Jess stared at the man with wide eyes, her hands going up in surrender as he took a few steps closer with his gun. Her heart was racing, but fleeing wasn't an option right now. How this man got here or even found her was shocking considering what Hydra was dealing with right now. She was hardly a priority especially when Hydra shouldn't have had a clue who she was.

''My name is Jessica Bennet,'' she argued.

''No it's not, I know who you are,'' he shook his head. ''Jessica Barnes, daughter of James Barnes, the child of the Winter Soldier,''

Now her heart was really beating out of control.

''I felt the punch you gave me, I saw you unravel yourself from wire bound around your neck, and I knew something was strange. It wasn't hard to find what SHIELD had discovered a few days ago. You've managed to stay off the radar your whole life, but you slipped up, Hydra knows who you are now,''

''And Hydra is currently burning to the ground,'' Jess spat.

''Do you think this is going to destroy all of Hydra?'' he asked with a shake of his head. ''Hydra is everywhere. Alexander Pierce's orders were to have you killed just like your father,''

Jess could feel the rage bubbling inside her, teeth clinched together and almost grinding with anger. It wasn't as if she didn't already piece together that Hydra had been the ones to take her father's life, but hearing the man admit it like it was nothing made her angrier than she thought possible.

''Pierce killed him,'' she ground out, almost a whisper. ''Why?''

''He was getting too close to the soldier's exposure and Hydra doesn't allow any threats to be made toward their interests,'' the man told her, holding his side with one arm. ''But it appears they may have made a mistake, they didn't look close enough. The genes were passed down, the serum runs through the blood in your veins, I know it does,''

Jess shook her head.

''You're out of your mind,'' she denied, refusing to let him have the knowledge about her.

''And you have no idea of your potential,''

''I'm not locked up in some lab, you can't work your Hydra brainwash bullshit on me,'' she raised her voice.

''You've triggered something within yourself that let out the cells in the serum that have been with you your whole life. You understand how genetics work, how inheritance works,''

''I'm not a super soldier you lunatic!''

''Of course not, but you carry the gene and with that comes things you aren't prepared for. The aging, the strength, the healing,'' he informed. ''I dare say if you removed that cast on your arm there wouldn't be damage that was there yesterday,''

Jess couldn't help looking down at her arm, wondering if what this man was saying could be possible. The bruises on her face were still there, the wound on her shoulder still hurt and her arm was definitely still broken, but maybe it was healing faster. Her blood only contains a small percentage of the serum considering it had been passed down through her father. She wouldn't heal like Steve did or have the strength that he and Bucky had, but she would be far from average.

''If you think by telling me this I'm going to convert to your insane Hydra lifestyle-''

''I'm telling you this because that's the reason I'm not going to kill you,'' he told her. ''Hydra missed the opportunity with your father and now I've found you, a descendant of our biggest asset,''

''You didn't miss any opportunities with my father, he would never help scum like Hydra,''

''He would have been persuaded,'' the man glared. ''But instead he received a bullet in between his eyes,''

Jess felt like she was going to be sick, but the new wave of anger that rose up inside her prevented that. Instead, she had had enough of talking to this man. He had already admit he wasn't going to kill her, which left him nothing to threaten her with. That's not to say she trusted his words anyway, he still had a gun pointed toward her, but his other arm was cradling his injured side. It gave her enough of an edge to lunge toward him, grabbing his hand with the gun and pointing it away from her as she pushed him to the ground.

Her arm hit the hard ground with a thud due to the cast and she instantly felt a jolt of pain but ignored it in favor of taking the gun from the man. His other hand which had been holding his side now came up and punched her in the face, hitting her nose in the right spot to cause a bleed and annoy her even more.

''As long as Hydra lives, you life will be haunted,'' he told her through gritted teeth.

Then he did something she had only ever heard about. With wide eyes of pain and adrenaline, the man bit down hard on his back tooth, his body trembling immediately as white foam began to fill his mouth.

''Hail Hydra!''

Sam had just stepped out of the shower feeling somewhat refreshed when he heard his phone ringing in the living room. It was lucky that Jess and Sam exchanged numbers that morning at the hospital so they could contact each other if anything changed with Steve, because if Sam hadn't seen her name lighting up on his cell, he probably wouldn't have answered.

''Hey, what's up?'' he answered coolly, heading to the refrigerator for a drink, but his steps slowed to a standstill when he listened. ''Whoa, are you alright? Where is he now? Shit. I'm coming now, okay? Stay there, stay armed,''

It wasn't even on his mind that he had been home only fifteen minutes, all he was worried about was if Hydra was coming after them all once again. He had no idea how the man managed to get into Jess's apartment since he was there that morning and he would have noticed if there was signs of forced entry.

When he arrived at the building, Sam ripped his keys from the ignition and hurried upstairs. Nothing in the building was out of place, he even caught a glimpse of a woman doing laundry as if a terrorist organization hadn't just barged into one of her neighbors apartments. He was on high alert the whole way to Jess's apartment, his eyes scanning around and making sure there were no signs of Hydra. He had a gun underneath his shirt by his waist and his hands kept creeping over to it, but he remained calm and collected as he knocked on Jess's door.

''It's Sam,'' he called out.

He only had to wait a second until the door was unlocked, Jess pulling it open and looking out the tiny crack before letting him in. Her eyes did the same as his, scanning around everywhere in case there were more. It had been about twenty minutes since the unknown Hydra agent ceased moving on her floor and the whole time she had been waiting for others to show up, but it appeared he was the only one interested in her right now.

