensei's direction with a few veins popping on her forehead.

"Haha, like you could…AND WHO YOU CALLING OLD, YOU BRAT?!" Ryuzaki-sensei shouted while pointing an accusing finger at Miyoko. "Whatever, let's hurry up and get to the train station. We are already late as it is."

"When were we supposed to meet your granddaughter anyways?" Miyoko asked trying to fix her hair.

"Hmm, about 20 minutes ago."

"WHAT? You're always late you old hag, what if she gets kidnapped?!" Miyoko shouted at her sensei/coach.

"I'm not always late and she'll be fine, trust me…AND WHO YOU CALLING AN OLD HAG YOU INCOMPETENT LITTLE MIDGET?!"


It took them 10 minutes to reach the damn train station. Miyoko was still grumbling nonsense about her height under her breath as they walked in. Ryuzaki-sensei looked around before finally spotting her granddaughter.

Miyoko looked at the young girl carefully. She has two brown braided pigtails running down her back and seemed to be at least a couple years younger than Miyoko.

How could the monster who is Ryuzaki-sensei have such a cute granddaughter? She felt a hand slap the back of her head.

"OWW!" Miyoko said while she started rubbing the sore spot.

"I heard that you brat," Ryuzaki-sensei growled. Miyoko sheepishly rubbed the back of her head and mustered up the most innocent expression she could.

"H-Hahaha, did I say that out loud? What I m-meant was that you have such a c-c-cute granddaughter. S-She must have inherited y-your looks hahaha," Miyoko stuttered out. Ryuzaki-sensei gave a low chuckle.

"Good," she stated simply and walked towards her granddaughter.

"Ah, Obaa-chan you're late! You're 30 minutes late!" the cute girl exclaimed as they walked up to her.

"Sorry Sakuno! I was picking up Miyoko from her house," Ryuzaki-sensei said. The young girl looked towards Miyoko, finally acknowledging her presence. Miyoko gave Sakuno a small nod in greeting.

"Ohayō, my name is Hamada Miyoko. Nice to meet you," Miyoko says bowing slightly.

"Ryuzaki Sakuno, nice to meet you too Miyoko-senpai. Obaa-chan always talks about you," Sakuno says with a bow. Miyoko quirked an eyebrow at Ryuzaki-sensei wondering what exactly she told Sakuno about her.

"Anyways we should be going," Ryuzaki-sensei says as she leads us towards the North exit. Miyoko starts to follow her but Sakuno speaks before they were able to get anywhere.

"That's the north exit…" Sakuno says a little warily. Ryuzaki-sensei lifts her eyebrow and points towards the exit.

"What are you saying? Kakinokizaka Tennis Garden is just ahead of the north exit. What are you doing? Let's hurry," Ryuzaki-sensei says as she starts walking towards the exit. Miyoko starts to follow Ryuzaki-sensei but stops once she hears Sakuno's panicked voice.

"Ah what will I do!? I told him the wrong directions!" Sakuno sputters out looking nervously at the South exit.

"Hmm, strange girl," Miyoko thought as she continued to follow Ryuzaki-sensei to the tournament with Sakuno scampering to catch up.


Miyoko could see the huge yellow sign that stated they had reached Kakinokizaka Tennis Garden. The sounds of tennis balls being hit by rackets and shoes squeaking consumed the air. Miyoko had always thought that sound was oddly soothing.

She looked ahead at all the players. In court one, there seemed to be a huge boy serving. Miyoko's eyes narrowed as she examined his stance. His feet were too wide. That by itself is a recipe for disaster. Normally with a wider stance, it is easier to get all your weight onto your back foot, and move it all to your front foot as you hit your racket drop position. However, considering his height it would be more effective if his feet were closer together. That way he could explode up and into the ball. Ah, his serves could be so much more powerful if he only just moved into a more pinpoint stance.

Miyoko then looked at his grip. She could easily see that he was using the Continental Grip. This grip can be used with any shot but it is primarily used for serves, volleys, overheads, slices, and defensive shots. Although it is a very effective grip, it's not made for everyone. Miyoko could easily tell that the boy was aiming to put a lot of power into his serve. However, when using the Continental Grip, you have to aim for the shot just above net level, leaving only a little margin for error. All of this transpired through Miyoko's mind in a matter of seconds.

