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The Suitor

Chapter 2: Married Life

Opening his eyes, Edward stretches his legs until they reach the edge of the bed. His wife lies naked beside him, her breasts pressed up against his body, her creamy milky skin glows in the early morning light. Stroking her long brown tresses, he rolls her over gently, as he presses sensual kisses to her neck.

Bella moans at the delicious sensation that flows through her body. She notices a wonderful soreness between her legs. She couldn't find herself to care, as it was evidence of her wedding night, and one she didn't want to forget.

Arching up into her husband as he trails kisses from her neck to her lips, she whispers to him, "good morning"

Edward nips at her jaw, smiling at her. "Good morning my lovely wife." He sighs as he takes her lips into his waiting mouth. He wraps her leg around his waist then flips them over.

Bella sits up, straddling her husband as he takes a waiting breast into his mouth. Capturing her nipple between his teeth, he watches as she throws her head back in ecstasy, her teeth sunk into her bottom lip.

"Whatever I did to deserve you, I'm sure thankful for it." He says as he moves over to her other nipple.

"Oh Edward, I love you." She weaves her hands through his wild hair as he lifts her up by her rear sliding her down on his hard member. He kisses her neck as her grip on him tightens.

"Bella, so good, sweetheart." He takes her ear between his lips, licking her earlobe. Their movement increases as Bella grips his shoulders and begins to bounce up and down on him.

"God, yes!" Edward grinds out as he pumps into his wife, holding her down on him as he grinds into her.

Bella shivers, her teeth sinking into her bottom lip, her head shaking back and forth. "Oh!" Bella yells as both she and Edward hold each other, breathing in and out, not saying a word.

"I love the hell out of you, woman."

Giggling she gets out of the bed and turn towards him. " You better or you'll pay."

Smiling to himself, he watches his wife put on her housedress and walk out of the room. Edward shakes his head at her.


Smiling broadly, Bella pulls freshly baked biscuits from the oven and looks around her kitchen. She plates the biscuits, eggs and bacon, and then places them on the table. She pours a cup of freshly brewed coffee just as Edward walks into the room.

"Something smells good." He walks over to her while she sits the coffee down, his arms wrap around her bringing her to him for a kiss.

"Good morning, husband. Take a seat, breakfast is ready." Edward sits down, and then pulls Bella onto his lap. He takes a piece of bacon offering it to her first. She bites it and smiles at him then she spreads preserves on his biscuit.

They feed each other, first off first his plate, and then he replaces his empty one with hers. She places light kisses on his exposed neck.

"If you don't stop that, I won't get out of here to work on the ranch and I don't think your Pa would be very happy about that." She continues trailing kisses over his neck, moving to the opening of his shirt and then ending at his lips.

"I love the fact that you went into business with Pa, but I don't see why you couldn't take a few days off, after all, we just got married." Bella pouts while she grinds her plump behind on his hardening cock.

Edward leans in and kisses her pouty mouth, their kiss going from playful to passionate in a matter of seconds. His hand ghosts up her skirt, moving between her thighs, as he pushes her undergarments aside, entering her slowly.

Bella moans into his mouth. Deepening their kiss, she takes his tongue in her mouth sucking it slowly. Edward pulls away from the kiss, "Bend over the table."

His voice is low and predatory, as he plunges another finger inside of her. She opens her legs wider giving him free access to her dripping wet center. He removes his essence soaked fingers, putting each one in his mouth and sucking slowly. Bella stares at her husband with unhinged desire at that simple act alone.

Leaning over he kisses her lips enunciating each word.





"Now, Mrs. Cullen."

He gives her one long kiss, sweeping his tongue into her mouth. She tastes herself on him and hums in appreciation. Edward ends the kiss and gives his wife a nod, and without a moment of hesitation, Bella jumps off his lap pushing the dishes to the other end of the table.

She grabs the hem of her skirt and lifts it up, along with her bloomers. She is now on display for her husband, in their kitchen. Butterflies do a dance in her belly, as she has no idea what to expect next, but this is her Edward, so she knows he will not hurt her.

