This prompt is an odd man out, with nothing whatsoever to do with Robert & Rosalind are Dead, in fact this one is a crossover with World of Warcraft. The original prompt was from anonymous and was "robert and rosalind learning a martial art".

Peak of Serenity

"So, you wish to train in the ways of the monk?" Master Cheng grinned sagely at his two newest recruits. The recruits, a human man and woman, nodded but without much conviction. Cheng was used to teaching pandaren like himself, but ever since the mists had parted, all sorts of strange outsider races had come to the Peak to train under him and the other masters. He and his new students were on one of the main rises of the Peak of Serenity, a series mountain bluffs located high in the frozen Kun Lai Summit.

In lieu of their traditional suits, Robert and Rosalind were donned in the attire of monk initiates. A black vest, rope belt, and black pants which came down midway between their ankles and knees. They were positive that if not for the benefits of their quantum superposition, their bare feet would be suffering from frost bite. Master Cheng wore more regal dressing befitting a monk master. He too was barefoot without any sign of the cold bothering him, but then again he was a six foot tall, bipedal, sapient panda.

"Students from all skill levels train here at the Peak of Serenity, so do be intimidated. I am sure you will quickly advance in our ranks and chose a discipline," Cheng smiled, showing his fanged teeth. "But first you must acquaint yourselves with the most basic of our abilities."

"Let us start with the blackout kick. A simple, yet highly effective technique." Cheng motioned to a t-shaped wooden pole with two, green punching bags hanging from either side of it. "Allow me to demonstrate." Cheng turned to face the punching bag and swung his right leg forward in a roundhouse kick that the Luteces' would have thought impossible given his rotund form. As his foot connected with the sandbag a mass of black energy trailed from the kick and burned against the bag's surface.

Cheng turned back to the Luteces and pressed his palms together, then bowed. "Now you try."

This venture had been Robert's idea, so Rosalind glanced from him to the punching bag, wordlessly telling him to go first. Robert stepped up the bag and tried to mimic the half-crouched, arms forward combat stance he'd seen some of the other trainees use.

He tried to swing his leg out as Master Cheng had done, but ended up spinning around while missing the sandbag entirely. Robert managed to do a complete circle before toppling over onto the frozen stone ground.

"Do not attempt a spinning crane kick," Master Cheng scolded. "That is for far more advanced students." He pointed a clawed finger at Rosalind. "Now you try, and don't attempt to impress me with complex techniques like your comrade. It will get you no favors."

Rosalind stepped over Robert, who was still acquainting himself with the ground, to attempt her own blackout kick. Upon lifting up her leg, she swayed back and forth, throwing her arms out for balance. This was not enough and she fell backwards onto Robert. Master Cheng covered his face with his paw.

"You know," Robert said, "I think I've learned enough martial arts for one day."

Rosalind nodded. "Agreed. The cold bothered me, anyway."

The twins blinked away from that reality, leaving Master Cheng in a stunned silence. Then he clutched his generous stomach and released a deep belly laugh. "Ah-ha! I see, Chani's newest brew must be more potent than I thought!"