Warning: This is season 4 of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium series. Make sure to read Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium Season 1: Chaos Rising, Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium Season 2: Descent of Darkness, and Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium Season 3: Guardian of the Balance first.

Note on continuity: This series is based completely off of the English anime, and as thus, it will contain discontinuities when compared to any other version of Yu-Gi-Oh, such as the manga or Japanese anime.

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Season 4: Invasion of Light

Episode 78: Prelude to Invasion

Orbital Observatory #4, Earth Orbit

Two scientists are sitting around doing nothing in a control room. Next to them there is a large monitor showing the vast expanses of space and the Moon. The scientists seem to be in a casual conversation, not paying much attention to the monitor. The first says, "Come on, you fought long and hard to get a post here. Are you telling me that you've changed your mind?"

The second shrugs. "I don't know. Astronomy is my passion, and I always thought that it would be cool to live in space, but all we do is sit around all day, looking out at a never-changing field of stars. It lost its appeal after the second week. When I signed up for this program I imagined it being a little more…illustrious."

The first laughs. "Illustrious how?"

The second shrugs. "I don't know. I thought it be like one of those sci-fi holos, you know the ones where they explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and new civilizations, and boldly go where no man has gone before."

The first laughs even harder. "New life!? You expected to discover aliens!? Come on, that's what people thought 5,000 years ago! This is the 71st century! Don't you think that if there were aliens out there we would know by now?"

"I know, I know, I know. It sounds silly, but hey, a guy can hope, can't he?"

"He can hope, but that doesn't mean he should expect!"

The other smiles. "Yeah, I know. How silly of me." The two start to crack up laughing.

If they were to look over at the monitor, they would have noticed something unusual, a spaceship. It is a massive, primarily ovular, silver ship with several large propulsion units on its back. The menacing ship drifts behind the Moon and out of sight.

Domino City, Earth

It's nighttime. Yuni is walking down a sidewalk. He hears someone shout from behind him, "Hey, Yuni! Wait up!"

Yuni turns around to see Tori and Brutus running up behind him. Yuni shouts back, "Hey guys, good to see you!"

They catch up. Brutus asks, "Hey Yuni, what's up? Why'd you want us to meet you?"

"I got a message from Cosmo and Celestia, they're finally ready to share some more information with me about Yugoha."

Tori smiles. "That's great Yuni!"

Yuni remembers something and then frowns. "I sent a message to Zenith as well. I'm assuming you guys still haven't heard anything from him."

Both Tori and Brutus look a little sad. Tori says, "Not at all. It's been two months, and still no sign of him, I'm getting a little worried."

Brutus appears a little angry. "You would think that after everything we'd been through that he'd show us a little more respect."

Tori, sounding offended, snaps, "Brutus! What if something's wrong with him?"

Brutus shrugs. "Either way, he should have told us."

Yuni sighs and says, "Let's stop worrying about Zenith, you know him, he can be pretty strange at times. I'm sure he's fine. Let's get going, the building that Cosmo and Celestia are staying in is up ahead." He beckons them forward.

After walking a few blocks, Yuni stops in font of a tall apartment building. "Alright, this is it." They walk into a lobby. They walk across the lobby until they make it to a teleportation pad. After selecting a button, they step on one by one. On the higher floor Yuni states, "Alright, I think that they're apartment number 105008. Ah, here we are." He knocks on the door. It creeks open on his knock. He shrugs and peeks in, calling, "Cosmo…Celestia? It's me, Yuni!" No answer.

Suddenly a girl is heard screaming. The group turns towards the opposite end of the hallway from where they came. The girl shouts, "Please, help me!"

Yuni shouts, "That was Celestia!" The group runs off in the direction of the screams. They make it to another teleportation pad. An electronic display says that it's set for the roof. They get on it.