He slowly pulls her bloomers down; she lifts one leg then the other. She feels soft kisses moving up the back of her legs then the sweetest kiss is placed on her womanhood, followed by a long lick of his tongue.

"Oh God!"

Edward nips at her luscious behind, and then places an open mouth kiss from one cheek to the other. He loved this woman and wanted to do nothing more than worship her for the rest of his life.

He unzips his work jeans, letting them and his drawers drop to the floor. Edward leans over, taking his wife's ear into his hot waiting mouth, while he lines his hard cock up to her wetness.

"Hold on to the table tightly, Mrs. Cullen."

Bella is confused until Edward grabs her hips and pushes into her from behind. "Edward!" She screams out in pleasure as he holds her hips firmly.

"You okay Sweetheart?" He moves in and out of her slow and steady wanting to continue on his aggressive mission, but wanting to get her permission. Bella hums, and shakes her head, with that small acknowledgement, Edward thrust into her repeatedly.

Bella grips the table, and as the dishes fall around them, Edward keeps up a grueling pace. "Oh Fuck, Bella!"

Bella's body reacted wildly to the sound of her husbands cursing. She had never heard him speak those words in their months of courting. She could feel every inch of him this way, and every movement felt painfully delicious.

"Yes, Edward. More! More!" He pulls her towards him as he takes a seat in his chair. He rips her shirt open, sucking on her neck at the same time. Biting, and sucking, he pinches her nipples with both hands as she gives him access to her neck.

"I want you to ride me like you did last night, Sweetheart." He pulled her down where they were still connected. Her back to his front, ravishing her neck he brings her brassier down taking her heated flesh in his hands.

"Ah, Edward." Bella starts moving on her own accord, one of her arms reaches back and she grasps his hair in her hands.

One of his hands ghosts down to rub her swollen clit, while her speed increases. A sweet sensation builds in her tummy; her body goes rigid, while Edward bites into her neck pinching one nipple with his free hand.

"Oh! Oh! Oh! Ahh! So good!" She shivers on top of him screaming in pleasure, his orgasm follows after hers, he screams out her name.



Walking up to his daughter's porch, Charlie had waited for his son-in-law for damn near an hour. He was fed up; this was no way to run a business. Charlie lifted his hand to knock on the door when he heard first his daughter, then his son-in-law's loud screams of pleasure.

With his hand frozen in the air, Charlie stands uncomfortably still. His face turns red as a loud moan sounds out from what seems to be the kitchen area. Not wanting to hear anymore, Charlie practically runs back across the yard to his house.

He had no idea how to feel about this.

His baby.

His sweet little Bella was in there having relations.

He decided maybe he didn't like Edward Cullen after all, and who on God's green earth does that sort of thing in the kitchen, during the light of day. He sits on the porch contemplating all of this when his wife walks out onto the porch.

"I thought you and Edward were going to get started tending the cattle?" Renee walks down the stairs and stands in front of her husband. He grunts at her but doesn't meet her eyes.

"Apparently, your son-in-law is busy with your daughter." He meets Renee's raised eyebrow with his eyes pinched together in annoyance.

Understanding hits her as a small smile breaks out across her face. "Oh, Charlie! They were just married yesterday. What do you expect? We were no different ourselves."

Charlie huffs as he twists his Stetson in annoyance. "We never did that in the kitchen where good folks eat - and never during the day!"

"How do you know they were in the kitchen?" She asks giving him a smirk.

"I heard them – "

The front door of Edward and Bella's home opens reveal both of them kissing madly as he walks out onto the front porch backwards. Renee stares on smiling at the newlyweds. She thought that maybe she and Charlie should try to have relations in broad daylight; she doesn't think she could do the kitchen though. That is where they eat for God's sake!

Charlie shot daggers at the newlyweds wishing that he could go back to simpler times when he was the only man in his daughter's life.

