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So I love the idea of Elsa and Anna both getting married and living together, so this idea was born.

I'm in the middle of another fic, but just had to get the first chapter of this one down on paper (or pixels...whatever). It's based off a play I read with a friend.

Anyways, without further me talking, here's the story!

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The apartment they chose was…a fixer upper.

It was a large one-room apartment on the top floor of an old building in the middle of the city. Currently, a splintered ladder, a canvas drop cloth, and a couple of empty paint cans stood solemnly in the middle of the otherwise empty room. Through a large skylight overhead, February sunshine poured in, and the dull rumble of building construction reverberated under the symphony of car horns and sirens.

There were only two other rooms in the apartment, and they were both to the left of the room. They stood adjacent to each other, and to get to them one had to climb four wooden steps that had bowed over years of use. The first door above the steps was the bedroom. Only, it wasn't really a bedroom. It was a six foot by four foot dressing room. The bathroom was through the other door. It had no tub. Just a shower and small sink.

The doors to both the rooms were at one point white, but cat claws, dog paws, and countless human hands have scratched and dulled the paint away, unveiling the dark wood underneath through chipped veins.

To the right side of the room was a kitchen. Only, it wasn't really a kitchen. It was just an old stove, an older refrigerator, and a chipped sink that stood nakedly between them. There was nothing separating the kitchen from the rest of the room, no walls or anything, so it was simply called the kitchen "area."

The whole room was freshly painted. Not carefully, and obviously not professionally, but painted.

There was a soft jingling at the front door from a key being shimmied into the lock. It opened with a small creak, revealing a spunky redheaded woman: Anna Winters. Her shining copper hair was carefully plaited into two pigtail braids over her shoulders, and dark freckles were sprinkled generously over her tanned cheeks. She wore jeans and a yellow long-sleeved shirt beneath a shaggy fur coat, and she carried a large bouquet of flowers, their stems wrapped in green paper.

Sporting a gleaming smile, Anna looked around the room slowly, drinking in her new home, and breathed out a happy sigh. Stepping up into the room, she picked up a stray empty paint can, filled it with water from the kitchen, and placed in the flowers, throwing their wrapping on the floor. Looking for a suitable place for her new piece of décor, Anna placed the "vase" on the ledge beside the window. She stood beside her creation and admired it in satisfaction, her hands on her hips.


They're here already! Anna excitedly thought. The redhead skipped to the door and buzzed back on the small, rusted button next to the door-frame.

She shoved open the door. "Hello?!" she shouted down the stairs, cupping a hand over her mouth to project her voice.

From the depths of the spiraling stairs, possibly from the bottom of the Earth, a voice shouted back up. "Winters?!"

Anna frowned, her spirits falling slightly at being wrong about who was coming up the stairs, but she quickly recovered, her natural enthusiasm bursting forth again. "Yes! Up here!" she shouted back, shrugging off her coat and tossing it on the paint splattered ladder in the room. "The top floor!"

Leaving the door open, Anna re-entered the room and opened one of the two small suitcases that were in the kitchen area. From one of the suitcases she unpacked a green bottle of champagne and put it in the R2D2-sized refrigerator.

"Hello?!" the voice weakly shouted again, this time a little closer.

"Up here! You have another floor to go!" she shouted through the door before crossing the room back to the suitcase, taking out a few small logs and carrying them to the stove.

As she dropped the logs in front of the stove, the voice appeared at the door. She turned to greet the newcomer, analyzing him with a wide-eyed curiosity. In her doorway was a tall, heavy-set man with shaggy blonde hair (probably in his mid-thirties). He wore a plaid wool jacket and fur cap and was breathing very, very hard.

"Tel—," the man gasped, bending over as he tried to catch his breath. He coughed. "Telephone Company."

Anna clasped her hands together. "Oh, the phone! Great. Come on in," she excitedly directed, gesturing for the man to enter.

The man did so, carrying a black leather repair kit at his side. He rolled his shoulders back and cracked his neck, and if he had the breath, he would have sighed in relief as the stretch made tension leave his joints.

"That's quite a…*cough*…quite a climb," he managed to say between breathes, his face flushed red from exertion.

Anna smiled and laughed, cradling her arms behind her back. "Yeah, it's five flights if you don't count the front stoop."

