Author's Note: Due to popular demand, there will be a sequel to A Trip Through the Looking Glass. And so I present a teaser for Who's Afraid of the Big bad Scarecrow?

The dark figure moved around to the front of the chair and eased himself down into it. He sat perfectly still, perfectly straight, his pale bony fingers laced in his lap. Lee studied him intently, trying to glean any information that might be useful. He knew that Gotham was famous for costumed characters but the sight before him was not anything he could have or would have expected.

The man's clothes looked old, very old. His shirt and pants weren't dirty, just ragged and worn. He wore a long tattered coat that fell past the top of his boots and had padded shoulders that were freakishly wide, especially on his lanky frame. Strangest of all, around his neck hung what was unmistakably a hangman's noose.

Though Lee couldn't see his face because of the shadow cast by the wide brim of his hat, he could feel his eyes fixed on him unblinkingly.

"Well, Mr. Stetson," the stranger drawled. His voice was raspy and low. "This is...ironic."

"What is?" Lee ventured to ask.


"What about me?"

"They told me that they call you...Scarecrow."

"Who told you?"

"That doesn't matter right now."

"It matters to me."

"What should matter to you is why you're here." He chuckled slightly. "At least it would...if you only had a brain," he half sang.

"Why am I here?"

"They call you Scarecrow, Mr. Stetson but you don't really know anything about fear, real fear. That," he jabbed a finger at him, "is the irony. That is why you're here. So I can teach you all about it."