Chapter 1

The sound of the queen's footsteps was the only sound echoing from the dungeon walls, as she walked down the stairs to the cells. She appeared very determined when she coldly ordered the guards to leave, yet her heart pounded wildly in her chest.

She waited until the guards had retired, before she took the keys from a hook in the wall beside the stairs and paced through the corridor. This part of the dungeon was meant only for the "special" prisoners. The cells were bigger and more comfortable and the inmates were considered either more important or more dangerous, than the others, sometimes both.

All cells in this part of the dungeons were empty, except for the one at the end of the line. It was Loki's.

Frigga took a deep breath, as if to assure herself, that she was doing the right thing. But of course she was! She would not stand by and watch, while her son rotted in a prison cell and lose what little there was left of him to the darkness. She had a plan, one last chance to redeem her son and she would take it.

Loki lay on his bed and read. He looked up startled, when he caught sight of his mother and rose, throwing the book he had just read carelessly aside.


Frigga said nothing and Loki watched in utter confusion, how she unlocked the door to his cell and stepped in.

"What are you doing here," he asked a little baffled.

She did not reply, instead she took one of his hands in hers and squeezed it slightly.

"What is going on mother?"

"I'm here to help you."

Loki stared at her in disbelief. "You cannot be serious. Odin will be furious!"

Frigga merely smiled. "Don't worry about your father. I can handle him."

"He is not my father," Loki hissed.

Frigga did not argue. She was tired of arguing about such things and she did not have the time to. Instead she cupped his cheek with her hands and smiled. She felt warmth rise in her chest and spread through her body, reaching her palms.

"What's going on," Loki exclaimed bewildered, as a white light began to gleam from them and got brighter and brighter.

Frigga embraced him. "Don't ever forget that I love you," she whispered into his ear and closed her eyes, before the light got too bright to bear. For a brief moment it filled the whole cell, before it weakened and when she opened her eyes again, Loki was gone.

Thor sat on his bed in the Stark mansion and he was lost in his thoughts. He had come to earth to see his friends and rally from the strenuous days in Asgard and forget his worries for a while. He spent his evenings with Steve and Toni, talking about how they came along and how things went at S.H.I.E.L.D. Even Bruce Banner had planned to come for a visit, since he had heard that Thor was back in Midgard. He even felt, that he slowly started to understand the midgardian traditions, but sometimes- like now -he felt like all his worries and compunctions had followed him down to Midgard.

Loki still sat in his cell in Asgard. Thor had never visited him there. Odin had forbidden any visitors for Loki, except Frigga. He knew he couldn't keep her off anyway, but that was not what held Thor back.

The truth was that he could not bear to face him.

Thor stared down at his hands, as he felt this familiar storm of emotions brew inside him. They were trembling.

He closed his eyes as if in pain and clenched his hands to fist, when he felt numerous emotions befall his mind like a sudden tempest. Anger, disappointment, desperation, betrayal, guilt, despair. Sometimes they hit him with such force, that he felt like he would break.

Thor had told himself over and over again, that Loki was no longer his brother. He had let go of the thought to make both Loki's betrayal and his own disappointment bearable and he hated himself for it, but another part of him clung onto the thought desperately. All the things they had been through together, the memories they shared; they could not only be a lie, they had to be more than the faint shadow of the past.

Thor sighed. How could all this have happened? How could he not have seen this coming? He had been so blind and careless in his pride that he hadn't seen the state Loki was in. He should have done something. But what? Thor had tried to understand what was going on in Loki's mind many times, but he couldn't figure it out. It was like a labyrinth to him. A labyrinth locked behind a door and he couldn't even seem to find the key. The mind was Loki's territory, his was the battlefield.

There was nothing he could do. Loki had gone lost in his own head. And yet sitting around, knowing he had lost his brother pained Thor nearly as much as, as holding on to old memories.

He let out a desperate groan and rubbed his face with his hands in helpless anger. But before Thor could think any farther, a dazzling white light suddenly illuminated his room, so bright, that he had to close his eyes and cover them with his hands. The light weakened and it was gone as suddenly as it had come.

Thor opened his eyes and looked around the room. There, in the centre of the room lay a small heap, covered in an emerald cloak. Was it a human?!

Thor rose slowly from his bed to get a closer look at the small figure and his heart skiped a beat. Was that-? No it couldn't be! That was simply impossible!

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