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The morning was cool and crisp. The sun filtered through the canopy of leaves, creating patterns on the moss-covered ground. The Endorian forest was a perfect picture of beauty and tranquility.

Leia Organa, former galactic senator and princess royal, and current rebel leader while beautiful, was anything but tranquil. She had gone out by herself to walk and to think. Her companions were still sleeping, tired from the festivities of the night before.

The night before. Leia sank down to sit at the base of a tree. She knew that the Emperor was dead. She knew that Alliance members everywhere were rejoicing. Leia herself would have rejoiced had she not been one of two people who exactly what had happened on the Second Death Star, whose remnants now drifted through space. She closed her eyes and sighed. She had been able to block out Luke's voice during the battle and during the celebration that followed it. But now, in the silent, friendless morning Luke's, her brother's, words reverberated around her head: "He's our father."

"My brother" seemed right to Leia; she could accept that. "Our father" she couldn't and wouldn't accept. Her unconscious thoughts had centered on that one person, no, monster, not person, ever since Luke had told her the truth about herself. Vader. Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith, right hand man of the Emperor, oppressor of the people, and enemy of the rebellion. Memories of Vader torturing her, Vader capturing Luke, Vader freezing Han in carbonite, Vader, father of Luke and of herself. She hated him. You were afraid of him, a tiny part of her said. No, Leia thought, she was not afraid, she was angry. What a cruel joke that she was the daughter of the thing that had haunted her dreams.

Leia couldn't understand how her mother could possibly have married such a monster; Vader had always been a monster. He had to have been, because if he hadn't been evil from the beginning it meant he had once been ordinary and good. If someone good had become a menace, then anyone could, Luke, Han, Mon Mothma, herself. Leia stood up and began to pace. And she was Vader's daughter.

"No," she whispered. She kicked a tree. I may be Vader's offspring, she thought, but I'm Bail Organa's daughter. She smiled sadly, remembering her adoptive father. She sank back down to the base of the tree. She felt odd, like.like someone had touched her mind. Suddenly she was remembering, she was sixteen and looking up into Bail's face.

~FLASH BACK~ "We have to finish this by tomorrow, Leia, we-"

Princess Leia grinned up at her father. Despite all her responsibility there was still a glimmer of fun in her eyes. She tilted her head to the side and took up a teasing tone "Aw, come on dad, live a little!"

Organa looked at her strangely, as if seeing her for the first time. Leia saw sorrow and old pain long hidden etched in his face.

"What is it?" Leia asked him, looking puzzled.

"Nothing, sweetheart," he said. He closed his eyes, as if burring a memory. When he opened them again he smiled down at her. "It's just that well. you reminded me very much of someone for just a minute."

"Who?" Leia asked.

"No one you know. No one I know anymore," he said the last part to himself more than to Leia. "Alright, you win, we'll go for lunch then finish this paper work."

"Great! Let's go."


Strange, Leia thought. She had long forgotten that morning; why had it come to mind?

"How did I remember something I had forgotten so clearly?" she asked herself out loud.

"Because I helped you, sweetheart, it was important."

Leia jumped a foot in the air and whirled around. Standing just behind the tree with out lines slightly blurred was-

"Daddy?" Leia whispered incredulously. Luke had mentioned talking with people who had passed on but he was a Jedi, she has just assumed that that was normal for them. She was no Jedi, and neither was Bail Organa.

"Yes. How I've missed you. No time for that now, though. Leia, I can't stay long. I was never strong in the Force I can only appear to you at all because Yod-. because someone is helping me. Sweetheart, I'm sorry I can't be with you. You are full of anger, confusion, and sorrow."

"Daddy. how? What are you doing here?" Leia said in a voice she didn't quite recognize as her own.

"Leia, how can I explain to you? I was sent to guide you, to help show you the way."

Leia wanted to ask him what he was supposed to be guiding her through but she couldn't. Her mouth was speaking as if it could do so of its own accord with out any connection to her brain. "Why? Why didn't you tell me about..all of this? Luke and.Vader?"

"Partially for your protection. And. and because explaining it all to you would have meant reliving it myself. I wasn't brave enough, Leia. Eventually I would have told you. There were many times in the last two years of my life when I thought I ought to tell you. I kept telling myself that the time was not right. The time is never right for revealing the kind of truths that are in your past, sweetheart. But you'll see that yourself."

"I don't understand," Leia said. Bail reached out and took her hand. The sensation was warm and full of light. She had felt that sensation before.long, long ago. Where?

"Leia, I don't have half the time to say the things I would like to. Your anger will overwhelm you if it is not conquered. You must ultimately battle your own demons, but we feel this experience will help you understand. If you understand, the hope is that you will be able to forget and forgive."

"We? And forgive? I hope you're not talking about Vader, Daddy. I can't forgive him. I won't!" The last declaration was more forceful than she'd intended.

"I can't explain about us. And you yourself will have to determine who it is you must try to forgive."

Everything around Leia swirled. She was drowning, but it didn't matter. She felt smothered by a presence. The force? She wondered.

She was standing in a busy street. It was the most crowded place she had ever been. She looked around and in the distance she saw the senatorial building. Corusaunt! But it wasn't Corusaunt as she knew it. It seemed livelier.

Bail stood behind her. She turned questioning eyes to him.

"We are in the past. What occurs here will not affect the future nor will your presence be remembered by any of those you encounter. The Force will take you where you most need to be. When your journey is over, you will be returned to Endor, just moments after you left it." He was fading now.

"Daddy, don't go! I don't understand! I can't-"

"You can, sweetheart. You will. You must. I love you, and am proud of you. Don't be afraid, trust the force." He was gone.

Strangely, Leia didn't feel alone. Go there, a small voice seemed to whisper in her ear. She turned and headed toward Dex's Diner.