Title: The Brother

By: The Right Stop

"Humans Speaking"

'Human Thinking'

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"Biju/Non-Human Talking"

'Biju/Non-Human Thinking'

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Chapter One

Ōtsutsuki Kaguya was, as far as the Elemental Nations were concerned, a Oni, a Demon. It was with good reason, the horns that adorned her forehead did nothing to dissuade that fact and she made no move to hide them. The extra eye that had settled itself in the middle of her forehead was another factor that had started the rumours, among others, there was also the point that if the horns and extra eye weren't there she would look quite beautiful, her long white hair enforcing the fact that her previous occupation was a princess, it also enforced rumour that she was a Succubus, a particular rumour that she found quite laughable. But it was the immense power that she wielded that drove the final nail into the coffin. While she couldn't bend the elements to her will, she did have that ability to manipulate them via the use of her three different eyes.

The White eye, as she called it, allowed her to see through walls almost 360 degrees with the exception of the small blind spot at her upper neck. It also allowed her to see some sort of circulatory system that was in dim everyone, besides herself, which glowed brightly. She theorised that it was whatever allowed her to do things that others couldn't but she wasn't sure, this type of eye occupied the two eye sockets on either side of her face and were a pale white, making her seem blind, which she was anything but.

The Tome Eye, for the tomes that rotate around the pupil, allow her to see the world slower than normal, in addition to being able to memorise whatever she saw as well as being able to see a downgraded version of the circulatory system that the White Eye could see. The Tome Eye, that was completely red with a pupil in the centre and three tomes that swirled around it, was located in a slit in the middle of her forehead that was shared by what was, in her opinion, her most powerful eye.

The Rinnegan had a ripple-like pattern, which spreads over the entire eyeball, with light purple sclera and irises. While it so far gave her the ability to manipulate, what she had dubbed, the five basic elements, those being wind, water, fire, earth and lightning. She had the ability to change the Rinnegan with the Tome Eye at will by shutting the slit that both eyes where located in and concentrating on the eye she desired. She could also feel there were other abilities just waiting to be unlocked, she had the potential of a god at her very finger tips and it made her shiver in anticipation just thinking about unlocking the secrets of the eye. It had an unknown potential that she would spend the rest of her life unravelling if that is what it took.

The Usagi no Megami, or Rabbit Goddess, was currently seated kneeling on a balcony of a monastery that peered over much of the lands that were being bathed in the darkness of the night. The monastery itself is high in the mountain ranges of the Lightning Daimyō lands, which once housed monks that search for enlightenment, the meaning of life, if Kami exists, blah, blah, blah. She didn't actually pay attention to what they were doing here, or what they were screaming at as she slaughtered them or as burned their library down with them inside when they tried to barricade themselves in. The monastery was build on top of a mountain, with numerous areas that were to her liking.

None of that mattered though, what did matter was that she sensed something, something that was gaining power, maybe within several years at the current rate, its power would be above her own. She could only hope it would stop before then, otherwise who knows what would happen.

'Whatever it is, it has been growing in strength for the past week.' She thought, 'It seems similar to the Shinju fruit that I ate, yet different. As far as I am aware the mortal plane is forbidden to 'gods' as even half the power of a god fully manifesting on the mortal world would crack it like an egg. Or at least that's what the ancient texts state although it was written by mortals not gods so it is mostly based on theory rather than fact. It could be an avatar of a god, that would make more sense and if it is similar to the presence that Shinju fruit it means that it is most likely an avatar of the Shinju. The question is, why is the Shinju awakening now? It is obviously about the fruit I devoured, but that was a couple of years ago, so why awaken now? Why not earlier when I couldn't control my new strength? Something must have changed. And if my feelings are correct, it is due to what else happened in the past week.'

As stood from her kneeling position, she turned around and retreated back into the monastery, choosing to check on the reason she had invaded the monastery in the first place, as well as the reason she was choosing not to confront the power now.

The monastery was not incredibly large compared to others she had visited, but it was not small by any means either. The monastery she currently occupied had a courtyard, several bedrooms, two praying rooms that she would turn into testing areas for her powers, a large garden that had an energy similar to the one she wielded that she had yet to investigate but had deemed mostly unimportant, a dojo for sparing and an armoury. It had surprised her that a monastery would have weapons, but they were most likely using the katas or stances as an art form instead of a way to kill. In other words, they thought it looked pretty and thought they should try it.