The man looked up at her with a blank, panting face, his thick eyebrows drawn into a straight line over his almost gold eyes. "I counted the front stoop," he bitterly stated.

As the man continued his heavy breathing, he pulled a small beaten notebook from his repair kit and flipped through it. His fingers stopped one of the yellow pages. "Ms. Elsa Winters…right?"

Anna put her hands on her hips and puffed her chest out. "Mrs. Elsa Winters," she proudly stated.

The man ignored her last comment, his eyes glued to his book. "P…Princess phone?" he asked, coughing again.

Wha? Anna nervously thought. "Y-You mean the little one?" she stuttered. The man bent over again, his head down and his hands on his knees as he continued to catch his breath. "That lights up?" Anna twisted her body and head downwards to try and look at the man's downturned face to see if she was right. The man suddenly looked up at her, making their faces awkwardly close. Embarrassed, Anna quickly reeled back, her braids whipping at the sudden movement. "I-In blue?" she finished in a small voice while her face flushed.

The man looked at her with the same annoyed expression. "The little one…*pant pant*…That lights up…*pant pant*…In blue…*pant pant*…," he managed out. He swallowed hard before standing up and taking off his fur cap, wiping his sweaty forehead with the back of his hand.

"Would you like a glass of water?" Anna concernedly asked.

The man sucked in for air, his eyes going wide at the mention of refreshment. "Please!" he wheezed.

Anna nodded and crossed over to the kitchen. "I'd offer you soda or a beer, but we don't have anything yet."

The man dismissively waved his hand. "A glass of water's fine."

Anna paused and slowly turned back to him, suddenly embarrassed. "…Except I don't have a glass either…"

"Oh jeez," the man breathed out as he rolled his brown eyes and slumped against the wall.

"Nothing's arrived yet…," she sadly explained, fiddling her hands in front of her. Her head suddenly perked up, and she pointed towards the rusted faucet in the sink. "You could put your head under and just schlurp," she hopefully suggested.

"No," he immediately said. "I'm okay. Just a little out of shape." With a grunt, the man climbed over the step by the door and looked around. He walked towards the middle of the room, and Anna closed the door behind him.

"Where do you want the phone?" he asked, sitting down on a bowed peg on the wooden ladder.

"Oh." Tapping her finger on her lip, Anna looked around, twirling in a little confused circle. "The phone…Let me see…" She furrowed her brow and bit the inside of her cheek, analyzing the room. Not having the attention span to consider any one spot for more than a few seconds, she threw her hands up in defeat. "Pfft, I don't know. Do you have any ideas?"

The man looked around the room and shrugged. "Well, it depends what you're gonna do with the room. You gonna have any furniture in here?"

Anna nodded her head excitedly. "Yeah, it's on its way up."

The man blinked. He glanced over his shoulder at the stairs, grimaced, and turned to look back up at Anna. "Heavy furniture?"

"I'll tell you what," Anna began, ignoring his last comment and pointing to the telephone junction box on the wall beside the bedroom. "Just put it over there and give me an extra-long extension cord." She smiled, flashing perfectly white teeth. "If I can't find a place, I'll just hang it out the window."

The man smiled and let out a short, gruff laugh. "Fair enough," he said, crossing the room to the junction box and loudly wincing in pain from his sore legs.

Anna heard him grimace. "Sorry about the stairs," she said with a small embarrassed laugh, taking one of the large suitcases from the kitchen and dragging it with difficulty towards the bedroom.

Opening his tool bag, the man watched in amusement as Anna struggled to drag the suitcase up the first step. It was nearly as big as her, and heavier too judging by the way her face turned red and sweat gathered on her brow. "You're really gonna live up here, heh?...I mean, every day?" he asked, looking around the poor excuse for a home.

Anna paused on the third step, her grip tight on the suitcase and her back arched with effort. "Every day," she wheezed out, forcing on a smile while she yanked on the suitcase again.

"You don't mind it?" He gestured with his hand to the entire room and all the rust, cobwebs, creaky boards, and countless other things it had wrong with it.

Anna didn't get the offensiveness of his gesture, concentrating too much on dragging her suitcase. With a muffled bang on the floorboards, the suitcase made it to the top of the steps. Anna breathed a heavy sigh of relief, leaning on the suitcase and turning to look at the man. "Mind it…? I love this apartment," she stated, bouncing on her toes and sporting a smile that shone enough to nearly blind. She opened the small door behind her and continued to drag the suitcase, scraping its leather on the floorboards.

