Fixing her bowtie around her neck for the final time, Lucy let out a deep breath as she examined her outfit for that morning. She looked decent and looked almost the same as if she did every day, her favorite blue ribbon tied against her side pony tail and her uniform neat and winkle-free as ever. Her make-up was on point that morning and even her hair didn't put up a fight that morning but she preferred it that way, anyways.

After all, today was the day where would finally stop being a High School student and become a College student.

It was finally graduation day and she was nervous as ever. She was lucky enough to pass her exams and get through all the difficulties getting into a college, now it was just graduation in the way of her upcoming career.

Grabbing the necessary things she needed, she quickly stepped out of her room to be greeted with the male next door, the two staring at each other in surprise.

Awkwardly standing by their doors for a while, Natsu was the first one to move as he took two steps away from his door.

And of course, he was stopped almost immediately.

"W—Wait a minute."


"Erm... I just want to ask... what College you are going to. You didn't tell me which exam you took or even which school you got into... so I just... erm... want to know..."She trailed off awkwardly as she tried to make it sound smooth as possible. But with her stammering and uneasiness, it made it sound forced and Natsu couldn't help but guffaw obnoxiously.

She grimaced at his laughter and glanced up at the taller jock. "Well?"

"I'm not telling you," he teased making her frown slightly. "what are you going to do with that information, anyways?"

"I—I just... I don't know, I just—"

"Just what?" He urged her to go on making her feel even more uncomfortable and powerless. She felt the heat rush to her cheeks and she felt the nervousness subside and anger wash over her, hating how he teased her so shamelessly.

"Fine! I just wanted to know what school you're going to, what's the big deal anyways?! You're so annoying all the time and always tease me about everything! You're such a brat, Natsu!"

"A brat? Me? Who's the one screaming at me because I won't tell her which College I've been accepted to?" He asked, stepping closer towards the blonde to tower over her figure making her glare daggers at him. "That's right, it's you miss prissy."

"Don't call me that!" She hissed out, practically plotting his death there. "Why won't you just tell me? What's so secretive about it?!" She cried out, throwing her arms in the air to emphasis her point. "Don't tell me you didn't even get accepted to a College!"

"What's going on here? Why are you two screaming at each other so early in the morning?! And before graduation, too!" Grandine suddenly joined the scene making the two stop and look over at the woman who was dressed in a nice formal black and white dress. She had her luscious locks in a tight low bun and she had a worried scowl decorating her face. "What's going on?"

"She started it, I didn't." Natsu said, raising his hands up in reasoning as he pointed at the gawking female. "She started to go all batshit on me because I wouldn't tell her which College I got into."

"What?! When did I ever go batshit on you?!"

"Alright, that's enough!" Grandine said as she pushed the two away from each other, a sigh flying out of her lips. "It's almost time to go so Natsu, go down and get ready, okay?"

"Yes ma'am." He nodded towards his mother before flashing a knowing smirk at the blonde. "See ya, blondie."

"Why you—!"

"Lucy, ignore him." The older woman said as she stepped in her line of vision making the blonde trail her eyes up the woman before landing on the distress expression. "Getting angry at the time will cause wrinkles and that's not a good thing," she reminded as she put her hands on the shoulders of the blonde to let her cool down. "besides, it's a waste wasting energy on that idiot."

"No kidding," she muttered under her breath before taking in a deep breath to exhale later. "I'm sorry for screaming so early in the morning."

"No, no, it's okay. The entire house is used to it by now but it's still an unpleasant feeling, y'know?" She offered a sweet smile making the blonde cringe at her sickening sweet tone of voice as she picked some lint off her shoulder. "It's alright now. Let's get going, hm?"

"Y—yes ma'am..."


She was nervous. She was definitely nervous. She never been up on stage where everyone watched her and she didn't want to start now. What if she tripped? What if she did something stupid and end up being laughed at by the entire class at the last day of high school? She didn't want to be remembered as 'that girl who tripped on stage on graduation'! That would be the worst thing ever!

Practically drenching her clothes in sweat, the blonde couldn't help but bounce her knee up and down and bite her nails nervously.

