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I sighed with complete and utter disappointment. I stood there in the concrete surrounded basement, looking at the newly 'collected' items my best friend had acquired. These items included a multitude of little knickknacks a radio and even a freaking pinball machine. My arms were crossed and my foot tapping.

"You really need to stop." I said turning to look at my speedy friend.

We were currently in the hideout/sanctuary that was his basement, an arbitrary place adorned with pumpkin orange walls and an unfinished wooden ceiling.

"Nah..." Peter said, not really paying me any attention. "You see, what if it turns out that I need it all someday?" He asked his eyes transfixed upon the screen of the yellow Pong machine.

"When will you ever need five different soda signs?" I asked.

"I may go into the business" he said defensively before appearing in his chair not even a second later.

He Looked up at me from the table-tennis paddle he held currently in his hand, weighing it, spinning it in his grasp. "Game?" he offered, holding up the paddle in an offering gesture.

"Are you kidding? No I don't want a game" I said, my arms still crossed and Peter simply shrugged.

"I'd die" I added in a quiet mumble and I saw him smirk and simply start a game by himself becoming only a blur and 'whoosh' as he went to the opposite side to hit his target.

Peter Maximoff is one of my only long time friends, Don't feel bad though, I was a weird kid. We met when we were both eleven and both our mutations already manifested. He of course, had always maintained his cocky attitude and I had kept my weird social tendencies that probably should have gotten me kicked out of more than one respected establishment, but it was one of the things I loved about him and I was glad he put up with my antics.

Now about my mutation, I guess you could call me a bit of a telepath of sorts. Although I can't exactly read minds and thoughts, but I can look at someone and analyze them. It's like reading a personal profile: date of birth, date of death, hobbies, weaknesses, important personal events. It's all there like a screen floating in the air. Even sometimes I watched those events and memories like I was a ghost in the scene. All though I never meant to do it and it was sometimes traumatizing for me it was a thing I had to deal with and I usually took it with a smile and an obnoxious joke.

"Where were you last week?" I asked suddenly remembering the question I meant to ask earlier, but it had managed to slip my mind.

"What are you talking about?" He replied, trying to be sly and avoiding my gaze.

I rolled my eyes. "I talked to your sister, she barley knew but that doesn't mean you were here in your rats nest all week." I practically lived at the Maximoff household so I knew when something was up. Plus, mutant powers are always a kicker.

Peter flinched when I mentioned Wanda. They where twins, but that doesn't mean they were besties all the time. She was often away doing some kind of charity work in some poor part of the world or meeting some big wig and negotiating projects, and over all really successful things, but she had come home last week and the week before just to visit.

"I had a job offer." He said finally with a shrug.

I sighed, shaking my head. I knew that that would be the most that I got out of him. It was gonna be a long summer.

Hey guys! Thanks for checking out my quicksilver story!i know this chapter is super short but it's my first one and I want you all to get a feel for it. I also want to say that I'm gonna be following both the comic plot (hence his sister's involvement cause I think she's really cool) and the movie plot! Favorite and comment with any thoughts ideas and suggestions!