Night and Day

Chapter 1


"Hey! No peeking Melody! It's a surprise!"

"But I can't wait! Just one little peek please?!"

"Darling, I think it's ok now."

"Oh fine!"

I opened my eyes to see what was probably the greatest moment of my 16 years of living. The room was pitch black, with only candles on my birthday cake giving off light. I was at the edge of the table with my friends surrounding it. All of them shouted, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" But what really caught my eye was at the other end of the table.

My mom and dad were holding an Eevee, the Pokémon I told them I wanted to start my journey with. Ever since I saw Red, a Pokémon master that lived years ago, in a history video using an Eevee, I knew that it was the Pokémon I was going to live my life with. It was so cute with its big pointy brown ears, all the way down to its fluffy tail. Once we made eye contact, Eevee pounced out of my parent's arms and into mine! It was so warm and soft. I hugged it as tight as I could before holding it out in front of me.

"Eve!" it yelped out. So cute!

I couldn't help but smile at him… or her… wait, what was it?

"Um…." I just looked at it funny.

My mom giggled before saying, "it's a girl dear!"

I laughed too and kissed Eevee on the forehead. She and I were going to be the best of friends, I just knew it!

"Hi Eevee, my name is Melody!"

I wonder what time it is? Oh well, it doesn't matter. They're not even looking for me. They're too busy talking to their grown up friends. They probably don't even know I'm gone, they never do. All they care about is looking good to society. They try to buy me out with toys, games and any Pokémon I would want, but that doesn't do anything. I can't play catch with video games. I can't read stories with a football. And that giant bat thing isn't going to be kissing me goodnight anytime soon. I was alone.

Back in my house, a big ball was going on, where my parents were hosting. They always did these sort of things. My Mom was an Elite Four, so she had her connections. In there was delicious food, beautiful music, and a fun and enjoyable atmosphere. But it was a lie. They only did that to get their mind of their problems. I was outside, far away past the woods, sitting by the pond. Then suddenly, I felt something rub against my arm.

It was Eevee, the only Pokémon I ever liked. My mom got it for me a few months ago, when I turned 16. I was supposed to start my journey, since here in Johto, trainers start at the age of 16. My parents however, that I wasn't read. They said I was too weak. Well no more! I wasn't going to take this anymore. Then Eevee licked my hand, before giving me the most encouraging eyes I had ever seen. My mind was set. I snuck back to my house, into my room, and got clothes and plenty of money. After writing my parents a note, I went back outside, with only my belongings and Eevee. I was running away. No, actually, I didn't think of it like that. I was leaving, but I would come back. And I would face my mom for the title of an Elite Four.


(5 months later)

Wow, Goldenrod City sure is big, I thought to myself. I had just entered the largest city in Johto, only to be welcomed by a photographer. He said every new trainer got a free photo their first time here. Espeon was on my shoulder, gazing about the city just like me. There were so many people! I had just come from Azalea town where I beat Bugsy for the badge. Now I came here to face Whitney. I heard she had a tough Pokémon that gave her problems, but I knew Helios (Espeon) and I could take it. I decided I would challenge the gym tomorrow and just tour the city today. First up was visiting the Pokémon center to heal up. I gave Nurse Joy my Pokémon and sat down to think.

It's been 5 months since I turned 16 and got my very first Pokémon. The last Championship just happened, and I was eager to enter the next. I wasn't the greatest trainer yet, but I was getting better. After I left Cherrygrove City, I got myself two badges, now on my third. It was exciting to follow the footsteps so many before me did, and I was doing it my way! After Nurse Joy gave me back my Pokémon, I walked out to look around.

Goldenrod city had so many places to go to, whether it was a beauty parlor, shopping malls, or training centers. What really caught my eye was the Radio tower though. I listened to the radio on my poke gear. I was finally able to see what it was like! I went inside to talk to the secretary. Apparently it was ok if I just looked around, which was odd, but I didn't complain. On the third floor, I saw her! Mary, a famous radio host, was right across the room! I slowly made my way to her, but was stopped.

"Koffing, use smokescreen!"

