5:00, The host club just got out. After a long, tiresome day of being the king, Tamaki grabbed his school books off the decorative table and wished his closest friend Kyoya a good evening before waltzing out the doors of music room #3. He made his way down the stairs and out the front door where a car was waiting for him. Getting in he set down his things and relaxed himself, lounging on the comfortable velvet seats.

The car pulled up to his family mansion and the driver walked around to open the door for him but he opened it himself before the driver got the chance. he picked up his book and thanked the driver before walking up the marble steps to his house.

He was greeted by the many servants, his parents nowhere to be found as usual. He walked up to his oversized bedroom and sat down at his desk to start his homework.

Hours later as the sun slips below the horizon he finally finished his work and realized the darkness in the room. He walked over to the lightswitch by the door and noticed something quite strange. the switch was gone, just a plastic rectangle remained on the wall.

"What? What's going on?!" he said to himself as he was quite disturbed. It got darker with every passing second and though he never told anyone, he had had a mild fear of the dark since childhood. A bit of panic struck him when he realised his bedroom door was locked from the outside.

Suddenly a blue glow fills the room from the far window. the glow slowly fades to purple, then pink, changing every few seconds. He looked out the window and a floating lava lamp drifted down to the height of the window from above. A faint whisper comes from it saying "Tamaki Suoh. We've come for you."

All the light focused on him and lifted him into the air. He was pulled out the window by the strange force. He screamed and flailed around wildly, trying to escape, but to no avail. He was taken up so far he thought he would leave the atmosphere. A drop of blood fell from his nose as the altitude increased, and so did the pressure against his skull. The pain was almost too much for him. A metal mechanism could be seen not too far off. He was taken closer and closer to it and could see pipes and strange doorways opening and closing to let other such lava lamps in.

He was stopped immediately in front of one door. It opened so slowly, but he could see a figure's feet as the gate lifted up.

"Welcome, Tamaki." he said with a smile, "you're finally ready to join us, I could tell the moment you said goodbye to me today." The voice was clear, but he didn't believe what his ears were telling him until his eyes confirmed it. Standing in the doorway, was Kyoya. With his odd stance and crossed arms, He smirked evilly, showing pointed teeth. Tamaki had never been more terrified than that moment. The rest of the host club walked slowly up behind him, giving identical smiles.

They spoke to him as a single entity, completely in sync "Welcome, King."