"Geez, what's up your ass today, Lucy?" Cana asked making her snap her neck towards her. "Cat got yer tongue?"

"Shut up, Cana! I'm nervous, okay?! I never have been on stage before!"

"Hey, you're going to end up tripping if you keep worrying of something stupid like that."

"Just take a couple of deep breaths and don't freak out so much! You're in front of the entire class! You don't want to make a fool out of yourself on the last day!" Levy mocked along with Cana making the blonde cry out and throw her limps in the air to tell them to shut up before she actually did something reckless.

Sometimes, she just hated her friends.

"Hey, Natsu Dragneel!"

"Must you always call me by my full name when you talk to me?" The pink-haired jock asked, glaring slightly as he was interrupted in the middle of his sentence. He was irked he had to sit so close to the idiot and he hated how Dan was graduating early with them—it made it much worse. "What do you want from me?"

"What school did you get accepted to?"

"What's it to you?"

"Can't I know?! I want to make sure you didn't get accepted into the same school as Lu-tan!"

"What if I did? What are you going to do about it?" He smirked, challenging him making Dan try and stand up in his seat to go over and pick a fight but his posse all calmed him down by grabbing him and shoving him back in his seat.

"You bastard! Come and fight me for Lu-pyon! She's too good for you!"

Snickering at his distress and anger, Natsu found himself grinning at the male sitting five seats down from him. "Too bad she just sees you as a 'little brother.' You don't even stand on the same level as me," he said making Dan cry out in surprise at his words. "so before you even try and start a fight with me, make sure you know where you are, okay?"

"What did you say to me?!" Dan shouted, shooting up in his seat to go and give Natsu a piece of his mind but then the microphone made a noise catching everyone's attention and making the entire place go into a hush.

The principal stood in front on the stage and he offered a wide smile, greeting and thanking everyone for attending.

"This isn't over!" Dan hissed, sitting back down to shoot Natsu a look making him shrug and focus his attention on the man below.

He didn't really pay attention to anything he was saying since it was early and he wasn't interesting in his stupid speech he prepared. He caught a few words such as 'grateful' and 'proud' and 'congratulations' but that was all and he was practically half-asleep during the entire thing. His friends beside him had to nudge him awake multiple times and before he knew it, it was time for the students to receive their High School diploma and they were going by schools.

He peeled his eyes open for this one and he felt a smirk crawl up his face as he heard the principal announce his school.

Standing up, he excused himself and squeezed himself out of his aisle, apologizing to the ones who were in his way. Once he was out, he went down the stairway and stood at the bottom of the stage, standing next to the ones who were attending the same College he was.

And boy was he glad he picked this one because the look on the student's face beside him wanted him to start crying in amusement.

"W—W—what are you doing?!"

"What? They called my school; why else would I be up here?" He questioned quirking his brow making the blonde next to him gawk even more in disbelief. "Shut your mouth, you'll catch flies." He snickered making her clamp her mouth shut, the sound of teeth clashing being heard. "Why are you so surprised?"

"I... I didn't think... I didn't think you were attending Magnolia—"

"Well I am so suck it up, Princess." He smirked as the principal called the two up making Natsu start walking up the stairs. Lucy was quick to follow as the couple made their way up the stairs to greet their principal to receive their diploma and hand-shake. Lucy couldn't take her eyes off the grinning male beside her since it was too hard to believe but she couldn't help but feel some sort of joy inside her chest.

She was going to be attending the same College as this guy! Even though she fought with him constantly, she couldn't imagine how lonely she would be without him beside her all the time.

This was probably the reason why he didn't tell her which College he was going to—he wanted to see her reaction.

And she must have looked like an idiot gaping at him like a goldfish out of water.

Now realizing how stupid she must have looked, the blonde flushed from head to toe as she kept her gaze on the ground. How could she ever face him again?! She messed up big time there... and to the idiot who lives under the same roof top as her!

Failing to pay attention to anything around her, the blonde went down the stairs and missed her footing making her tumble down and fall right on top of the jock walking in front of her.

Gasps and screams were heard throughout the auditorium and Lucy knew she would get an ear-full from him, later.


