Borderlands FanFic YAY!

This is technically my first fanficy, although I have written another one (well a chapter anyway) on events in the first game with a slightly different version of Mordi. I may end up connecting the two, may not, we'll see.

I've tried to 'Moderate' the swearing and stuff but there is only so much I can do without making the whole thing a pile of asterisk's.

I apologise in advance for any random switches in perspective. With the way I write sometimes it'll be in first person and sometimes Third e.t.c. e.t.c so bare with me folks :)

Disclaimer: Borderands and Borderlands 2 and all that Borderlandsy stuff belongs to 2K and whoever else made the games e.t.c, I dont own any of it. (If I did 'you know what' wouldnt have happened ¬_¬)

This is a fanfic on Borderlands because I have an undeniable love for Mordecai. There will be more to come... probably...I'm a slow writer. Don't hate me X_X

I've made several references to events in the game which some people will hopefully get and mixed in some new ones which the sherlocks out there will figure out. Anyhoo there will be a pairing or two in this but I wont point it out till it's blatantly obvious in the story.

Jeeeeez Mordecai is about 44 by the time of the 2 game. Ok so just to make this clear Mordi is a tad bit younger in my story... He's about 27. Infact just assume all of them are about that age. Why? Because I want to thats why.

Enjoy ~ 3

Technically two chapters in one so yeaaaaaaaah...

Chapter 0: Establishing a backstory

Chapter 1: Cursed dreams

Mordecai sat up slowly shaking his head, maybe all that Rakk ale last night was a mistake, granted finding the vault called for celebration "even if it was tentacle porno waiting to happen" Lilith had joked, the ale itself did have a rather satisfying taste though... Looking around he had expected to see his tiny, skag-hole of a room but there was nothing, nothing at all.

Was he still asleep? "Fan-f**k*ng-tastic" he grumbled standing up, brushing the non-existent dust off himself. Seconds later two graves appeared before him surrounded by a thick ghostly fog.

"All I see is blood" a distant voice proclaimed, it almost sounded like his own.

"What the f**k?" this was starting to get weird even for a dream.

Looking closer at them an unnerving feeling settled in his gut, the left grave had a box of 'munitions on it next to a rather impressive shotgun. It looked so familiar...but why? Who did it belong to? Mordecai decided not to think about it as he turn to the right grave... a feather and a ring... both covered in... blue blood?

Mordecai vision started to blur, the red tint of the goggles turning the world into crimson whirlpool. Only then did he realise he was crying, slowly removing the goggles he let out groan, blinking wildly as the world cleared. His solid purple eyes weren't use to the harsh glare of the sun, not since the eridium experiments anyway. While it enhanced his eyesight to see at a distance with perfect clarity and...other side had made him colour-blind, and extremely light-sensitive, that's what the red tinted goggles where for. Since when could he see red? Oddly enough at this moment he could see everything, all the colours he had almost forgotten in the seventeen years without them. His moment of happiness didn't last long however as looking back at the goggles he almost screamed it wasn't water that had filled them; it was blood, his blood.

"They created a monster" the distant voice proclaimed.

The goggles slipped from his hands "SHUT UP!" he screamed.

Suddenly the world seemed to shift beneath his feet and within an instant Mordecai couldn't feel his body anymore, instead he saw before him a 10-year-old boy lying unconscious on a table with a small puddle of blood around his head, his tiny body connected to hundreds of tubes. Looking around the familiar blinding whiteness of the room made him shiver. He knew the boy was still alive, after all he was him.

A gruff male voice sounded out of nowhere and everywhere at once

"Take him back to his room" it said, as the boy was disconnected from the tubes, lifted by his arms and dragged out.

He remembered all of this...just one of the many 'experiments' Hyperion liked to do, in secret of course. Their justification for using orphaned children? "Ain't Nobody gun miss 'em". Mordecai often believed this was true, trapped in a torture centre with no parents left to miss him. Everything changed when he'd met his future best friend and partner.

"Bloodwing..." He mumbled.

The world shifted again, the scene had changed, he was the boy now. He was slumped with his back against cold, bare grey wall; he didn't need to feel it to know it was cold, after all it was HIS room...HIS cage. Opening his eyes a wash of grey toned light filled his view.

"Please...just let this end"

Huddling his knees, the boy sat staring at the floor, a chipped slab of a plate and cup with barely more than a swallow of water and a chunk of obviously stale bread in front of him.

"Squawk" The sound came from the barred window above him. He ignored it.

"Squawk!" Again the sound came from above him.

Standing he looked through the window. A small bird sat there on the opposite side of the bars, they both looked at each other curiously.

"Squawk!" Said the bird tilting its head at the boy it saw before it.

"Look if its food you want you might as well go somewhere else" the boy sighed "at least you can find decent food".

The bird stared at the boy "Squawk!" Clearly it wasn't about to leave.

"Uh fine! I'm going to die here anyway whether it from starvation or blood loss" picking up the plate the boy placed it on the window, the bird let out a cheerful "squawk!" before pecking away.