When Anna reappeared in front of the door, her tone changed. "Well, it does discourage some people."

"What people?" the man asked without looking up.

Anna slowly walked down the stairs towards the kitchen to grab another suitcase. "You know…mothers, friends, relatives…mothers." She grabbed a medium sized suitcase that she could carry with both hands and began trekking back to the bedroom. "I mean, no one just 'pops' in on you when they have to climb five flights to—OW!"

Glaring at her dropped suitcase, Anna bounced lightly on her left foot, clutching the other in her hands as she massaged her swelling big toe. Her face turned a deep crimson and her mouth puffed up with air as she struggled to retain the string of curses that wanted to escape her mouth.

The man spared her a glance, smirked, and then returned to his work. "You're a newlywed, right?"

Anna blinked at him, stopping her hopping. "Six days," she stated. She tentatively put her foot back on the ground and tested pressure on her big toe, flinching only slightly. "What gave me away?"

The man shrugged, a smug smile on his face. "I gotta feeling. Some call me a love expert, and you seem in the fits of a honeymoon daze."

Anna opened her mouth to question this "love expert" further but was interrupted by a buzz from the doorbell.


Anna limped quickly to the front door, conscious of her toe. "I hope that's the furniture," she said to herself.

The man groaned and slumped over the junction box. "I don't want to see this," he grumbled, pitying the fool who had to do this woman's bidding.

Anna quickly pressed the buzzer next to the door before throwing it open and leaning out. "Helloooo! Bloomingdale's?!" she yelled.

"Lord and Taylor!" came the distant response.

"Lord and Taylor?" Anna asked herself in confusion. She shrugged and went to the kitchen to take one of the smaller suitcases and put it in the closet. "Probably another wedding gift from mother. I swear, that woman sends me wedding gifts twice a day."

The telephone man slowly exhaled hot air on his bare hands, rubbing them together. "I hope it's an electric heater."

Now worried, Anna felt the steam pipe next to the door. "Really? Is it cold in here?"

The man looked at her incredulously before he showed her his shaking hands. "I can't even grip the screw driver." He nodded his head towards the radiator. "Maybe the steam is off."

Anna nodded and walked towards the radiator. "Maybe that's it," she mumbled to herself.

The man rolled his eyes at the redhead's aloofness and turned back to his work, gripping his screwdriver as tightly as he could. "Just turn it on. It'll come right up."

Anna cocked her jaw in annoyance. I know how it works. "It is on. It's just not coming up," she said, slightly irritated.

The man sighed and rubbed his numbing hands together again, glancing at Anna over his shoulder. "That's these old building for ya."

Anna leaned her back against the wall, her arms crossed over her chest. "I prefer it this way," she defended. "It's a medical fact, you know, that steam is very bad for you."

The man looked at her through half-lidded eyes. "Oh really? Even in February?"

Anna opened her mouth to retort but was interrupted by the front door busting open. Both of the room's occupants spun their heads towards the loud newcomer: a small old man with a white mustache carrying three packages. Practically falling through the door, the man's grip on the door knob was the only thing keeping him from collapsing. He was a man in his early sixties, and from the way he was gasping, it seemed the end was very near.

Anna crossed over to him, her argument with the telephone man forgotten. "Oh, hi!" she greeted, waving animatedly. "Just put it down…" she looked around the empty apartment, "…anywhere."

The wheezing delivery man shakily put down the packages beside the door. He opened his mouth to talk, but he couldn't. He was too busy gasping for air. Spotting the telephone man to his side, the old man extended his bony arm for a bit of compassion, his eyes wide and pleading.

The telephone man grasped his hand and patted it gently. "I know, I know," he softly cooed, like he was comforting an old war buddy.

Anna nervously laughed and scratched the back of her head. "Sorry about the stairs." The delivery man took out a pad and pencil from his coat and limply held them out to Anna. "What's this?" she asked, confused.

The telephone man grabbed his screwdriver and resumed his work. "I think he wants you to sign it," he said over his shoulder.

"Oh, yes." Anna took the pen and quickly signed the pad, doodling a small snowflake after her new last name: Winters. "Wait, just a minute," she pleaded, running to the kitchen and scourging around for any money to tip him. She returned with a few dollars in change and put them in the man's shaking hand. He weakly nodded his appreciation and turned to leave. "Will you be alright?" she asked after him. The old man wheezed out an unintelligible response before he abruptly shut the door behind him.

