This series is a kind of " Fanfic " which , if as in my imagination in a writing world before continue reading this series , I would warn that future chapters of this series, has some things ... You know, what 'll say it more simply : " ALL I CAN GO " . Well since leaving that clear, let's start this series.

- The Diary of a Frost Adventure -

- Chapter 1: Is It or Nothing -

This is my diary, if I know, I know that newspapers are for girls, but it's the best I can be now, since I found this lying around, good to start? I think about my life, I start my name and I put a title to this part of the day, sometimes I have to be ordered:


My name is " RC " Yes, I know , weird name, but is my " Nickname " that my real name , but I prefer my real name RC , " Personal Stuff " , but hey I'm 17 years old, born on 3 April, I 'm a fan of penguins. This journal is now part of my new life, or at least a story of it.

"May 31, 2014"

Well today we will begin our trip, so it's a trip , we go to the territory of the penguins , cannot remember to where I left that territory, I believe it was Antarctica, but hey, now you're asking " Why did you go to Antarctica ? " Simple , I have to help the penguins , roughly a month ago , was placed the " Flag No fishing " which made all the fishing boats leave the penguins have their own fishing grounds , and would have no problem to fish , and could raise well their young , me loved it, especially because my dad was one of the people I travel to that territory and record the penguins for some reason on that recording began to dance a whole herd of penguins , it was amazing , beautiful and brilliant at the same time , I loved , had also been in the news even had trials , debates , protests for a flag that meant a lot to this species and its food , well they placed as my father always favored that flag is placed , I also wanted to do my part , our family was not a millionaire, but we had enough friends , a friend of my dad has a boat and his brother has a fish , we carry 10 tons of fish on a boat for penguins , and we now go live to Antarctica ... Or so we think.

"June 1st 2014"

My good day , the journey began , we went straight to Antarctica is said that tomorrow we will be in the snow , I always carry my jacket as it makes cooler than normal , the jacket is from my grandfather , it's pretty warm and I like .

" ? ? ? June 2014"

My good day , there was a serious problem, a turbine boat exploded , fortunately achieved pick you, my backpack, jacket my grandfather and my pen I always carry in my sock , I do not know what day it is but if I time , thanks to my father's watch , do not know what happened, I take a lifeboat and not know where I am , I 'm in the middle of all the sea , not where I'm going , good thing I have some things to eat in my backpack ... the downside is that not since last, hopefully either by lot, or at least it lasts until I get to eat and die for it, when we are able to find something new.

" ? ? ? Of ? 2014"

Diary, I do not know what happened , but I've woken up from a dream, and lasted about 20 days calculation , do not know how you know what day it is , but the time and you are my only company , makes it to Antarctica, or at least a her island , walk a while and come to a cave which kept me safe , hell , I should have brought a map, but good is not the time to mourn , I 'll let you find it then .

"June 15th 2014"

Friends Journal, I found a calendar, if it is rare but it was in the pocket of my backpack, I cheerful at last knew that date was wearied me put signs all the time, but hey, I also found some stores, but I 'm freezing jacket is pretty good, but that does not mean it's "Sun People " gives me cold sometimes but managed get warm then we see if something good happens

"June 24th 2014"

Journal , I can't, my legs are more than exhausted , not sorry, and I fall many times , I can't, do not want, this is the end I will not write again, at least , thanks for staying with me all this time, Goodbye Dear Diary .

"June 24, 2014 a few hours later"

Journal , before giving me something big happened , and that was the end for the first time I saw a real penguin in front of me , but not just any Penguin , was the famous dancing penguin "Mumble : The Penguin" he was the cause of why I was there, because this trip was done , but try to greet ...

RC: EMMH ... H- Hello...?

Mumble moved away. Hell, I should have known, not like me to penguins but was not going to give up, at least not yet.

RC: W-Wait ... No, I do not want to hurt you ... I just want to talk - S ... P- Please ... Mumble...

At that time Mumble stop away. Well! That was great, but had yet to make it close.

RC: Mumble, Is that your name? Right?

Mumble was beginning to get a little closer, slowly but approached.