Walking down the halls, her thoughts turned to the rest of the world momentarily. After casting what she called the 'Infinite Tsukuyomi', she released the hold she had on the world to see if they were worthy to have free will, and while so far they hadn't disappointed her, she kept herself wary of deception. She had already heard rumours of war and that alone made her wish she had kept her hold on the world.

After travelling through the monastery, she came across the room that housed the reason she was here, in this monastery, in the first place. She moved around choosing to kneel at the top of two of the three futons, Kaguya observed the two objects, two children, her children. That thought still brought a small smile to her face. The two babies were the reason she was here. After deciding to have a child she found a wealth noble man and placed him under an illusion, and had her way with him before killing the man. It's not like she was going to take him with her anyway and she didn't want the possibility of her child choosing him over her, no matter how small it was. Though it was only until she was several months pregnant that she realised she would need a safe place for her child to grow up and be protected without having to move around. This made her come to the decision to occupy a monastery. They were perfect, isolated, with open areas and were usually self sustaining due to how hard it is to approach one. Eventually, she chose the one she currently occupied and gave birth to two children, not a single child. TWO. It was one of the best days of her life, albeit one of the most painful as well.

Now, almost three weeks after giving birth, she sat near her two children just calmly observing them. She had yet to name them and it was quite annoying as she couldn't keep referring to them individually as child. Maybe she could think up one now, that was good idea, she would observe both children and think up a name that fits.

As she looked over both of her children, she decided to start with the one to her right. There wasn't much to say about either child physically, as both of them weren't even a month old and looked almost identical. The child she was currently focused on however did have something different about him, the Rinnegan. When she first saw the eye when she looked closely at the child she nearly dropped him, she couldn't look at them completely because the child had yet to fully open his eyes but she could just make out the ringed pupils of her most powerful eye. Other than that, he was as normal as all the other children; however that was on the outside. Using her White Eyes, she observed the child's power that he had gained from her. It was quite large, not as big as Kaguya's own but that was to be expected, he was a child after all, but it didn't change the fact that it was big, and maybe would one day rival her own. The second circulatory system that ran throughout his body was also similar to Kaguya's own again, but still on a smaller scale, his power was in constant motion, always moving. She also felt more of a connection to her this child than her other, though that doesn't mean she doesn't love her other child, no. Kaguya meant that she felt she had a connection to this child due to his eyes matching one of her own. But that didn't matter, Kaguya loved both of her children.

Turning to the other child, he looked like a completely normal child; short tuffs of white hair were starting to grow just like his brother, although his brother's hair was a surprising reddish orange, he received from his father, with completely white eyes. Not like her White Eye but completely white eyes, no hint of a pupil or iris. If she hadn't seen him reach for her when she held him Kaguya would have sworn he was blind. Quite ironic for a woman who prides herself on her visual prowess. Though that was just the physical side of things, it was what she couldn't 'see' that guaranteed that he was in fact, her son. His power coils, as she'd coined the system that was invisible to the ordinary eye, were massive. Not massive as another word for big but his coils where already on par with her own. But there was something about his coils that differed from both Kaguya's own and his brothers, not only were they larger but it also seemed stronger. Where her own coils, as well as her other son's for that matter, where a nice solid blue colour, his where a deep blue, bordering on dark blue. Kaguya had no idea what this meant, but she knew it was some sort of advantage he had over her own power. There was also the fact that he seemed in control of his own coils, she didn't know how but his power moved around his coils depending on his mood, the one time she had seen him cry, his power had responded and speed up the speed at which it moved around the pathways. It was extraordinary; it was like he was instinctively in control of it.

Despite how different they were, Kaguya knew they were still brothers, both of them rarely ever made a sound, but when they did it was usually in tandem with the other. And now, as Kaguya looked at them, she knew both her sons would be destined for greatness, for glory. But this still didn't help with her original problem of naming the two children before her.

As she turned her head back to the eldest twin, the one on her right a name struck her, one that she knew would change the world on a massive scale, one that would change the way the world and the people in it worked. As she looked down on the child that had the same ripple eyes as her, she whispered his name.

"Ōtsutsuki Hagoromo, you will change the world and all who live in it, this I know is true."

