Looking out her window, Lucy felt a bit frightened as the wind howled and blew pretty hard against her house. Her house wasn't as sturdy as other houses since it was built in the nineteen hundreds and the wind and rain pounding against didn't help at all. It was a horrible storm and she knew that—she just wondered how long it'll take for it to stop.

She did need a shelter over her head.

"Lucy! Come downstairs, it's time for dinner! Dan is also over!" Her mother shouted from downstairs making her groan and drag herself out of her room.

Coming down the stairs, she peeked through the living room towards the kitchen to see her idiotic little fan-boy who was a bit too obsessive over her. Knowing him since they were really young and with her a year older, he always followed her around and always asked her to be his. But honestly, she didn't see him like that. He was more like a younger brother than a boyfriend type.

"Lu-Lu! I was just talking to your mom about you."

"Dan... Why are you here?" She said straight out, slowly walking towards her childhood friend and mother as Layla gave her daughter a small scowl.

Dan didn't look like that offended him as he grinned. "Because the storm was pretty rough and I was worried about my two favorite ladies!"

"And you're welcome to eat dinner with us."

"Mama—"She started to whine but Layla cut her off. "Lucy, be nice."

"No, no, I understand. My beautiful Lucy needs to eat, I understand. I promise I'll give you all the fatty goods!"

"I don't like fatty foods!"

Suddenly, as if someone just tackled the Heartfillia residence, the house was shoved to the side and all of the three were pushed. Falling to the floor, the three gasped and were greeted with creaking noises and something falling.

Dan was the first one to stand up and grab the older woman and rush over to where Lucy was.

"Hurry, we have to get out of here before the house comes down!"

"Dan, the house isn't going to—"Lucy started to say but stopped midway when the light above her counter came crashing down and broke into millions of pieces. Lucy and Layla both screamed as it was Dan's job to quickly rush the blondes outside and into safety as the house started to break apart ever so slowly.

Standing in the pouring rain, the three watched as their house crumbled apart and blew apart as if some explosive was doing the job.

The house crumbled to their feet before their eyes and just as if it was on cue, the rain stopped and the dark clouds got washed away, having the little rays of sunlight come out for a small peek into the world.

It looked like a great day but to the Heartfillia's it was the worst.

"So... you ended up at a Hotel and you're now sleeping there?" Cana asked the blonde who slowly dragged her feet against the dirt ground as they made their way to school. Leaning against her friend, Levy, she could only sigh and nod as Cana clicked her tongue in disapproval. "That must be expensive."

"Yeah... but it's only for today because I heard that my mama's friend contacted her right after the whole incident and they said we could move in with them."

"Lu-Chan, if I could, I would have allowed you to stay with me! But my stupid parent's said we can't..."

"It's alright. I'm just staying at my mama's friend's house until our new house is rebuilt or we buy a new one. And you know what that means... bigger room!" Lucy cried out, trying to be enthusiastic about this as she really wasn't.

"Did you at least get all your valuable things?"

"Yeah, we found most of it and stuff. The insurance company is paying us to get everything back so I don't really have to worry about books or clothes like that."

"That's a relief." Cana sighed as they continued their way up the hill, occasionally stopping because of the giggles and teases from the others. Cana did a great job on scaring them away, though. Threatening to cut their hair off and throw them down the river bank if they harassed her friend any longer and it helped her get past the bullying just a bit.

She just wished everything would go back to normal so she didn't have to deal with any of the embarrassing teases.

But it looked like her luck ran dry when she saw her idiotic childhood friend, Dan, holding some kind of petition to raise money for her home to be rebuilt right in front of the school.

Screaming through a microphone, he shouted at students to pay up and it made her face flame up in embarrassment.

"Is that... Dan?"

"My god—what is that idiot doing?!" She whisper-shouted towards her friends as she used her hands to cover her face. She gently pushed her friends to try and get through the crowd of people. "Hurry, let's sneak past him! God, I'm going to give him a handful when I get home!"

"Oh! Look, it's Lu-tan! Lun-Lun, get over here!" Dan shouted, noticing the blonde who tried sneaking away. Lucy squeaked and tried hiding behind the pillar but he went over and grabbed her arm, grinning and pulling her out in front of everyone to have them stare.

"Look at this beautiful precious woman! Do you think anyone, and I mean anyone could let such a beauty suffer?"

"D—Dan! Enough of this—this is embarrassing! What do you think you're doing?!" She hissed, jerking her hand free as he still didn't look like he got the message. "What else does it look like? I'm trying to help you raise money so you can build a new house." He grinned, looking at her as if it was the most obvious thing.

"Dan... You don't need to worry about that, my mama's got everything under control. Please stop this stupid—"

"Hey! You there, guy with the pink hair! Yeah, I'm talking to you! How dare you go around and act like nothing is happening?!" Dan suddenly shouted through the microphone, ignoring Lucy's little rant as the blonde's heart stopped. She looked over at whom he was screaming at to notice it was one of the popular jocks that attended the school, Natsu Dragneel.

He was standing right next to his other popular jock friend, Gray Fullbuster, and the two looked over in confusion.

"Yeah, you too, shirtless! Yeah, don't you see what's going on here?!" Dan asked, pointing at one of his buddies who held a large sign up while having a box strapped to his chest to collect money.

