Epilogue. After.

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I'm nervous. He realized, shifting his weight on his other foot, as he stood, in the dark of the room, gazing outside, by the huge French doors. It's been a while since I've last been that nervous. He mused, almost comically.

Again, his hand reached up to rearrange the too tight dark tie he wore, then the same hand travelled up to run in his hair and settled back on his other arm, as he folded them once more, still gazing outside.

The moon was playing hide and seek among the clouds, smiling gently down him. The moon, he had always held an untold liking to the moon. He had always felt a link to it, a connection, something instinctive. Surely because he was a creature of the night, a sorcerer, a wizard. Someone different than the others. But, then, he had even been different than the ones different from the normal ones. Feared for his weirdness among his owns, bored by a dull life where there was nothing he couldn't have, except maybe a life. So, that was why, a night, under the moon, he had created the first of his two companions, a human-like creature, so pale and ethereal, almost ephemeral, a moonlight child.

Always calm and collected, with silver eyes and silver hair, when the child had first risen his silver eyes up to him, he had seen the silver heart melt away, leaving the place to an untold love. Then, as he knew he would never come to love the child like the child would have wanted him to, he created another companion, this time, under the fiery light of the sun, a lion-like creature, which would bring laugh and light in their moonlight house. And so did the creature. But, then, Death knocked thrice, announcing its incoming arrival, again, taking another surprise away from him and so he decided to prepare, to give his children another chance, like him.

Dead and reborn, there he was once more, standing under the moon, gazing up to it, putting his life in its hands once more. And as the half-moon, looking like a Cheshire Cat's smile, disappeared and reappeared from behind the clouds, he thought the moon was laughing at him. But then, the moon would never laugh at him. The moon had always been there when he had taken all the most important decisions that had dramatically changed his life.

The moon had been present when he had arisen once more, when the time for his successor to receive his last gift. However, when he had decided to leave again, to go back to the place he shouldn't have left in the first place, after his heart had been broken in a thousands shards, he had seen the moon smiling sadly down him. The moon had also been the first to whom he had whispered his secret, the secret he hid from the purple-eyed girl. The moon had always been there, and so it was again that night. On the night, he was going to propose.


Hiiragizawa Eriol was, what anyone could and would call a lucky man. Aged of 25, at the head of an extraordinary amount of wealth, from old money, he had been dating since he was 17 one of the prettiest and cleverest girl of the whole town, none to say that she was maybe, if not more, as rich that he was. Both were dark-haired, with glinting knowing eyes for their young ages, both were beautiful in their own ways, both were unique in their own way.

Daidouji Tomoyo, however, wasn't the perfect princess people thought her to be, she was cunning sometimes, devious other times but then, her charm and smile could make an angel kneel. Sure, she was kind, sure, when her laugh rose in the air, people would stop and smile with her, as her laugh and smile were contagious. But, then, when one stepped on Daidouji Tomoyo's property, one should rather be well assured.

A girl had once made a pass on Eriol, a once persistent girl. Everyone knew Eriol only had eyes for Tomoyo, just as every boy and some of the girl population knew better than try to even think of flirting with Tomoyo. It wasn't that Eriol was a possessive type of boyfriend, rather that he disliked people to so openly gape at his girlfriend beauty and wit, like he would say, only him could annoy her like that. As for the girl who had tried to hit on Eriol, Tomoyo had so gently remarked when walking pass her with Sakura at her side, giggling along, what she would do to any girls trying to take Eriol from her.

So had passed their school days, calmly, crazily, laughingly, sadly, gently, precious memories to their young hearts, exactly what he had always yearned for. Being young and alive, not knowing what would happen the next day, but ready to meet it, going ahead, looking behind sometimes, but always walking forward, with a smile and a ready heart. Tomoyo had taught him that.

