So I'm new here to FanFiction and when I was talking to one of my favorite dark Blaine authors Cloud Green I realized that there are very amazing dark Blaine fics but not a whole lot of them. My friend Amanda and I started talking it and she came up with this story idea. Ive never written anything before that has been read by other people exect Amanda and my teachers at school. Amanda really wanted me to write this for her and I said yes but I apologize for any mistakes I may make in this fic. I will try to update every week if I can. If you guys like dark Blaine than you should read the amazing fics by whitegardenia5, Cloud Green, and specsO-O.

Full summary-Dark Blaine. Kurt goes to interview Mr. Anderson as a favor for his best friend but little did he know that meeting Blaine would change his life forever. Blaine wants a permanent submissive, he wants Kurt to be his. Will Kurt become what Blaine wants him to be in time or will he escape his fate. So it's based off Fifty Shades of Grey except it's going to be different and way darker than the book. If dark Blaine is not your cup of tea or neither is dark themes I'm sorry but you probably don't want to read this fic then. This will only be from Kurt's perspective but I may add a chapter from Blaine's at the end.

This story is dedicated to my best friend Amanda who came up with this fic idea. The dark themes/warnings in this fic will be wrote before each chapter begins so before you read each chapter there will be warnings if any listed before the start of the chapters.

I don't own the Fifty Shades series or lines from the books.

Warnings for the chapter include cussing and a threat.

I looked up at the tall grey office building that was the headquarters of Anderson Enterprises Holdings, Inc. I gulped but shook my head and braced my self before I entered the intimidatingly large building through the use of a revolving door. I almost sighed with relif when I entered the lobby as I felt cool air wrap around my body from a huge air conditioner that was suspended above me. I walked across the clean marble tiled floor over to a sandstone desk where a blond receptionist was staring at me with a smile on his face.

"Hello, I'm here to see Mr. Anderson for an interview. I'm Kurt Hummel here in the place of Rachel Berry."

"Just one moment Mr. Hummel," the blond said with a wink as he opened up a notebook and scanned it's contents. "Ah yes Miss Berry is expected but you'll need to sign in." As soon as I finished signing my name in the cheeky blond handed me a security pass with the word visitor on it in capital letters.

"You'll need to take the last elevator on the right and press for the twentieth floor."

"Thank you," I mumbled quietly before following his directions. As the elevator slowly took me up a wave of nausea pooled up in my stomach. I don't want to be here, I should be home studying for my college exams but as soon as I saw Rachel sick on the couch giving me Bambi eyes and pleading for me to do this interview for her I couldn't resist. I'm supposed to interview the CEO Blaine Anderson but I know nothing about the man other than he's rich, probably old, and according to Rachel has not been seen dating anyone. (I just hope this interview is over quickly as possible,) I thought as the elevator dinged and opened. I was greeted again with another lobby like the one downstairs and to my surprize another blond man behind a sandstone desk. The man stood up when he saw me and came over to greet me.

"Hi you must be Mr. Hummel. Please sit down and you will be summoned shortly." I sat down in a spacious white leather chair as the man walked back to his desk and picked up a phone. Well while I'm waiting...I pulled my backpack in front of me and fished out the questions that Rachel wrote down that she wanted me to ask during the interview. I wished I knew more about Mr. Anderson. I wish Rachel wasn't sick. I wish I was at home watching a musical.

A door opened to my right and out walked another blond man. Why are there so many blonds and all males at that. Reluctantly putting away the questions that I had no time to read I put on my backpack and stood up so I could shake Blond three's hand. "Mr. Hummel, Mr. Anderson will see you in a moment. In the meantime have you been offered a refreshment?"


Blond three turned and glared at blond two before turning back to me and saying, "Is there anything you would like to drink? Coffee? sparkling Water? Tea?"

"I'd love a cup of coffee, thank you," I said politely.

"Chandler," blond three barked at blond two. "Go get Mr. Hummel a cup of coffee with some packets of sugar and creamier please." Blond two-Chandler quickly stood up and scurried off to fulfill blond three's command. "I humbly apologize Mr. Hummel. Chandler is our new intern. You can be seated again and Mr. Anderson will be another five minutes. I sat back down and a few minutes later Chandler arrived and gave me a plate which held a cup of steaming coffee and sugar and cream packets on it alongside with a spoon. While I stirred a packet of sugar in my coffee I mused over the fact that Mr. Anderson probably only hires blond male empoleyes...I wonder why?