As she turned to the other child, the one who was different and similar at the same time she smiled, he would also do amazing things she was sure. But his future she felt mostly uncertain about. But one thing she did feel certain about is that he would have the ability to change things, to be able to ruin even the best of plans and make the most impossible of things happen. She smiled.

"Ōtsutsuki Naruto, my little maelstrom, you will be the one to keep people on their toes, the one impossible to predict and will do things even I would find impossible."

As she finished her naming of her children, her thoughts turned to that of sleep. She stood up before moving off to the third futon in the room, and as she drifted off into a slumber, she wondered just how her sons would change the world.


As she sat knees folded beneath her, Kaguya reflected over the years that passed since she had given birth to her two children. Two babies had turned into toddlers and from there into the seven year olds they currently were. The years past relatively quickly with small bumps but she had believed that she had succeeded in raising two smart and intellig-

"Get back here Naruto; you have to take your punishment like a man!" A childish voice that she recognised yelled.

As the noise reached her ears she withheld a little sigh. Despite her intention to raise them like children that were worthy of the station of a noble, meaning not childish, both of them had moments when it seemed like she had made no progress at all. Naruto was incredible resistant to her methods it seemed. While Hagoromo had welcomed her lessons and tried to act dignified and wise at all times, despite still having the stature of a child, Naruto had shown he was instinctively childish, and took every opportunity to remind both herself and his brother that fact.

"It's not my fault you fell of a branch and into pond! That's all you!" Another voice, Naruto, yelled back.

"You pushed me!" The first voice accused loudly.

"Not my fault you're not aware of your surroundings!" Naruto yelled back.

Kaguya released the sigh she tried to withhold. This was a common occurrence; Hagoromo would try to complete his daily meditation in a tree above a pond in the garden and Naruto would come along and try to make a fool of his older brother by pushing him into a pond somehow, usually succeeding in his endeavour. Kaguya honestly didn't know who to be disappointed in more, Naruto for the prank or Hagoromo for not moving after the fifth time. Kaguya simply turned her head to the right as she watched two seven year old children burst out from the bush with speed that two children shouldn't have.

The first having white hair that was starting to hang down, completely white eyes, wearing a brown monks robe with red magatama down the front, barefoot, with small bumps on his forehead that would eventually grow into horns much like Kaguya's own. Kaguya's belief that Naruto wasn't blind turned out to be true, Kaguya had actually believes that Naruto has better eye sight than normal in exchange for not having his mother's or brother's eyes. The fact that Naruto would never have 'awesome' eyes like his mother or brother at first made Naruto sad at first, a bit jealous that Hagoromo had the same eyes as his mother before Kaguya pointed out that Naruto had the same hair as her. Naruto then swore he would wear his hair long just like her, which made his mother smile a bit at the promise, believing it to be cute.

The second boy that came out from the bushes had short reddish hair with purple eyes that had ripples that spread out from the dot at the centre of the eye. He was also wearing the same robe as the boy before him and was also barefoot. Hagoromo had grown up to be a serious child like Kaguya wanted. He played with his brother sometimes but would usually choose to read the books that he scavenged from what left of the library or meditate usually. This was what originally started Naruto's reign as the self-proclaimed Prank King, believing Hagoromo should stop 'being boring' and 'have fun instead of sitting still and doing nothing'. Despite Hagoromo's constant objections to Naruto that meditation was doing something, Naruto continued to prank Hagoromo whenever he found him meditating. When questioned why he continued to constantly prank his brother, Naruto only replied 'I'm bored and Hago-nichan isn't doing anything important'. Naruto seemed to find infinite amusement in calling Hagoromo his 'nickname'.

The two children continued the chase with speed that would astound an outsider but was just normal in the family of three. While Kaguya hasn't started training them in their powers, she had given them a fitness regime to help occupy their time in the monastery while she tried to train in her own powers in privacy. She didn't want one of her children to see her training and try to replicate it on their own. Of the two boys, Naruto was the fittest, not that it meant that Hagoromo wasn't fit, it was just that Naruto put more effort into the exercises, choosing to go that little bit further that his brother. Hagoromo spent more time trying to become wise like his mother to help for fill his goal of trying to create everlasting peace for the Elemental Nations.

