Title: Olympus Is Overrated

Fandom: Percy Jackson and the Olympians/Heroes of Olympus

Alternate Universe: Yes

Spoilers: No (not yet at least)

Pairings (may change throughout story): Percy/Artemis, Apollo/OC, Hades/Persephone, Poseidon/?, Zeus/Hera, Hephaestus/Aphrodite, and other pairs.

Rating: T

Genre: Romance/Adventure

Beta: None as of right now. Looking for one, recommendations would be nice. Please and thank you.

Summary: They say that Olympus is the most beautiful place ever. There are no words to describe it really. But… it's all overrated. The true place that is the most beautiful is Heaven. It is ruled by a queen and a king with a council called the Nirvana Council. Leading this kingdom is a certain 'maiden' goddess and a hero.

Author's Note: This is my first FanFiction even though I've been in the community for years. I ask of you guys and gals to give critical reviews… but not flames. I would only like reviews that will help me develop as a writer and help develop this story. – Aimless

The sound of struggling was heard through the walls of the great kingdom. A prince was to be born with a dangerous fate.

As cries of pain echoed throughout the walls, yelling of "Push" could be heard. While the one doing the pushing yelled at her lover, the one who did this to her.

Finally, after what felt like hours to the mother, cries could be heard. These cries were not of pain nor sorrow, but the cries of a newborn child. The most priceless sound for a mother. The cries of an infant that change the lives of the lovers.

This infant gave her the hardest job in the world. It's wasn't just a job, it was the most important job. The responsibilities and requirements were quite extensive. The feeling she would get of the company of the associate would be immeasurable. Plus, the position pays no money. The job was being a mother.

However, this job was worth it. It was worth having to work all the time for her newborn child. It was worth it because she would get a feeling that she would never get with anyone else. A feeling that could never be explained.

"My love," her lover interrupted her thought, "we have had a boy." Her love places the child into the awaiting arms of the mother, then wipes his lover's bangs out of her face.

She looks at the infant with admiration. He was beautiful. He had a patch of jet black hair and a sea green with a hint of gray color for eyes. His skin was a surfer tan.

Her eyes filled with tears by just observing her first infant. He was beautiful, a magnificent creature.

She looks up into the eyes of her lover and smiles. He smiles back and leans down, touching his lips against her smooth lips. They briefly kiss, then paid attention to their child.

"What shall be name him, my love?" he asked her.

She thinks for a second before replying, "Perseus."

"Perseus it is," he replies. The two watch the sleeping child.

"Poseidon," she said, looking at her lover, "if father were to find out about Perseus, we would all feel his wrath."

Poseidon takes her hand and says, "I know. What's your plan?"

His lover smiles at him. She replies, "You will have to keep him down here. I may only visit a few times."

Poseidon frowns. He didn't want his lover and their son to be separated. He most certainly didn't want to be separated from his lover. However, he knew they had to do it. It was the only way for the two to love without feeling the wrath of his brother.

"I will admit that I dislike this idea," Poseidon tells her, "but I will do anything to protect my family."

"I know," she replies, smiling sadly at him. "It's one of the reasons why I love you." Poseidon smiles and kisses the forehead of his lover.

The two look down at the sleeping child. They both knew he had a great fate ahead of him. They knew that he would make it big, but somewhere in the back of their minds, they knew it wasn't going to last long.

Laughter could be heard. The noise was music to her ears. It was the best sound she ever heard.

Actually, being a mother was the best thing ever. It was the best job ever. It was the best family role ever.

Even though she went through a lot of misery. Even though she went through a lot of pain. Even though she sacrificed a lot and suffered, it was all worth it.

It was worth everything. It was worth going into an affair with the king. It was all worth it.

In the end she had two children. Two amazing children. Two beautiful children. She had a family.

"Mommy! Mommy!" she heard shouts from her youngest child. She looks over and sees him bounding through the door with a smile on his face.

"Yes Apollo?" she asked, wondering what her son wanted.

"Some people are talking with Arty. Then they asked for you," he tells her. She bolts up and out the door, after her oldest child. She didn't know who these people were, but she had to make sure her child was safe.

She ran over and saw three people. Two of them were men and one was a female. All three of them looked powerful and abnormal.

The first man was tall. He had pure white hair, looking like it was dyed. His eyes were even more interesting. They were golden. He was wearing a white chiton. In his hands was a weapon, it looked almost like Poseidon's trident, but it was a golden color and the points were a star shape.