Up on the roof they see two men across from them. One is short and covered in green full body armor, including a helmet, so none of his features can be seen. Prominently displayed on the front of his armor is an insignia that looks like a sword of some kind stabbing a star. The other is a tall, muscular man. He wears a reflective silver jumpsuit, which is similar to previously seen Yugohan clothing with pieces of armor integrated into it. He also displays the same insignia on his chest. He has a long face and spiky green hair. Next to them Cosmo and Celestia are tied up to hovering device. The armored one says in an electrically disguised voice, "We've been spotted!"

The second cracks his knuckles and says, "But look at by who, it's one of the Princes of Yugoha."

Yuni, Tori, and Brutus are shocked. Yuni demands, "How do you know about Yugoha!?"

The big one grins. "Because we are Yugoha!"

The three all say at once, "What!?"

The tall one looks at the armored one and says, "You're not ready to for this yet, take the captives and get back up to the ship. I'll handle this punk."

The armored one objects, "But it's too early, we're not supposed to engage the enemy yet."

"Do you think I care? Imagine how proud the Emperor will be of me when he sees the soul that I'll capture. Go, that's an order."

The armored one shakes his head in disagreement. "Fine, but don't say I didn't warn you." He moves back a couple steps and pulls Celestia and Cosmo with him. He taps something on his wrist and speaks into it, "Three, ready for transport." A green field of light appears around them and a piercing hum sounds. Slowly the three dematerialize.

Yuni gasps. He steps forward and asserts, "You are going to tell me what is going on here right now!"

The tall one smiles. "My name is Zex, proud bearer of the Vor legacy and admiral in the New Yugohan Space Navy."

Yuni, Tori, and Brutus gasp. Yuni questions, "New…Yugohan…?"

Tori whispers in Yuni's ear, "Remember what Cosmo said? He said that after being weakened by civil war, Yugoha finally fell to invaders."

Zex, somehow having heard Tori, confirms, "Yes, 20,000 years ago the Tyrian Empire took its rightful place as leaders of the galaxy and conquered Yugoha. We are known as the New Yugohan Empire."

Brutus begins to walk up to Zex angrily, saying, "You better give back our friends or else I'll…" He trails off as he realizes that Zex is at least half a foot taller than him.

Zex looks down at Brutus with an intimidating stare and asks, "Or you'll what…little man?"

Brutus gulps nervously and quickly steps back behind Yuni. He says, "Or my friend here will beat you in a duel."

Zex smiles. "That's exactly what I wanted, minus the beating me part of course."

Yuni, after giving Brutus a quick glare, steps forward and says, "Then let's duel!"

"Let's" Zex holds up his arm. At first nothing happens, but after a moment, a Duel Gauntlet attached to his belt floats off of his belt and then equips onto his wrist. It is then followed by a floating deck box attaching to it.

Yuni is surprised and asks, "What did you just do!?"

Zex grins. "I nearly forgot, you don't know anything about our society. Allow me to enlighten you. There are two major differences between humans and Tyrians. What you just saw was an example of a natural talent possessed by Tyrians, psychic abilities. Each individual Tyrian has a different type of ability, mine happens to be psychokinesis."

Yuni questions, "And the other difference?"

"Of course, the other. Upon their sixteenth birthday all Tyrians are implanted with a second consciousness, an alter ego based off of the record neural patterns of an ancient ancestor, mine happens to be the ancient hero Vor."

Brutus and Tori gasp. Yuni looks dumbfounded and thinks, But I have a psychic ability and then there's…

Yugi finishes for him, There's me…

Zex grins once more. "Yes, that's right. All of our intell tells us that you are practically one of us. How strange and yet ironic." Zex thinks for a second and then adds, "You know, you're actually qualified to duel just like we do back on the Home World. When we duel, a telepath links the minds of the two duelists, along with their mind partners, and they engage in a two on two duel. However, since I just sent our only telepath back up to my ship, it would appear that we can't."

Yuni asserts, "I've had enough of this, let's just duel already!" Yuni activates his Duel Gauntlet.

The Duel Computer announces, "Duel now commencing. Yuni Oha vs. Admiral Zex Vor. Scanning decks…decks accepted. Commence dueling."

