-Chapter 8-

-Here we go again-

Erik, my old friend, I have not written for so many things that have happened in this time and day, but today is a special day, and you'll see why I'm telling you

"October 25, 2014"

I woke up like every day, accompanied by my parents, after Samantha kissed me on the lips we've been talking and going to many parts of "Imperial Territory" also out to fish, and other things, but also gave them time to my parents and friends, now that Memphis was my grandfather told me great stories and many other things, it was great, one day I pull to fish and it was great is no doubt, taught me many techniques, and today on waking I went to run through the sides of the territory, listening songs on my MP3 and I felt like singing the song that was there ... As wore hearing aids could not hear my voice, my vocal cords hopefully not destroyed by both cry, but since ...

RC: Can anybody find me somebody to love

Ooh, each morning I get up I die a little

Can barely stand on my feet

Take a look in the mirror and cry

Lord what you're doing to me

I have spent all my years in believing you

But I just can not get no relief, Lord!

Somebody, ooh somebody

Can anybody find me somebody to love?


I work hard every day of my life

I work till I ache in my bones

At the end

I take home my hard earned pay all on my own

I get down on my knees

And I start to pray

Till the tears run down from my eyes

Lord somebody (somebody) ooh somebody

Can anybody find me somebody to love?

Everyday I try and I try and I try

But everybody wants to put me down

They say I'm going crazy

They say I got a lot of water in my brain

Ah, got no common sense

I got nobody left to believe in

Yeah yeah yeah yeah

Oh Lord

Ooh somebody - ooh somebody

Can anybody find me somebody to love?

Got no feel, I got no rhythm

I just keep losing my beat

I'm OK, I'm alright

I is not gonna face no defeat

I just gotta get out of esta prison cell

Someday I'm gonna be free, Lord!

Find me somebody to love

Find me somebody to love

Find me somebody to love

Find me somebody to love

Find me somebody to love

Find me somebody to love

Find me somebody to love

Find me somebody to love love love

Find me somebody to love

Find me somebody to love somebody somebody somebody somebody

Somebody find me

Somebody find me somebody to love

Can anybody find me somebody to love?


Find me somebody, somebody

Find me, find me, find me, find me, find me

Ooh - somebody to love


Find me, find me, find me somebody to love

Anybody, anywhere, anybody find me somebody to love love love!

Wooo somebody find me, find me love.

At the end of singing that song, I saw the sea and note many fish swimming so calm my appetite was stronger than I remove the headphones and I dove into the water to eat that delicious sandwiches kings, swimming as calmly I launched one of the techniques he taught me Mr. Memphis, bring me so quietly that neither fish there and I noticed one last bite and I had eaten three fish swallowing them as if they were brochettes.

After leaving the water and well fed I started to turn back to my cave, pass greeting all penguins seen since they were all grateful for saving them and that, go to see Ace who was already happy with their parents, I felt relieved, he saw me and came over to me and hugged my leg

Ace: RC! Thanks to you my parents came home'm so happy!

RC: No problem buddy, you can always trust me

After that Ace's parents approached me

Father: Thanks, RC. We could all go home, I never imagined that an alien save us, but now I see you're a penguin everything for everyone

Mother: That's RC, there is no way of thanking you for it, nor to care for our Ace

Ace: When big, I will be like RC, and will be a hero!

RC: No problem, just my duty, I gotta go, see you later

I left that part of the territory and as the cave was above the territory began to jump chunks of ice to reach the cave

RC: Hello! I Am Back!

Gloria was organizing fish for the week as Mumble was fishing in the other part of the territory. I approached Gloria and see all the fish and I went appetite again and that of having eaten

RC: They look delicious, Mom

Gloria: Yes, it will be for the night, but we have to save for the week

You could see that Gloria was very organized, and that pleased me quite

RC: I could eat one right now?

Gloria: I'm sorry, RC, but only until lunchtime

RC: Awwww ... Okay, I gonna wait

I sat at the exit of the cave and could see all the penguin nation of an incredible and beautiful way, I felt good knowing they were all well and was thanks to me, I do not like to be cocky but I felt good knowing that I I was the one who saved them all from my own stupid race

Gloria: Okay, RC, it's time for lunch

At that moment I woke up with enthusiasm

RC: Great! Come on!

Gloria: But before you go for your father

RC: huh? Awwwww!

I had no choice, I went to the fishing area across the territory, did not see it anywhere but saw his footsteps so decided to get into the water to see, and when you enter the water began my search under it, no could I find him anywhere, I began to worry until you hear something weird and swim there I saw it was swimming all fin and a leopard following him from behind trying to net you bite me close as fast as I could to leopard and her whip a header on the side sending him away from the saw when I went swimming from there to reach dry ice and escape the ugly leopard

RC: Well ... I do not expect to see you fight a leopard, Dad

Mumble: Things that happen sometimes

We smile and laugh a bit, until we returned home and started eating on very pleasantly cave.

"October 30, 2014"

Erik! You're not going to believe what has happened today! I were, Mumble and Gloria in the cave and started telling me that they will soon have an egg, I felt something strange but excited going to have a penguin brother! Only had to wait ... I went where Samantha talk to her awhile since Mumble and Gloria no longer had much time for me because they had to see the subject of pregnancy and stuff, I already understood, I have 17 years, I can understand those themes, Samantha and I went for a walk through the territory

Samantha: So your parents have a baby huh?

RC: Yes, hopefully soon born, I would see my brother or sister already

Samantha: Right , if I wish it well, do you want to go to slide a bit?

RC: Oh, okay

Samantha and I went to slide down a mountain near the area, we spent some time having fun and laughing, as if we were just friends but the kiss we gave long ago never be forgotten and neither I nor she had forgotten that we still put them blushing when we were very close together and smiled at the memory, and we said things like "you do not know how I thought of you today" "You look at the stars with me?" and more, I felt fine, fine everything went according as I wanted and I felt good again, hopefully this continues, I can not wait to have my brother and or and to be the boyfriend of Samantha, so my friend Erik write ... I will stop for a while ... Now I would like to live life for a while ... and see how everything goes without knowing that I'll have to then translate into an old, crumpled paper and surely not much read ... When you re-start to write'll tell you everything that happened in that ... But as time ... this is nothing more than a "see ya" ...

-End Of the eighth chapter, and First part of the history-

-Note: Well the first part of the history of RC has finished take it as a film that came to an end, now I start to put up the second part of the story not dwell in doing it, so do not worry about it, hopefully they there I liked this part of history and I continue to give encouragement to continue with the other parties do not hesitate to send me a message or leave me a bouncy comment to help me with this story that sure many of you like, so we shall see in ... -