Oblivious to the fact that they were being watched, Edward takes Bella by the behind and pulls her close to him, kissing her deeply. Her arms hold his neck tightly as she sucks on his tongue.

"Don't go." She murmurs, as she kisses him again.

Giving her rear a firm squeeze, he bites her bottom lip, speaking in between his teeth. "I have to. I promise I'll be home for lunch."

She looks down shyly, grinning to herself. "Good, but I'm a little sore, so maybe you can kiss it better?"

He growls as he presses her against the house. "How about I lick it and kiss it better as well? We'll give it a rest today."

She shakes her head furiously at him. "I don't want a rest, I like being sore. It reminds me that we're married."

They kiss passionately and Edward's resolve to work today was slipping.

Until Charlie's loud voice screams out.

"You plan on working today, Cullen?"

Edward looks at Charlie, who is giving him a menacing stare and for the life of him, he couldn't figure out why. He thought being married to Bella he would no longer have to deal with Charlie's hard stares.

"Morning, Charlie. I'll be right over, just kissing the missus good-bye."

Charlie rolls his eyes at Edwards remark watching as the man bends down and kisses Charlie's baby girl the way no one should be kissed in good company.

Edward reluctantly walks away from his bride missing her warmth already. Bella then turn towards her parents.

"Morning Ma. Morning Pa." She then turns around and goes back into her home to clean up the mess she and Edward made in the kitchen. She may be limping just a tiny bit, but married life was wonderful.

As Bella went to work straightening up the kitchen, she remembered she needed to do something about their bed sheets. The evidence of her lost virginity embarrassed her, which is saying something because Isabella Cullen rarely became embarrassed.

Isabella Cullen.

She smiled as she picks up the dishes off the floor. She had done it; she had married for love and not convenience.

Bella wipes down the table with a little bleach as well as the dining room chairs. When Renee arrives, she finds her daughter at the kitchen sink washing dishes.

"Well, good morning Mrs. Cullen." Bella turns around to face her mother, a huge smile forming on her pretty face.

"Good morning, Ma." Renee notices Bella's disarray as she walks over to her. Her blouse is hanging a little out of her skirt, it is buttoned incorrectly, and her hair is coming out of her ponytail.

Charlie was right, Renee thought to herself.

Bella hugs Renee, taking her out of her thoughts and squeezing her tightly. "Oh Ma I miss you so much."

Renee smiles at her daughter, taking a seat down at the small wooden table. She places her hand on the surface, but then rethinks her action.

"Well, I'm right next door, if you ever need me."

Bella smiles as she sits down in Edward's vacated chair. Her face turning red thinking about what was going on in said chair just minutes ago.

Renee smiles gently at her daughter. "So, how was the wedding night? Do you need any help with the sheets? A little lye will clean the blood right out."

At her mother's words, Bella covers her face with one hand, trying to hide her embarrassment.


Renee gives her a pointed look.

"Don't be embarrassed. Unless you don't have a problem with your sheets, that is. If there isn't a problem then you and Edward have been sneaking more than kisses."

Raising her eyebrow at her daughter, Renee waits for an answer.

"If you must know, I do have a problem with my sheets. Really, Ma, what kind of girl do you think I am?"

Bella stands up and walks over to the stove bringing back the pan of biscuits.

"Oh, thank you. I burned Daddy's biscuits today." Renee took a biscuit savoring the taste in her mouth.

"I know you're a good girl, Bella, but you and Edward do have a passion for each other. Just be sure that I will be counting the months between the wedding and the birth of my first grandchild."

"You can count all you want, but he or she will not come a day earlier than from nine months from our wedding night."

Renee smiled at her daughter; the last thing she wanted was for people to question her daughter's virtue before they were married. Like that poor Bree Tanner giving birth six months after her wedding. What a scandal for her parents. Renee didn't think Charlie could survive that without severely injuring his new son-in-law.


Charlie and Edward worked silently herding the cattle, securing the new fence and making sure that the cows had watered. Combining their businesses made sense. Edward was an experienced rancher and Charlie was just getting by.

