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Rated : NC-17 for later smut.

Pairing : Maul/Obi-Wan

Warnings: Violence, reference to rape, abuse, out of character(it will make sense, I promise you), AU – extreme cannon alterations, sexual situations, strong language, original characters

Summary: Sidious has fallen. The Empire is crumbling. Yet the Force is still out of balance. While the war still wages, a lost power stirs to confront the corruption. Many familiar faces are returned to the Living Force. For what reason? And what do the Sith have to offer? All questions are answered, in time, by a mysterious Bard with Jedi robes. With hope, he will strike out to revive the ancient Temple of the Force.

True Balance

Chapter 1:


A voice. It started with a voice.


Obi Wan Kenobi jolted upwards, heart pounding, head screaming, and blood on fire. He gasped at the cold air and clutched his chest, blue eyes wide. As his body shook violently, images assaulted his inner mind: Luke. Vader. "Ben!"

As he began to rationalize his last memories, he looked down at the hand still gripping his cream colored tunic. Wonder struck him as he raised the strong, young-looking appendage closer to his vision. The skin was flushed with color and taught against the wide knuckle. Those boyish hands he could never forget. Shaking, he raised his other hand to his chin. Was it a dream? He asked himself for a moment. All of it?

He glanced around the room, assessing his whereabouts. The room was built like his old quarters in the Jedi Temple. But it was dark, grim and abandoned. The walls were damaged and the window was broken. Dust covered every inch of the floor. The altar was bare. He looked mournfully at the empty space. He had built it himself, letting the Force guide the arrangement when he was only a Padawan.

"He he he!"

His saber flew to his hands as he drove himself to his feet. It sounded like a child. The giggling resonated in his ears. The sound came from behind and from the hall. It came from the sky and it erupted beneath his feet. It was in his head and it was far away. It was everywhere. It was no where.

He shook his head, trying to clear his mind. Reaching out with the Force, he searched for anyone near enough to attack. Nothing.

"He he he! Obi Wan Kenobi."

Obi Wan spun around. It had been right in his ear. He could have sworn it. "Who are you? Show yourself!" He demanded, shocked at the sound of his own voice. "Why am I here?"

"Obi Wan Kenobi." The voice was filled with mirth and delight. It rang like little bells. "You know me well. And I know you. Fond of riddles, Obi Wan? I am here and I am there. I help you focus and I help you sleep. You reach for me in danger and walk with me in peace. I am all around and no where to be seen. Focus on me, and you will succeed."

The Jedi let out a slow breath and tried to calm his mind. It all seemed so familiar. "Far and near..." He muttered, rubbing his chin. "No wh-" He staggered in realization. There was no way.

"It is true. Focus on me, Obi Wan, and you will see me."

Once his head stopped swirling, he sat on the sleep mat and relaxed his mind. Reaching out, he focused on the Living Force and poured his energy into it. The wind rushed in through the broken window as a vortex of light danced like illuminated dust around the room. The colors were incomprehensible, he could not try to name them all. They settled in front of him, resting around the altar. Slowly, the light arranged itself in the form of a glowing person. Obi Wan could not tell if the person was male or female. They were small, no taller than four and a half feet tall, with a fair face and wild hair. They wore a simple tunic and shorts with nothing on the small feet.

"Yes, my Knight, I am what you call the Living Force. I have not manifested in this way in a long time, even for me." They giggled again and moved forward, hopping from one foot to another, towards Obi Wan. "You have been chosen by my champion to aide in the final steps to achieve tru balance in the Force."

"What year is it?" He asked, curious to know how much time had passed.

"The corrupted Sidious is dead. But the corruption within him survives."

"But the Sith were destroyed. Were there more?" He had thought with the death of Palpatine and Anakin's last sacrifice, the Order of the Sith would be gone.

The joy bled from the young face of light. "Much of what you were taught is tainted with history. As the wheel of time spins, the book is rewritten and the old is burned asunder."

"More riddles?"

They shook their head. "No, my dear Obi Wan. Long ago, before the Order of the Jedi, there was a Temple. This Temple housed an order that was dedicated to maintaining the balance of the Force. There were two different types of followers. There were the monks, or the Jedi, as you call them. They used compassion and rational thought to aid me, the Living Force. The other followers fed the Cosmic Force with their energy and their passion. You call them the Sith."

Obi Wan choked back a yelp of surprise. "I beg your pardon, but I thought the Sith were our enemies." He countered, wondering what kind of trick this all was.

"They have been for a long time, Obi Wan. But not always enemies were the Jedi and Sith. An erased part of history holds the fraternity between the two."

"What happened between them?" He asked, curious to know how the Sith were ever interested in peace.

"Corruption." The light burst into dust and formed a small, floating orb of light. It danced around his head and settled on the altar. "But it is time to start anew and bring Balance at last."

There you have it. It's been an while and I'm a little rusty. This is a manifestation of my ideas on the Force as a concept and rationalizing it in a non-cannon way. I'll post Chapter 1 soon.