Today: Eleventh Doctor

The Doctor once again found himself staring at that door, it still wasn't easy.

The Galifreyan letters carved in the door were still visible and deep.

He carefully ran his finger over each letter, each letter still breaking his hearts.

"If only the carving weren't there it just be an ordinary door and a not painful reminder." He thought shaking his head.

Originally the Doctor did it because he believed in forever and he believed she would always be here with him.

The Doctor sighed, almost regretting doing that carving but he didn't really want to remove it either.

Closing his eyes he still remembered the day he did that carving for Rose Tyler.

March 19, 2006: Tenth Doctor

"Rose, Rose come here I want to show you something!" The Doctor exclaimed happily.

"What?" She asked as he gently pulled her over to him.

"What is it?" Rose asked resting her chin on his arm.

"Look what I did to your door." He grinned pointing at the carving.

She studied it closer. "I see it but I can't translate it. What does it say?"

He put his arm around her waist. "It's our names in Galifreyan letters."

She grinned. "Oh cool, but what's that symbol?" Rose asked pointing at a swirly diamond shape.

"That's the Galifreyan symbol for love and forever." He replied holding her close.

She smiled. "So it says Doctor forever loves Rose?"

He smirked."Well not exactly, I didn't write Doctor."

Rose looked at him shocked. "You wrote your real name?"

He nodded.

"Are you going to tell what it is?" She grinned.

He started to answer but she stopped him.

"I'm kidding besides it's probably hard to pronounce anyway, isn't?" Rose teased.

The Doctor playfully stuck his tongue out at her causing her to giggle.

Rose then put her arms around him. "This carving means everything to me."

"And you mean everything to me, Rose Tyler." He whispered.

She kissed his nose and grinned.

The Doctor smiled. "Forever?"

Rose nodded. "Forever."

He tilted her chin and their lips met in a tender kiss.

Today: Eleventh Doctor

The Doctor shook his head and sighed.

Rose was the only girl he did that for and it was the first time they had made the promise of forever but forever never happened.

Clara's cheerful voice broke into his somber thoughts. "Hey Doctor, what cha' doing?" She asked hugging him.

"Oh, just hanging around." He replied.

She caught a sight of the carving.

"What's that?" Clara asked.

The Doctor shrugged. "I don't know just something from my past."

Clara noticed his sad brown eyes. "Are you okay?"

He smiled and squeezed her shoulder. "Of course I am, I have my impossible girl with me!"

She blushed and kissed his cheek.

Taking a last glance at the carving he sighed. "Well, let's go back to the console."

Kissing her forehead he pulled her close and slowly walked away from the door.