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I shivered, and stretched out my arm, looking for Dimitri's warm body to press mine against.

I was met with cold sheets.


Grumbling to myself, I tossed back the covers, threw one of Dimitri's sweaters over my head and padded into the kitchen.

My grumpy, loveable Russian idiot was hunched over the kitchen table, giant hands cupped around my favorite coffee mug.

(Black, with hot pink letters that spelled out 'kicking ass and taking names, all before my morning coffee')

"I really hope your giant Russian hands don't break my mug," I said, sliding into the seat across from him.

Dimitri looked up from the coffee, startled to see me.

"Sorry. I'll put it back," he stood up to dump the coffee, but I reached out and put my hand on his forearm.

"Wow, didn't hear me coming when I know for a fact that I walked into a wall and let out a strong of curses, and now you're dumping the nectar of the gods down the kitchen sink? There is something seriously wrong with you, Comrade."

I'd meant it as a joke, but from the look in Dimitri's eyes I could see that I hit a sore spot.

"Dimitri?" I softened my tone and tried to connect our fingers, but he balled his hands into a fist, "Come on. Talk to me."

I'm almost positive Dimitri's next words slashed my heart into pieces.

"I think we should go separate ways."

"WHAT? NO!" I jumped up from the table, "Are you insane?"

He nodded, "Insane to put you in a position where you're looked down upon."

I let out a joyless laugh, "Dimitri, I'm a dhampir. I'm naturally looked down upon. Now can you please make some sense?"

"I'm not good for you. You should find someone else," he frowned into his coffee

I snorted, "Older, dark and with a foreign accent? You're every girl's dream. You're MY dream."

"They've been talking about us…" He trailed off, and I could tell that the comments he had heard were NOT about our superior Strigoi fighting abilities.

"Let them," I said, "Who cares what a bunch of snotty Moroi think?"

"You should," he protested, "You're the Queen's Guardian. You should be respected."

"You, Lis, my parents, Fire Boy, Sydney, Jill…you all respect me and that's the only thing I need."

He looked slightly better after I said that.

"Oh and one more thing," I grinned.

"Yes, Roza?"

"I need your warm body next to mine in bed."