"Geez, Lucy, you were hilarious during the graduation! Hahah! It's was so funny watching you tumble down the stairs on top of Dragneel! God, I wish I've gotten that one on tape!" Cana barked out as she couldn't help but laugh at her friend's distress while Lucy flushed pink from embarrassment. She narrowed her gaze to the floor as Levy and Grandine giggled from besides her. "You'll be known as 'the chick who fell during graduation' at reunions!"

"Cana, geez!" The blonde cried out making her brunette of a friend snicker as Grandine placed a sympatric hand on her shoulder. "Did Romeo leave, too?

"Yes, he did because he said I'm too embarrassing!" She giggled making the three teens cry out in surprise. "And your mother left right after she given you your flowers because she has to attend to the bakery!"

"Ah, I knew that."

"We're really proud of you, Lucy." Grandine offered, smiling widely at her before fixing her gaze on the other two. "Of course, I'm proud of you two, too!"

"Thank you!"

"Ah, by the way, where's Natsu?! I told him we'll be taking pictures!" She cried out, looking all around for her pink-haired son to hunt him down and snap pictures of him.

Most specifically, pictures of him and Lucy, together.

"Come on, maybe he's outside!" She suggested making the three graduated students nod and file out of the crowded hallways of the place. They made it out to the front of the place as everyone snapped pictures, cried together, and hugged as if it was their last time seeing each other. Natsu didn't appear to be outside, either, and it made Grandine frown and sigh in frustration.

But soon, her frown was replaced with a wide grin as she clutched her camera close to her chest. "Ah, I wish I was back in school! I want to wear my uniform around, too." She whined making the three girls scoff.


"We just want to hurry and get out of these..."

Suddenly, Lucy was quick to gasp and look directly at the glass windows making everyone else follow her gaze, gasps flying out as well.

A couple the four didn't recognize were having a steamy make-out session making Lucy's face explode into red as Grandine sighed out in happiness. "Now that's how you end your High School years! That's exactly how you're supposed to end it!" She sighed happily, trailing her eyes back at Lucy to notice how red she was.

It somehow reminded her of her son once more and gasped. "That's right, Natsu! Find Natsu!"

"There he is!" Levy pointed out as the four all turned and looked towards the door entrance to see the pink-haired jock holding two bouquets of flowers in one arm and his diploma in his hands. He was speaking with his sport coach and he seemed like he was having a great time till a bunch of girls ran up to him, crying about how they wanted a photo taken with him.

The male looked irked as he bid his coach one last goodbye before walking away somewhere else, leaving the girls hanging and frowning.

"Poor girls..." Grandine sighed, feeling bad for them as she glanced at the girls around her. Lucy also had the same expression as she did while Levy and Cana looked slightly worried, glancing at the blue-haired woman back at Lucy before Cana cried out.

"Hey, isn't that Lisanna Strauss?"

Immediately, the four females looked over at the doorway where Lisanna came rushing over to Natsu, clutching his arm to smile widely. "Natsu, let's take a picture together!" She cried out happily, interrupting his conversation with his friend. "Hurry!" She waved at her friend who held the camera.

Grandine looked beyond annoyed as she threw dirty looks her way, Lucy staring at the couple to see what would happen.

Just as Lisanna leaned against the jock and her friend was about to take the photo, Natsu jerked himself free and walked away as the photo was taken. It left Lisanna dumbfounded as the four giggled at her expression and her rejection.

"Hey Lucy!" Grandine pulled on the arm of the blonde. "Hurry and go ask Natsu for a picture, too!"

"E—eh?" The blonde cried out in surprise, looking at her with wide eyes. "W—why?"

"Because it's graduation!"

"B—But... it's okay... I don't need a picture with him... I don't even want one with—"

"No excuses! Go on and show those girls that you're different from them! Go on! Go!" Grandine nudged the blonde but she stood her ground and shook her head, her golden locks flying everywhere. The blue-haired woman huffed in annoyance and planted a hand on her hip, her other hand holding her camera. "Fine then." She huffed, turning around to grin and cup her palm around her mouth. "Hey, Natsu Dragneel!"

