Title: Olympus Is Overrated

Fandom: Percy Jackson and the Olympians/Heroes of Olympus

Alternate Universe: Yes

Pairings (may change throughout story): Percy/Artemis, Apollo/OC, Hades/Persephone, Poseidon/Athena, Zeus/Hera, Hephaestus/Aphrodite, and other pairs.

Rating: T

Genre: Romance/Adventure

Beta: Nope!

Summary: They say that Olympus is the most beautiful place ever. There are no words to describe it really. But… it's all overrated. The true place that is the most beautiful is Heaven. It is ruled by a queen and a king with a council called the Nirvana Council. Leading this kingdom is a certain 'maiden' goddess and a hero.

Author's Note: Some guest said that he thought Percy was the king. I just want to say that the story needs to be developed first. Also, sorry for late update. This month is going to be crazy for me. So please be patient. - Aimless

"Hi," Percy says for the first time. He walks over. "My name is Percy."

"Hello," Artemis replies. "I'm Artemis!" Artemis sticks her hand out, waiting for Percy to shake it. Percy looked at her hand for a second and then shakes it.

"I'm Apollo," Apollo tells him. "Arty's older brother." Apollo had a smile on his face.

"I'm older!" Artemis shouted at Apollo. She turned to her brother and glared at him. Apollo shook his head. "And don't call me Arty!" Artemis punches Apollo in the shoulder, knocking him down.

"Ouch Arty! That hurt," Apollo said, rubbing his arm and getting up. He got punched yet again, but this time he didn't fall. "Little Sis, you need to calm down." This just made Artemis angrier.

Artemis tackled Apollo on the ground and the two started to roll on the marble tiles. Meanwhile, Percy and everyone was watching.

Leto sighs, annoyed. She was used to the twins fighting constantly while the others weren't.

"Are they always like this?" Agenor asks. Leto nods her head. "Just like Aigle and Aarōn."

"It must be a twin thing," Alexandra says. Draco, Agenor, Poseidon, Hestia, and Leto shrug.

"It's actually a sibling thing, but with twins it is worse," Athena replies. "Someone might want to break them up."

Percy walks over and sees Artemis on top of Apollo. He wraps his arm around Artemis's waist and picks her up, walking over to Artemis's throne. He puts her down, but keeps his arms around her waist.

Meanwhile, Leto had a hand on Apollo's shoulder. Unlike Artemis, Apollo was easier to control.

"How many times have I told you two to stop fighting?" Leto asks in a scolding tone. "Now apologize to one another and then apologize to the others for your behavior."

"Sorry Apollo," Artemis says, not looking him in the eyes. Then she looks at everyone else. "I'm sorry everyone."

"Sorry Artemis and sorry everyone," Apollo says.

"It's quite alright," Alexandra says, "Aarōn and Aigle are like that all the time."

"So Artemis," Percy says, letting go of Artemis, "are you older?" Artemis turns around and glares at Percy.

"Yes!" She shouts. Percy nods, making Artemis smile with triumph.

"I don't have a sibling," Percy tells her. Apollo comes over.

"You can have mine," Apollo replies. Artemis glares at Apollo and has an angry, hurt face. Leto looked at Apollo with shock and same with the others.

"You are so mean Apollo!" Artemis shouts, stomping on his foot, and running away with tears in her eyes.

"Ow!" Apollo starts to hope on his one foot, holding the other. Percy looks at Apollo and glares at him.

"You're mean," Percy replies, pushing Apollo and then running after Artemis.

Percy found Artemis in a garden. The garden was beautiful, but Percy wasn't focused on that. He was focused on the girl that was currently crying on the bench in the garden.

He walked slowly towards her and sits down next to her. Artemis doesn't move to react, her hands covering her face as she sobbed.

"Hey," Percy says, lightly. He grabs Artemis's hands and removes them from her face. "Your brother didn't mean it." Artemis looks at Percy and launches at him, wrapping his arms around his neck.

Percy nearly fell off from the launch. He wasn't expecting for Artemis to launch herself at him with a hug. However, he smiled and hugged back.

Soon Artemis's sobs turned into sniffs. Artemis unattached herself from Percy and looks at him with red eyes.

"Thank you Percy," Artemis says, sniffling. She wipes her eyes and smiles. "You and I will be great friends."

"Well I hope," Percy replies, "but I can't be around your brother."

"Why not?" Artemis asks. She wanted to know what happened between her brother and her new friend. Her brother didn't insult him nor did he make him upset.