RC: Listen, I know you are who you are. You're the first emperor penguin to maintain communication with humans and you're very good dancer, and I love it, I just want to talk to you, if you understand me

Mumble nodded, and told me that it was a "Yes", the penguin style

RC: Okay, well, first of all-

Stop talking, my body was not to say another word, my stomach was empty but could take no more, I fainted a second time. Demons and just then began to talk to Mumble. But save me , waking was a giant hole if it was home to Mumble when my father showed me the recording in which the entire penguin nation had begun to dance for television, whether it was their territory , I kept happy but hungry , but did not last long . Mumble had given me a lot of fish, I know you were raw and his skeleton, but then I was used to 10 fish, which gave me Mumble was just an appetizer.

RC: O-Oh Thanks, Mumble

I ate them all in a couple of minutes, do not want to waste what he gave me, and I could then see how all the penguins looked at me, I should now be frozen, but I could survive with the jacket my grandfather, which kept me warm by this time, the brand was quite expensive and old, but he always told me "that is old does not make it bad" it made me understand better.

RC: Mr. Mumble, I come from the world of humans, I have come to bring food, but a catastrophe happened, the ship that trip, was destroyed leaving the fish in the sea forgive me.

As you notice, but Mumble was speaking, the language of the Penguins, unfortunately I did not understand a single word of what he said.

RC: Mr. Mumble, forgive me but I do not understand, I cannot speak their language.

When I said that he began to sign me, which I understood was: "Never mind, it's okay." That does not satisfy me.

RC: Someday I will bring to you and all fish.

Mumble nodded my head that made me happy, but now need to worry about anything else, "What do I do now?" "To where will I go?" So I had an idea.

RC: Mumble, I need to ask you something.

He put me much attention.

RC: I could ... Um ... Stay here for a while? I need a place to go ... And I thought if I could live with you...

Mumble is then surprised by that, but then calmed down, and started thinking, I turned to wave, telling me to wait here, he left, and I just left waiting.

(Author's note: Sometimes things are written RC hear or see when such things happen I put a "(...)" to better understand never is for you to understand that the RC Journal differs from events or persons other penguins will occur)

( ... )

Mumble went to his superior, Noah

Mumble: Noah, I must ask you something

Noah: What is Mumble?

Mumble: Well, a boy, a boy from the aliens came here, well, actually I brought him here

Noah: You also did with other aliens, and that brought us more food than we would have imagined why should I care?

Mumble: Well here's the thing ... He wants to stay here for a while

Noah: Mph ... I don't not know, Mumble, is fine to stay, but what happened with the other penguins? Are comfortable with this idea?

Mumble: That's why I've come to ask you, since you are the top.

( ... )

A penguin approached me, not as much as what he had achieved with Mumble, but if approached. Do not know what to do again, I stand still, motionless before so beautiful presence, I did not speak, but my idiocy was powerful.

RC: H- Hello...

I do not know why, but greeted me with his fin, I think it was less shy Mumble, she made me out a little chuckle, so I started to talk and she just beckoning me as Mumble.

( ... )

Noah: Well, if the alien guy fails to understand our language, culture, traditions and customs. You can stay as long as you want

Mumble: Great! That's what I wanted to hear, I will tell

Noah: Wait Mumble

Mumble stopped

Noah: If the boy fails these standards here next season, the kid should be expelled, and no right to even be visiting this area.

Mumble is hit with it, but managed to pass

Mumble: I understand, Hare as much as possible.

( ... )

Mumble was back, while I chatted pleasantly with the penguin , Mumble when return , began to talk to the penguin as if they had known for some time , come to the conclusion that they were dating , not only for the way in which speak if they looked at , but it was not my issue.

RC: Ehhmmm ... Sorry Mr. Mumble, What will happen to me?

I watched with some despair in his eyes, did not understand, but knew there was something hidden in it. Mumble beckoning me again: "Can you stay, but you have to know what we do and live."When at last I understood, I decided it was obligatory to do so, so accept. Mumble smiled and helped me up, told me I had to begin to understand the "Penguins " had no idea what it was, but since. It was necessary, so I began to teach you their language.

And so began my life ... At least like a penguin ... Then I'll tell you what happened but now I just want to rest my hand frozen ... See you later ... Jornal

- End of the First Chapter -