Turning his head to look at the one who called his name, his eyes caught his mother pushing Lucy towards his way, the blonde cautiously approaching him.

His dark eyes followed the blonde who now stood in front of him, a weak smile appearing on her face. "What?" He quirked a brow at her. "Are you going to ask me for a picture, too?"

The blonde glanced over at Grandine who was grinning at her and she slowly nodded, offering a sheepish smile. "Y—yeah..."

"Do you think... you're in the position to ask me for a photo?" He questioned making Lucy's smile slowly drop and her gaze narrow to the ground. She bit down on her lip and felt the embarrassment climb up to her face as she slowly shook her head. Her lips formed a pout and she slowly started to walk away from him as she felt the burning gazes from the girls around, giggles and snickers being heard.


"Hey, Lucy Heartfillia." He suddenly called out making the blonde stop and slowly turn around to eye the jock. He tried to look annoyed but the amused expression on his face showed otherwise. He switched the flowers and diploma to his other arm as he held his arm out towards her. "Come here."

The blonde looked at him with wide eyes as he sighed impatiently and grabbed her, pulling her into a side-hug. She felt the warmth of the male beside her and she couldn't help but blushed slightly.

"Happy?" Natsu asked, looking at his mother who gawked, surprised that he even agreed. She quickly nodded and held the camera up, grinning wider than before. "That's perfect! Stay like that, okay?" She said as the girls around them started to murmur and gasp in surprise, Lisanna looking like she was about to faint.

Lucy couldn't help but smile as she saw the girls around her crying about how Natsu Dragneel was taking a picture with her.

"T—thanks..." Lucy murmured making Natsu smirk, holding her tight against him. "for taking the picture, I mean."

"Hey... gotta remember the day where we graduated high school, right?"

"One..." Grandine sang as Natsu and Lucy both smiled at the camera.

"How come you didn't take it with the other girls then?"


"Because... I like you but I don't like them."



"Hey, hey, you, you, I don't like your girlfriend! No way, no way, I think you need a new one, hey, hey, you, you, I don't like your girlfriend... I think I can be your girlfriend!"

Lucy let out a sigh as she picked at her cup of fruit while her class clapped, sang along, and laughed like they were having the time of her life. After all, it was the last time they were going to be in the same class ever again but that was what was bringing her down. Natsu was also clouding her memories making her feel all weird inside.

What did he mean he liked her and didn't like the girls? He hated her, they hated each other.

Blowing some air out to brush the bangs away from her eyes, the blonde was oblivious to her friends staring at her in worry.

Suddenly, loud voices and footsteps were heard behind her and everyone turned to see what it was. Surprisingly, it was their rival class that was full of idiots and jocks, including, Natsu Dragneel.

The blonde's eyes went wide in shock as she gained eye-contact with the jock, a small smirk curling upwards on his lips.

"Ew, what are the nerds doing here?" One said from the class making Cana sneer. "Hey! We don't want you bitch-ass, either!"

"Mister, what is the meaning of this!?" Ultear stood up in her seat, the glare clearly present as she glared at the waiter and the other homeroom teacher, Jellal, who smiled sheepishly. "We don't get along!"

"I—I thought it would be good since you're both part of the same school! Come on, give it a shot!"

"No way!"

"We hate each other!"

Just then, the booming voice of Dan Straight was heard as everyone's attention was fixed towards the small stage up front, the male coming out dressed in a sparkling white dress shirt. His posse wore something similar but with the color red, the male grinning widely. "Hey Lu-Lu... let me sing you a song that I prepare just for you. This is how I feel about you, Lu-tan!" He said but his eyes trailed up making his eyes gain eye-contact with the most irritating person he knew.

His expression turned into anger and surprised as Natsu quirked a brow at him. "Hey! Natsu Dragneel?! What are you doing here?!"

Smirking at his reaction, the male shrugged. "Might as well stay, looks like they even prepared us a show." He suggested making everyone quickly agree with the jock, the waiter grinning happily as he seated them all down at the large table.

