Note: Implied dubcon. This was written for the Zexal Flash Bingo challenge, for the prompt, "Mutinyshipping (Vector/Black Mist)"

"Please, let me out..." the voice whispered. "Please, please, please..."

Vector smiled a little. Carrying what little was left of Number 96 now that Don Thousand was through with him was coming with some interesting side effects. The spirit had never been intended to be an independent being, but after being separated from Don Thousand for so many years, that was what it had become. Now he had been returned to his source, he was beginning to disintegrate. The spirit was left feeling himself coming apart at the seams, watching his identity unravel and being unable to do anything about it.

Except, of course, beg Vector to free him from Don Thousand's bonds. He could do that, if he cared to. Don Thousand had given him a fairly wide range of privileges when it came to what to do with the spirit now that he was of no more immediate use. He could let 96 out for a little while, if he cared to.

"You'll just make trouble," he said.

"No, I won't," Black Mist begged. His voice was fraying around the edges, sliding up and down octaves as though he had forgotten what it should sound like. "I'll be good. I'll do anything you want!"

Vector considered. He had a few minutes to spare. He saw no reason why he shouldn't amuse himself until he was called for.

"All right, fine," he said.

Immediately, the spirit boiled out of his card, misty and insubstantial. It twined around Vector's body like a cat, before falling into a heap on the floor in front of him. Vector didn't bother trying not to laugh. Once it had been him on his knees, feigning obedience. Now it was Black Mist who cowered before him, pathetically eager to do whatever was asked of him, so long as it meant being away from the force that was siphoning away his essence. His outline was blurred, his eyes painfully wide. There wasn't much left of him, Vector thought. Unless Vector or Don Thousand was willing to free him permanently - and fat chance of that - he'd soon be gone entirely.

Ah, well. Might as well make the most of him while he lasted. Once Nasch was done planning and declared their full-scale attack on Earth, there wouldn't be much time for fun and games.

Besides, Vector had done a lot of things in his life, but subjugating a would-be god would be something new.

"All right," he said, "here's how this is going to work. You are going to do things that make me happy, and when you cease to amuse me, you're going to go back where you came from. Understood?"

"Yes, yes!" said Black Mist eagerly. It shifted to a semi-solid form again, twining around him, caressing his face and chest with its ghostly hands. Vector smiled. The world might end today for somebody, but he was sure he was the only one here who was putting these last peaceful moments to such good use.