"What a shame," Miyoko thought as she watched the serve hit the net. Ryuzaki-sensei was silently observing Miyoko as she analyzed the tall boy. She tried to hide her smile once again.

She's going to be blown away by Ryoma. Ryuzaki-sensei's attention slowly drifted towards Sakuno. Sakuno was frantically looking around and was quite a bit ahead of Miyoko and Ryuzaki-sensei.

"Hey, you're in a hurry…is there someone you have your eyes on?" Ryuzaki-sensei asked Sakuno.

"Obaa-chan what happens when you're late for a match?" Sakuno asked earnestly, looking up at Sumire with her big brown eyes in desperation.

"Then he defaults," Ryuzaki-sensei replied bluntly.

"Default?" Sakuno asked with a confused expression.

"Disqualification," Miyoko chimes in. Sakuno looks at her with her wide brown eyes.

"Oh this is bad. I have to go look around!" Sakuno exclaims as she starts to run somewhere.

"What a strange child. Be careful!" Ryuzaki-sensei calls after her. Miyoko sighs as she stuffs her hands in her pockets once again.

"Troublesome…before you ask, I'm not going after her," Miyoko says as she slumps her shoulders.

"I wasn't going to ask you anyways, you lazy brat!" Ryuzaki-sensei snaps. Miyoko's green eyes narrowed at the insult.

I may be lazy, but I'm no brat, you old hag. She felt yet another stinging feeling on the back of her head. Miyoko's hand automatically came up to ease the pain.




"Where are we going now Ryuzaki-sensei?" Miyoko asked as she walked a little behind her just in case she accidently insulted her again. Miyoko didn't want to die…not like that.

"We are going to go watch that person that I wanted you to see. Hmm, he should be on court 10," Ryuzaki-sensei mumbled to herself as she walked in the direction of the court. Miyoko grudgingly followed her.

"This is such a waste of time. This guy better be worth it or I'm gonna murder someone," Miyoko thought as she got more and more aggravated by the second. Ryuzaki-sensei suddenly stopped causing Miyoko to bump into her.

"Hey! Why'd you stop?" Miyoko said as she rubbed her forehead.

"There isn't anyone playing on court 10," Ryuzaki-sensei stated in a confused tone while she rubbed the back of her neck. Miyoko looked, and indeed, there was no one on the court. She sweat dropped.

"So, you mean to tell me that we walked all the way here…for no reason?" Miyoko asked with a twitching eye.

"Hahahaha it seems like it," Ryuzaki-sensei stated as she slowly walked away from the time bomb that Miyoko has become.

"Now now now, no need to be rash. HEY! I have an idea! Why don't we go, um, find Sakuno-chan and then maybe we can go get some cake?" Ryuzaki-sensei suggests quickly. She lets out a relieved sigh as she sees that Miyoko has visibly relaxed.

"….what kinds of cake are we talking about?" Miyoko mumbles, slowly caving into the tactics of her stupid coach

"Any cake you want! I'll even make it for you," Ryuzaki-sensei assured her.

"Whatever. Let's just go find Sakuno…and by the way, I want chocolate cake," Miyoko promptly said and walks away in the direction where they last saw Sakuno. Ryuzaki-sensei slightly chuckles and follows the young prodigy. Yes, young readers, you heard correctly. Hamada Miyoko, the lazy teenager, is a tennis prodigy. As the girl's tennis captain and ace she has led her team to many victories. Ryuzaki-sensei likes to call her the Falcon because her eyes don't miss anything. No matter how strong, fast, or skilled her opponent Miyoko is able to gauge their ability and think of a number of counterattacks right on the spot. Her IQ of 200 allows Miyoko to think multiple steps ahead of her opponent, and this is what makes her a formidable foe. Sumire is proud to say that over the past 2 years she has taken this young protégée and honed her skills to the max.

"For a girl who has an IQ of 200, you would think she wouldn't be so stupid and easily blackmailed," Ryuzaki-sensei thought while glaring at the back of the short teenagers head. Miyoko stopped suddenly.

"Found Sakuno. But, wait, what is she doing?" Miyoko asked while looking at the court that Sakuno inhabited. It appears that two players were having a match but there was no umpire in sight.

"Hmm, must be a self-judged match then," Miyoko thought. The player farther away from the two had just performed a perfect return and everyone seemed to be in shock. When Ryuzaki-sensei saw the two players on the court a big smile spread over her face. She grabbed onto Miyoko's hand and started to drag her towards the court.