Eriol smiled in the night. Tomoyo had taught him to look ahead once more. Where Kaho had tried to hold him down, Tomoyo had been pulling on his arm to make him go faster. They would go together on amusement parks, laughing their heads off over the one-too-much drink they had, crying their hearts out at each other's face when they would have a fight, then make up and smile again. That he had never been able to do with Kaho, laugh and live with her. He didn't mind, though, because he could do it with Tomoyo. Sweet Tomoyo who accepted him, him and his weirdness, him and his strange companions, him and his odd ways. Accepted him as he was.

Why did he love her? There were too many reasons and only one in the meantime. He loved her because she was herself. Then, he loved her because her laugh would make him stop and wonder in awe, he loved her too because his soul was bared in front of her, also because hers was as bare as his in his hands. He loved her for the things she couldn't do and the things she could do. Like she couldn't, no matter how many times she tried to, beat him at games or stop herself from dressing either Nakuru or Sakura up. But what he loved the most in Tomoyo was her hair. He could stay hypnotised by the light playing on her hair, for hours, just gazing at her. He loved the odour of her hair, its colour and the feel of it, sliding down his fingers, teasing his skin.

A knock on the door sharply interrupted his musings and dread made the world and time slow down. He knew who the person was, as the person was the owner of the house, rather mansion, he was in. He was standing in the shadows, watching the door, and light, crept into the room. He could hear, from very far away, the sound of the reception held downstairs, and when the door opened to reveal her fully, once more Eriol forgot how to breathe. He had forgotten his whole speech and promises, he had even forgotten how to talk, he had forgotten how to move, he had forgotten how to ask Daidouji Sonomi her daughter's hand.


Inwardly, Sonomi smiled. She knew, oh lord, yes, she knew how much Eriol loved Tomoyo, just as she knew how much Tomoyo loved him back and if Eriol had stopped for maybe a second and thought, he would have known what she would say. But the boy was too nervous, suddenly too shy, suddenly fearing the worst, for nothing, that was why he was rotten next to the window, his shoulders stiff, his hands shaking lightly by his sides and sweat pearling on his forehead. If Kinomoto-sensei had been there, they would have shared a good laugh together at Eriol.

Oh, well, making him worry that he could lose her, would make him hold him even dearest to his heart, besides, she wasn't one who would let a good joke pass by and not take it. She closed the door behind her, letting the room in its darkness to make him more uncomfortable. Yes, that was mean, but oh, so funny!

"How long have you been dating my daughter, Hiiragizawa?" Her tone sharp and her mouth describing an annoying line, Sonomi went further in the room. Eriol swallowed his saliva hard and opened his mouth but not a sound get out. Things sounded bad. She had called him 'Hiiragizawa' while she would usually call him 'Eriol-kun'.

Maybe it had been a bad idea to let Nakuru ask for his rendezvous. Of course, he knew his Guardian would tell Daidouji-sama why Eriol would ask her to meet him privately, as Nakuru couldn't hold anything from Daidouji- sama in particular. So, he had gone, knowing she was aware of what he would ask. He should have called himself, asking the very day. But, no, no, he had to run away and let Nakuru do it. What if she said he was unworthy of her daughter?

Then, Daidouji-sama stopped walking towards him and raised an eyebrow and starting beating her foot impatiently. Damn it, she was waiting for his answer, now if only he could find his tongue. "Eight. Eight years, Daidouji- sama." Eriol finally spluttered and Sonomi would have laughed outright at his expression.

Thankfully for her, she was used to such reactions with her employees. Sonomi decided to tease him a little more.

"And how long have you been in love with my daughter?"

Eriol gulped down and answered shakily. Damn it, his nickname in college was 'honey tongue' since he could get out of any situations by confusing the authorities figures, meaning the teachers, by some lie so nicely wrapped that they would always fall for it. Only Tomoyo could see through. "Nearly nine years, Daidouji-sama."

Sonomi raised another eyebrow at him and crossed her arms, her foot taping louder. "So, it took you one year to build up enough courage to confess to my daughter." She asked, a bit more biting than usual and Eriol felt his hands shake.

"Y- Yes, Daidouji-sama." That really sounded bad. She was going to say no, she was going to say she had found a more suitable man for Tomoyo. She was going to say no.

