A Perfect Day

Disclaimer: I don't own either of this. I don't own the characters, I don't own the storyline, I don't own the actors who portray the characters (wouldn't it be nice though). All I really own is myself. Enough said!

So here goes my first real story about Dewey and Gale. I've been hopelessly hooked on that couple for years now, with numbers of unwritten stories forever buried in my head. This one, I finally decided to record and put on here. I always thought there was not enough fanfiction about these two, and not enough information about them and their romance in either of the movies, as much as I love Scream. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this story (come back for the updates) and feel inspired to write some more about them, too!

The warm summer air smelled like flowers, the scent faint and intoxicating. It was nearly night, well into the late evening. The days were long and warm.

Dewey and Gale barely escaped from Mark and Sidney to Dewey's spacious old bedroom where he used to sleep as a teenager. They didn't forget to lock the door as securely as possible. The couple was happy as ever, both hearts overflowing with hopes and bright expectations. After years of being apart and all that they were forced to go through, they longed to be in each other's arms again more than anything else in the world. They missed each other to the point of death, probably. After all those years of games and hopeless attempts to forget each other, it finally dawned on the two of them that life was not going to have any value for either of them unless they were together. Dewey decided to make the first move and won, knowing she would never, ever admit to not wanting to live without him… unless he said that first. Now seeing her slender long finger in his carefully selected wedding ring with a several large diamonds made him feel ecstatic.

The happy survivors of the Stab massacre were spending the weekend at a large summer cottage owned by Dewey's parents. His mother agreed to it reluctantly, strictly warning her only son to abstain from 'wild partying'. Dewey smiled at the thought. His mother was not particularly bright or intelligent, but even she realized that after all the terrifying events in LA, the four of them just needed rest, peace, and quiet. And each other. Being close to those who were put through just as much pain and loss somehow provided comfort and healing, especially to Sidney. Mrs. Riley's words were just a joke provided to make things a little easier.

Gale was looking around his room, that clearly still retained the long forgotten pieces of his boyhood. His college posters, the books the enjoyed as a boy, minimum furniture. All of these things caught her attention and made Dewey look even dearer to her. There he was, the man she could never get off her mind and heart. The ever-caring, loyal, honest and protective Dewey. His warm brown eyes looked at her with care and sweetness. His strong body seemed so vigorous and yet so endearing, so soft and warm. She remembered the several nights they had spent together in the past, the way he would treat Gale like a princess, like the only real treasure he longed for and cherished. He recalled the sweet, chaste way he would caress her body in bed and blushed only slightly. There was something endearingly meek and boyish about the way he could express his love. Gale knew for sure she wanted to spend the rest of her life with this man. Somehow, everything about him seemed and felt right. She could never find the words to describe the way she felt, but she knew it was all she'd ever wanted and looked for in the wrong places. All in this caring man, who was irrevocably in love with her and now was meekly eyeing her with warmth and passion.

"Dewey,", she began sheepishly, "I… never really wanted anything but you. It's just that I… you know. I just always knew I was the wrong person. The bad one. I never really deserved you or your love… I couldn't bear just being with someone I was not worthy of. If only you knew just how dirty and bad I've always been, if only…"

Gale was quiet for a moment, searching for the right words to explain it all to him. It was all true. She always felt so right, so cherished with him, in his warm and protecting arms, on his strong shoulder… She felt so guilt-stricken for leaving him all alone and letting him down so many times in the past, she wanted to kneel down before him and beg him for forgiveness. It was so unlike her, and yet it felt so right. But somehow, it just didn't seem so necessary. Dewey always lavished so much love on her that she almost didn't know how to handle it. Where could she ever learn how to handle unconditional love? In her job, where heartlessness and hiding your true self was the only way to survive? In her abusive home? In the streets, where there was never any mercy?

"Shhh", he said, cupping her beautiful face, now such a mess, in his warm hands and gently placing his finger on her lips. "I love you, sweetie. Darn, Gale, I've adored you and every single detail about you ever since I first saw you. I've been pretty much obsessed with you for years now. Every little thing about you, even the very things I once thought I hated, just attracted me more and more to you. All I want is to make you mine, Gale, and love you until my last breath".

She looked at him with delight, yet her big blue eyes were slowly filling with tears. She looked more lovable than ever at that moment, so innocent and nearly vulnerable. Dewey could hardly fight his desire for her. Her secret side, the very depth of her heart was unraveling before his very eyes at that moment. She was real with him, and Dewey knew how much it had cost her.

He closed his eyes for a moment and started gently kissing her. His lips felt warm and soft against hers. Gale almost wept, feeling the familiar and dearly needed taste of his kisses again. All she wanted was to open up her heart before him and be his. She never felt so safe, so secure before. Neither her job nor any of the short hook-ups she ever had ever gave her that feeling. She shriveled, thinking about that. Gale deepened the kiss, feeling his manhood lightly touch her abdomen through their clothing. She wanted Dewey. All of him, forever.

Dewey drew Gale closer to himself. He looked her in the eyes for a moment, and saw that very look that drove him mad with passion and desire every time he saw it. Gale's big blue eyes were even bigger now, with fear inside of them. She looked lonely and scared, like a little abandoned girl that had nowhere to go and no one to protect her. He knew that's what she was on the inside. Gale needed love and care. She needed him.

Her eyes, filled with all of this, were the very last thing Dewey saw before his own eyes were dazed with passion. She was all his again now, and she loved it.

They made love to each other for all of the night, and most of the morning that time. The intercourse was passionate, fierce, and raw – and yet very gentle and caring. She was no longer independent, nor did she want to be. She was all his. They kissed each other's lips and bodies. She would slightly bite his soft plump lips, which always made him want her even harder. Gale would moan underneath him as Dewey would roughly yet gently make love to her, passionately grabbing her thighs and breasts. Whenever they came together, they did it as if the world were ending tomorrow. Nothing existed anymore to either of them. All that they could see was each other.

Dewey woke up and found his beloved in peaceful slumber on his chest, both arms hugging him tightly. There was something about the way Gale tugged at him dependently that turned him on. She needed him. Dewey planted a soft kiss on Gale's forehead and started to admire the way she looked so perfect with her eyes closed, her chest going up and down. Her soft nipples touched his bare torso and suddenly Dewey felt more love for her than ever. Her soft shiny black hair lay in waves and that was so cute that he smiled. He loved waking Gale up when she was still asleep and watch her wake up slowly as he would cover her soft luscious skin with tender kisses. Dewey held her bare body close to himself and started to kiss her face and her closed eyes. He gently caressed her body underneath the covers, tenderly touching her skin. She started to smile and giggle a bit, before opening up her beautiful eyes and smiling sweetly.

"Dewey', she said softly, "Dewey… I'm so happy. I really don't deserve you."

Dewey placed himself on top of her and started kissing her on the mouth again. She completely lost herself in him again. Instead of controlling everything, all she wanted was to be his, to love him and be loved in return.

"Don't ever say that, Gale Riley", Dewey whispered in her ear finally, before biting it lightly and getting lost in their passion again.