Zex declare declares, "Fine, I shall take the first move." He places his hand on top of his deck and the top card begins to glow green. Zex smiles. He explains, "It would appear that your fate has been sealed, and it is only my first draw." He draws and immediately plays the card he drew. "I activate the Malevolent Soul Engine of Tyria! In the center of the field a strange mechanical device appears. It is tall and cylindrical, silver in color, but almost malevolent in appearance and design. Once it has emerged onto the field, out of a strange array on its top, a green beam of electricity is shot straight up into the air. Once reaching a height of about ten feet, a it stops and turns into a barrier that spreads over the field, creating a hemisphere around the duelists.

Brutus and Tori, who have been left on the outside of the barrier look at it curiously. Brutus reaches out to touch the barrier, but just before he does, Zex warns, "I wouldn't do that if I were you."

Brutus quickly retracts his hand and asks, "Why?"

"One touch of that barrier and it will suck away your soul."

Yuni, Tori, and Brutus all demand at once, "What!?"

"You must have never dueled with a Tyrian - I mean a New Yugohan - before. The New Yugohan Empire utilizes special engine systems to travel across the stars. These engines are so delicate yet powerful that there is only one fuel source that can power them."

Yuni, realizing what he is inferring states morbidly, "Souls…"

"Bingo! Some one give this boy a prize. Almost all New Yugohan technology is powered by souls. They are some of the most efficient fuel sources in the universe, not to mention the cleanest." He chuckles at his own joke. "And we gather those souls through dueling. We activate our Soul Engine, and it takes the soul of the one who loses."

Yuni shakes his head in disbelief. Yugi states, This is getting to be too familiar for comfort. Be careful Yuni.

Yeah, I will…

Zex states, "Enough of this explanation though, we have a duel to finish. I summon Alien Warrior (Earth/Level 4/Reptile/Effect/ATK 1800/DEF 1000)." The moment the monster appears on the field it becomes surrounded by a green miasma of light and the insignia of the sword and star insignia, apparently the insignia of the New Yugohan Empire, appears on the monster's front (ATK: 2032).

Yuni demands, "What's this!?"

Zex laughs. "It is the power of the Soul Engine! For every soul that it has taken and currently has stored in its fuel cells, it grants all of my monsters 1 attack point. My engine has 232 souls." Zex grins as if that is something to be proud of.

Yuni sneers, "You sicken me."

"Hey, it works. And with that, I'll end my turn (Zex's hand: 4).

Yuni draws and declares, "Duel on! I summon Cyber-Tech Avenger (Fire/Level 4/Machine/Effect/ATK 2200/DEF 0)! Attack his Alien Warier!" Yuni's monster fires its massive bazooka at Zex's, destroying it (Zex's LP: 3832). Upon being destroyed, two small purple creatures fly from the destroyed monster and latch onto Yuni's as if they are some sort of parasite.

Tori jumps back and screams.

Yuni demands with some disgust, "What the heck are those things!?"

"Those are A-Counters. When Alien Warrior is destroyed, he infects your monster with two of them (A-Counters: 2)."

"Fine. At the end of the battle, my Cyber-Tech Avenger switches to defense mode." The monster changes into a guard stance. "Then I'll set a card and end my turn (Yuni's hand: 4)."

Zex draws. "Now that your monster has been infected, it is time to start the invasion. I summon Alien Bioengineer (Dark/Level 4/Reptile/Effect/ATK 800/DEF 1900) in defense mode (ATK: 1032)." The monster that appears is a grotesque being with a semi-humanoid form. It has tentacles instead of arms and a large bulbous head and ovular eyes. In its stomach area are two dark-purple orbs. "Now I activate its effect! By removing one A-Counter on the field, I can special summon an Alien Shocktrooper from my deck. I'll remove both of your two A-Counters in order to summon two Alien Shocktroopers (Earth/Level 4/Reptile/Normal/ATK 1900/DEF 800)!" Two glass containers, possibly incubation chambers, appear on either side of the Bioengineer. The Alien then proceeds to whip it tentacles towards Yuni's monster and grab both of the A-Counters off of it (A-Counters: 0). Both parasites are then placed into the incubation chambers. The counters begin to morph and grow until they take the form of the Alien Shocktroopers, which emerge from the cells (ATK: 2132). "Alien Shocktrooper number one, attack the Cyber-Tech Avenger!" The monstrous alien charges at Yuni's monster, slashing at it and destroying it. Now my second Alien Shocktrooper attacks you directly!" The monster charges at Yuni and slashes him (Yuni's LP: 1868).

