It was a bright and early morning where the sun was shining high in the sky and the birds sang happily as if they had no care in the world. The world went by like any other day and down in the Dragneel household was a day where it was now, an everyday thing.

"Mom, dad... I'm going to marry Lucy."

With the sound of the alarm clock going off, Lucy groaned and rolled over to press down on the snooze button. Within seconds, the constant annoying beeps died down and silence absorbed the room once more.

Lucy laid on her back and stare up at the ceiling for a good second, trying to find the motivation to get up and do her daily activities but as soon as she was about to sit up, she felt something warm wrap around her waist and pull her deeper into her bed. Soon, she felt something nuzzle into her neck and she smiled widely, feeling the hardness of a chest pressed against her back.

"What time is it?" A groggily voice muttered into her ear making her giggle slightly.

"It's barely nine," she whispered back, drawing circles on his forearm. "you can sleep a bit longer. I'm just going to go down to make some breakfast."

"No," he groaned. "stay in bed with me." He begged making her giggle once more and turn around to face the male.

His hair was everywhere and he had dried drool on the corner of his mouth but he still was the cutest thing as he sleepily gazed down at her.

"Natsu, I can't stay in bed all day," she reached over to touch him but he was quick to grab her hand in his before she could. He pulled her hand to his lips and pressed a sweet kiss on her palm making her practically melt.

"You can stay in bed for thirty more minutes," he smirked. "it ain't going to kill anyone."

"Natsu," she groaned once more but he was quick to flip over and hover on top of her.

Lucy's cheeks reddened as she looked up at the smirking male. "W—what are you doing?"

"C'mon, hang with me some," he leaned down to press a nice kiss on her neck causing her to shiver. "we could wrestle some." He said against her neck making her arch her back into his chest and moan slightly. "That's it, come to the dark side, Luce." He whispered into her ear as his hand started to travel down her chest.

Lucy could only squirm under him as she clutched onto his biceps. "Natsu," his name barely came out of her lips as he leaned down to kiss her.

But as he was about to kiss her, the door suddenly swung open causing the couple to turn and look to see who the intruder was. Standing right at the door was fifteen year old Romeo, the look of pure disgust shadowing his face as he saw his brother and his sister-in-law in bed.

"Romeo!" Lucy was quick to push Natsu off her as she squealed and sat up straight. Natsu merely clicked his tongue in disapproval as he used his elbows to keep him up. "W—what are you—?"

"You two are disgusting," he spat out making Lucy cringe as Natsu stared. "there's a kid in the house—no, a kid right next door to you guys and you're trying to play around?"

"It's not something you haven't seen so I don't see the problem," Natsu spoke up making Lucy look at him in shock and anger. "what? He's not twelve anymore, Luce. He's fucking fifteen years old!"


"Just hurry up and come downstairs already. Mom made breakfast and you have work soon, Natsu." Romeo threw the couple one last glare before he closed the door on the two.

It left the couple silently sitting there for a moment before Natsu sat up and faced Lucy once more. "Well! Now, where were we?"

"Natsu, I think it's time to get up, now." She sighed, placing a hand in between the two to keep the distance making him gawk and ask why. "The mood is all ruined!" She looked away in embarrassment. "Besides, Romeo is right. He's right next door and I don't need that kid giving us anymore crap for it." She said as she threw the covers off her legs and stood up to stretch.

Natsu merely clicked his tongue as he watched her stretch, his hungry eyes watching her every movement. "That's not what you were saying last night when I was nailing you right in this bed."

"T—that was different!" She cried out, her entire face growing red as he smirked.

"How is that different?"

"B—because it was night-time and everyone is asleep! Everyone is awake now, they could walk in on us or something!"

"Well wouldn't you have them awake than waking them up?" He tilted his head to one side as he waited for her response.

It only left Lucy blushing even redder and throwing her hands in the air. "I—I don't know! Just—just get up!" She quickly left the room leaving Natsu to snicker to himself and lay there in satisfaction.

If it was one thing he loved, it was always the act of messing with his wife every day.


"Have a good day at work," Lucy flattened the front of his shirt as the male watched her actions. "I packed your lunch in your bag and make sure to call me when you're on your way home." She said making Natsu snort and put his hand on her head.