"Because he made you upset. Anyone who upsets my friends, upset me," Percy replies.

"Oh, silly," Artemis says, laughing. "Apollo and I are constantly upsetting one another. No need to dislike my brother."

"Are you sure?" Percy asks, unsure. He didn't want someone to upset his new friend and he definitely didn't want to be friends with the one who upsets her. But if she wanted him to be friends with her brother, then he will be friends with her brother even if that brother may be a jerk.

"Yes," she replied. That was all Percy needed to hear. He was going to be friends with a golden hair and blue eyed boy who had a beautiful, silver eyed and auburn haired twin sister.

"Let's go back, shall we?" Percy asked, standing up and holding his hand out for Artemis. Artemis smiles and takes his hand. He pulls her up and puts his arm around her shoulder.

The two start to tell one another stories of their short life while walking to the throne room. When they entered the throne room, everyone looked at them. They all wondered why they were laughing.

"What are you two laughing about?" Poseidon asks.

"Nothing father," Percy replies, looking at Artemis with a smirk on his face. Artemis has a faint golden blush on her cheeks which didn't go unnoticed by the adults.

Poseidon was confused. He wondered why his niece was blushing. He didn't even know why they were laughing!

Athena knew what was going on. She knew exactly what was going on. The prophecy was coming true and it involved her son.

Hestia also knew the same thing as Athena along with Agenor. The two were inwardly smiling.

Meanwhile, Apollo and Leto were confused. They wanted to know why Artemis was blushing. However, Leto had her suspicions.

Percy's reaction was to blush back. His face, however, was a golden mess. He had this funny feeling in his stomach and it made him happy.

"Well," Agenor says, "let's prepare for our public coronation." Agenor whistled and two figures appeared.

It was Helios and Selene. The two look at Artemis and Apollo, studying them.

"So these are our heirs?" Helios asks. Agenor nods. Helios sternly looks at the twins and smiles. "Well, congratulations! Good luck with the Sun and the Moon."

"If you need any help, ask us," Selene says. She smiles gently at the two.

"So which is which?" Helios asks, turning to Agenor. Agenor walks over to the twins and places a hand on Artemis's shoulder.

"I introduce you Queen Artemis, goddess of the Moon," Agenor replies. Selene's smile widens while Helios shakes his head. Then Agenor puts his hand on Apollo's shoulder. "I present Prince Apollo, god of the Sun."

"Dang it!" Helios shouts. He takes ten golden Drachmas out of his pocket and hands them to Selene.

"You guys bet on who would rule?" Agenor asks. Helios and Selene smile sheepishly at Agenor and nod. Agenor shakes his head and smiles.

"Any who," Selene says, "we will summon everyone while you prepare the two." Selene and Helios disappear.

"Alright children," Agenor says, turning around and facing the children, "you will be crowned publicly soon. You just need to let me put the crown on your head. Artemis you will take the orb and sceptre. Then you will turn around and face the crown. While you guys face the crowd, I will be saying a few things. When I finish you may sit on your thrones." Apollo and Artemis nod.

Aigle and Aarōn suddenly appear. "So we doing the coronation now?" Aarōn asks. Agenor nods. "Cool."

"Council, please sit except Artemis and Apollo," Agenor says. Everyone on the council except Artemis and Apollo sit.

Percy stood next to the twins awkwardly, unsure what to do. "Young man, what's your name?" Aigle asks Percy.

"My name is Percy," he replies.

"Such a unique name, who are your parents?" Aarōn asks this time.

"My real name is Perseus, but I like people calling me Percy," Percy says, not answering the question. He looks over to his parents.

"Perseus is our child," Athena says. "Poseidon and I had him last week." Everyone who knew Poseidon and Athena were together clapped. Leto looked shocked at the two. "Leto, we will explain everything later. Just swear on the River Styx that you won't say anything about us to people who shouldn't know such as Zeus." Leto nods. Then Athena looks at Apollo and Artemis. "You two also have to."

"I swear on the River Styx that we will not say anything about you three if they shouldn't know," the three said. It was more so Leto saying and Artemis and Apollo repeating their mother.

"Perseus go sit in between your parents," Agenor commands. Percy runs over to his parents and sits on the floor between them.

Helios and Selene soon reappeared with a bunch of immortals behind them. "Let the coronation begin!"

Author's Note: I would like to apologize. I'm sorry for not updating sooner, it is just that June is such a busy month. School is almost over though so that should make updating faster. However, I'm still going to be busy in the summer, just not as busy as the school year. So please bear with me. - Aimless