The boy sighed "at least your happy" almost naturally his hand went to stroke the bird's head, while at first the bird seemed surprised and cautious of him, it eventually relaxed under his touch.

"Maybe having a friend wouldn't be so bad" the boy laughed "now if only you could find me a key to get out of this hell-hole" the bird looked up to the boy tilting its head again as if contemplating something "what? What's with that look?" the boy said.

After a short silence the bird turned and few off.

"Oh great job Mordecai, you just lost your only friend" moving away from the window he sat, against the wall with sigh.

An hour had passed since the bird had left and in that time the boy had drifted to sleep still slumped against the wall, suddenly he was awoken by a loud "CLUNK" shortly followed by a rather upbeat "SQUARK!" Sitting up straight the boy was rather shocked to see the glint of the set of keys before him, next to which was a rather smug looking bird.

"Holy skag-s**t! You actually got the keys!" Scoping them up with his hand he stroked the bird with the other "you are one amazing bird!" Ruffling its feathers in delight the bird replied with a "Squawk!" a rather large smirk had crossed the boys face now.

"I guess I'd better take you with me huh?" The bird responded with a cautious look but after a little encouraging through the means of stroking it flew up and sat balanced on the boy's shoulder. Walking to the door the boy cycled through the keys jamming each one into the lock and moving on to the next when it didn't produce the desired results. Finally after about seven tries (admittedly one of them being the same key twice) the door opened "YES!" after a quick peek through the door to make sure no one was around, the boy ran.

He hoped he could remember where the exit was, he'd seen it briefly after he'd been put through a session of target practice "shoot them before they shoot you" the 'instructors' would say, a sadistic version of dodge ball where they rounded up all the kids who had survived their experiment and forced them to fight each other. Barely making it out alive, the boy was dragged back to his 'room' to rest before the second 'phase' began, the guards hadn't even bothered to check if he was still unconscious, they passed a surprisingly small door with windows showing the dusty orange sky of the outside world. The boy knew this was the way out, his only way out.

After what seemed like endless running he slid to a stop at the end of a corridor. There was only one way he could go, one way he needed to go; only problem was the large man standing in front of the door, his door, his freedom. The large mans chuckled at the sight of the boy.

"Nowhere to run now, kiddo!" he said lifting his gun, aiming straight for the boy's head.

"Sh*t" closing his eyes and holding his breath the boy waited for his inevitable fate to take its course.

He didn't expect what happened next. (Yes I like this phase shut up)

He suddenly felt disoriented, like his body wasn't his own and yet he could still feel it simultaneously. He looked down to see... his shoulder...the one Bloodwing was on... he was...he was seeing everything she saw... What the f**k...

"SQUAAAAARK!" the bird...he... they flew from his shoulder straight into the man's face, tearing it up with its claws. The man let out a horrific scream dropping his gun, which slid over to Mordecai's paralysed form. He felt him grab hold of the bird, tearing it away from his face; he started to crush it in his hands.

Mordecai went to scream but it came out from the bird as a fearful "SQUARK!" as it struggled to get free.

He had to help blood...

With surprising ease he focused on his body and within an instant was back, looking down at his feet.

With an odd sense of calm the boy spotted the gun at his feet, a revolver. Quickly grabbing it he pointed it at the man and fired. The bullet went straight through the man's wrists causing him to release the bird and fall to the floor crying out in pain. The bird quickly flew back to the boy, who was walking towards the man.

The man made a vain attempt to stand but was pushed down by the boys foot, the man didn't understand it how could this boy have so much strength for someone so stick like? The man looked up at the boy now standing over him. Was he...was he smiling? The little freak was smiling! "Who the f**k are you!" He cried.

The boy replied "My name is Mordecai, this is Blood" the bird squawked in approval

"And we..." 'Click'

"...are free" 'Boom' the sound of the gun shot echoed through the halls, but by the time anyone came the pair were long gone.

The scene faded to white and Mordecai could feel his body again. He'd run out of curses by this point, could he wake up now please?

Eleven silhouettes appeared before him five he had never seen but he (although he didn't know why) knew their names... three were his companions and friends, there was even himself, but who was the Eleventh? She was the one standing next to him, holding his shadows hand.

Before he could think his shadow spoke "Protect the things you love" the shadow paused to look at the unknown figure "Not everything is set in stone".

Then Mordecai fell, fell back into the blackness that had now enveloped his sight. "Awaken".

His eyes shot open, there before him was his room right as it should be. Was he finally awake? Was that nightmare finally over? He ran a hand over his eyes. No blood. He really was awake! Breathing a sigh of relief Mordecai went to stand. He didn't expect to see a girl standing there. She was completely naked apart from the feathers that seemed to spread from her back to wrap around her hips and shoulders. Her brownish hair was almost touching the floor, and her red bird like eyes staring intensely at him.

"MORDY YOUR AWAKE!" Her expression was one of pure happiness.

"WHAT THE F**K!" Mordecai screamed.