"Stupid Baa-san, I can get there myself," Miyoko exclaimed while trying to get her arm out of Ryuzaki-sensei's grip.

"You little brat, you need to learn how to respect your elders."

"So you're finally admitting your old now, huh?"


"Hey now, there are children present."


"Come on, stop being a baby."



"You're so infuriating."

"Love you too, now can we please go," Miyoko said as she shoved her hands in her pocket and walked towards the court as though nothing had just happened. Good thing too, because if Ryuzaki-sensei had to suffer another second of that conversation she would've strangled the young girl. And we all know that she's too old for jail. So she sucked it up and followed the insufferable, intolerable, unbearable, unendurable, insupportable, conceited, and arrogant teenager to Sakuno.

"So this is where you went off too…" Ryuzaki-sensei says as we approach Sakuno.

"Obaa-chan! Miyoko-senpai!" Sakuno cried in surprise. However, Ryuzaki-sensei and Miyoko just gave her a cursory glance before they once again scrutinized the game.

"This looks interesting," Ryuzaki-sensei mused while crossing her arms. Miyoko examined the two players on the court. On the side closer to the three of them, stood a male about 175 cm tall with light brown hair that parted in the middle and reached his shoulders. Probably around the age 16 or so and judging by his stance and easy going attitude Miyoko could tell that he was arrougant in his abilities. Underestimating your opponent is the most idiotic, yet frequent, mistake made in all sports. Miyoko averted her attention to the other player who was significantly younger than his opponent. He was wearing a red and white polo shirt, a pair of dark colored short, and a white hat. However, his grip was bothering Miyoko. It was perfect, don't get her wrong, but it felt alienated just by looking at it. It was sort of like how Tezuka played. Just by one look at his cat-like eyes Miyoko could determine that the young boy was very analytical and confident in his abilities.

"Judging by his stance and the grip on his racket this kid is pretty skilled. The winner of this match was determined as soon as he returned the ball," Miyoko mused.

"Don't just stand there, stop this! One thing led to another, and now he's playing a game with a high schooler!" Sakuno exclaimed.

"What are you saying? Didn't you see that return? This is where it gets interesting" Ryuzaki-sensei said with a smile. She looked over at Miyoko and her grin got even wider. Miyoko had a small grin on her face and her eyes were lit with curiosity and wonder. Miyoko hasn't seen a kid like this for a while. The last time she ever saw someone with this much potential was during her first year at Seigaku. Tezuka Kunimitsu. He is Seigaku's pillar of support and is known as the Seigaku's "strongest man." Miyoko remembers when the boys' tennis team was having their ranking matches to determine who would become a regular; Tezuka was the only first-year who was entered into the matches. No one expected him to get anywhere in the matches, but his amazing skills in the sport allowed him to get a position as a regular. Now in his third year in Seigaku he has become a strict but efficient captain. Miyoko admires him greatly.

"Doesn't he remind you of someone?" Ryuzaki-sensei whispered in Miyoko's ear. She jumped, startled by her sensei/coach's remark. Her face automatically turned red in embarrassment knowing what Ryuzaki-sensei was up to.

"…n-n-no," Miyoko stuttered as she avoided eye contact with Ryuzaki-sensei.

"Hmmm, I could have sworn that he reminded me of a certain boy that you admire…what was his name again? Tenzo? Tetsuya? Or was it Tetsuo?" Ryuzaki-sensei rambled. Sumire knew that Miyoko had one of the biggest crushes on Tezuka. She knew that many girls in Seigaku were fond of the tensai. It was kind of annoying. Sumire could hear their cheers and screams of his fangirls at every single one of his matches. However, Sumire knew that Miyoko was never like that. She was more of the type that admired from a distance. They had limited contact because they were both very busy with practices. Now that Sumire thought about it, they would make a great couple. Both of them were incredibly intelligent and tensai's in the sport of tennis. Their personalities also fit well together. Maybe when school starts again she can gather the regulars together and they can pull something toget-

"If you say one more word, I'll kill you," Miyoko deadpanned cutting into Ryuzaki-sensei's thoughts. However, the intimidation was not there considering her face was still beet red from embarrassment.

"Hahaha must have been my imagination…." Ryuzaki-sensei muttered while taking a few steps away from Miyoko.