"Hey, nobody wants you here! Why don't you go home, bastard?!" Dan cried out, trying to go and throw the rosy male out but was stopped as his posse grabbed him and stopped him from doing anything bad. Groaning in annoyance, the male just clicked his tongue in disapproval. "Tch, fine. Let's just start, guys. From the top!" He shouted as music started to play.

The class started to coo and cry out in joy as they clapped along, Dan grinning from ear to ear as he started to sing.

"Have I ever told you, how good it feels to hold you? ...It isn't easy to explain, and though I'm really trying, I think I may start crying... My heart can't wait another day when you touch me I just got to say—! Baby, I love you, baby, I love you! Baby, I love you, come on, baby n-n-now!"

Dancing with the music, Dan's posse twirled around and did some synchronizing dance while their leader sang towards the blonde who looked utterly embarrassed. She just wanted to crawl into a hole and die since she was getting all the attention and he was practically professing his love for her just like that. Natsu also looked smug and amused and it made her insides squeeze painfully and she just wanted to quickly get out of there.

Lowering her head to stare down at the edge of the table, the blonde tried her best to keep her attention and presence unknown but when Dan came over singing towards her and grabbed her hand, she knew it was all over.

Unknowingly, Natsu was watching the entire thing and his grin dropped as he watched how he grabbed the blonde who looked utterly uncomfortable.

Scowling at nothing in particular, the pink-haired jock turned around in his seat and ignored the rest of the show.

"Lu-pyon, did you like it?!" Dan cried out soon after his show was done making Lucy awkwardly nod but still keep her gaze on her lap. Dan didn't seem to catch her uneasiness as he gave her a wide grin and sat back down, happily going back to eating as the entire room became quiet.

Just then, Jellal stood up and cleared his throat, a soft smile on his lips. "Class... I am proud to say that I was your homeroom teacher and we always managed to be number one in sports!"

Suddenly, Ultear stood up and cleared her throat loudly, stopping Jellal from speaking any further as he glanced her way. "Class... I am so proud to be your homeroom teacher this year... you guys always were so bright and so cheerful, it made everything much better!"

"Unlike the nerds over there who bury their noses into books all day," Jellal cut in, clearing his throat making Ultear turn around and gawk in surprise. "I am happy to see you guys have lives."

"Excuse me?" Ultear said in pure offense making the blue-haired teacher turn around and quirk a brow at the woman. "No life? Bury our noses into books all day? Unlike your class, my class is actually smart!"

"My class had lives and were very good athletes."

"What's so good about that?! Do you know how great it is to have my students going to top colleges?!"

"Do you know how devastating to have one of my best players go to a poor sport College like Magnolia?"

"Hey, teach," Natsu suddenly spoke up making the attention now shift to him as the male leaned against the back of his chair. "I told you it wasn't like that. I didn't go to Magnolia because of that fool over there," the jock nudged his head towards Lucy making her look pretty offended by that comment. "I went because of my own purposes."

"Hey, Natsu Dragneel!" Lucy cried out in anger and embarrassment as the class giggled at his remark. The pink-haired male turned and looked at the blonde in amusement. "Who are you calling a fool?!"

"Well, who else is a fool here if it isn't you?"

"Look, okay, I know I mess up a lot and I'm not as perfect as you in sports but that doesn't give you a right to boast about your talents like that to me, okay?! You shouldn't boast about talent because that isn't something you achieved from hard word! Must you always look down on me because I can't do anything great like you?"

"I never looked down on you," the male spoke, all joke pushed aside. "you're always looking down on yourself. That's how a person with low self-esteem thinks like."

Laughter filled the air at the jock's words as it made the blonde's face burn hotter than ever.

She threw the dirtiest look she could muster at the rosy male who smirked her way, his eyebrow quirking at her expression. "Asshole... heartless bastard... you're cold-blooded, I swear!"

"If I'm so heartless and cold-blooded... why do you always want to be around me?"


"Scribbling my name in your books... bothering me about stupid little things... arguing about every little thing that comes between us—are you sure you just don't have a huge crush on me?"

Lucy gawked at the male who sat right across from her, the blonde's eyes wide in shock and horror.