The second man looked almost six foot, but a little under. He had golden hair with green eyes. He had glasses on, making him look cute. He was wearing a bright, gold chiton. He had a gold staff, matching his chiton.

The woman looked like the second man's twin. She looked a little shorter than the second man. However, her hair and eyes were the same. The only difference was her chiton, staff, and that she didn't have glasses. Her chiton was a silver color that was gleaming. Her staff, like the second man, matched her dress.

"Who are you?" Leto asked, fiercely. The first man looked at her with a raised eyebrow, the second man and the woman looked at her with a smile.

"Are you Lady Leto, mother of the twins, Lady Artemis and Lord Apollo?" the first man asks. She looks at him suspiciously.

"Yes," she replies. "Don't call me Lady Leto, Leto is just fine."

"Lady Leto," he ignores her, "your twins, Lady Artemis and Lord Apollo, they are the Sun and Moon God and Goddess, correct?"

"Yes," she answers. The man nods at his acquaintances.

"Lady Leto, which is the eldest twin?" the second man asks.

"I am!" Apollo shouts with glee. Artemis rolls her eyes at her brother, annoyed that he won't admit that she was, in fact, the eldest of the two.

"My daughter," Leto replies. Apollo frowns while the woman smiles.

"Ha!" she shouts with glee. "The Moon is the Queen!"

"The Queen?" Artemis asks. The woman looks over to Artemis and nods.

"Yes," she replies, "my Queen." The woman bows along with the other two.

"Hold up!" Leto shouts, wanting to know what the heck was going on. "My daughter, your Queen, is the Queen of?"

"The Heavens, Lady Leto," the second man says. "She's the Queen of the Heavens."

"What are the Heavens?" asked Leto with a confused look.

"The Heavens are the stars," said the first man. He showed images of stars.

"The Sun," said the second man. He showed the Sun.

"And the Moon," said the woman. She showed the Moon.

Leto was confused. However, she was amazed. Her daughter was the Queen of the Heavens and she was only born a few days ago.

"Why?" asked Leto. She didn't understand. How could they know her children anyway? Last time she checked, Zeus wasn't going to announce the names of their children nor their domains. Yet these people seemed to know her daughter and son.

"Because the ruler of the Heavens is the eldest twin of the Moon and the Sun. You said that your daughter was the eldest, therefore, she is the Queen and her brother is the Prince," explains the first man.

He snaps his fingers and crowns appears on the twins. They were both beautiful.

Artemis had a crown that was bigger than Apollo's. It had a silver gleam to it, as if it were the Moon's gleams. It was embedded with green gems.

Apollo's crown had a gold gleam to it. Like Artemis's crown, they looked like the Sun's gleams. Instead of green gems, they were red.

"Allow us to introduce ourselves," says the first man. "My name is Agenor, the defender of the Stars."

"My name is Aarōn, the defender of the Sun," replied the second man, he bows before Apollo.

"And my name is Aigle, the defender of the Moon and sadly, Aarōn's twin," she bows before Artemis.

"We are part of the Nirvana Council," said Agenor, "the highest council of the Heavens."

"And who does this council consist of?" Leto asks, her maternal instincts kicking in.

"It consists of us, your children, you," when Leto heard that she was included she calmed down a bit, "Athena, Poseidon, Hestia," these three surprised Leto, "Draco, Alexandra, the King, and the Princess."

"Who's Draco and Alexandra? And what do you mean the King and the Princess?" Leto asks, curious.

"You will meet them very soon," Agenor replies. "And when the Queen gets married, her husbnd shall be on the council, same with the Prince."

"Which won't be for a while," Leto says being the overprotective mother she was.

"The Queen can get married whenever," he says. "Now, let's go meet Draco and Alexandra. Also, show you around the kingdom." He snaps his fingers and a white portal appears.

Aarōn and Aigle go through the portal. However, Agenor waits for the three. As Artemis and Apollo were about to walk in, Leto grabs their wrists.

Leto still didn't trust them. You should never trust a stranger with powers that can kill you. Never!

Agenor must have known what she was thinking because he said, "I swear on the River Styx that we won't harm you or your children and everything we have said is true."

Leto starts walking slowly, holding onto her children. The three entered the portal, Agenor following.

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So who do you think Draco and Alexandra are? I'll give you a hint for Draco, he's the defender of something that sounds like his name (okay it doesn't really sound, but the first three letters are the first three letters of what he is the defender of.) For Alexandra, I guess I can say all the gods and goddesses will end up having her as a defender once they are gone for "forever" (not dead).

- Aimless