After the attack goes through, Yuni declares, "I activate Battle Compensation! Since I just took damage from a direct attack, I regain half of the lost points I lost, and then you take damage equal to the same amount (Yuni's LP: 2934) (Zex's LP: 2766)!" First a flash of gold light encompasses Yuni, followed by a blast around Zex.

Zex barely notices. "Next I'll activate "A" Cell Breeding Device!" A series of incubation chambers appears in front of Zex. "You'll get to see what that does later. As for now, since it's the end of my turn, my two Alien Shocktroopers are destroyed (Zex's hand: 3)."

Yuni draws. He declares, "I activate Cyber Sage Transcendence! This card allows me to tribute the level seven Cyber-Tech Magician in my hand in order to summon the Cyber-Tech Sage (Dark/Level 7/Spellcaster/Ritual/ATK 2800/DEF 2500)! When I summon this card, I can draw a card!" Yuni draws. "While on the field, the Cyber-Tech Sage counts as a Cyber-Tech Magician monster, meaning that I'm aloud to equip it with this, the Cyber-Tech Spellbook of Penetration, which grants my monster a piercing effect! Go Cyber-Tech Sage, attack the Alien Bioengineer with Penetrating Magic Mastery!" Yuni's sage holds up its arm and summons a series of magical spears, all sent at the Alien, some make it to Zex (Zex's LP: 1866).

Zex shakes it off. He says, "You might be winning…for now, but it won't stay that way. 232 before you have fallen to my expertly designed deck. This will be no different."

"I've defeated opponents far superior to you."

Yugi warns, Don't get overconfident Yuni. Don't forget, your soul is still on the line.

Don't worry, I've got this. He says aloud, "If you think that you can make a comeback, just try (Yuni's hand: 2)."

Zex draws. "You'll regret that statement. During my Standby Phase, the effect of "A" Cell Breeding Device activates and places one A-Counter on each of your monsters!" One of the alien parasites jumps out of the pod and onto the Cyber-Tech Sage (A-Counters: 1). "Now, to demonstrate the ultimate power of the Malevolent Soul Engine of Tyria! Since I control no monsters, and you do, I can pay 500 life points in order to summon a level four or lower monster from my deck (Zex's LP: 1366)! I'll do that and pull out the Alien Bug-Eyed (Earth/Level 4/Reptile/Effect/ATK 1700/DEF 1000) (ATK: 1932)!" This alien is a mass of mainly tentacles attached to a large head with big bug eyes. "When I summon Alien Bug-Eyed, it distributes two A-Counters among any monsters of my choice. Of course, I'll place two on your sage (A-Counters: 3)! Then I'll summon Alien Hunter (Water/Level 4/Reptile/Effect/ATK 1600/DEF 800) (ATK: 1823). Alien Bug-Eyed, attack the Cyber-Tech Sage!"

Yuni inquires, "But that wouldn't be enough attack, what are you doing?"

"When an Alien monster battles with a monster with A-Counters, the monster with A-Counters loses 300 attack points for each A-Counter it has!" The mass of tentacles moves in to attack and suddenly the A-Counters begin to sap energy from the sage (ATK: 1900). Alien Bug-Eyed wraps its tentacles around the Cyber-Tech Sage and constricts it until it's destroyed (Yuni's LP: 2902).

Yuni declares, "Since you just destroyed the Cyber-Tech Sage, I can banish both it and Cyber Sage Transcendence from my grave in order to summon the Cyber-Tech Magician from my grave (Dark/Level 7/Spellcaster/Effect/ATK 2500/DEF 2100)!"