How could he stoop so low like that and come to a conclusion just like that? Who did he think he was trying to tell her that she was the one crushing on him? He was an idiot! A major big-headed idiot who didn't think about anyone but himself!

Huffing out in annoyance, the blonde smirked to herself as she gave the male a challenging look. Natsu eyed her quizzically as she snickered. "Fine... you want to play like that? Okay... I have something in mind as well, too."

"Yeah? And what is that?"

"I hope you're prepare, Dragneel." She said before she dug into her jacket pocket to whip out a photo. She flashed it in the air as she grinned, shooting up in her seat to cup her hand over her mouth. "Check it out, guys! Baby Natsu Dragneel dressed as a fairy Princess!"

"Hey, Lucy Heartfillia!" Natsu cried out in anger and surprise as he was about to snatch the photo out of her hands but Cana was faster. She grabbed it and crouched down to stare at it as class-mates all around surrounded her to look at the rare photo of Princess Natsu Dragneel.

"What?! He's so cute! Are you sure this is him?!"

The entire room went into a riot as they gasped and cried out, whispering about how cute he was and how they can't believe it was the cool jock Natsu.

Crossing her arms over her chest, the blonde looked towards Natsu in a smug way as he glared at her. Scoffing to herself, the blonde flicked a strain of blonde hair over her shoulder; "You possibly didn't think I had only one copy of the photo... right?" She looked over her shoulder to glance over at the huge group of students. "You really are an idiot... aren't you?"

Giving the blonde one last look, the male walked over to the group and plucked the photo out of the female's hand, waking back over to Lucy to grab her wrist firmly. "You, follow me." He said sternly making the blonde cry out in pain as he dragged her out of the restaurant to the alleyway besides the building.

He pushed her against the wall as the blonde continued to whine about how her wrist hurt, the female jerking her arm free to shoot the rosy colored male a glare. "That hurt, you asshole!"

Completely mute to the bone, the jock just stared down the blonde before trapping her right between his arms. Lucy felt the blood rush to her cheeks as she looked down at the ground, trying to avoid his burning gaze.

"W—what are you trying to do?"

"Who told you to make that picture public?" He asked coldly showing that he wasn't joking making her shiver slightly. "You think you're funny?"

"If you're trying to scare me... it isn't working," she muttered under her breath as she felt her knees shaking slightly. "your threat isn't going to work on me."


"You don't scare me at all, Natsu... you're just a cold-hearted asshole who treats girls like shit and plays with their hearts because you're just like that! I've seen your true colors and maybe I thought I could like somebody like you since you're funny and somewhat sweet but I was all wrong! Once we're out of here and in College, I won't even acknowledge you... I won't even look at you, anymore!"

Leaning in closer, the male looked directly into the eyes of the blonde. "Did you say... you're going to forget about me, now?"

Staring right back, the female stood her ground. "That's right! I'm going to forget about you in College and then I'll—"

"Then try forgetting about me," he challenge before dipping his head down to press his lips against hers.

Time, itself, felt like it paused as Lucy's eyes widen in surprise, the warmth of the male spreading around her quickly.

She didn't know he was going to kiss her and she didn't know how a kiss felt but the way how Natsu kissed her... it felt so damn perfect. His lips molded perfectly around hers and it felt like he was her missing puzzle piece.

What felt like years, Natsu finally pulled away slightly to look at the blonde whom he just kissed.

Noticing the shocking look plastered on her face, he felt content with himself as he pulled away all the way. Smirking at the face of the blonde, he turned to walk away. "That's a good look on you," he teased as he took a full two steps before stopping once more. "I'm just playing with you... loser." He said harshly but the way he said it, Lucy knew he wasn't serious.

Watching how the male disappeared around the corner, the blonde finally slid down the wall as she couldn't hold herself up anymore. Tears brimmed in her eyes and she felt her heart racing in her chest, the blonde gently brushing her fingers against her slightly swollen lips.

"K—K... kiss?" She muttered, her eyes still wide in shock. "I... Natsu... we... kissed? We... we shared a kiss... together?"

Somehow, she felt some kind of weight get lifted off her shoulders and a wide smile appear on her face.

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