Anna picked up two of the small packages and brought them to the bedroom. "It's a shame, isn't it?" she called over her shoulder to the telephone man. "Giving such hard work to an old man."

The man shortly laughed. "He's probably only twenty-five. They age fast on this route," he said, gesturing towards the stairs out the door. He put down his screwdriver and dialed into the phone, holding it to his ear. "Hello, Sven? Yeah…On…er…Eldorado 5-1196…Give me a straight check."

Anna walked from the bedroom stairs towards the man, holding her hands in front of her face excitedly. "Is that my number? Eldorado 5-1196?" The man stiffly nodded, flinching at the high octave her voice had risen to. Anna sighed dramatically happily, her eyes drooping. "It has a nice sound, doesn't it?"

The man stifled a groan. Why fool with a romantic. "Yeah, it's beautiful," he curtly said, putting the phone back on the receiver. "Well, you've got your phone. As my mother would say, may your first call be from the Sweepstakes."

The man reached to gather his things, and Anna moved towards the phone, tenderly picking it up. "My very own phone…" she softly said. She turned towards the man with a smirk, proudly holding it up. "Gives ya a sense of power, doesn't it? Can I make a call now?"

The man put the cover on the junction box and picked up his bag. "Your bill started two minutes ago."

Anna tapped the head of the phone on her chin. "Who can I call?...I know!" she exclaimed, slightly startling the man and furiously dialing.

The man began his retreat to the door. "By the way, my name is Kristoff Bjorman. And if you ever have any trouble with this phone, please, do me a favor—don't ask for Kristoff Bjorman."

Not hearing a response, Kristoff turned back to the redhead. Shoulders drooping, Anna hung up the phone, a look of disappointment on her face, and Kristoff stopped moving towards the door. "What's the matter? Bad news?" he asked, slightly concerned that the redheaded ball of energy was quiet.

Anna made a face and mimicked the monotone voice of a telephone operator. "It is going to be cloudy with a light snow."

Kristoff nodded in understanding. Snow was always bad this time of year. He looked towards the skylight. "But just think, you'll be the first one in the city to see it fall," he said, trying to lighten the girl's spirits.


To the blonde man's surprise, the doorbell stunned Anna right out of her disappointed haze. The redhead rushed to the door, tapping the buzzer. Please let that be the furniture. "Yes?!" she yelled down.

"It's me!" came a familiar voice from below.

Anna's eyes widened and she felt a prick of anxiety in her chest. "O-Oh, hi, Elsa!" she called back. She turned back to look at the room and sighed. "Well, I guess she sees the apartment without the furniture," she grumbled, taking one of the remaining packages and placing it beside the flowers.

Kristoff stood and observed Anna nervously tidy up the place for the female voice he assumed was her spouse. "How long d'ja say you were married?" he asked.

"Six days."

Kristoff waved his hand. "She won't notice the place is empty until June." He stood in the doorway and turned back to Anna, taking off his cap in farewell. "Well, Eldorado 5-1196…Have a nice marriage." He looked over the room one last time before looking back to Anna. "And may you soon have many extensions." Winking, Kristoff placed his cap back on his head and turned towards the stairs. He groaned at the sight and reluctantly began his descending climb.

Anna quickened her tidying up. Any second now, she thought while she stacked empty paint cans and dusted off the rusty fridge with her hand. Ew. She grimaced at the orange slime that coated her palms and wiped her hands furiously on the back of her jeans.

"Anna?!" came Elsa's distant voice through the open door. "Where are you?!"

Anna rushed to the door. "Up here, hon!…Top floor…!" she yelled down. The phone began ringing. Already?

Anna quickly picked the phone from the receiver and held it to her ear with both hands. "Hello?...Yes?...Oh, yes, she is…I mean, she's on her way up…Can you hold on for two more floors?" She put the phone down against her chest and yelled out the door, "Elsa! Hurry up, darling!"


Anna brought the phone back to her ear. "Hello? She'll be with you in one more flight. Thanks." She placed the phone on the floor and continued to ready the apartment. Jumping up the stairs, she quickly closed the bedroom and bathroom doors. She saw the wrapping from the flowers on the floor of the kitchen and some wadded up newspapers on the stove. Rushing over, she gathered them up and threw them into the nearest hiding place, the refrigerator. Satisfied with what she now saw, she turned back to the open door.

