I don't own Merlin or Harry Potter...

here is my complete summary and other stuff...

What if Merlin, who had been living for 1,300 years, was pulled back into action when, after the deaths of Harry Potter's parents and Voldemort's fall, Morgana manages to split open the gates of Avalon enough to send a message, instructions for freeing her, across. Voldemort, because he isn't quite human at the time, receives the instructions and decides to resurrect her.

It will mostly follow the books but some things will have to be altered. The same goes for the Merlin tv series.

Now with Merlin going to Hogwarts with Harry, beginning at book one, things must be easier, right? Not if there are secrets to be kept and house loyalties keeping them from trust.

(this is a warning that this will be updated as I feel like it because I thrive on inspiration)

First I want to establish a basic timeline and facts:

• Camelot rose and fell from 750AD-810AD (this has been moved back a bit so don't kill me, but I wanted Camelot's fall to be a good while before Hogwarts's rise seeing as I couldn't imagine Merlin leaving Arthur, or Gwen)

• Merlin's past is the tv series with no serious alterations and if there is, or has to be one I will mention it. Camelot (Albion) lasted until a few years after Gwen's death, and Merlin left a little after that

• Hogwarts was established in 990AD (which according to what I looked up is correct, but I wanted at least one of the years to be right)

• Merlin started helping the founders about 15 or 20 years before that and at the end he did tell them who he was.

• Salazar wasn't evil or super superior, mostly because of the effect Merlin had on him and became more humble by watching how his house developed, one of his biggest regrets his the chamber of secrets, which Merlin didn't find out about until years later. However he did leave the school out of anger and while him and Merlin came to an agreement he didn't come back.

• When Merlin went to help the founders with the school they hadn't picked a location yet and with the old religion beginning to collapse he had them build it on the Isle of the Blessed so it could only be founded.

• Merlin also used Gilli's ring as a starting point and came up with the idea of wands, he didn't make the first one or anything, so people who had basic magic abilities but couldn't tap into their powers (like Gilli) could use magic. Eventually if evolved and became fairly strong.(During his time at Camelot)

• Morgana did die but she used her strong magic to cross through Avalon on Halloween and connected with Voldemort (after he killed Harry's parents but before the first book) while he was in Albania

• Merlin has gone through Hogwarts about 8 times and taught there when it first opened and three times after. So he's gone through about 12 times.

• When he was a 5th year Nearly headless was a first year so the first time he came back after that Nick went into shock.

• 1938-1944 is when Voldemort when to school there (1942 is when chamber was opened) (as it should be)

• 1991 is when the story starts officially (once again, as it should be, with Harry in 1st year)

I, once again, don't own H.P. because if I did Draco would appear more often and be completely awesome (I don't own Merlin either or Arthur would have lived)

Anyway the next chapter will be the first real one, I just wanted to get some basic stuff straight