I am happy to announce that the next chapter of A Totally Not-Boring Week is almost complete! I'm so very very very sorry. My muse sucks okay. Here's a cute little Pokeshipping fic to tide you over. It's more of a friendship fic, really. Only hints.

Ash: what? You wrote a HINT ONLY romance fic?

Misty: is that even possible?

Me: okay, that's enough! I don't even own you two! Get out of my room!

disclaimer: I don't own Pokémon!

Ash awoke to the quiet beeping of an alarm. He blinked groggily, trying to gather his dream-scattered thoughts. Once he fully woke up, he shut off his alarm and slipped out of the Pokémon Center bed and out to the lobby.

He smiled softly to himself. Cilan and Iris had yet to notice that he snuck to the phone every night they were in the city. Likely because they themselves had their secrets. He wasn't stupid enough to not know why they shared a room every time. He could imagine the two sleeping in an embrace, Iris occasionally hitting Cilan in her sleep when he snored. He chuckled at the thought.

Ash seated himself in front of the phone and started the call. It rang twice before it picked up. He grinned brightly.

The sleepy redhead rubbed her eyes and smiled. Her hair was a mess and her pajamas rumpled. "Hey Ash."

"Hey Mist," he whispered. "I'm sorry I haven't called for a while; it took so long to get here."

Misty shook her head. "Oh it's fine. I understand. So where are you now?"

"Castelia," Ash responded. "It's a port city, so there's plenty of water Pokémon. There's this really nice park here too, I think you'd like it."

"That's really cool!"

Ash began rambling. "And today, a bunch of Venipede stampeded the city! I guess in that situation you wouldn't really like Castelia, huh? Well, the gym leader, Burgh, came along and helped us round up the Pokémon in the park. We finally got them back to where they belong. I hope they're doing okay. Tomorrow, I'm going to challenge the gym leader! It's gonna be hard, but that's the way I like it!" He realized his gaze had left the screen. He turned back, and Misty was snoring.

"Mist. Misty. Misty. MISTY!"

She jerked awake. "Oh, Ash, I'm sorry, I'm just really tired. I had so many challengers today, and then the pool filter broke, and even though Tracey fixed it, I still had to help out and figure out where to hold all those gym battles. We ended up having our battles in a river near the city. That was such a hassle to arrange-"

"It's okay," Ash assured her. "I was rambling on anyway. I should probably let you go so you can sleep."

Misty yawned. "Okay. Be sure to call me tomorrow, and tell me how that gym battle went, alright?"

"Sure thing, Mist," Ash replied. He placed his hand against the screen. "See you tomorrow."

Misty blushed and smiled, touching the glass too. She ended the call.

As the screen went dark, Ash sighed. He'd never admit it, but he hated every moment that he wasn't with her. He really missed her. But a phone call was better than nothing.