Edward was glad they joined forces, but it seemed that his father-in-law was having second thoughts. They had been working together all morning and Charlie only said a few words to him. Edward had no idea why the older man wasn't speaking, so giving it another try, he turned towards Charlie.

"I was going to head up to the house for lunch with Bella, maybe you and Renee could join us. I know we still had some biscuits left from this morning."

"Humph." Charlie grunts out not looking at Edward.

As they approached the house, Bella came out holding a blanket and a picnic basket. Bella sat her things down quickly running up to her husband and wrapping her hands around his neck pulling him into her.

Ignoring the scowl on Charlie's face, Edward wrapped his arms around her tiny waist and kissed his wife. The kiss started light and chaste, but quickly became passionate when Bella bit down on Edward's bottom lip.

"God I missed you, gal." He plunged his tongue in her mouth, putting his hand on her behind pulling her close to him. They both forgot that her father was right next to them.

Charlie tries to look away but quickly grows agitated. "Now, damn it, that's enough!"

Edward pulls apart from his wife and turns to look at his now angry father-in-law. "Sorry about that Charlie, but sometimes a man misses his wife."

"Well, try missing each other out of my eyesight!" Charlie yells and starts walking away.

"Pa! I'm a married woman now, you can't tell Edward and me how to behave anymore. If I want to kiss my husband in broad daylight then I'm going to kiss my husband."

Edward watched as father and daughter eyed each other, neither one willing to show weakness.

"Sweetheart, your Pa is right. This is new to all of us, I'm sure we can respect boundaries for now."

Edward kisses Bella temple in an attempt to calm her down.

"Well, thank you son. I'm glad one of you have some home training." Charlie says as he turns to walk away from them.

Bella tries to stomp after her father, but Edward holds on to her waist, turning her around to kiss him. She relaxes in his arms.

"This is hard on your Pa, seeing his little girl wed." He kisses her lips gently.

"Well, I'm not hiding just because he still sees me as a little girl. I'm a married woman and if I want to kiss my husband in broad daylight in the middle of a crowded street then I damn well will."

Pulling her into his hardening cock, he nips at her neck. "Language Mrs. Cullen, or I may have to punish you."

"You promise Mr. Cullen?" She snakes her hand down to his pants and rubs his hard-on.

They kiss wrapped in each other arms before they break apart. "Let's go I'm hungry."

Edward takes her by the hand and leads her away from the picnic basket and blanket.

"Edward, the food." Bella tries to walk away from him, but he takes her into his arms lifting her up bridal style.

"I'm not hungry for food."

Renee and Charlie watch from their front porch as their daughter is carried into her house by her husband.

Renee is knitting. Charlie looks down at it.

"What are you making?"

Renee holds up the beginnings of a project, showing Charlie. "I'm making a blanket for our grandchild."

Charlie stands up and glares from Renee to where Edward and Bella disappeared. "What do you mean our grandchild? Are you telling me, she's with child? I knew not to trust that smooth talker-"

Renee stands up and lays a hand on Charlie's shoulder.

"No, darling, she's not, but the way them two carry on I would say it's just a matter of time and I don't want my bronze haired grand baby without a nice blanket."

Charlie stares at his wife as if she's lost her mind, but then he thought about a bouncing baby boy with his daughter's eyes and he didn't really mind Edward Cullen being married to his baby girl.

"I guess a grandson wouldn't be so bad. We could go fishing and hunting. They can name him Charlie. There may be something to marrying off your only child."

Renee smiled at Charlie.

"There most certainly is. We get to have little babies around and then send them back home to their parents."

Charlie pulls his wife close to him and gives her a kiss on the lips. She looks up to him and he gives her a sneaky smile. "You want to?" Charlie tilts his head towards the house and wags his eyebrow.

Rene gets his question and smiles at him. "During the day?"

Charlie nods his head and Renee giggles and runs into the house.

Maybe being alone in the house was an actually a good thing, Charlie thought as he closed the front door behind him.