"Of course, when haven't I?" He smirked making her roll her eyes. "I'll see you later," he leaned down to press a quick kiss on her forehead before his eyes shifted to behind her to nod towards his mother. "bye mom."

"Bye, Natsu. Have a great day at work!" She grinned, waving goodbye at her son who gave Lucy one last look before he turned around and walked right out the doors. Once he was gone, the two females went over to the kitchen to sit down at the dining table. "Oh he's such a boring guy, even after a year of your marriage." She rubbed her finger on the surface of the dining table making Lucy shrug.

"He changed slightly. Less mean," she said as she reached for a tangerine. "he can be sweet, too."

"I think you changed him," Grandine winked, nudging the blonde who flushed slightly as she popped a slice into her mouth.

"You really think so?"

"I know so!" She cried out, throwing her hands in the air. "Natsu was so rude and bland but you just came and brought color into his life and it's amazing!" She sighed happily while pressing her hand to her cheek, watching the blonde who reached for her second tangerine. "But he still has that tone, "hi mom"." She mocked her son making Lucy giggle. "How do you deal with him?"

Popping another slice into her mouth, Lucy hummed. "Well, he isn't like that all the time. My favorite side of him is when he's all grin-ish and happy. He's usually like that around me nowadays." She shrugged once more as she piled up the tangerine peels into one pile. "He's loosening up."

"Oh I know what you mean," Grandine clicked her tongue is disapproval. "Igneel was like that, too! All grumpy and such! But now he's just a—"she paused to watch Lucy with careful eyes as she reached for yet another tangerine.

Lucy stopped in her tracks when she realized how Grandine stopped talking so suddenly, the blonde looking up to stare right into the dark eyes of Grandine.

"Are you hungry, sweetheart? Do you want me to make you something to eat?"

"Oh, me? No, I'm not hungry at all."

"Then why do you keep eating so many tangerines?"

Looking down at the bowl of tangerines and her pile of peels, Lucy realized that she was about to eat, yet another, tangerine. "Uh, I don't know," she smiled sheepishly. "I'm craving something sour, I suppose?"

Suddenly Grandine gasped as she looked at her daughter-in-law with wide eyes.


"Could it be?" She whispered, her eyes flickering towards her flat stomach to the bowl of tangerines. "Lucy... are you pregnant?"

"Pregnant?" Lucy almost choked on her tangerine as she looked up at her mother-in-law with wide eyes. "W—why do you think I'm pregnant?" She asked, her cheeks flushing red as Grandine giggled.

"Oh Lucy, please! I know what you two do," she winked making her cheeks grow even redder. "what if?!" She shot up in her seat, startling Lucy. "What if you are?! Oh my, my two kids growing up and even baring a child!" She went over to wrap her arms around the blonde who just sat there awkwardly while chewing her slice. "I can't believe this, I have to go!" She left go of Lucy to run off somewhere leaving the newest Dragneel to sit there in complete silence and confusion.

"A... baby?"





"Yes, hello? Levy? Yes, this is Grandine. I just wanted to tell you that from now on, you should keep a close eye on Lucy! Yes, I believe it is the time where our dear Lucy will be... expecting!"

"Hello, Cana? Oh hello, it's me, Grandine! I wanted you to know that our Lucy would be expecting very soon! Yes, our Lucy! Yes, yes, I know! Thank you!"

"Hello, I would like to know if you guys had a program that helped out with mothers-to-be?"

"Layla, we might be grandma's very soon! I think Lucy and Natsu have done the deed! Yes, yes! I hope so, too! Plenty!"


Laying on her bed, Lucy stared up at the ceiling as she had a pile of tangerines beside her and a pile of peels right beside the bowl. She felt nauseous just thinking about everything that happened that day and she even skipped work because she felt dizzy thinking about it. Grandine took the news too far and told almost everyone and now, everyone knew she was going to be a mother.

Everyone expect Natsu. She wonders how he would take it and knowing him, he would probably think it was some sick joke.

"Does Natsu even like kids?"

"He's the type to not like anyone," Cana pointed out as she sat in one of the chairs in her room while Levy sat in the other. "he'll probably just brush it off like any other thing."