Natsu stared and squinted till he finally shrugged. "And what do you want me to do?"

"Do you not own a television in your house? Didn't you see the news last night, bastard?! This poor girl's house fell down during the storm!"

"And are you accusing me on doing such thing?" He asked, nonchalant and bored expression making Dan's inner turmoil run and his anger to rush out of his ears. "No, but I want you to pay some respect and pay, you bastard!"

Natsu glanced on over at the blonde who gained eye-contact for a split second, her head turning to the right to blush.

Finally digging in his pocket, he pulled out his black leather wallet and pulled out a twenty. Right before he was about to put it in, he paused and pulled the other twenty out and folded it neatly, just about to put it in when Lucy cried out.

Stopping, everyone looked up at the blonde.

"N—no! Don't... I don't need your money, just please stop this. Dan, stop this stupid petition and gathering money for anything else. I told you, I'm fine."

"But Lu-Lu—"

"Dan, listen to me, okay? Stop this nonsense right now."

Frowning and pouting like a small child being scolded, Dan slumped away and allowed Lucy to take over.

"Thank for your offer but really, I don't need it. You're nice enough to donate forty dollars like that but like I've said, you don't need to."

"I didn't really want to but I had to 'cause this one was being annoying. But since you said I don't need to, thanks a bunch!" He half-smirked and half-grinned, stuffing his bills back into his wallet. "Anyways, I'm sure you can get money in a quick and easier way knowing how you are." He eyed her up and down, giving her a smirk before walking away with his friend.

Gawking in disbelief, she watched how the two jocks walked away as if nothing ever happened.

"That bastard! Who does he think he is saying that to you?!" Cana said, coming right next to Lucy as she started to roll up her sleeves. "I'll teach him a lesson. And Gray too! That asshole!"

"Cana! Cana—don't worry about it. He's a jock," Lucy said as she tried stopping her friend who scoffed. "That gives them no right to act like jackasses in front of you! He deserves to be pounded!"

"Cana, don't start a fight you can't finish. C'mon, it's time for class." Levy stepped in, gently putting her hand on her shoulder to make her sigh and nod.

Swinging her arms around her two friend's shoulders, she started to walk back with them complaining life was too dull.


"Aren't you excited, Lucy? I sure am—oh my gosh, just imagine all the fun we will be having!" Layla squealed as she drove to a certain place while Lucy offered a smile towards her mother. "I heard it's a family of four there and I bet it'll be twice the fun now!"

"Is that right? Well, as long as you're happy, mama, I'm happy too." The younger blonde said as Layla sighed happily and gently put her palm where her heart was in. Looking over at her beloved daughter, she offered a wide smile and an air-kiss making Lucy giggle and the two laugh all the way there.

Coming across a relatively large single house, Layla stopped right in front of it to check if it was the correct address.

When noticing it was, she gasped and unbuckled her seat belt, stepping outside to go check if it was her friend's house. Lucy also trailed out with her mother and the two approached the door, both wondering if they were correct.

Once the bell rang, the door opened a few seconds later to have a woman about five four height with long blue hair come out with the look of curiosity on her face. She looked around for a moment till her eyes fell on the blonde in front of her and the two started to squeal like school-girls, hugging and jumping around.

Lucy could only watch in bliss as her mother looked so happy.

"Layla, oh my gosh, Layla! I haven't seen you in so long! You still look so flawless! Oh my god—is this daughter?! You two look so much alike!"

"Yes, yes, this is my daughter. Lucy, say hi. This is Grandine, one of my best friend's back in when I attended school!"

"H—hello, Grandine. I'm Lucy Heartfillia." Lucy bowed respectfully as Grandine gasped. "She's even better in person!"

Lucy blushed and smiled shyly as Grandine quickly ushered the blonde's inside, calling for her husband who was apparently, her mother's friend too. And once he did come out, Lucy was amazed to see such a male with dashing features.

"Igneel! Oh my god—Igneel!"


The three were too busy screaming and giving hugs that Lucy was completely left out. Trying not to let that bother her, she took in the house as it looked much larger and much better inside than outside. She actually liked it.

"Oh, where are my manners? We have to get your stuff inside—it's late! Here, I'll call my son to help!"

"Oh no, its okay, Grandine! Lucy and I can manage, right?" Layla smiled towards her daughter who nodded, trying to show off her muscle making Grandine laugh and shake her head.

She went over to the bottom of her stairs and called out towards her son to help.

Meanwhile, Lucy and Layla went out with the help of Igneel to gather their belongings.

Quietly squealing to herself, Lucy grabbed her school bag and her Plue doll and hugged it tightly against her chest, unable to contain the excitement. "It looks like it's going to be a good one for us, Plue!" She said excitedly as she sighed happily and pressed him against her chest. Grabbing her other large pink and white bag, she tried pulling it out as it kind of got stuck between the car seats.

Unknowingly, somebody came up behind her and watched her struggle.

"Do you need some help with that?"

"Oh, no! I'm fine—thank you for your help though—"Lucy started to say as she flashed a sweet smile but it fell instantly when she realized who it was.

Turning around, she slammed her back against her car as she looked up at the smirking pink-haired jock she just encountered today. Staring up at him with wide eyes, she couldn't believe it.

"N—Natsu Dragneel..."

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