"Hey Sasabe, maybe you should really try to win," a boy, most likely a friend of the arrogant bastard, on the opposite side of the court yelled. Miyoko decided that 'Sasabe' didn't suit him so she'll just resort to calling him 'Arrogant Bastard' for now.

"Shut up! Anybody can ace a return if it was an underhand serve," Arrogant Bastard replied.

"Yup, there are those who use those excuses for losing," the kid said. Arrogant Bastard apparently didn't like the kid's tone so instead served the ball. This is the time that Miyoko would normally analyze his stance and grip and see whether it was adequate or not, but she was too lazy, and she already knew who would win this match.

"There goes Sasabe's bullet serve!" yelled one Arrogant Bastard's friend.

"Psh like anybody couldn't hit that."

"Too slow!" the kid replied, easily returning the ball. Arrogant Bastard returned the ball back and they did this a couple times before the kid powerfully hit the ball between Arrogant Bastard's legs.

"Awesome," Sakuno said in awe.

"This is the tip of the iceberg…" Ryuzaki-sensei said. Miyoko looked at her for a second before she realized who this kid was.

"This the kid you brought me here to see?" Miyoko asked and Ryuzaki-sensei nodded her head.

"Eh, you know him Obaa-chan?" Sakuno asked.

"Didn't I tell you guys? He's the Prince of Tennis," Ryuzaki-sensei replied. This would probably be the time that Miyoko would make a stupid joke about how of course she forgot to tell us and how her old age is catching up on her, but she was too intrigued (lazy). Prince of Tennis huh?

"Echizen Ryoma, 12 years old. In a year and a half, he's won 4 straight junior tournaments in the US, and is known as a prodigy," Ryuzaki-sensei stated.

"Four straight?" Sakuno asked in a surprised tone.

"Yup, there's no fluke in that. He's the son of one of my students. The family is returning to Japan and even though he's not known here, he said he was going to appear in this tournament. I told him that if he was that strong, he should register in the Under-14 instead of the Under-12 but Ryoma boasted that if he was going to play, he'd play in the Under-16 category. What a guy…" Ryuzaki-sensei said. Miyoko narrowed her eyes as she took in all this information. This Ryoma kid was really something. However, what irked Miyoko was that his surname, Echizen, sounded really familiar.

Ryoma was doing pretty well, not letting his opponent get a single point. Miyoko averted her attention towards the match again, since it was the kid's turn to serve now. Judging by Ryoma's previous plays his serves should be pretty good. So Miyoko watched as Ryoma got into a perfect serving stance and gracefully served an ace, not even allowing Arrogant Bastard to react to the serve. However, the next serve didn't go as smoothly. Ryoma did the exact same serve as before but this time Arrogant Bastard seemed to have a plan. He sent the ball back and started running towards the net. Miyoko's eye widened a fraction as she realized what Arrogant Bastard was planning. He started to take the height difference into account and started to hit the ball into places where it was almost impossible for Ryoma to reach. As he continued to do, Miyoko could see that Ryoma was starting to get frustrated with Arrogant Bastard's antics. So what Ryoma did next almost made Miyoko laugh. He sent the ball souring over Arrogant Bastard's head in a high lob.

"It's just like Ryoma to overcome the height difference by using a high lob," Ryuzaki-sensei said with small smile on her face. Arrogant Bastard was not happy. Not happy at all. Ryoma used his high lob again, however since it was a self-judged game it was easy for Arrogant Bastard to lie and say it was out. It pissed Miyoko off to no end, but she has seen that coming. He has the right to judge his side of the court anyways.

"I wonder what Ryoma has planned now," Miyoko thought. She knows what she would do if she was in his position but there was no telling if he could do the move or not. However, all thought of that flew out of her mind as she saw Ryoma do another high lob. Miyoko knew that this Ryoma kid was pretty intelligent but this was genius. She couldn't keep the grin on her face as Miyoko watched the ball come to a stop where it landed on the ground, indicating obviously that the ball was still in.

"He's good! He added a slice to the lob that allowed the ball to stop before the line," Ryuzaki-sensei said in a cheerful voice looking at the match intently. Miyoko, for once, found herself agreeing with the old hag. However, Miyoko knew that Arrogant Bastard won't give up that easily and that he might go to dangerous drastics in order to win. Though that seems impossible considering the score is now 4-0. Ryoma only needs to win two more games to win the match. So when she saw that Arrogant Bastard tried to jump to reach the high lob that Ryoma was doing again and stop midair, Miyoko knew trouble was coming.