"But, I mean, the baby is his so don't you think he would have a little bit more of an reaction?" Levy asked making Lucy shrug and sigh. "I mean, if he didn't want a kid, you would think he would have been more careful... right?" The blunette looked at her two friends as Cana smirked and Lucy flushed slightly.

"Yeah! Dragneel should be more careful, wouldn't he?"

"I—I don't know!"

"Oh yeah you do," Cana nodded her way. "unless you two are into some freaky shit."

"No way!" Lucy cried out, her face burning with embarrassment just thinking about it. "I just... I don't know. Do you think he would have some kind of reaction if I told him I was pregnant? I didn't even think twice about pregnancy!" She threw her hands in the air as she let out a groan.

Levy and Cana could only exchange glances.

Looking down, Lucy stared at her flat stomach and placed her hand on top, feeling the warmth radiating off her skin. "A baby... huh?" She whispered. "Do you think they would look like Natsu or me?"

"Well if it was a guy, he would look like Natsu and if she was a girl, she would look like you."

"Pink and yellow haired babies?"

"What if our kids are ugly?" Lucy gasped, her eyes wide making Levy and Cana roll their eyes at the blonde. "No, I'm serious! I don't want my kid to blame me for their looks!" She whined. "I hope they look like Natsu..."

"Lucy, don't worry," Cana reassured. "you're one hot mama. Your kid has no chance of being ugly," she rolled her eyes. "unless they look like Dragneel."

"I mean, Natsu isn't that ugly," Levy said making Lucy look at her best friends in confusion she shock. "he's a good-looking guy but..."

"Levy, I don't want to hear it from you who is dating metal-face."

"Hey!" The short one flushed red. "I think they're cool!"

Letting out a sigh, Lucy pressed her hand against her forehead as she felt her head start to throb. "I don't know... Natsu comes home in four hours and I'm kind of scared to even break the news to him. Would you guys be here when I tell him?" She pleaded making the two exchanged glances once more. "What?"

"Sorry, Lucy, but I have to go work the night-shift at the library..."

"And I got myself a hot date," Cana licked her lips while smirking making Lucy groan out loud.

"But you guys!"


Throwing her head back to bury her face into her pillow, Lucy let out a low and loud groan just thinking about Natsu's reaction.

For once, she was scared to talk to Natsu.

"Yo, Dragneel, congratulations!" A male came over to slap the pink-haired worker on the back making Natsu give him a questioning look. "I heard the news! Good luck!" He winked his way before he went his direction leaving him to stand there in confusion. Soon, another worker came up to him and gave him a slap in the back and another shout of excitement.

Then he started to notice the looks and whispers from his co-workers all around the place, the looks of excitement and surprise being thrown his way.

He stood there for a good minute or two, trying to see what he should be excited for. A raise? A promotion? Did somebody he didn't like leave? What was going on?

Eavesdropping on the conversations to see what he was being congratulated for, Natsu's ears perked up when he heard baby and future-dad in the same sentence. Especially after they said his name, he finally understood what was going on.

"What the fuck."


Coming home that night, Natsu had mixed emotions about everything. He was confused and surprised and angry and everything that he could feel all at once. He felt overwhelmed but he kept his straight-face on and entered his home to be greeted with his entire family sitting in the living room waiting for him. He felt confused and surprised as he noticed the face-splitting grin his mother had and the look of pride stretched across his father's face. Romeo looked confused as well and Layla had the same grinning look on her face as his mother. Lastly, his eyes traveled to his wives face and noticed she looked embarrassed, shy even, and finally a sigh flew out of his lips.

"Natsu, come sit!"

"I'm good," he said as he approached the couches and stood right beside his brother who was seated on the couch. "what's going on?"

"Natsu, we have some good news for you!"

"I'm proud of you, son," Igneel added making Natsu look at his father with a dull expression.

"Lucy, go on, tell him!" Layla nudged her daughter who looked up at her husband in all nervousness.

"Uh," she squeezed her legs together to keep them from shaking. "I... I think I'm," she cleared her throat. "I think I'm pregnant, Natsu."

