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Chapter 4


Faster! I have to run faster! What if Concert got hurt, or worse, what if he… No! I can't think like that! He has to be ok!

It was raining as the Firefighter gather enough Pokémon and collectively used rain dance to make it rain again, thus dousing the inferno maze that was the forest. Most of the fire was gone now, and all that was left was a charcoal forest, filled with injured Pokémon. It saddened my heart seeing all these innocent creatures, finding their home ruined or non-existent. I wanted to help so badly, but my priority was finding concert.

I was following his Umbreon for what seemed like days now. Eventually it stopped, smelling the surrounding area.

"What is it Noctis? Did you find him?" I asked. The anxiety was killing me! Who knows where he could be in these woods. Then, Noctis opened his eyes, and ran to jump over a pile of dead trees. Over the trees, we could hear it cry out, "Um! Umbree!"

Helios and I followed him over the dead trees, and I nearly fell to my knees. What I saw was one of the most horrific things I could probably imagine. There was concert, the cute, considerate guy who cheered for me, and gave me hope when I was ready to give up, lying on the ground, with a big dead tree on his legs. Umbreon kept nudging his face, trying to get a reaction from him, but it was no use.

I went right next to him, opposite of Umbreon, and knelt down, trying to see his face. I saw that he was knocked out, but his last face was a face of pain, his legs must feel like hell. I put two fingers on his neck to check his pulse. Life was present.

Ok, good. He's not dead. But he's going to be if I don't get him out of here. But I can't lift this thing by myself!

"Um!" I looked at Noctis, who was trying to get my attention. He pointed to his belt which had two poke balls attached to it. Oh! Does he have a Pokémon that could help out? As if reading my mind, Noctis picked one of them up with his mouth, and handed it to me.

"Ok then Noctis, I'll trust you on this. Go, whoever you are!" A big flash of white busted from the ball, and out came a giant blue beetle. Heracross! He should be able to move that tree! The giant bug type looked at the situation and freaked out concerned for his trainer.

"It's ok Heracross; he's going to be alright. But we need to move that tree from his legs, pronto!"

"Hera!" He responded.

"Ok Heracross, use Horn attack on the tree!" And with the command, his giant horn glew white, and he charged at the tree. It cracked, but it was still intact.

"Keep going Heracross! We need to break it in half!" Heracross continued to charge at the same spot, making sure to maximize his efforts. All we could do was watch, as the bug-type attempted over and over to break the tree. Eventually the small crack became massive, almost splitting the trunk in half.

"Ok Heracross, one more Horn Attack with everything you've got!"

"Cross!" The blue beetle shouted. His horn glowed once more and he charged at the trunk with everything he had. Like a stick, the tree was broken in half, both parts now pushed off his legs. Thank Arceus it worked! I ran to check the damage, and it didn't look good. His legs were obviously injured, to what extent, I wasn't sure.

"Oh no, I wonder if he'll be able to walk?" I was worried. Being paralyzed would be awful. I had to hope for the best. But then I realized, how was I going to get him to the center safely? Then, as if the fates heard me, someone shouted not so far away.

"Hey! Is anyone here! Does anyone need any assistance?" the people shouted.

I cupped my hands to make myself louder. "Over here! We have someone who can't walk at the moment!"

After a few moments, Nurse Joy and a few paramedics with a stretcher came to the area. When they saw Concert, they gasped and immediately went to his side.

"What on earth happened here?!" Nurse Joy asked.

"I don't know. His Umbreon came to me and told me to follow him, and when I did, he led me here. His legs were underneath those trees over there, but this Heracross was able to set him free," I told her. The Paramedics acted quick and lifted him up to put him on the stretcher. They strapped him on and left towards back town.

"Is he going to be okay Nurse Joy?" I asked her. I couldn't stand the thought of him not making it. I had too much to ask, too much to say. Nurse Joy had a calculating face, probably going through her past patients, seeing if any had survive such damage.

"From what I can tell, he'll live. But whether or not he'll be able to walk again, I'll have to see." I couldn't believe her words. What a terrible thing to happen to someone! She must have seen the pain on my face because she came up to me and put her hand on my shoulder. "Is he someone special to you?"

That question got to me. Was he someone special? No, he wasn't. For goodness sakes, I just met him a few days ago. But then why am I so concerned? Is it just genuine concern for someone? No, this is different. But I don't know how. Not yet anyways.

"No, not really. But I have the oddest feeling, that one day he will." I guess I wasn't paying attention to my body movement, because I caught myself gazing at him being carried off, holding my heart, probably blushing. I didn't know much. We had gotten to know each other slightly, but that was it. But maybe that's why I'm so concerned. I didn't get to learn everything I wanted to, I didn't get to ask all my questions. I wouldn't be able to really know him.

"Well, whatever your feelings are, what you did today was very heroic. Would you like to go back to the Center? I have to stay and look for more injured Pokémon," Nurse Joy said to me. I hope she didn't see me blushing.

"Um, probably. Ok then, I'll see you there." We both nodded at each other and went our separate ways. I returned Heracross to his Pokeball and went back to the center. On the way was a scene of dead trees, charcoal bark, people helping out injured Pokémon, and said Pokémon crying about their lost homes. What could have happened? Who could have done this?

