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Chapter One: Different

Beep, beep, beep, beep—!

A hand slammed down on the alarm clock beside the bed, practically murdering the poor device as silence soon filled the room...

Beep, beep, beep, beep! The second alarm clock across the room with the sole purpose to make him actually get out of bed went off.

TK groaned, pulling one of the many blankets over his head in an attempt to prevent the sunlight peeking through the blinds from shining in his eyes. Burying himself deep into the warmth of his soft comforter, the blond desperately tried to ignore the obnoxious noise of the annoying alarm clock on the other side of his bedroom.

Beep, beep, beep, beep!

Getting out of bed was one of the hardest things TK ever had to do in his life; even harder than his math homework—that is, if he actually did his math homework. His bed was just too damn comfortable in the mornings. Why couldn't he just stay there all day and sleep? It seemed logical to him. If your mattress was comfy, you should sleep on it. He didn't want to go to school anyway. After all, nobody he knew liked school... well, except for maybe Izzy... and Joe...

But he hadn't seen them in ages, so why did it matter?

Beep, beep, beep, beep!

"Patamon, turn that shit off..." TK mumbled into his pillow, causing it to sound more as if he was saying "Patamo, tur thassss shiahh..." rather than what he had actually said.

Patamon dug deeper into the nest of bedding before talking back with: "Do it yourself, Stupid..." which sounded more along the lines of: "Dew eh youshelf, Shuupeh..."

"I don onna..." Again, his pillow deliberately changed his words around, making them somewhat difficult to comprehend. Even though Patamon could clearly understand. His small black foot collided with TK's face several times; eventually pushing the blond—and the bedding—off the comfort of the twin-sized bed and onto cold, wooden floor, only managing to keep a single blanket on for himself.

Beep, beep, beep, beep!

"Just turn the darn clock off; it's hurting my ears." Patamon stood on his hind legs, using his front paws to cover his large, over-sized orange ears.

"Don't you mean wings?" TK laughed, sitting up in the pile of bedding. Though he wasn't quite sure how Patamon managed to kick him off the bed. The digimon only had tiny limbs, it seemed quite difficult for someone that small to pull off.

The guinea pig-based digimon sent a glared towards his human. "I am not Dumbo, TK."

"I don't know about that, you would make a pretty great elephant." The blond smirked.

"I'm not from a freaking Disney movie!" Patamon yelled, balling his paws into fists...

Beep, beep, beep, beep!

...And quickly uncurling them to cover his large ears once again, extending his human's name as he pleaded for the painful noise to stop. "Teeeeeeekaaaaaaay! Turn it off!"

"Okay, okay." TK laughed, finally using the bed frame to finally pull himself off the floor. He made his way across his new bedroom over to the dresser, picking the alarm clock up mere seconds before smashing it to the ground and causing a few springs to appear through it's newly formed cracks.

"TK, that's not what I meant..." Patamon stared, dumbfounded, at his human, but then again, he should have expected that. This was TK after all. "That's the fourth clock you've broken. You know your mom won't buy you anymore, right?"

TK was silent for a moment, staring at his partner before muttering a simple: "Shit." His tone changed to one of complaint. "Why didn't you tell me that before I killed the damn clock?!"

"It's common sense, Stupid..."

"Why do you always call me stupid?"

"'Cause you're stupid."

"I am not!"

"Whatever." Patamon curled himself deep into the one blanket left on the bed. TK rolled his eyes. This was their typical morning routine; the alarm goes off, neither one of them turn it off, TK breaks it, Patamon calls him stupid, TK complains, they fight about it, then they're best friends again.

It's just a real messed up friendship if you ask... well, if you ask anyone.

After a moment of staring at his bed, TK walked through the opened bathroom door connected to his bedroom. He flicked the light on and began the rest of his morning routine. He started with brushing his teeth and fixing his hair—which was beginning to cover over his eyes, meaning it was getting long again and his mother would soon force him to get it cut.

After finishing up in the bathroom, he stared into the mirror. The blue eyes in his reflection copied the exhausted look plastered upon TK's face; he was tired.

Maybe he should stop sneaking out after midnight and actually get some sleep...

Buuuuut, there's no fun in that, now is there?

His attention turned from his tired expression to his exposed torso as he decided to finally get dressed. After all, he couldn't exactly go to his first day of school in a pair of sweatpants and no shirt. That's against the ruled and his mother wouldn't allow such a thing anyway. He made his way to his unorganized closet—that he hadn't had the time to put everything away yet—and grabbed a random t-shirt, pulling it over his head before searching around for the box filled with his clothing.

"Patamon, where did I put my box of clothes?" The blond turned to his bed just as an orange ear pulled itself from the warmth of the single blanket surrounding him. TK's eyes followed the direction it pointed, landing on the floor beside the closet door. He mentally facepalmed when he realized the box was in plain sight.

That was always the best place to hide something from him.