"You think you are?" He asked making Lucy slowly nod as her face started to grow even redder. "So, you're not one hundred positive but you think you are?" He said making her frown and look at him in realization. "You didn't even bother to check and now everyone at work knows you're pregnant and I assume everyone else, too, right?" He looked at his mother who frowned and gave him a glare.

"I'm positive Lucy is pregnant!"

"How are you?"

"She's been craving sour foods and she also feels nauseous and I hope she throws up all over you for being so negative about things!" She scolded making Natsu roll his eyes and take his backpack off, digging inside to look for something. "What are you looking for, now?"

"This," he pulled out a pregnancy stick to toss it right at his wife who caught it. "knowing her and you, I thought something like this might happen. Go and check if you're actually pregnant," he ordered the blonde who stared at the rectangular box before nodding and standing up to leave. "and if you are, I'll give you my reaction but right now, with her being the judge of everything," his eyes flickered to his mother who gave him a dirty look. "I'm not going to trust it."

"Fine! But when Lucy is pregnant and I'm right, I'll show you!"

"But when she's not, you better clear this rumor because I don't need anymore co-workers coming up to me crying or congratulating me for a baby that isn't even coming."

"So this was what all this was about?" Romeo asked making everyone shift their attention to the teen. "Geez, if Lucy-Nee is actually pregnant, there'll be more noise in this household."

"Romeo!" Grandine scolded as well making him shrug and lean back into his seat.

"Oh wouldn't that be lovely?" Layla clasped her hands together to smile at Igneel who grinned back.

"Finally, a grandkid! I could die happily," he sighed making Natsu sigh and clicked his tongue in disapproval.

"I doubt it," his eyes shifted to Lucy who returned from the bathroom with the pregnancy stick in her hands. "well? What is it?" He asked making Lucy silently stare at the stick as everyone stare at her.

After a moment of patiently waiting, Lucy let out a sigh and looked up at her family.

"I'm not pregnant."





Leaning against the railing, Lucy stare up at the dark sky full of millions of stars that each painted a picture. She would trace the zodiacs she could find and continue to look for others, the feeling of disappointment weighing on her shoulders like it was thousands of pounds.

She couldn't believe she just embarrassed herself and Natsu like that. It was going to be hard to explain that to everyone and now, she didn't know how to face anyone.

She should have checked beforehand and now, she looked like a fool. Especially to Natsu who knew from the start.

"God, I'm so stupid," she muttered to herself as she looked down at the empty street where she walked every morning.

"You're not that stupid," a voice behind her muttered as a pair of arms wrapped around her waist. "you're just weird." He said making her roll her eyes and scoff.

"Is that supposed to make me feel better?" She asked as she felt the weight of his head lean against her shoulder.

"Nope," he popped the P. "but I'm just telling you that you don't need to worry about it. It's whatever." He said making Lucy sigh and slump her shoulders even more.

"I was really... excited. I thought maybe my life would start if we had a kid and... god, I'm just so stupid." She covered her face in anger and embarrassment making Natsu pull away and turn the blonde around to face him.

"Hey, hey," he pulled her hands away to look at her in the face. "I told you, it's nothing to sweat about. We're still young and we still have time," he reassured, wiping the single tear that rolled down her cheek. "so it's nothing to cry about." He smiled softly as Lucy leaned into him. He wrapped his arms around her figure and held her tight, placing his chin on top of her head. "Lucy, I love you."

"I love you, too." She muttered into his chest as she let out a loud sigh. "What would you do if I was actually pregnant? Would you have been happy?"

"Of course," he replied almost immediately. "it's our child... I would love him or her unconditionally like you." He pulled away to look down at her. "You're my wife... my life, now. You mean everything to me and if you give me a child, I would love you even more." He brushed his thumb against her cheek making her lean into his hand. "But let's just hope he or she isn't an airhead like you." He laughed making her pout.

"I hope they're not as stupid as you!"

"But I do hope they're as beautiful as you," he smiled down at her. "Lucy, if you want a kid, we could always try again."

"Do you want a kid?" She looked up at him with wide glossy eyes making his smile turn into a grin.

"Of course," his grip around her tightened, pressing her even more into his chest. "do you?"

Looking up at him, she smiled right back and nodded. "Yes."

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