But, then Sonomi smiled softly. She had seen the panicked look in his eyes and decided to end the game. "And it took you around ten years to propose."

To say that Eriol was surprised, was an understatement. All of the sudden, he understood what she was doing, teasing him, and a relieved smile came to his lips and a shaky laugh rose from his throat.

"Yes, I guess I'm a bit slow to catch up things." He said, running a trembling hand in his hair, he had to lean on the wall, otherwise he would make a fool of himself and faint at his future mother-in-law feet, if, of course, Tomoyo said yes but it would be lying if Eriol said he didn't know what her answer would be. He knew she loved him, as much as he loved her, the only thing left was to find the guts to tell her, to ask her to share his life forever and that would be a little more difficult to do.

Sonomi laughed with him, when the door burst open, revealing Tomoyo. She marched further in the room, leaving the door open behind her, the light flowing with her inside the dark room. And Eriol stared.

She was dressed in a white cream dress, with no sleeves, hugging her chest tightly, a long shapely leg could been seen whenever she took a step, as the dress was opened on her left side, from the middle of her thigh to her little foot, in her white cream high heel shoe. She had changed so much from their childhood, then teenaged years. It was a woman who was standing there and his breath caught. A woman, his only woman, his love.

Her hair had been placed in a high ponytail, with a dozen of little braids falling out of it, on the mass of her hair, pearls in them. Smiling sweetly, a smile he knew too much as announcing troubles, Tomoyo stopped in front of him, raising her purple eyes to his face. "So, have you ask my mother the permission to propose to me, yet?" Her smile turned mischievous and Eriol's eyes would have fallen out of their sockets if she hadn't laugh gently at him, cupping on of his cheek with a pale hand.

She knew. She knew. She knew. Hell, she knew. "A- ah-Tomoyo!" He tried to say but Sonomi cut him.

"Yes, dear he has." Sonomi smiled at her daughter and turned to leave the room. Over her shoulder, she said, smiling brightly. "Please, do precise him I'd like to see my grandchildren grow up. At the rate, he's going I'll be in my grave because he decides to make a move on you." Tomoyo and Sonomi laughed while Eriol felt all his blood rushing to his cheeks and his glasses started to moisten, causing him to become temporally blind.

"Really, mother." Tomoyo said, admonishing her mother gently causing Sonomi to laugh again. "I already settled that problem." Sonomi's laugh died short in her throat and she whirled around to stare openly at Tomoyo. Eriol thought his last minute had come, but Sonomi's laugh sent him off his feet.

Between hiccups of laughter and tears of joy, Sonomi managed to ask while Eriol oddly thought that the females were mocking him. "How did you convince him?"

Tomoyo sent a strand of hair over her shoulder, smiling sweetly. "I let him believe it was his idea, but Sakura-chan and I had been working for months trying to seduce our respective boyfriends." She paused and Eriol felt his head whirling faster and faster. Probably, he remarked clinically, because of all his blood focused in his head, or rather in his cheeks. "It worked out well for me, but Sakura-chan is still unsuccessful."

Sonomi laughed once more, leaving the room. When the door closed on them, Eriol sighed and shook his head. His legs felt weak and he sat down, exhausted. He looked up at her, seeing her smiling down at him gently, he pulled on her arm, making her fall in his arms, surprised. He hugged her close and brought his mouth to her ear, whispering. "It doesn't happen a lot of time to get me surprised. But each time he had been, somehow an Amemiya woman was involved." He smiled against her ear and she smugly said, burying her nose deeper in his neck.

"And what women we are!"

Eriol chuckled and agreed. "Indeed." A moment passed, leaving the two of them, bathed in moonlight and silence while his hand restlessly played in her hair. "Will you marry me?"


"Yukito-san!" An excited voice made them turn around. Touya grumbled as he was holding all the groceries they had just bought. Tomoyo was running down the road to meet them, her long wild hair flying behind her, as a flag and Touya stopped grumbling. Rather he eyed her suspiciously: there was like a light coming out of Tomoyo and that could only mean trouble for Hiiragizawa if what Touya thought had happened actually happened.