He slowly began digging through the unorganized box of clothing, randomly pulling things out and looking them over before throwing each article of clothing over his shoulder.

"Hey!" Patamon complained as half the box was now a top of him. "Watch where you throw things, will ya?"

"Sorry." TK chuckled, finally settling on a pair of skinny jeans. He slipped off his sleepwear—tossing the sweats aside—and quickly slid his legs into the dark pants. Moving over to the bed, the blond sat down and put on a random pair of socks he had thrown from the now half-emptied box. He looked around the room; he'd only lived in this place for two days and his room was already a mess. TK sighed. "I really need to clean up a bit."

He heard Patamon laugh from within the blanket curled around him. "I'll say." His voice was slightly muffled but clearly understandable.

Sighing once more, TK stood up and put on his dark jacket. He grabbed a few "necessary" items and shoved them into the inside pocket of the jacket before slinging his backpack over his shoulders and walking towards his bedroom door. He waved to Patamon, already knowing that he couldn't see it curled up like he was. "See you after school."

He only got a muffled groan in response.

Slowing walking down the hall and down the stairs, he stepped into the kitchen/living area, hoping to go by unnoticed by his grandmother. But his efforts failed as she looked him right in the eye and scowled.

"Takeru, you better take that thing out of you mouth before je la déchirer dehors." TK rolled his eyes at his grandmother's sudden change in language as she told him she would rip it out. If you weren't normally over, the mash of Japanese and French could be really confusing.

"I'll see you after school, Grandma," TK told her in French, hoping she'd get the message. It wasn't as if he'd pierced his lip the night before—he had done it well over a month ago. He didn't understand why she was so against him. Sure, he'd went to a few parties and had come home drunk a few times while his mother was out of town, but he got grounded for it. Apparently, his grandmother still hadn't forgiven him for that.

Sometimes TK truly believed she hated him.

But that there were hundreds of reasons for why he thought that.

Slipping his shoes on his feet, TK made his way out the door and headed for the nearest bus stop.

Dropping his bag on the sidewalk beside him, the blond pulled out his cellphone and flipped it open. 7:50. Hell, he still had another ten or so minutes to wait; and from what he remembered, the buses always ran late. He groaned, knowing full well he'd be waiting on the corner for a while.

His phone was turned off for various reasons; meaning no games.

Patamon stayed at home; meaning no one to talk to.

Time liked to go slow.

He was bored out of him mind.

there was absolutely nothing to do.

And it was only 7:52.

Damn, he was pretty sure he'd been standing there for more than two minutes.

Reaching into the pocket on the inside of his jacket, he pulled out a small box and a lighter. He took a thin stick out of the box, brought it to his mouth, flicked the lighter on long enough to light it, and took a long, extended drag from it as he breathed in its blissful poison.

As he exhaled the smoke, he heard footsteps slowly growing louder. His eyes found the two approaching figures; they seemed to be in some sort of conversation. He instantly recognized both of them. The shorter brunette had her hair cut shortly above her small shoulders, slightly longer then he remembered. Her arms were covered by her long-sleeved shirt. Her tanned legs were exposed doe to the ripped jeans she was wearing—ironic, considering it was the middle of January.

She really did take after her brother though.

Speaking of her brother, his wild dark brown hair made him seem half a foot taller than he actually was, the awkward blue headband kept the majority of it out of his face. Like his younger sister, he wore jeans; but unlike her long-sleeved shirt choice, he wore a simple light blue t-shirt under a warm jacket. It almost matched his headband—almost.

Taking another drag from his cigarette, the blond chuckled to himself. He always admired how close those two were. Was her brother protective? Of course he was, but he also allowed her the space she needed. Unlike Matt, who was constantly hovering over him.

Well, he used to...

They hadn't talked to each other in almost a year...

The blond's eyes caught hers; blue and brown meeting again for the first time in over a year and half, since his last visit. She came to a stop, gaining the attention of her older brother.

"Kari, what's wrong? Are you sick? Do I need to take you home? I'm sure Mom will take me to school is I miss the bus again." Tai's panicked voice carried.

Kari didn't answer him, instead she responded with a question of her own. "Is that..." Her voice trailed off as she squinted to get a better look at the teen. "Is that TK?"

The blond looked forwards, avoiding her eyes as he inhaled the last of his cigarette before dropping the bud onto the ground, smothering it.

It seemed as if she didn't notice.

"TK?" Tai finally looked at the said teen, taking in his appearance. He didn't look like TK, but at the same time, he did. Short, somewhat messy, windblown blond hair almost covered his blue eyes. But that wasn't what seemed to change. It was his attire; black jacket, black skinny jeans, black shoes. He couldn't see his shirt, but he assumed it was black as well. To Tai's perspective, he seemed to be wearing all black. "Wait," he thought aloud. "I thought you were still in France."

Tai ran over to him, almost leaving Kari behind.

He was wrong; TK's shirt was a dark blue color.

"We moved back," TK said as if it were obvious. He checked his phone for the time again. 7:57.