Arrogant Bastard 'accidently' let go of his racket and it flew towards Ryoma's face. Both Ryuzaki-sensei and Sakuno gasped as Ryoma fell to the ground. Miyoko just narrowed her eyes.

"That baka, what is he thinking?!" Miyoko thought as she watched Ryoma lift himself off the ground with blood dribbling down his face. Miyoko felt her hands twitched. She wanted to punch something. She hated when players played dirty. Sakuno ran up to Ryoma and took out a pink handkerchief and offered it to him

"Ryoma-kun, are you alright?" Sakuno asked frantically, her eyes widened in concern. Ryoma, however, put his hand out, gesturing her to stop.

"Don't come onto the court during the game," he said as he got up wiping the blood off his face.

"B-but…" Sakuno started worriedly. Ryoma turned towards Arrogant Bastard and stared at him.

"Your grip is weak…mada mada dane," Ryoma said. Miyoko lifted one of her eyebrows. That kid has courage to say that to a senpai. He goes back to his spot and begins to serve. Ryoma, surprising everyone, served a twist serve. Miyoko's eyes widen. She was not expecting that at all.

"Obaa-chan, what was that?" Sakuno asked in an awed tone.

"It's called the twist serve," Ryuzaki-sensei replied.

"What's a twist serve?" Sakuno asked.

"The twist serve can also be called a kick serve. The twist serve is generated by tossing the ball over the head, then hitting it laterally on the server's non-dominant side brushing upward toward the dominant side. Upon hitting the surface of the court, the ball will either bounce directly towards the receiver for a kick serve, or to the left for the receiver for an American twist serve," Miyoko stated. Sakuno stared at her with her big brown eyes in wonder.

"How did you memorize all of that Miyoko-senpai?" Sakuno asked.

"Well, I didn't necessarily memorize it on purpose. It's just that if I read or hear something I automatically remember it," Miyoko explained as she watched Ryoma do another twist serve.

"Ah, that's so cool Miyoko-senpai! You're really smart," Sakuno said while staring at Miyoko in awe. Miyoko blushed and looked away from the cute pigtailed girl. She felt a hand rest on the top of her head, ruffling her hair.

"Aww, is little Miyoko-chan embarrassed. My theory, my dear Sakuno-chan, is that all her growth hormone went to her brain instead of her height!" Ryuzaki-sensei said with a heartfelt laugh. Miyoko's face turned even redder than before. Instead this time, from anger not embarrassment.

Ignoring her stupid sensei/coach, Miyoko turned her attention back to the match. Ryoma was about to serve the winning shot but Arrogant Bastard fell to the ground and covered his face before he could finish.

"Stop! I give up!" Arrogant Bastard cried out.

"Baka," Ryoma stated and started to head back to his bag.

"Don't call me a baka, you dumbass. I wasn't taking you seriously, that's all!" Arrogant Bastard tried to reason. Miyoko would have answered him back, pointing out his bullshit but she lacked the confidence and didn't want any unnecessary attention.

"If you want to play another set, that's fine with me," Ryoma said as he moved his racket from his right hand to his left and looked up at Arrogant Bastard with a glint in his eyes. Miyoko's eyes widened in realization.

"No. Way."

"Don't you get it? You stubborn fool, you can't beat Echizen Ryoma no matter how many times you try-" Ryuzaki-sensei started.

"What are you talking about?" Arrogant Bastard interrupted.

"-because he's left handed," Miyoko finished with a small smile on her face. So that's why his grip seemed odd! It wasn't his dominant arm! Ryoma hasn't taken this game seriously from the start. Who would've thought? Ryoma then proceeds to serve the ball with his dominant arm and sends Arrogant Bastard on his pathetic little way.

"Echizen Ryoma, he's truly a monster. It'll be fun from here on," Ryuzaki-sensei mumbles to herself. She looks at Miyoko and sees that same look she saw all those years ago.

"Reminds you of Tezuka right?" Ryuzaki-sensei says in a teasing tone. Miyoko's face once again turns beat red but doesn't deny the fact.

"Hey, um, Ryuzaki-sensei?"

"Yes Miyoko?"

"Go make me some chocolate cake."

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