''He's dead, I don't know what to do,'' Jess began, eyes wide as she looked at the man's body. ''I can't call the police,''

Sam looked at the body in front of him as well, noticing the white around the man's mouth.

''Cyanide,'' he concluded.

''I've heard about Hydra agents having it in their teeth and jaw for if they were ever captured,'' she nodded. ''Never thought I'd witness it though,''

''How long has he been out?''

''About twenty minutes, maybe thirty,''

Sam turned to her now.

''You waited that long to call me?''

''I wanted to make sure no others were coming,''

''That's exactly why you should have called sooner,''

''This guy was here for me not you, I wasn't going to bring you in if there were more on their way,'' she argued.

Sam frowned and shook his head, but his attention soon turned to the body again.

''How'd they find you?''

''I don't know,''

''What did he want?''

Jess swallowed hard and shook her head.

''H-he was talking about Bucky and the serum,'' she told him honestly. ''It's the same agent I fought at the Triskellion, he was pretty badly injured when I came in,''

Sam thought hard for a moment, trying to find a solution quickly. He wasn't exactly up to date with Jess's connection to the super soldier serum or whatever was used on Bucky, but he could easily add everything up. Jess was Bucky's granddaughter and if Hydra knew that, it made sense for them to come here with threats. He just couldn't believe he didn't consider that earlier.

''Do you have anything incriminating in here?''

''What do you mean?''

''I mean...I know you got your information in a non legal way, so do you have any SHIELD or other information around here that if it was searched could get you in trouble?''

''No, I have it all on hard drives that are stashed at a motel I was staying at out of town,''

''Good, let's get out of here,''

Jess looked around, wondering what their plan was.

''Wait, what are we doing about this?''

''Getting out of here and making an anonymous call to police. Hydra would be at the top of their list, all we have to do is tip them off that someone saw an odd man entering the building,''

''I think they'll have questions for me and everyone else, they'll want to interrogate me,'' she shook her head.

''They won't. Don't worry, I'll make the call. Trust me, Hydra agents are bound to be on the run right now, the police would expect them to break in and try and hide, especially so close to what happened,''

Jess look around the room again.

''I don't know if that's going to work,''

''Well it's gonna have to, come on,''

Jess was not a fan of being at Sam's apartment. It wasn't because she didn't like the place or the company, it was that fact that now she knew Hydra was aware of her existence and if one agent had already visited her apartment, they were bound to find her here eventually. But they had much more to worry about right now. Sam had already made the call to the police as they drove to his apartment and Jess was just hoping they wouldn't be suspicious of her.

Watching a man bite down on a cyanide pill was not what she had expected to do that day, but she guess that maybe her life wasn't going to return to normal as soon as she thought. A lot of things had changed in the past few days and it looked like there was no going back.

''Here,'' Sam walked over to the couch where Jess was sitting and handed her an ice pack. ''Don't know if you realized but it looks like you got punched in the face,''

Jess instantly lifted her hand to the top of her lips and felt the stickiness of half-dried blood, frowning at the idea of it being there all along.

''Right,'' she nodded, accepting the ice pack. ''Thanks. I remember that now,''

''You sure you're good?'' he asked, his eyes narrowing in concern. ''I'd be shaken up if a Hydra agent showed up and put on a show like that in my apartment,''

''I'm fine,'' she shook her head. ''Just angry. It's like all that we did...and they're still out there,''

''But we stopped a lot of people from dying and took out most of those assholes,''

Jess nodded in agreement before going over in her head what the agent had told her. Even though her father had been gone since she was sixteen, hearing that Hydra actually did kill him made her feel like it was all new to her again. She shouldn't have been surprised at all, but after all this time, she had her answer and she didn't like it at all.

''You can talk about it,'' Sam spoke up, noticing the thoughtful look on her face. ''But you don't have to, I get it,''

''Pierce killed my dad,'' she looked up at him. ''I mean I knew he was murdered all along and for years I've been looking for answers about it and now that I can put a face to who did it and how it was's just not the closure I was hoping for,''

Sam frowned and reached up to rest his hand on her shoulder.

''Maybe it wasn't closure you were looking for,''

''Maybe. Pierce is dead now anyway so if it was revenge, that's gone too,''

Then Sam started thinking of why the Hydra agent would tell her about her father, why he had specifically came to her apartment, why he hadn't killed her.

''They know who you are,'' he concluded. ''Hydra knows you're Bucky's granddaughter,''

Jess looked up at him again, wondering how much she could trust him.

''They think I have the super soldier genes,'' she confessed.

Sam looked shocked for a moment.

''Do you?''

''I'm not sure,'' she shrugged. ''I know something's not right, but I also know I'm not a super soldier, far from it actually. It's been another question I've been chasing for years, but one I never thought possible. It explains a lot of things though,''

''Damn,'' Sam shook his head, surprised.

''I don't want Steve to know about the Hydra agent,''

''But he needs-''

''He doesn't need to worry about me. We all know Hydra's still out there, this is nothing new,''

''He's gonna want to know if you were in danger,'' Sam continued. ''And he'd be pissed if he knew you kept it from him,''

''I know, but him being mad at me is worth him not worrying about me. He's been through enough,'' she sighed. ''Let him recover, then we'll focus on what we need to do,''

''Which is?''

''Finding Bucky before Hydra does,''

*A/N - Totally didn't mean for this to be a Jess and Sam chapter but that's how it all worked out, hope you enjoyed though :)