WARNING: This is NOT a full chapter. It is very short.

The conversation Sam had with Edward on Saturday when Edward approached him about watching Piper. This conversation happens before Edward sees everyone at the bar.


Saturday Afternoon

"Sorry man," Sam sighed. "You know I'd help you out if I could. The garage is just crazy right now. I've got six critical this week, not to mention the everyday brakes, oil and air filters."

"Yeh, it's cool. I just thought I'd ask," I hated to ask friends to watch Pie, it always felt like I was trying to push her off onto someone, even though that was the furthest thing from the truth.

"We should talk though, now that I've got you alone for a few minutes."

"Shit, dude. If you're breaking up with me can we just save it for another day, my heart can't take that shit right now."

Sam roared with laughter. "No, not quite, man."

"Alright then, what's up?"

Sam leaned back in his chair at his desk. I couldn't help but think of Bella sitting here, laughing so openly with him and how I desperately wanted that to be me. Even though I knew it wouldn't last, that she would leave.


"Excuse me?" Well that pulled me right out of fantasyland.

"You like her."

"Look, man. It's nothing, really."

Was Sam about to try to throw down for Bella? She'd definitely be worth it. A black eye, some broken ribs, I'd take it if it meant she'd kiss them all better. I just wasn't down to lose Sam, who was more a brother to me than friend.

"No, it's not nothing," He folded his large hands on his desktop. "She likes you too, you know."

"Sam," I blew out a heavy breath. "I know you like her. I know you've been totally into her since we were kids."

Sam laughed again and it was starting to irritate me.

"Stop fucking laughing at me," I warned.

"I'm not laughing at you," He grinned. "I'm laughing at the absurdity of this fucking situation."

"Well then, enlighten me, oh wise one." I snarked.

"Bella has liked you since we were kids. She never liked me like that. Ever. Not even when I wished she would just get the fuck over you after you left," Sam's dark eyes were sharp, not backing down from his truth. "I never stood a chance, but you did and with your misguided bullshit about how you couldn't overstep, bro boundaries, you let her go."

"Like I was going to be the douchebag who stole the girl from his best friend?" I growled. "What kind of asshole do you think I am?"

"I think you're the kind of asshole who's afraid to be hurt, so he's hiding behind this stupid fucking bro code bullshit still. Go ahead and hide behind me, hide behind Piper," He glared at me. "You can't deny that you hide behind her and use her as your excuse to not get close to someone. But when the best thing in the fucking world is standing right in front of you and you walk away from it because you're a fucking idiot, don't cry when she doesn't come back. Because listen to me, Edward, someone is going to fall in love with her and someone is going to steal her heart and make her happy for the rest of her life. You have this fucking opportunity to make shit happen. Don't be a fucking pussy."

"She's not staying, Sam!" My voice vibrated off the walls of the small office. "Why the fuck should I put myself out there for someone who isn't staying?" My chest constricted with emotion.

Leaning toward me, Sam lowered his voice, "Give her a reason to stay. Ask her to stay."

"I can't fucking do that."

"Then you're a bigger idiot than I thought you were."

"How can I ask her stay here? She's got a job and her mom and friends, a whole fucking life that has nothing to do with us, with Forks, with any of this. How can I ask her to leave her life behind?"

"Easy. You say to her, 'Bella, I'm in love with you. Please stay.'"

My heart came to a quick, thunderous, beat skipping, halt. Was I in love with Bella Swan?

Sam nodded, as if encouraging my thought process, "Yes, Edward. You love her. You always have. If she knew, I think you'd have a fighting chance of this working out, of her staying."

"And if I tell her and she laughs and leaves anyway?" My heart couldn't handle that shit.

"Then she's not the girl I thought she was," Sam scratched his fingers through his dark hair. "I'm not wrong, Edward. That girl has been yours from day one, it's in her eyes when she looks at you, as if the sun rises and sets on your pretty face. Make your move before someone else does and she settles."

"I don't want her to settle." My throat constricted. "Fuck, man. Look at what you're doing to me." I rubbed the heels of my palms into my eye sockets.

"I didn't do shit to you, man. That's love right there. Go get it. You deserve it. Piper deserves it."


I sat contemplating for a minute. "I'm going to get the girl, Sam."

He grinned at me, settling back in his chair. "Good."