"Now honey, don't expect too much!" she yelled out the door. "The furniture didn't get here yet and the paint didn't come out exactly right, but I think it's going to be beautiful!"

There was no answer from the stairs. Anna leaned further out the door. "Elsa?!...Elsa, are you alright?!" she called, concerned when her wife didn't respond.

"I'm coming! I'm coming!"

Anna rushed back to the phone. "She's coming. She's coming," she quickly said into the receiver before placing it on the floor again.

Finally, Elsa fell through the door, heavily leaning against the cracked door frame to keep her legs from giving out beneath her. Elsa was twenty-six but was breathing like fifty-six. Her silver white bangs were plastered to her forehead with sweat, and her plaited braid was frizzled and wiry. Her blue tie hung loosely around her neck, and the sleeves of her white button down were rolled up to her elbows. She carried a heavy suitcase, a trench coat, an attaché case, and all the dignity she could bear.

Elsa dropped the attaché case by the door, her coat sliding to the floor with it. "Hi, sweetheart!" Anna lovingly cried, relishing in seeing Elsa after her wife worked all day. She flung her arms around Elsa's neck, making the older woman stumble and nearly fall from the sudden tackle attack. Anna immediately leaned up and smothered her with kisses, but all Elsa could do was fight for oxygen.

"Well, Elsa?" Anna asked, cupping Elsa's cheeks. Elsa sucked in air.

Anna gestured towards their apartment. "Say something," she demanded with a nervous laugh.

Elsa didn't look at the apartment. "It's…*gasp*…It's six flights…" She looked down at Anna with wide, accusing, aghast eyes. "Did you know it's six flights?"

Smiling, Anna quickly shook her head in reassurance. "It isn't! It's only five."

Denying Anna's help, Elsa staggered up the step into the room. Her suitcase fell out of her grip onto the floor in front of her, and Elsa soon followed, collapsing face-down on top of it. "What about that big thing hanging outside the building?" she asked weakly, lifting her head.

Anna giggled. "That's not a flight, silly. It's a stoop."

Elsa's forehead fell on the suitcase. "It may look like a stoop…*pant pant*…but it climbs like a flight."

Anna put her hands on her hips, looking down at her wife. "It that all you have to say?"

Elsa gasped. "I didn't think I'd get that much out." She turned her head on her cheek so she was looking up at Anna, still heavily breathing. "It didn't seem like six flights when I first saw the apartment." She took a quick breath. "Why is that?"

"You didn't see the apartment. Don't you remember? The woman wasn't home. You saw the third floor apartment."

Elsa rolled her face back onto her forehead, flinging one of her hands up in defeat. "Of course."

Anna walked over Elsa's body to the other side of the apartment, her hands clutched to her chest and her head hanging down. "You don't like it." She turned back towards Elsa, and Elsa saw her eyes beginning to glisten. "You really don't like it."

The blonde scrambled to her feet. "I do like it," she quickly said, crossing over to Anna. She turned and squinted at the room. "I'm just waiting for my eyes to clear first."

Anna sadly sighed and stepped closer to her wife. "I expected you to walk in here and say 'wow,'" she softly said, taking Elsa's hand.

Elsa nervously smiled and tightened her hand around Anna's. "I will!" she assured. She took a deep breathe. Okay. Elsa looked around the room, her icy blue eyes analyzing the poor paint job, the wholly walls, the crooked floor boards, and every other disheartening detail.

"Wow," she emotionlessly said. Elsa flinched at the tone of her voice. She had tried to convey some form of enthusiasm, fake as it would be in face of their disgusting apartment. She really did.

But apparently what she said was enough for Anna, and she again threw herself around the blonde's neck. "It'll be beautiful, I promise. You just came home too soon." She nuzzled her face into the crook of Elsa's neck.

Elsa chuckled, a sound that reverberated through Anna in a blissful way, and circled her arms around the redhead's waist, pulling her warm body closer. She buried her face in Anna's hair and breathed in her familiar, comforting scent.

"You know, I missed you today," she softly said.

"Did you really?" Anna asked, full of as much hope and excitement as ever.