Then out of nowhere, black smoke came, and I couldn't see a thing. When I could see, I saw a bunch of Pokémon surrounding us. Helios was on the ground, hurt! It must have been struck during the attack. I put it back into its poke ball and looked around. A man wearing all black with a big red R on his chest walked up to me and said, "give me the Pokémon little lady, and you won't get hurt," with a big smug on his face. I did the natural thing. I spit in his face. He wiped it off and stepped back and called out a Gengar.

"You're going to wish you hadn't done that!" he yelled. "Gengar, use sludge bomb!"

I looked away, holding myself. Am I going to die? Is this it? I'm- I'm sorry Helios…

"Notcits! Use Shadow Ball!"


The dust from the blast was starting to fade, but I knew I hit him. Sure enough, I saw a knocked out Gengar on the floor with his trainer freaked out. Rocket scum.

"My Gengar?! How could you knock it out so easily!"

"Pokémon with weak trainers tend to fall easily."

He looked at me with dead cold eyes. He was beyond pissed. He swung his arm forward and called, "get rid of this brat!"

Suddenly all of his underlings attacked at once. Good thing Noctis knows how to take a hit or two.

"Noctis! Protect!"

A green force field emerged around us and all of the attacks from the Zubats and Raticates turned to dust. It looked like they were ready to go again, which was bad. Protects tend to fail on consecutive uses. Just as the leader was about to call a command again, one of the grunts by the window shouted.

"Hey boss! The police are here! Tons of them!" He looked white as a ghost.

"Damn it!" To think we were this close to launching our broadcast. There's too many of them. Retreat!" As his men started to flee, he ran off, but before leaving, he stopped and turned to me. "I don't know who you are, but if you get in Team Rocket's name again, it'll be your last." And with that, he left.

I went to the girl he was about to attack. Attacking an innocent human?! What a sicko! I went to see if she was ok. I don't even remember if she was. All I remember was her lifting her head from her arms, and looking at me straight in the eye. Those were eyes I would never forget. They were inviting, almost like a welcoming hug. How deep yet vibrant her brown eyes were kept me locked in. It was nice… it was… warm.

"Um… Hi."

"… Hey." We both just kept looking into each other's eyes. It was like nothing else was moving.

"Are… are you ok?"

"Yeah. Thanks to you…" We didn't get to say more because the police got inside.

Eventually the cops came and checked out the area. Besides a few grunts who bought the rest of the group time, everyone seemed to escape, including the leader. He was slim, with green hair. Had a scar on his check that only extended the wicked grin he had on his face. I wasn't going to forget that face for a long time. The police asked me of course for some of the story, but they seemed used to it. I even go a pat on the back for stopping them. Heck, Mary, one of Johto's most popular talk show hosts on the radio gave me a kiss on the cheek. Good day so far.

I was just about to leave the Radio tower when suddenly I heard a voice call out to me.

"Hey, wait! You with the Umbreon!"

I turned to find the girl with warm eyes again. I didn't really get to notice how she looked, but wow, was she cute. She wasn't world model material, but she was the kind of girl you would love to go home to every day. Her hair was long and black, reaching the bottom of her back. Her skin was pale and had these odd ears, but it fit her head. She had long black socks, a white skirt with a denim jacket. To top it off she had a little hat with a bow on it. Can't say she looked familiar, but I didn't mind speaking to her. Not with those eyes.

"I never caught your name! My name is Melody, Melody Fray."

Huh, Melody. That's a cute name. Wait, she's expecting you to give your name! Is my name cool enough? Maybe I should switch it? How about Largo? No, that sounds stupid. Nathan? Ahhhh what the hell.

I'm guessing I was just staring into her eyes for a bit because she chuckled and looked away. "Your name silly. What is it?"

"Oh! Right, hehe, my Name is Concert, Concert Script." I reached out my hand to shake. Why? Don't ask me. I do dumb stuff. How she reacted was just surprising. But it was pleasant.

She completely ignored my handshake and gave a really tight hug. It felt like I was wrapped in cozy blankets by a fire. Honestly, it felt a little like home. I'm not sure how I looked, but I was sure it was stupid.