Yukito smiled and greeted her, as she stopped in front of them, catching her breath. "Good morning, Tomoyo-chan." Unlike Touya, Yukito immediately noticed the simple ring on her finger, but then, since that particular day in a teahouse, Yukito and Tomoyo had been sharing a secret link, an untold understanding, making them notice in first the changes when others had failed to see.

Tomoyo smiled brightly at them and greeted her tall cousin. "Touya-kun! Morning!"

Touya narrowed his eyes and looked her up and down. "Hello. You look radiant, what happened?"

Tomoyo ignored him and focused her attention on Yukito. She had been thinking of that since the night when Nakuru had spilled why Eriol wanted to meet her mother alone. "In fact, I'm here to ask you a favour, Yukito- san." She only hoped he would say yes, as she felt that only him could do it.

Surprised by her intense gaze, Yukito blinked. "Huh? Me?" Touya too was surprised and they both waited Tomoyo to explain herself.

Tomoyo took her courage in her hands and nodded firmly. "Yes."

Yukito smiled again, recognizing her effort and promised. "Then, if I can help you, Tomoyo-chan, I'd be glad to."

Tomoyo took a deep breath and started her explanation. "You know I don't have a father."

"Well, Tomoyo-chan, that's not entirely true." Touya said, interrupting her.

Tomoyo turned to him and smiled sweetly. "Well, he's not here, isn't he?"

Touya shook his head and agreed with her. "You've got a point." For a moment, he had thought it was Hiiragizawa and not Tomoyo there.

Tomoyo turned back to Yukito and started to fidget with her hair. "So, Yukito-san, before Touya-kun intercept again, will you." She paused and bit her lower lip, then taking another deep breathe, she looked up at him, her eyes shining with hope, she added in a quick whisper. "Will you walk me down the aisle?"

Yukito was speechless but Touya didn't lose his tongue and let it know rather loudly. "What?" The people walking by them, turned around to watch what was wrong but all they could see was a beautiful young woman, her hands clasped in a prayer manner, talking quickly to a sliver haired young man with glasses, who looked astonished, carrying some groceries and a crazy dark haired man, with bags and bags of groceries at his feet, moving frantically, as if he was suffocating.

Tomoyo quickly explained, pausing barely to breathe. "I mean, to give me to Eriol. We're having an occidental wedding and I need someone to walk me down the aisle, then give me to Eriol."

"Marriage?" Touya yelled. "Who said you could marry that goat?" But none of his two companions paid attention to him.

Yukito remained speechless for a while, then seeing her pleading look, he smiled and blushed. "I'd love to, Tomoyo-chan." He whispered, his voice heavy with emotion. He, who didn't have a family, was so touched by this little girl that he felt his heart ready to burst. Of course, there was Touya for him, but Tomoyo's request had touched something he had always yearned for. "And I'm honoured you thought about me."

"Hey! Don't ignore me here! Who said you could marry the freak?" Touya yelled once more.

Yukito discreetly wiped his watering eyes and turned to calm Touya. "Maa! Maa! Nii-chan, calm down."

But his male companion wasn't so easily calmed down and he roared once more. "He is not marrying Tomoyo!"

Tomoyo kissed Yukito on the cheek and hugged him, surprising him. Releasing him, she winked at him and thought that she ought to call her fiancé to warn him of Touya's murdering attempts. Tomoyo waved, running away. "Well, I got to go, I have to help Sakura to pick up a dress to try the Syaoran seduction plan n°8. See you!"

Touya ticked and sent another fit. "What?"

Yukito waved back at her. "Have fun! Call me to tell me if she's successful this time!"

Touya would have chased her, if Yukito hadn't placed so innocently a bag of groceries under his feet, causing him to fall down. So, Touya only yelled at her retreating back. "Tomoyo, come back! What's that plan?"

Tomoyo laughed and yelled back. "Promise! Bye!"


End Epilogue

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