By the time I got back to the city's entrance, there were crowds of people, watching the event. How could they not? Making my way through the sea of people, I finally got to the center, where Concert was hopefully resting. The entire trip, Helios was trying to cheer Noctis up, but it didn't really work. I entered the center to find it at mayhem, with Pokémon and people being transferred all over the place. I asked one of the assistants if she could help me out.

"Hello! Do you know where I would find Noctis Script?" I asked her.

"Hmm, let me check." She typed things up into the computer for a bit and looked up. "He's on the second floor in room 208."

"Thank you! Come on Noctis, it's time to visit him!" After a few flights of stairs and searching, we finally got to room 208. I cracked the door open, scared on what I would find. Gathering enough courage, I opened the door to find Concert on his bed, seemingly asleep. What caught my eye were once again his legs.

They were all wrapped up with bandages, and then had black metal braces around them, probably to keep them intact. Noctis went to his side and lied down, snuggling next to his master. Helios just rubbed her head against my leg, sort of pushing me to go forward.

I went to his bed side opposite of Noctis, wanting to give him space. I put my hand on his face and watched him breathe. He had a semi-dark caramel skin, pitch black hair, and a scar on his cheek. Probably from the incident. He looked so peaceful,

"He'll be able to walk again," I heard a voice say.

I look at the door and find Nurse Joy, seemingly amused at what she was seeing. Embarrassed felt my face heat up and put my hands behind my back. Wait, what did she say?! Concert will be able to walk again?

"You mean, as soon as he wakes up?" I looked at her with all my hope. She looked down, knowing I'll be disappointed.

"No, he would need an extended amount of time with a wheelchair or a walking aid, maybe even up to a year. He's a trainer, correct?"

"Yeah, he was on the championship run…" I couldn't look at her in the eye. A whole year?!

My thoughts were interrupted when Concert started making noise. He was shifting in his sleep until finally, he opened an eye.

"Concert!" I said a little too loud.

"Ouch! Easy will ya? My ears feel like an earthquake," he said, giving a face in pain. It was probably a bad idea, but I hugged him as tight as I could and buried my face to his chest. He's alive He's ok!

"Melody… you're…. can't… breathe!" I instantly let go and felt all of my face turn warm. I was probably a tomato.

"Um…" We both looked at nurse joy, who seemed to find the whole thing amusing. "Do you mind if I talk to Concert alone? I want to speak about his future." I looked at him and he nodded. Reluctlentyl, Helios and I walked out the door, closed it, and leaned against the adjacent wall. I wonder how he'll take it…

"Wha- … what? It would be a year at least?! An entire YEAR?!" I was about to explode. Here was I, just waking up from the most grueling pain I've ever experience, now learning that I won't be able to walk on my own for at least a year, a whole year of a wheelchair or crutches. I could contain myself, yet, I knew it was true. I didn't feel the bottom three fourths of my legs at all. I felt the top half of my thigh, including my butt and crotch. It was from halfway down my thigh and down that felt like nothing. In fact, I'm sure it was a miracle I was eventually going to walk at all. My anger passed, and suddenly, all I felt, was odd. I didn't know how to feel.

"I know this must be hard for you to take. Would you like to be alone for a bit?" Nurse Joy said.

Without looking back at her, I said, "Yeah… actually, that girl that was inside earlier, she can come by if she wants to."

"Of course." With that, she left the room. A few minutes later, the same door opened again and in came a pale girl with dark hair. Her Espeon squirmed in first before she herself stepped in and closed the door behind her. The Espeon went to my bed and jumped next to Noctis, lying down next to him as he slept.

"So, I take it that she told you?" She was trying not to look me in the eye. She already knew.

"Yeah… a whole year of being half a trainer. What a great thing to happen." I wasn't angry anymore, no, I guess, I felt sad if anything. I knew this was my own fault. If I didn't pursue Entei and Team Rocket, I would still be able to walk. "I guess I'll have to get used to life on a wheel chair, at least for a year."

Slowly, she walked towards me and sat on the chair next to me bed. She was still doing everything she could to avoid eye contact. "It's not your fault you know," I said. She looked up, with tears in her eyes, her face ready to meltdown.

"But it is! I should've asked you to come with me or something! I could've ignored Whitney and just spoke to you! Or I could have just left earlier from that stupid store and maybe catch you at the center. I could have-" Her words were stopped by my finger, on the middle of her lips.

"I could have died out there. I could have just perished and let the world burn down around me." I took my finger off and grabber her hand, which was trying to wipe tears away. "Melody Fray, I owe my life to you."

"I owe my life to you." He owes his life to me? But I could've saved him! I didn't what to do. I still felt guilty, although I don't know why. But all I knew was that he was holding my hand, firm but not too tight. It was almost twice the size of mine, but his hand was soft and warm. I looked at him again and he gave me a smile that melted my heart. I wasn't like he was flashing bright white teeth with sparkling eyes. It was so soft and caring. He looked like he felt pain before, so he never wanted anyone to feel that way too.