Why couldn't time move any faster? He was trying to avoid a conversation with them.

Reaching into his jacket, he found the inside pocket and opened the box long enough to get himself another cigarette. He looked Tai right in the eye as he brought it to his mouth and lit it, already calming his nerves before they had a chance to get any worse. Normally he wouldn't smoke two in a row—sticking with one or two a day—but he was starting to get stressed and as weird as it was, he was doing this for the show of it, curious to see their reactions.

"What are you doing?" Tai's annoying voice rang through his ears.

A moment of silence occurred between them before TK blew smoke straight into Tai's face, causing the older boy to be attacked by a fit of coughs. He didn't wait long enough for brown-haired teen to catch his breath before speaking. "Pretending you don't exist."

Kari's jaw dropped slightly at the blond's response. Was this really the same TK she knew? He was acting like such an asshole now.

"That's not—" Cough. "—what I meant." Cough. "I mean—" Cough. "—why are you smoking that thing?" Cough.

"Oh." TK inhaled more smoke before breathing it back out, this time having the decency to turn away from them. "Because you're annoying me. It calms my nerves."

Tai stared, silent from the blond's answer. Was TK serious? Was he that annoying? Ugh, he didn't know anymore...

TK checked the time again. 8:02. The bus was late just as he predicted. Next time I bring a book or something, he thought as he finished his second cigarette and stomped on it before reaching into the front pocket of his backpack and pulled out a pack of gum. He took a single piece for himself and offered one to the two brown-haired teens. They each took one.

"So TK." Kari attempted to start a civil conversation with him. "How've ya been?"

He ignored her.

She tried again. "Do you know what elective courses you're taking this term?"

No response.

"Can you at least acknowledge the fact that I'm talking to you?"


"Fine then, I'll just leave you alone." Kari huffed as the bus rounded the corner.

TK shrugged.

Kari roller her eyes at him. He was being so rude; this wasn't the TK she remembered.

"Kari, it's not worth getting upset over," Tai whispered to her before stepping onto the bus, making his way towards the back. He plopped down in his regular seat next to another person TK instantly recognized. Short, somewhat spiked red hair was kept out of his face. His black eyes followed Tai's extended finger as it pointed in TK general direction as he stepped onto the bus.

"You new?" TK's eyes found the bus' driver; an elderly-looking lady with graying hair. "I don't believe I've seen you around. What's your name, dear?"


"Well Takaishi, take a seat." She sent him a warm smile, trying to be way too nice. She gestured towards the endless selection of seats. Grumbling to himself about how super nice she was being, TK made his way to an empty seat towards the middle section, the bus moving forwards before he even had a chance to sit.

The seat shifted as the weight of another person plopped down next to him. He eyed the brunette, not fully looking at her as he spoke. "I thought you said you were leaving me alone."

"I did."

"Then why are you sitting by me?"

"Because I wanted to sit here."

There was not a doubt in his mind that Kari had taken after her brother; he didn't remember her being so stubborn. Maybe he could annoy her away or piss her off. "Why?"

"Because I can."



"Because why?"

"Ugh." Kari groaned as he turned to the blond. "Why do you even care?"

"Because I can." TK turned to met her gaze, his lips curled back into a smirk.

Kari couldn't help but laugh as he stole her word choice. But her laughter was cut short when she noticed something on his lip—or perhaps, in his lip. She pointed to her own lip, asking: "What's that?"

TK stared at her for a moment before speaking. "Oh, this?" He bit down on it to clarify what he was talking about.

Kari nodded.

"It's a lip ring," he said nonchalantly.

Kari stopped her mouth from falling open in shock, instead she asked: "When did you get it done?"

"A month ago."

Kari didn't have time to respond as someone else plopped down in the seat in front of them. "Hey, who's this?"

"He kind of looks familiar," another voice spoke up.

"whoever he is, he took my spot next to Kari."

TK mentally groaned; greeeeeat, he was seriously on the bus too. First Tai and Kari, then Izzy, and now these two.

This day just keeps getting better...

"Gee Davis, I'm hurt. You don't even remember me." The blond held a sarcastic frown; not even upset that he didn't remember, but the fact that TK was stuck riding the bus with them until the day he graduated high school.

"Davis, Ken, it's just—"

"Shh, Kari." TK cut her off. "Let them figure it out on their own."

"But they—"

"I wanna know if they can do it." TK smirked as Kari stopped talking all together and nodded.

"Wait." The ebony-haired boy looked TK in the eye. "You're back?"

TK nodded, acknowledging Ken's question as Davis continued to stare at them confused.

"Who's back?"

"But you look so...different..."

Davis' question was ignored.

"I've been told."

Ken nodded, understanding, before starting a conversation with Kari. TK took this as his chance to escape from them as he dug through his backpack and pull out a pair of headphones and hooking them up to his phone and finding a random song to play; turning up the volume to ignore the the rest of the world.

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