Raining Men.

By Icka! M. Chif

"Look out below!" The jubilant voice called from the top of the wall the group of five girls were huddled against, currently muttering dark things about a certain thief in white for choosing a rainy night for one of his heists.

Of course, they could have stayed at home, but that was besides the point. They wanted to be there to cheer their guys on.

They peered up past their umbrellas just in time to see a pale flash of white come flying over the top of the wall, over their head and land in a crouch before them.

"Ladies." Kid the Phantom Thief paused to give them a bow, kiss Aoko on the cheek, and took off running.

Aoko froze, her eyes wide in shock. The girls stared at her as the merry cheers of the Kid's laughter rang in the distance.

"You know..." Ran finally turned to comment to Kazuha. "I think the Kid likes Aoko-chan."

Kazuha sweatdropped. Of course, not everyone had the advantage of Hattori passing on strange titbits of information, but still... "Ya think?"

Akako turned and looked at Ai, who was standing calmly next to her. "Think she'll ever get it?" She questioned, not differentiating the difference between Ran realising the Kid was Kaito from the case with Vermouth, Gin and Vodka or Aoko figuring things out in general.

"Not likely." The small blond girl deadpanned.

"Hup!" They looked up in time to see Shin'ichi hot on the Kid's heels. "Hi, Ran!" He called as he landed.

Ran pointed which way the Kid went. "Go get him, Sweetie!" She cheered.

The soccer player waved and took off after the thief.

His abrupt appearance appeared to startle Aoko out of her shock. Her face flushed with anger as she closed her umbrella and took off running after Shin'ichi and the thief. "Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid!" She roared waving the umbrella around like a sword.

"Good thing she's wearing jeans tonight." Ran commented. "I don't think she'd want to be climbing walls in a skirt."

"Or up on the rooftops. I think the Kid would enjoy that a bit too much." Kazuha barely kept the grin off her face.

The 'whiirrrrrrrrr' of a familiar skateboard engine alerted them as Conan sailed over head, gripping the board with a hand before he came down to land on the pavement.

"Hi, Ran-neechan!" He waved as he boarded away.

"Good luck, Conan-kun!" Ran cheered her 'little brother' on. Kazuha and Haibara shook their heads.

"Busy night." Haibara commented.

"Good seats." Akako corrected.

The scrap of a sneaker on the wall was all the warning they got for Hattori's appearance. He landed on the ground, a broad grin contrasting against his dark skin. From the way his shoulders were shaking, it was obvious that despite his enhanced werewolf abilities, he was slowed down from laughing hard.

"Ahou!" Kazuha snapped, pointing after where the rest of their group had gone. "Both Kudo and Conan are ahead of you!"

He snickered and took of running, the laugh building into what became a full fledged howl that frightened the pigeons off their rests and into the relative safety of the pouring sky.

"Sheesh." Kazuha put a hand on her hip. "What's got him so wound up?"

"&$*%^$%@#$%!!!" The sound of cursing heralded the arrival of Inspector Nakamori and the rest of the Kaito Kid taskforce, also climbing/falling over the wall with various degrees of gracefulness. The girls backed up away from the wall as the officers went swarming past them.

Several of the men appeared to be trying not to smirk or laugh.

Following on their footsteps rang out the keening cry of a hawk. Watson flew overhead, her human falling over the wall to clumsily land in a not-quite dignified crouch on the ground in front of them, before slipping and falling on his butt.

He glared and got to his feet, practically vibrating with energy as he did so.

The girls finally saw what was so funny.

His plaid brown deerstalker had been turned bright neon pink. With colourful splotches over it.

"That's -it-!!! KAAAIIITOOOO!!!" The blond detective roared, practically vibrating as he waved his fists in the air and took off after the others, Watson flying above him. "NO MORE PIXIE STICKS BEFORE A HEIST!!!"

The remaining 4 girls stared.

"Hallelujah..." Akako mused, looking out from under the umbrella to look at the sky as the men flowed around them. "It's raining men..."


Hakuba's vibrating because he now draws energy off of Kaito, he can't eat.

If Kaito's high off of sugar, that's gonna effect him too. ^_^ Don't think he'd know quite how to deal with a sugar high. *watches Hakuba buzzzzzzz into walls*