"What can I do to help you? Please, I need to help you."

"No, you don't. You don't need to do anything!"

"I want to… You saved me back at the Radio Tower. And I never would have had a chance against Whitney if you hadn't cheered me on. I want to help you the best way I can." I looked at him dead in the eyes. I wasn't taking no for an answer.

At first he had a serious look on his face, and then it turned mischievous. A chuckle came out of his lips and before I knew it, he was out right laughing! What is so funny!?

"Ok Melody, you can help me. But I'll tell you how after we take a trip."

"A trip? What kind of trip?"

"See that wheel chair there?" I looked in the corner of the room and found what he spoke off. It was a normal steel wheelchair to use. It was his main way to travel now. "Bring it here and help me on it."

I helped him slowly, although he said he didn't feel any pain anymore. After a few careful movements, he was on his wheelchair, holding a smile on his face. "Let's go outside! There's a cool area I want to show you."

"Is it really safe for us to leave right now?" I asked. I'm sure Nurse Joy wouldn't appreciate this.

"If we get caught, I'll just say I escaped! And you were just catching me!" He said with a smirk on his face. It was almost childish, yet adventurous, telling me he knew what fun was.

"Hmm, ok then."

I pushed him out the room and out of the Center. Luckily, the center was so distraught that no one even noticed us. Noctis and Helios stayed behind, getting their rest at the bed. He told me to go a little bit to the back of the center. After pushing the wheelchair across an empty grass field, we got to a hill. "Up there!" he said. I pushed the wheelchair up to find a little area with a tree on top of the hill. It was wide enough not to randomly stumble over, with a clear view of the horizon.

"Do you mind if you help off and to the bottom of the tree?" It was hard. He was a lot heavier than me, but we managed to get him off, and he sort of pushed himself to the tree. He leaned against it and patted the ground next to him, indicating a spot for me. Ok Melody. Just sit down, don't get sweaty, and carry a decent conversation.

I went by and sat next to him, leaned against the tree, and stared at the horizon. The moon was gone, but some of the stars were still there. The bottom of the view was becoming purple, probably meaning the sun was going to rise soon. It was stunning.

"Hey Melody, do you know where Ecruteak City is?" He said, breaking the silence.

"Yeah, it's where you were headed, right?"

"Yup, I have an aunt there. I'll probably call her tomorrow and ask if I can stay there for a while, which would probably be yes. She doesn't have any family in her giant house so she loves company. I could lay there till my legs healed, whenever that may be. Could you help me get there?"

Help you until your legs heal?! That's a long time! What about my challenge? I don't know concert… that's a long time to stay. I mean, I think I honestly would, but still, that's a big decision…"

He looked at me like I had three heads. "What are you talking about? I mean help me get to the city! Not help me till my legs heal you nut!" And there goes my dignity.

"OH! I knew that! Haha, I was just kidding." I tried recovering, but he was already rolling his eyes. The funny thing is, if he asked, I probably would stay with him. I still felt like I was in debt.

"That settles it then. In a day or two, we set for Ecruteak!" He had a smile on his face, one that couldn't help but win me over. Then a thought came to me.

"Hey Concert, why don't you just go back to your parents?" I freaked because it looked like I hit a soft spot. He looked away, staring at the ground. "I'm sorry; do you not want to talk about it?"

"No," he said, looking back up. "It's fine. The thing is I didn't exactly leave on good terms with them."

"What do you mean?"

"I ran away."

What?! I'm helping out a stow away?!

What? Why would you do that?! They must be worried sick!"

He snickered at the words. He must have found them funny. "I doubt it. They probably haven't noticed. She was always busy with her duties and never had time for me. My dad was never even in the same region, business trip after business trip. When I turned sixteen, they told me I couldn't go on my journey. They said I was too weak, that I wasn't ready. That's why I'm going on my challenge." I couldn't help but feel saddened. His home was so lonely, he was so lonely. All he ever wanted was for his parents to be there. For someone to be there.

"You want to prove them wrong?"

"More than that, I'm going to challenge my mom to a battle, and take her title."

A title?! What does he mean by that?

"What do you mean by title?" I asked. The Champion was Boyle, the Normal type user, so that couldn't be his mom.

He looked at me with a grin that made me smile. It was so confident, ready to take on the world. "How about this, when I get to my aunts, I'll tell you before you leave."

"Alright then…" but… when would I leave?

The rest of the time was silent. All we did was lean against the tree and look at the sky. Slowly, the starts were swallowed up, each sparkle of light disappearing. Then more and more of the sky turned purple. Eventually, a shade of red came to the horizon, and a large yellow circle rose up. I was getting tired, almost about to sleep, so I accidently leaned my head on his shoulder. Oh no! He going to think this is weird! Then he surprised me. He leaned his head on mine.

"Hey Melody?" I heard him whisper.


"I know I'm crippled and all, but I'm glad I'm here, right now, with you."

With those words, I smiled and sniggled my head to his neck. I fell asleep on his shoulder, his head on mine. A sleep guarded by the bright lights of the sunrise.