When told of their mother's dream for peace, both boys instantly made it their goal to try and achieve it along with their mother, although Hagoromo believed that peace could be achieved without force, hence the constant studying and meditating to become both smarter and wiser. His brother's belief on peace however was different; he believed that reaching out to the younger generation was the answer. Naruto believed that if the children of each generation were told the right way to do things that it was possible to prevent war from ever happening.

When Naruto told both his brother and mother of his answer, both of them looked at him strangely. While Naruto didn't show it he was actually quite intelligent, so it was a shock to both of his family members that the 'Prank King' could say something so wise.

Kaguya was knocked out of thoughts by a noise. Looking over at the two children, she saw both of them wrestling on the ground. It was obvious Naruto was winning, his superior fitness made itself known as he pinned his older brother to the grass. It wasn't exactly a pin, it was more like Naruto sitting on Hagoromo's back and not getting off until he promised to not chase Naruto if he let him up. The time in between that however was mostly seven-year olds sprouting cures at each other, Kaguya could honestly say she was surprised by the curse words coming out Hagoromo's mouth, perhaps she should check just what kinds of books he was reading.

Kaguya's observations were broken by the presence she had sensed several years ago, it had passed her own power a year ago and now Kaguya was seriously worried. The power just went up at constant rate, showing no sign of stopping or slowing down. Kaguya was now certain that whatever is was had to be godly in nature or at least part god. Nothing normal should have the amount of power she was sensing, well no one except Naruto.

The reason Kaguya had yet to start training her two sons in their own powers, as well as forbid them from experimenting, was that she wanted to wait until they were maturing enough to use them, teaching five-year olds things that could blow up houses was not a good idea. However she wanted to start teaching her children at the same time and while Hagoromo was ready, she was worried about Naruto, his power had already exceeded hers by a fair amount and she was worried he wouldn't able to control it and that it would get out of control in the end. Though she had already wasted time and put off her children's training, the power of this being was making Kaguya slightly nervous.

'I can't keep putting this off.' She thought. 'Sooner or later, whatever is gaining power will do something with it and I can't put my sons in danger by not teaching them anything to defend themselves with. Besides, the level of Naruto's power will continue to rise in age just like Hagoromo and myself, if Naruto has trouble with his abilities I'll just have to help him a bit more than his brother.' With her mind made up she took a deep breath and calming herself before standing up and facing Hagoromo, who was still on the ground but now struggling profusely, and Naruto who was on his back and appeared to be attempting to give his brother, what he liked to call, a 'Wet Willy'. Kaguya simply tried to stifle a smile at the funny scene before composing herself. Hopefully training in his powers would help quell Naruto's boredom and get him to quit his pranking.

"Naruto, Hagoromo, in front of me, now." Kaguya commanded in a stern voice. Immediately both Naruto and Hagoromo were standing in front of her, hands by their sides, their face flat. They knew better to joke around with the serious side of their mother. While she usually let them do whatever they want within reason, in return she expected to get listened to when asked, the one time that they didn't was a time they didn't want to remember but both of them had bruises for weeks. As Kaguya looked over her two children she spoke again, this time with a softer voice. "I have done some thinking over the past few days and decided to start training you both in your power." As she predicted both of them opened their eyes wide and looked at her in surprise. Before they could comment she had already continued, this time she returned to her hard voice. "In return I expect you to listen to my every word regarding this matter, okay. That means that you do not experiment with your powers alone unless I say that it isn't dangerous, you don't use your powers against each other unless in a spar. Also individual rules for each of you, Hagoromo, you do not attempt to copy anything you see me do and do not attempt to find out any powers of the Rinnegan. Okay?" Hagoromo nodded showing he understood and Kaguya turned her attention to her youngest. "Naruto, you do not attempt anything you see me or you brother use, because you don't have the Rinnegan and you might hurt yourself somehow. Everything you learn will have to be from scratch. Do you accept this?" Naruto looked up at his mother with unwavering eyes and nodded. While Naruto didn't know what he could do, he felt the need to prove he was just as good as his brother could be. While he got over the fact that he would never get the Rinnegan, Naruto always felt left out when his mother and brother discussed the abilities of the eye. Because Naruto had no idea what powers he had, hearing his two family members talk about their potential and what they could or would be able to do always left a stinging sensation in his chest. Now however he was determined to change that, the next time his family talked about powers he would be right there telling him his theories about what he could do. "Good, because if either of you break these rules, I'll stop teaching you and make sure you feel eternal pain, you got that." Both siblings gulped at the threat and nodded, they knew their mother well to tell when she was serious about going through with something. After a few seconds of silence, Hagoromo worked up the courage to ask a question.