I was startled when a door opened and a dark haired an came out laughing loudly before saying, "I'll see see you next week Blaine." The dark haired man's eyes saw me and narrowed. I shifted in my seat under the stare of the newly arrived man and looked at blond three gratefully when he said, "Mr. Anderson will see you know Mr. Hummel, you can go on through." I almost fell as I leapt out of the chair and went through the door to get away from the unnerving stare. What was that all about? Is he..."Whoa!" I shouted when tripped over my feet. I braced to hit the floor but instead fell into warm arms. I was helped up and I looked into the eyes of my savior. Oh...My...Gaga...This is Blaine Anderson? He's handsome and so young looking.

"I wish I knew what name to greet you with but I was expecting a woman called Rachel Berry."

"I...I'm Rachel's...Rachel is indisposed and so she sent me. I'm Kurt Hummel."

"Well Mr. Hummel it is a pleasure to meet you," Blaine purred in a silky voice. (Wait did he just purr?) Blaine extended a hand out and I shook his hand while he gave me a once over.

Once the handshake was over Blaine gestured me to sit down. Once I was seated Blaine sat in the chair across from me. I pulled out Rachel's questions and a recorder she let me borrow. As I was setting up the recorder I felt Blaine's eye's watching me and my hands began to tremble but in fear or anticipation I do not know. Once I finished setting up the recorder I sat back in my seat and asked Blaine, "Did Rachel tell you what this interview was for?"

"She did. Miss Berry said it will appear in the graduation issue of the school newspaper since I will be attending the graduation to confer the degrees during the ceremony." (I didn't know that, I wish Rachel had told me.)

"That's good. May I start asking you questions Mr. Anderson?"

"Yes, and please call me Blaine."

I gulped before glancing down at the paper and asking the first question off of it. "You invest in manufacturing. Why?"

"I like to build things and find out how they tick, to construct and deconstruct. What can I say?"

"It sounds like your heart is talking instead off logic and facts."

Blaine shrugged at my words. "There are some people who would say I don't have a heart?"

"Who says that?"

"People who know me well," Blaine smirked.

I shook my head and asked the next question. "Do you have a philosophy as if so what is it?

"I don't have one more like a guiding principle I suppose like Carnegie's-'A man who acquires the ability to take full possession of his own mind may take possession of anything else to which he is justly entitled. I like to have control of myself and those around me.

I raised an eyebrow. "You like to posses things?" (Control freak.)

"Yes I do."

"You sound like the ultimate consumer," I told him.

"In a way I am." Blaine smiled at me again but the smile did not reach his hazel eyes.

I automatically read off the next question off the paper. "Are you gay?" (Wait what did I just ask? Why did I say the question straight off before reading it first?)

I shivered when instead of Blaine going off he simply replied, "Yes Kurt I am." (WHAT!?)

"I...I'm sorry I'm just reading the questions off the page."

"So you're asking me Rachel's questions and not your own?" Blaine asked.

"Yes, Rachel's my roommate and she's feeling under the weather today."

Blaine's eyes lit up at hearing my words and he looked exited as he said, "I was going to wait after you had asked your question but they being Rachel's I will simply move her interview of me tomorrow so she can be the one interviewing me. I'll cut to the chase Kurt. I don't want to spend an hour or so answering questions when I want to tell you something. I'm not the man I appear to be to the public. A polite sweet man? Please I only put on an act to disguise what I really am."

Though I was stunned and confused I couldn't help but ask, "what are you then?"

Blaine's eyes shone in lust as he responded, "A man with needs greater than others. I love being in control and having someone bend to my will and call me master. I'm looking for a permanent Sub and I want you to be that sub. I've had various men as my subs but they were boring and offered no fun while just meeting you, I knew you were the one I wanted. Be mine Kurt, I know you've only just met me but I can fill your life with thrills and give you anything you could ever want. Just agree to be my sub and do whatever I ask."

"You must be out of your mind! You're crazy. Here I thought was a charming smart man but I was wrong. You asked me to be your slave, well my answer is no. Fuck you Mr. Anderson, this interview is over."

Blaine caught my arm in a vice grip just as I was about to reach the door. "This is your only warning Kurt. I don't like back talk. Sit your ass back down so we can discuss you duties as my sub."

"I politely decline, you asshole. Now Let go of my arm before I scream."

To my surprize Blaine let go of me but before I opened the door and left he said, "You can run but you can't hide. Mark my words Kurt you will regret rejecting me. I will make you scream but while locked in a room while I'm pounding into you."

"You're disgusting," I spat at Blaine before I ran out of his office. I can't belive that Blaine Anderson-the most respected businessman in the world-turned into a completely different man before my eyes. I have to keep Rachel away from him, I'll just make up answers to her interview questions and say that the answers were Blaine's. (Damn I forgot to grab the recorder...Oh well let Blaine keep it because there is no way I'm ever going to see him again.)

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