Elsa nodded into her hair, and she lowered her face so her mouth was by the redhead's ear. Her voice lowered huskily. "Right in the middle of the Monday morning conference I began to feel sexy," she growled, playfully nibbling Anna's ear.

Anna laughed and pulled back to face her wife, placing a peck on the edge of her mouth. The blonde caught her lips with her own as Anna pulled her head back, hungrily pressing their mouths together. Anna's fingers immediately tangled in Elsa's already messy hair, and Elsa's hands around Anna's waist began to descend.

Anna opened her mouth when Elsa demanded entrance, and the blonde pressed hard inside. Anna fought back with her own tongue, taken back by Elsa's sudden show of dominance.

Elsa began to move her backwards, and Anna felt her back gently press up against the wall. A toned leg pressed between her thighs, staying a teasing distance away from where she was desiring pressure. She moaned into Elsa's mouth, and she felt her lover smirk against her lips.

"Wait," Anna managed to say, tilting her head away. Not discouraged in the least, Elsa peppered small kisses along her jawline before descending to nibble and suck at the tender spot of her neck.

Anna gasped and nearly forgot what she was trying to say. "W-We have to take a cab b-back to the Plaza Hotel." She yelped when Elsa bit down, seemingly not listening. "We o-only have an hour before *ngh* c-check out time," she tried to say again, gently pushing Elsa away.

Elsa responded by grabbing Anna's wrists and pinning them to the wall on either side of her head. "We can't," she responded, looking Anna in the eye. "We already took two ashtrays and three towels. They're after us," she joked, going in for another kiss.

Anna hummed in bliss, her eyes slipping closed. You do still love me, she thought.

Elsa stopped the kiss, leaning her forehead against Anna's and looking into her cerulean eyes. "After six nights at the Plaza? What's the trick?" she laughed.

Anna stared back at Elsa, her face quickly heating up in embarrassment at being caught thinking out loud again. I really got to keep my mouth shut. "B-But that was a honeymoon," she sputtered. Elsa raised an eyebrow in amusement, smirking in her trademark lopsided way. "I thought you'd come home tonight, and we'd shake hands and start the marriage or something."

Shake hands? Elsa blinked in confusion at her wife's strange suggestion. She had grown to expect Anna to suggest such outlandish things, but they still surprised her every time.

Nonetheless, Elsa leaned back, did a sweeping bow, and extended her hand, her eyes twinkling with amusement. "How do you do…?" she asked in a feign regal tone. Anna rolled her eyes and smacked her hand away.

She grabbed Elsa's tie and yanked her forward, crashing their lips together again. At first confused at being jostled, Elsa was caught off guard when Anna grabbed her chin with the hand that didn't have her tie in a death grip and thrust her tongue into her mouth, making their teeth clash. The harsh treatment was both a punishment for mocking her and an undeniable sign of affection.

Their kiss continued for some minutes, the only noise around them being that of throaty moans.

When they pulled apart for air, Anna pulled Elsa's tie so she was again leaning her forehead against hers. She stared up at her lover, mesmerized by the cherry blush that was now glazed over Elsa's ivory cheeks. Her lips were red and swollen, and her icy blue eyes were half lidded with content.

"My turn to say 'wow'…For a lawyer you're some good kisser," she giggled, pecking a kiss on Elsa's nose.

Elsa huffed and shook her head, averting her eyes. "For a kisser I'm some good lawyer," she mumbled.

Anna blinked in confusion. "What's that supposed to mean?" Elsa turned her head away, but Anna gently grabbed her chin and pulled her back so she could look her in the eye. "Something happened?"

"I-It's not positive yet. The office is supposed to call soon and let me know," she stated, checking her watch.

Anna gasped, pulling her hand away from Elsa's face. "Oh! They called!" she exclaimed, her eyes wide.

Elsa stared at her, her face the picture of confusion. "What—?"

"I-I mean they're calling," she clarified, wildly gesturing with her hands.


"Now—They're on the phone now!"

Elsa turned around, wildly looking around the room. "Where—?"

"There!" she yelled, pointing at the phone on the floor by the window.

Elsa rushed to the phone. "Why didn't you tell me?!"

Anna threw up her hands in mock surrender. "I forgot! You kissed me and got me all…you know!"

