Not quite sure what this was, but I changed so it was about Luna Lovegood. Sorry if it doesn't make much sense ~ Jellyfish

They called my name.


I sighed heavily and tried to ignore them.

The chanting continued, the 'friends' near me trying to get me to stand.

I gritted my teeth and pushed away the tears as I was forced to stand.

Everyone looked at me, expecting something.

I closed my eyes and let myself disappear into my mind, trying to calm myself.

The chatting didn't stop even when all eyes were on me.

They didn't understand, they couldn't understand.

Someone shook me out of the realms of my dark thoughts and that was it.

I snapped.

Something inside of me that I had held onto so tightly had broken.

Upon opening my eyes I turned and slapped the person gripping my left arm.

Instantly silence fell, everyone shocked into silence.

I almost laughed in relief, the silence was so…

So nice.

At the head of the hall Dumbledore stood, so I took my leave.

However he reached out, Harry touched my arm as I made my way from the Ravenclaw table. He was trying to calm me, to sooth me.

If anyone understood it would be him, but I couldn't think my mind swarming with anger. He smiled at me sadly and I could only shake my head before walking away. My long hair trailing behind my head like a golden cloak. Just before I could get away the silence left and I could hear my name being called, being repeated and yelled along with several other words I couldn't register. As my hand reached out to the door I felt something on my shoulder. It was the headmaster himself with several other staff standing not that far away.

Funny isn't it I mused, how small everything is in the grand scheme of things.

I turned slowly to face the old man, had I been able to see through the grey fog filling my head I would have noticed the concern on everyone's faces but I didn't and instead I struck out at the old man pushing him away..

I wanted to be alone.

I wanted to be at peace.

And most of all I wanted to be free.

Free of every thing and everyone. Never again would I want to help people, to accept the weight of the world upon my shoulders.

The screaming in my head got louder and louder until I couldn't take it any more.

My wand fell from my hand and I couldn't stop it.

Turning, shakily of course I asked for everyone to shut up, for them to leave me alone before grabbing my wand and running as fast as I could from there. Away from everything. Not knowing where I was I collapsed.

I felt weak and strong at the same time.

I screamed into the sky, like a wolf howls to the moon before passing out. Sorrow filling me and attacking me even as I slept.