The Final Author's Note

So, like, I was totally going to go to fucking bed (or, in this case, because the girl is at her parents' for the night and I'm lonely and I hate going to bed without her, go pass out on the couch while some random Netflix shit plays in the background) and do this thing tomorrow, but…I'm not really tired, and this was bugging me, and I've got, like, a metric fuckton of other projects to get cracking on (one of which is a job application I need to fill out), and I can't with this last little bit hanging over me, so, here we go!

Also, how about the epic run-on up there? It's like I always say: I don't do shit by halves, bitches.

Oh, and sorry about the bitches. Yeah, I know, misogyny and all that, but it fit, you know? Also, I've obviously been writing Toph too much. But anyways…

When I started this project, I honestly had not a fucking clue where it was going to go, or how long it was going to be. I basically had an idea for constructing an elaborate excuse for some epic Zutara fluff, and that was about it. Then you guys seemed to dig it, and I got into it, and next thing I knew, I was on chapter twenty-five or some such shit with no end in sight. Woo!

In other words, what I'm saying is that this all your fault, my faithful readers. You sit there boosting my ego, and I just feel the compulsion to give you more. Also, it ended up being a really interesting story, and when a story grabs me, I've never been one to let it walk away.

So, first, we'll have a few notes about the story. Like I said, this particular story is done; that was the last chapter, and there'll be no more shit posted to this particular work. I like to think that we ended it at a good place. Our lovely couple is married, the Avatar has returned (not to mention that the Avatar is going to be the most badass Avatar that ever…umm…Avatar-ed), and our Fearsome Foursome is setting out to try and save the world. They haven't the faintest idea how they're going to go about that, and to be honest, neither do I.

Alright, that's a lie: I have a pretty decent idea how they're going to do that. I just don't know how I'm going to write it. My idea is that I'll basically make it a series of drabbles, taking episode premises from the show and warping them to fit into this particular universe. So, for example, I have this idea to get the gang into Ba Sing Se and enact a very different version of Caverns of Destiny, where instead of Zuko facing a choice (because, let's face it, he already made his choice), it's someone else that I'm totally not going to say here. Like, I have that whole story sketched out in full, the only problem being, I have no idea how to get there.

What I'm saying is, if you guys want to take some cracks at it, be my guest. Just shoot me the link in a PM so I can see what you did, and have fun! I mean it: Have fun!

Also, I'm going to take a moment to beg for fan art. This story has, like, the highest rate of occurrence for fan art bait scenes of anything I've ever written, here or elsewhere. There's some awesome stuff, some cute stuff, some fluffy stuff…there's a lot to work with here. So, somebody with artistic talent, show me what you got!

About that, though: I have a lot of other stuff I need to be doing. I promised my fiancée that I wouldn't do any more big fanfiction projects until I went to work on my original shit for at least six months, so you might not see much of me. I'm basically going to treat fanfiction as a reward: I do X amount of original work, and I give myself a random day off and throw out some drabbles. These will be both in my A Different Path universe and in the Wild, Wild Love universe. So, look out for those! They'll probably surprise me as much as they surprise you!

Also, can we take a moment to discuss the Inspector Iroh universe? I just discovered it the other day, and holy shit fuck are there some narrative possibilities there. I mean it, go check it out. You're definitely going to get a piece set there sometime in the near future.

Man, I totally lost the thread here…point is, this has been a ridiculously fun ride. I really do love it here, and most of the reason is because of you guys. I mean, not only do I get instant feedback, gain confidence in my writing, and get to play around in this awesome fictional universe, but people actually like what I do. You know how awesome that is? It's fucking great, guys.

So, before I ramble myself completely into a corner, I'm going to go ahead and move on to the acknowledgements:

First, to God, as always, because even if I'm the world's shittiest Catholic and not at all religious, I still like to make sure I don't get hit by lightning any time soon, and I like to think that it's the thought that counts.

Second, to my lovely fiancée, soon to be my lovely wife, just, all the thanks in the world. You put up with me, inspire me, and in this case, actually gave me an ending that was ten billion times better than what I'd originally come up with. Also, you just fucking rock. I love you!

Third, to all of you lovely readers. I really can't begin to tell you how awesome you are.

Fourth, to Zuko and Katara, for just being you guys. I loved you kids in this story. Who wouldn't?

Fifth, to the Philip-Morris Company, for their lovely product, Marlboro Red cigarettes, the reason why I can get through the day without committing brutal murder.

Sixth, to Bryan and Mike. Yeah, I give your show shit, but hey, it's still a good show. Just give us a Zuko/Katara hug in Legend of Korra and we'll call it even, 'kay?

And last but not least, to my fiancée again, because I'm a sap, and every time I drop a reference to her in a note, I get a kiss. Yeah, I like my girl. So sue me.

And with that, ladies and gentlemen, I bid you adieu. I hope you liked the show, and I look forward to when I see you again. Until next time, peace.