Elsa fumbled with the phone in her nervousness before gripping it to her ear. "Jack?...Yeah!...Listen, what did—Oh, very funny." Elsa looked at Anna, her face unamused. "'For a lawyer, I'm some good kisser'…Come on, tell me…Well?..." Elsa's face broke out into a wide grin. Feeling left out, Anna came over and pressed her ear to the other side of the phone with little success of hearing anything.

Elsa turned away from her, her grin still plastered on her face. "You're kidding? The whole thing?"

Anna impatiently shook Elsa's arm. "What? What's going on?"

Elsa's grin got impossibly wider. "Oh, Jack, baby, I love you!" she exclaimed. Seeing Elsa's happiness, Anna grinned as well, playfully poking the blonde in the side to try and get her to tell her what happened. Now giggling, Elsa vainly tried to scoot away and shrug Anna off, but the short line of the phone kept her by the wall. "What do you mean, nervous?...I passed the bar, didn't I?...Yes, I'll go over everything tonight."

Anna's antics stopped. Tonight? she sadly thought. She moved away from Elsa and towards the ladder in the middle of the room.

Oblivious to Anna's sudden change in emotion, Elsa continued her conversation. "I'll meet you at eight o' clock in the morning. We'll go over the briefs." She paused and bit her lip in excitement, pacing with the phone in her hand. "Hey, what kind of tie do I wear? I don't know. I thought maybe something flowing like Oliver Wendell Holmes'," she said, speaking quickly. Anna climbed up one side of the ladder and laid her face on her hands on the top rung, watching the blonde. "…Right."

Elsa hung up the phone and turned to Anna, her face shining. "Did you hear?" she asked excitedly, moving towards the ladder.

"What about tonight?" Anna slowly asked.

Elsa stopped and puffed out her chest. "I've got to be in court tomorrow morning…I've got my first case!"

Anna's attitude didn't change at hearing the good news, her head still in her hands. "What about tonight?" she asked again.

Unperturbed by Anna's lack of response, Elsa climbed up the opposite side of the ladder, meeting face to face with Anna on the top rung. "I'll have to go over the briefs. Marshall has to be in Washington tomorrow, and he wants me to take over…with Jack…but it's really my case." Anna had lifted her face by this point, and Elsa grabbed her hands. "Oh, Anna, baby, I'm going to be a lawyer!" she exclaimed, hugging Anna over the ladder.

Anna laughed at being pulled into such a tight, awkward hug. When Elsa released her, she cupped Elsa's cheek with one of her hands, smiling. "That's wonderful, Elsa," she lovingly said. Then her demeanor fell slightly. "…I just thought we were going to spend tonight together."

Elsa grabbed her face and pulled her close for a quick peck on her lips. "We'll spend tomorrow night together," she reassured. She climbed down the ladder and strode back towards the door where she dropped her attaché case. "I hope I brought those affidavits."

Anna turned on the ladder to face Elsa's back. "I brought a black nightgown," she coyly stated, trying to coax Elsa out of work.

Elsa clicked open her attaché case on the floor, put on her black-rimmed reading glasses, and began shuffling through papers, her mind now turned completely legal. "Marshall had everything laid out when I was at the office…" Anna got down from the ladder and went into the kitchen. She dug out the black nightgown she was talking about from one of the remaining suitcases and seductively held it over herself. Elsa ignored her. "…It looks simple enough. A furrier is suing a woman for non-payment of bills."

Puckering her lip in frustration, Anna sighed and threw the black nightgown over one of their suitcases, trying a different tactic. "I was going to cook you spaghetti with the white clam sauce…," she teased, her voice rising an octave. Elsa stood up, indulged in reading the paper she had in her hands. Anna cocked her jaw in annoyance. "…in a bikini," she irritably finished.

"We're representing the furrier. He made four specially tailored coats for this woman on Park Avenue. Now she doesn't want the coats," Elsa explained while she bent down to pick up a stack of papers that were stapled together.

Anna stripped off her shirt, shivering in the chilly room. Seeing that Elsa was still ignoring her, Anna slipped the black nightgown straps on. "Then I found this great thing on Eighth Street," she explained while slipping the lacy gown over her head. "It's a crossword puzzle with dirty words." Once in the dress, Anna struck the most seductive pose she could muster.

Elsa continued to be oblivious. She quickly flipped through the stapled pages before stopping and reading, her brow furrowed as her eyes quickly scanned the page. "But the furrier can't get rid of the coat. She's only four foot eight. He'd have to sell them to a rich little girl."