"So it would appear that my plan to attack you directly with Alien Hunter was foiled. Oh…wait, it wasn't! The effect of Alien Bug-Eyed allows another Alien monster to declare a direct attack, if all you control is monsters with a higher attack than both of my monsters! Attack directly Alien Hunter!" The Alien Hunter jumps up into the air, over Yuni's monster, and hits Yuni directly (Yuni's LP: 1079). "Now I am back in the lead (Zex's hand: 3)."

Yuni draws and thinks, Shoot, nothing else good. I'll just have to count on my magician. He declares aloud, "I'll keep this turn short and sweet! Cyber-Tech Magician, attack the Alien Bug-Eyed, Cyber Magic Attack!" Cyber-Tech Magician casts its spell on the bug-eyed monster, destroying it (Zex's LP: 798). "I'll just summon Cyber-Tech Guardian in defense mode (Earth/Level 4/Machine/Effect/ATK 0/DEF 2000) and set a card before I end my turn (Yuni's hand: 1)."

Zex draws. Upon seeing the card he drew, he appears pleased. "This duel is about to enter a whole new level…a cosmic level. First, "A" Cell Breading Device places am A-Counter on each of your monsters (A-Counters on each: 1). Then I activate "A" Cell Incubator! Whenever an A-Counter is removed from the field by a card effect, it instead gets placed on this card. Then I'll play Abduction! Since I control an Alien monster, and you control a monster with an A-Counter, I can remove that A-Counter and take control of that monster!" The A-Counter parasite jumps off of the Cyber-Tech Magician (A-Counters: 0) and lands in the "A" Cell Incubator. Then a flying saucer appears on the field, uses some sort of tractor beam to lift up the Cyber-Tech Magician, and then carries it Zex's side of the field, dropping it there.

Yuni is upset by this. "How dare you?"

"Easily. Now, since I control a monster that was originally yours, I can tribute it in order to summon the Cosmic Horror Gangi'el (Light/Level 7/Reptile/Effect/ATK 2600/DEF 2000)! I activate Gangi'el's effect, which allows me to place another A-Counter on your monster (A-Counters: 2). But now is when things really step up! I activate Celestial Advancement: Power of Tyria!"

Yuni gasps, "Celestial Advancement!"

Tori shouts out, "That's the type of card that Cosmo and Celestia used to perform a Celestial Apex Evolution!"

Zex grins. "So you already know of the Celestial Apex Evolution. Interesting. It makes no difference." Cosmic Horror Gangi'el becomes cloaked in a nebulous field. "I summon Cosmic Scourge Galtiz'at (Light/Level 9/Reptile/Evolution/ATK ?/DEF ?) (ATK: 232)!" The monster is revealed to be a new creature. It is at least as grotesque as its pre-evolved form, if not more. While keeping the same basic body structure, it has doubled in size and taken on the appearance of being made out of a gelatinous substances. It has even more tentacles coming out of various parts of its body. "When this monster first comes out, it places an A-Counter on your monster!" Yet another A-Counter latches onto the Cyber-Tech Guardian (A-Counters: 3). "And my monster gains 1000 attack for every A-Counter on the field (ATK: 4232). Now by removing all A-Counters from your monster, Galtiz'at will destroy it!" All of the A-Counters are removed from the monster and land in the incubator (A-Counters: 4). The monster is destroyed.

Yuni declares, "Since you destroyed it by a card effect, I can banish Cyber-Tech Guardian in order to prevent you from attacking me directly!"

"So you'll live one more turn. Oh well. I'll switch my Alien Hunter to defense mode and wait. I should tell you though, first off, monsters summoned by a Celestial Advancement card don't Devolve. Also, in case you get any ideas of bringing back your Cyber-Tech Magician, its effect is worthless, because Celestial Advancement: Power of Tyria prevents my monster's effects from being negated. Make your last move (Zex's hand: 0).

Yuni thinks, He's right. Without being able to weaken his monster by negating its effect, there's nothing I can do.

Yugi stresses, Have faith and draw. You know what I always say.