"So we're finally going to be learning how to use chakra?" Said Hagoromo while his younger brother and mother held back a snigger and smile, respectively. Ever since he was little Hagoromo and he first heard of the power his mother wielded he had, in a rare bout of childish logic, declared that it was called chakra. Despite his growing maturity Hagoromo still called the strange power chakra and was determined to his brother and mother behind his idea.

"Yes, Hago-kun I'm going to teach you about 'chakra'?" Smiled Kaguya, Hagoromo winced a little at the 'embarrassing' nickname before smiling at the fact that he had got his mother to start calling the power chakra. Naruto sniggered again at the nickname his brother had gotten from their mother before looking at her.

"So what are you going to teach us first, Kaa-sensei?" Asked Naruto with an eager look. Kaguya smiled and a glint appeared in her eye. Time to begin the tort- training.


Ōtsutsuki Naruto was wondering what was wrong with him. Wondering what he was doing incorrectly. But the only answer that came to him was nothing. Four months after his mother had finally agreed to train both his brother and himself and he was getting nowhere while his brother was working on mastering his 'force' powers. It was frustrating how his brother was having more success than him.

Naruto was currently in what was once a room of prayer for the monks that used to live in the monastery. The room had been changed by his mother in the time his family had lived in the monastery and the room was now just a large square box that was about five meters high and twenty meters from one end to the other, with the other prayer room being identical.

Naruto sighed. He'd done what his mother had said and just meditated hoping the abilities that he had would just come to him like it had to his mother but it wasn't working. It didn't help that he was completely surrounded by brick and rock, Naruto was used to feeling the air around him, feeling it through his hair, on his skin. He especially liked it when it was windy, with the air pushing against his skin, ruffling his hair with his clothes flapping around, standing up on his toes and the feeling of them not touching the ground. Wait a minute. Naruto opened his eyes and looked down. Naruto would later deny that he was the one that made the girlish scream that drew his mother and brother from the other former praying room to his own.

He was hovering off the ground. It was insane, sounding almost impossible but he was suspended about two meters off the ground. As his brain caught up with what he was seeing, he became incredibly excited. Unfortunately that quickly turned to fear when he started to lean forward. Quickly trying to steady himself so he wouldn't hit the ground he moved his right leg forward and thrust down unconsciously adding more chakra to whatever he was doing, this was proven to be the wrong thing to do when he was propelled upwards. Realising that he what he was doing was similar to a front flip; he brought his legs together keeping them straight. It was in that second when he realised what his mother said about it coming to him instinctively. Now knowing what to do, as he finished the front flip in the air, keeping a steady amount of chakra coming out from the bottom of his feet, he managed to regain his balance as whatever he was pushing out the bottom of his feat met the ground and kept him a float. Now though he was about three and a half meters in the air, he quickly composed himself and tried to continue doing whatever he was doing while also figuring it out. After observing it he realised that during his thoughts of the wind he had unconsciously being pushing chakra out the bottom of his feet and his thoughts of wind had made his chakra change the form that it came out in resulting in him being lifted off the ground. In simple words, his chakra reacted to his thoughts, turned into wind and it pushed him of the ground.

It was just as he was finishing these thoughts that the door to the room opened and his mother and brother walked.

"Are you okay Naruto? We heard a scream." His mother said as she walked in before stopping and looking around before frowning. "Naruto, where are you? If this is one of you tricks-"

"Kaa-san, I don't think that this is one of Naruto's tricks." Hagoromo said as his wide eyes locked on to his younger brother. His eyes had been able to see the chakra coming from the ceiling.

"What makes you say that?" His mother said as she turned her head to look at him. Hagoromo didn't answer at first but instead point towards the ceiling.

"That." He simply said.

As the self proclaimed Oni turned her head upwards before her eyes mimicked her eldest son. There hovering in mid air was Naruto with a smile she knew wasn't going to be coming off his face any time soon.

"Hey Kaa-chan." He said in a sing-song voice. "Guess what I can do."

Somehow she knew that this was only the beginning.

Chapter One End.

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