"I think this is the part where you hug me back." I heard her muff out. Her face was on my chest since I was significantly taller than her.

I freaked out a little since my arm was still extended. I awkwardly got my arms out and hugged back. At first I felt out of place, but when I thought about how cozy it felt again, it became natural, almost soothing.

We let go and stepped back awkwardly, both blushing and looking down. For what seemed like eternity, we just stood like that. Then the secretary decided to speak.

"Psst, ask her out for some lunch!" she said. And went back to work.

I couldn't look anymore embarrassed while Melody was trying not to laugh. Well, what harm could it do?

"So, do you-" And before I knew it she grabbed my hand and we were heading outside.

"I need to go to the Pokémon Center to heal my Pokémon! We can have lunch there!" Man this girl had a strong grip. Ahh… what could go wrong?

After we both gave our Pokémon to Nurse Joy, we found a café in the Center and sat down. We decided to just get some smoothies since we weren't that hungry. I got my favorite, Mango, while she got some exotic strawberry fusion hybrid dragon fruit thing.

"So, Concert, what brings you around here?" Well, guess we're interviewing already.

"I'm collecting badges to challenge the Elite Four. I just got my third today against Whitney."

"Really? I am too! And wow, I heard she was really tough!"

"She is! She decked out my whole team except for Noctis, my Umbreon. If he wasn't so sturdy, I probably wouldn't have made it out in one piece. Plus, she was such a cry baby when she lost. She wouldn't give me the badge at first!"

"Haha! That's hilarious!"

I forget how long we talked. All I know is it was nice. We made each other laugh the whole time. Even her laugh was heartwarming. It made me feel good inside, as if a flame went on.

"Where are you from?" she asked. Oh, damn, I can't tell her who I am. Ahh, just stretch the truth!

"I'm from the east, a little bit past New Bark Town," I said. It wasn't a lie either. I lived by the area of the Pokémon League. There's a small town or city where the Elite four and other big shots live. But I couldn't tell her that's where I lived. It would give me away.

"Oh, that's cool! I'm from Cherrygrove City."

"That's funny. I passed by it on my eventual way here. I'm surprised our paths have never crossed before."

"Well it's probably because I'm a slow traveler hehe. It takes me forever to get around. I get lost so easily when my poke gear loses signal."

"Haha, I get that."

"So um, thanks for saving me today. Everyone really. That was awesome." She looked away to the ground, while blushing. Was she embarrassed to say this? Because that's hilarious if she is.

"It was nothing; Anything to stop those idiots from Team Rocket." She looked up with those eyes again. I tried stopping it, but a smile crept on my face. And one of the most gorgeous and sincere faces I have ever seen grew on hers.

She looked away again, keeping her smile. "I'm sure… Hey, do you know who those guys? Are they the same ones from a long time ago?"

"Yeah. As legend goes, a trainer named Red disbanded them a long time ago. They tried to resurrect but another trainer named Gold got in their way again. Now they're trying to rise up to the former glory Team Rocket was. Their efforts have been pretty futile though. Little acts of crime here and there are all they've done. No big deal."

"Wow, that's kinda cool, but in a, they suck sort of way."

We both laughed at that when Nurse Joy came by us.

"Hello! Are you two Concert and Melody? Your Pokémon are fully healed.

"Great!" we both said.

We got our Pokémon and were outside the Pokémon center. We were staying at different places so we decided to say bye for the day.

"You're going to challenge Whitney tomorrow, right?" I asked before we split up.

"Yeah, Helios and I are going to give it our all!"

Huh, spunky girl. I like it. "Well word of advice, just roll with it."


"You'll get what I mean."

She gave me a smile and nodded. However, before we could really leave, her Espeon, or Helios she called it, jumped off her shoulder and walked towards Noctis. Helios sniffed him for a bit, and then gave him a lick. I don't know if Umbreons ever blushed, but if they did, Noctis definitely was there. We both laughed as Helios went back to Melody, and we went our separate ways. When I got to my room, I went straight to my bed and slept. The blankets were warm, but nowhere near the warmth I got from her.