And you know what I always say. Yuni takes a deep breath and prepares to draw anyways. There is suddenly a flash of light. Yuni is now standing inside of some ruins. He is confused. Before him is a raised floor with three stands. On each stand is a different object. The one on the left is a ornate gold staff with an infinity symbol on its top. On the right is some sort of silver cannon, also ornately designed. And in the center is silver shield with elegant gold trimmings. Yuni asks, "Where am I?"

A majestic voice answers, "This is what once was the Arsenal of Yugoha."

Yuni demands, "Who are you, show yourself!"

In front of Yuni appears Chronos, the Temporal Lord. Yuni is surprised. Chronos says, "When the fate of Yugoha was on the line, the gods would allow three chosen heroes into this room, so that they could take up arms against the menace. Yuni, you are the first to be chosen in 22,000 years to enter this room."

"So I get to take these weapons to fight the New Yugohans with?"

"Only one weapon will allow you to draw it. Approach the stands now, and one a weapon will chose you."

Yuni gulps and steps forward. Upon his approach, the golden staff begins to glow brilliantly. Yuni takes a deep breath and grabs hold of the staff. As soon as he touches it, there is another flash of light and Yuni is back at his duel. The top card of his deck glows, and Yuni draws it. Yuni declares, "I activate Monster Reborn in order to bring back my Cyber-Tech Magician! Then I equip it with Wisdom of Yugoha: Chronoton Staff!" Cyber-Tech Magician's staff is replaced by the Chronoton Staff.

Zex is shocked and dumbfounded. He demands, "How did you get your hands on one of the Legendary Weapons of Yugoha!? Tell me this instant!"

Yuni shrugs. "I'm not too sure myself. As for my card, it increases the attack of my monster by 1000 (ATK: 3500) and it allows me to control the flow of time itself! I increase the turn count by three! That now means that I can evolve the Cyber-Tech Magician into Temporax, the Cyber-Tech Magician of Time (Dark/Level 9/Spellcaster/Evolution/ATK 3500/DEF 3100)!" Upon evolving, Temporax still holds the staff. Yuni explains, "If a monster that the Chronoton Staff is equipped to Evolves or Devolves, it remains equipped anyways (ATK: 4500)! Now Temporax, negate the effect of the Malevolent Soul Engine of Tyria!"

Zex laughs and says, "I hope that wasn't a pivotal role in your plan, because the effect of the Soul Engine can not be negated!"

Yuni hangs his head and says solemnly, "No, I was trying to save your soul. Without your card disabled, you will lose it. Using Temporax's effect, I activate straight from my deck the Cyber-Tech Spellbook of Strength, increasing the attack of my monster by 1000 (ATK: 5500). I didn't want it to end this way, but it looks like it has to. Temporax, attack the Cosmic Scourge Galtiz'at, Temporal Burst!" Temporax launches its attack, made even more powerful by the Chronoton Staff. It destroys the Cosmic Scourge (Zex's LP: 0).

Zex shouts, "No!" He looks at Yuni with hatred and sneers, "I will be avenged. My people have an army. You can never win."

The barrier around the field begins to close in around Zex. Yuni demands, "Now tell me, where did you take Cosmo and Celestia?"

Zex chuckles and says, "You'll never get to them. They're aboard the New Yugohan flagship orbiting the Earth. As we speak, the flagship is coordinating plans with the entire New Yugohan Armada. There's an invasion coming, and Earth will be the newest acquisition of the New Yugohan Empire, and the humans will make a handy slave species to serve us." As the barrier gets close to Yuni, it opens up a little, so as not to touch him, and then closes again once he's outside of its diameter. "Say goodbye to everything you hold near and dear. Soon, it will all be gone. Long live Tyria!" The barrier makes contact with Zex, and suddenly he cries out in pain. After a few moments of intense pain, Zex's body falls limp to the ground.

Yuni begins to approach the body, when suddenly the same green energy field that was used to teleport the armored New Yugohan appears around the body. After a moment of the high pitch hum, the body dematerializes. Yuni hangs his head and simply asks, "What now?"

Tori and Brutus approach him from behind. Tori pats him on the back comfortingly.