From: drhnobley at cam. ac. uk

Subject: Milk?

Date: 21 July 2013 09:28:33 AM BST

To: cnobley at elenamail. com

Carrie? We're home!

When you find this, can you be a dear and send Arlo or Lulu round to leave some milk at the back door?

Can't see us leaving this bed any time in the next several hours but I predict that eventually we'll be needing tea.

Oh, and can you pass something on to Nate for me? Tell him I said we both think he has a future as an advice columnist. Dear Beefcake. Now there's an idea that's got legs…

Maybe see you tonight?

Actually, scratch that. Maybe tomorrow.






Well, there you go, Austenland junkies (JJ Feild Junkies?). This one is done. I do have the seeds of a few spin-off stories germinating in my head if you want to read more of the adventures of my versions of Henry and Jane. If so, feel free to let me know by showering me with rapturous reviews!