Anna put her hands on her hips, rolling her eyes in defeat. She looked at her lover through half-lidded, annoyed eyes. "Then I was going to put on a record and do an authentic Cambodian fertility dance," she stated in a monotone voice, shimmying her shoulders.

Still no effect on the blonde.

Elsa flipped through another paper. "The only trouble is, he didn't have a signed…con...tract…" The blonde finally looked up. Elsa blinked and hung her jaw open in confusion as Anna shimmied towards the ladder, lifting her dress up and tossing it over her shoulders like a cape. She bent down and spun on one foot towards Elsa.

The redhead squeaked in surprise when she found Elsa staring at her dance, and she fell back on her bum, hitting her head on the bottom step of the ladder. "Ow…" she groaned, rubbing the back of her head and sitting up on her elbows.

Elsa let the hand holding her papers drop to her side. She looked away and wet her lips, looking like she had just seen someone grow a third head. She turned back and pointed a finger at Anna. "What are you doing?" she slowly asked, almost afraid of the answer.

Anna flushed scarlet. She quickly sat up, bringing her "cape" back to her front so she could cover her torso (even though the lacy, revealing gown did little to help hide anything). She covered her face with her hands in embarrassment. "I'm trying to turn you on and you're summing up for the jury. The whole marriage is over."

Dropping her papers, Elsa sighed and moved towards Anna, crouching down and taking her hand. "Oh, Anna, honey, I'm sorry." Elsa gracefully twisted and sat down next to her wife, wrapping her arm around her and pulling her to rest on her shoulder. Anna lowered her hands and leaned into the gesture, her head under Elsa's chin. "I guess I'm pretty excited, but you want us to be rich and famous, don't you?" Elsa asked with a teasing smile, kissing Anna's temple.

Anna looked up and pouted. "During the day. At night I want you to be here and sexy," she said huskily, securely grabbing Elsa's collar in both hands.

"I will—umf!" Anna pulled Elsa in for another hot kiss. Elsa's eyes widened and she waved her hands, struggling not to fall on top of the redhead.

Elsa gently pushed Anna's face away. "—just as soon as 'Birnbaum versus Gump' is over." With her grip still on Elsa's collar, Anna smirked and retaliated by throwing a leg over Elsa's waist and pushing her backwards, effectively straddling her lap and pressing her back against the rungs of the ladder as she resumed their make-out.

Elsa again managed to (regretfully) push Anna's face away. Eyes half-lidded with lust, Anna kept her face close and looped her arms around Elsa's neck when the blonde resumed talking. "Tomorrow night is your night. W-We'll do whatever you want," Elsa quickly compromised, crushing the urge to shiver when Anna's warm breath danced over her face.

Anna smirked. "Something wild, insane, and crazy?" she softly asked, leaning her forehead against Elsa's and looking down into her eyes.

Elsa pecked her lips. "I promise."

Anna giggled and cocked her head in curiosity. "Like what?" she asked.

Elsa blinked. "Well…" she said, looking to the side and thinking about something crazy that Anna (the epitome of crazy) would want to do. She snapped her eyes back to her wife's. "I'll come home early, and we'll wall-paper each other," she laughed.

Anna heartily laughed for a long minute. "Oh, Elsa, that's awesome!" she exclaimed, diving in for yet another kiss. This time the blonde participated for a few minutes, morphing her mouth to Anna's as they explored each other. Anna pulled away for a second, looking pleadingly into Elsa's eyes. "Can't we do it tonight?"

Elsa shook her head. "I gotta work." Anna's lip pouted and she humphed in dissatisfaction. Elsa laughed and littered kisses over her face. "You're cute when you pout." Anna giggled as Elsa continued her barrage of kisses before stopping and looking in her eyes. "But I don't see why I can't spare a few minutes," she added with a loopy grin.

Anna playfully smacked Elsa's shoulder (to which the blonde laughed) and pressed against Elsa for a searing kiss that she hoped would leave the blonde dazed enough to forget about work.

I've always envisioned Kristoff and Elsa both being very sassy people. Love to write them. And Anna would sooooo get her and Elsa stuck in a crappy appartmentXD

Really curious about what y'all think. I really like this idea but don't know if there are any out there who will as well:'c