The shock was still setting in the Hosts because of Satsuki and Rin having become hostesses. Well, at least for most of the Hosts. One in particular, was more curious and amused, but quietly so. Just as they were about to leave to return to their guests, The new recruits spoke up, turning to the rest of the Club.

"Oh!, we almost forgot! We should probably tell you a few more things!" Rin chuckled.

Satsuki ran a small hand through her ponytail, "What do you mean by that? We've already told them enough about the situation at hand."

Well, this should be interesting, Kyoya thought to himself, Very interesting indeed.

Rin glanced at Satsuki, "Well...we haven't told Haru-chan. And to be quite frank, I believe she should know what will be happening. I mean, it does involve her quite a bit, don't you think?"

"Well, yeah, sure I guess. But-"

"What are you talking about?" Haruhi questioned with caution in her voice. Though she loved her cousins dearly, they could be like the Hitachii twins: Mischievous and devious. Well, at least Satsuki could be, only when she felt like it. Which is a feeling most wouldn't want her to feel.

"Well...I thought that we were gonna surprise you, but-" Satsuki started,

"We're moving in with you!" Rin finished with an excited burst.

"Say WHAT?!" Chorused most of the Host Club, faces painted with mixed expressions of shock, delight and despair. Shock was shared with all, except Kyoya, whose eyes only widen slightly, though few noticed. Delight belonged to Haruhi, curiosity Honey and Mori, and despair belong to the King and the Hitachii Twins.

"What do you mean-" Hikaru started-

"You're moving in with Haruhi?!" Kaoru finished for his twin.

"We haven't been able to visit Haruhi, and yet you two get to?! You only just got here!" Tamaki shrieked, "It's completely unfair! We've known her longer-"

"Oh have you now?" Satsuki and Rin darkly chorused. Their stare was enough to make the trio clamped their mouths shut.

"See, we-that is, Haruhi's cousins-were under the impression that we had known Haruhi longer. Since well, you know, we've known her since childhood. At least, that's what we thought, isn't that right, Rin darling?" Satsuki asked slyly.

"Quite so, Satsuki dear." Replied Rin, with an even more sinister smile. Suffice to say, for the majority of the Host club, shivers did a marathon up their spines. "Maybe so in the official anime and manga, but in this fanfic, we're cousins. So, right now, you have only know our dear Haruhi since the start of the year!"

"Right, before you start ripping each other's hair off, let's state some ground rules." Said a calm voice. Haruhi was grateful that it was Kyoya trying to put some order into the chaos Satsuki often-though often unintentional-caused. "Rule no.1: Satsuki and Rin, we can't be breaking the Fourth Wall again, especially anytime soon. Is that clear?"

"Yes." Rin chirped

Satsuki put her hands behind her head in a nonchalant manner, "...Make no promises."

Kyoya only showed a glimpse of his frustration through a tiny sigh, "Fine. Rule no.2...

The rest was mainly rules all of the Hosts had to comply with; treat customers with respect, always have your manners about, be willing to go with whatever shenanigans Tamaki thinks of, etc etc.

"Right, is that all? I gotta go make dinner. My treat."

"...Fine. You are all dismissed for the evening. We'll just close a little early today." And after complaints from the customers, but excitement rushing through them because of the new Hosts, the Ouran High Academy Host Club members left for home. The thought of Kyoya's "test" was constantly on their minds. What was going to happen for Satsuki and Rin tomorr-

"HEY! Narrator! Can you shut up?! I'm trying to sleep here! AND STOP NARRATING EVERYTHING!" Satsuki called out- excuse me?!

I beg your pardon? I'm the Narrator! Narrating what's happening is my JOB! And what about Kyoya telling you not to break the Fourth Wall again?!


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